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The Arsenal – China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier

I get a lot of questions and comments regarding the tools and treatment products I use to keep my nails healthy and in tip top shape. Since my routine changes as I test new products, I’m launching a new series, The Arsenal, to share with you the items that are “must haves” in my nail kit.

Let’s kick off The Arsenal with China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier, a new addition to my list of staples. Being that I put my hands though hell and high water with all the polish swatching, my nails end up pretty wrecked looking on a highly productive day. We’re talking dry and prone to breaking/splitting. Since I’m already at a nail health disadvantage due to my DDS (Danny Devito Syndrome), I need a product that not only works in the long term but also provides a quick fix. Enter Calcium Gel Fortifier.

Its blend of Vitamin B and Wheat Protein totally rejuvenates my nail beds. I swear, it’s like a facial for the nails. Shall we call it a nail-cial? Even if it’s only overnight, I slap a couple coats of Fortifier on my nails and when I take it off in the a.m. for some early morning swatching, the surface of my tips feel smoother. And when I force myself to take a sanity (those polish fumes can make a girl wacky) and nail health break, I see a major difference in how quickly my tips grow using the Fortifier. Plus it makes my naked nails look incredibly shiny. I’m telling you, it’s like magic and stuff!

China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier retails for $3.99 online at e-tailers and

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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if you would sugggest leaving the CGF on under a base coat such as Sticky? Or what about over a base coat and before polish? I’ve never used treatments before…

  2. Lacquer Laine says:


    Love “naicial”!!! you’ll get into webster’s with that one!

  3. melli says:

    Awesome product! I must buy that from Sally’s or Head2toe.

    I love your features, so keep up the great work!

  4. styrch says:

    I second that question about using it under a base coat.

    And I too definitely suffer from Danny DeVito Syndrome too.

  5. Datura Rose says:

    I tried using this religiously but it didn’t do anything for my nails. My nails chronically peel and I think that’s why polish never lasts even a day on me without chipping off. I am trying OPI Nail Envy – Sensitive and Peeling now. Hopefully this will work!

  6. Nina says:

    I also wonder if you could leave it on as a base coat? Why do you take it off in the morning? I love the word “nailcial” brilliant! What’s Danny Devito syndrome?

  7. All Lacquered Up says:

    Anon – It’s recommended that you use two coats on its own, without lacquer. I haven’t used it with polish but I have a feeling that because of its high gloss shine, it wouldn’t adhere very well.

    Lacquer Laine – “webster’s” LOL, I wish!

    Melli – Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it.

    Styrch – DDS is an awful affliction. :) I fell just before the cruise and had a big mark on me knee because I heal so terribly. That was a bummer.

    Datura Rose – I’m sorry it wasn’t right for you. Everyone’s chemistry will react differently to a product. Good luck with the Nail Envy, let me know how it works out for you.

    Nina – I take it off in the morning if I’m swatching polish and then put it back on. I included a link to my explanation of DDS but here it is again: Danny Devito Syndrome.

  8. ilakdala says:

    I’ve been using ChG Calcium Gel base coat for two years and I have nothing but raves for it. It’s nice and thick so it smooths minor imperfections, but more importantly, it has genuinely strengthened and beautified my nais. I’ve tried Barielle Camo and Sally Hansen Quencher, but this is truly my holy grail. I think I’ve gone through a case of the stuff since I started using it!

  9. Franklin Catoggio says:

    wow amazing write-ups