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China Glaze Operation Colour for Fall 2008


Operation Colour from China Glaze will certainly make an impact when it hits shelves this month. Inspired by the bold splashes of color found in graphic novels and comic books, this is not your typical Fall look. You won’t find any burnt, vampy or dreary shades here. Instead, China Glaze is taking on Fall in technicolor.

With the Costume Institute’s Superheroes exhibit coming to a close this weekend, it seems appropriate for this collection to come along as a way to keep a little superhero fashion alive in everyday life. It’s almost as if these shades were ripped right from the exhibit and red carpet. Just look at the Emilio Pucci dress Joy Bryant donned for the exhibit’s gala in May or the Thierry Mugler graphic novel inspired bodysuit on display at The Met and you’ll see what I mean.

Overall, I think this collection is a fun change of pace. A nice twist on what we’d normally expect for the colder months. Though I must admit that I’m more in love with the concept and palette as a whole than I am with the colors individually. But I am impressed with the pigmentation. It makes the formula a bit thicker than I would prefer but even the lighter shades only take two coats. The first will be a bit streaky but the second smooths it out. The only one I had any major issue with was Agent Lavender, it didn’t spread out on its own. It required a bit of coaxing.

Secret Peri-Winkle is by far my favorite color in the collection. A gorg mid-toned combo of violet and sky blue, this creme is perfect for cool and neutral tones. I just love it!

Code Orange, like the other shimmers in the lineup, isn’t at all sparkly. The shimmer just adds a little glint of sheen to this tangerine hue.

As I mentioned above, Agent Lavender was my problem child. There’s one in every bunch, isn’t there? But what I love is that unlike most light purples I wear, this one doesn’t make me look like an alien. I find it quite flattering.

Golden Opportunity reminds me of the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz. Gleaming goldenrod at it’s best.

Revolution is a tomato ketchup red creme. Not utterly unique but a nice warm red.

Pink Underground is a shade with a twinkle in its eye. The fine bright pink shimmer gives this polish a slight blue/berry cast in the sun. This isn’t your average pink.

The Operation Colour collection is on sale NOW at and I’m sure will have it up soon. What I really love… is that they’re releasing the set in minis (pictured right). I first saw them with the Immaterial Gurl collection and they’re just adorable.

So what do you think girls? Comic book colors for Fall. Is it genius or not for you?

Images: All Lacquered Up, China Glaze, &

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There Are 17 Brilliant Comments

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  1. ladyslatternly says:

    I will def be buying the periwinkle, lavender, and red (I like the idea of a cartoonish red, rather than a feminine or vampy red).

  2. E says:

    Sorry, double post :(

    Nice colors and I like the creme finish, but they’re a little too cartoon-y/cutesy for my taste. They’d be great on the right person, though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This collection doesn’t look like Fall time palette. Too spring and summery. Sort of immature, too. Not for a lady over 35 years old.

  4. AutumnTwilight says:

    I gotta admit, I think this collection is pretty boring. Nothing really stands out and Pink Underground is the only color I’d even consider wearing out of them. Certainly doesn’t make me think of Fall, but I guess my real problem with the collection is that it’s sort of bland!

  5. Karman says:

    Nothing too unique. My bank account will be happy!

  6. Sania says:

    I think they’re wonderful! Where do you think I could get my hands on those minis?

  7. Laura says:

    I think the colours are super cute, and working in a comic book store like I do, it makes me want them more. But I find CG so hard to apply, and takes soooooo long to dry that I just don’t bother anymore.

  8. Sara says:

    I love the lavender and the periwinkle. Such unique colors!

  9. karishna says:

    Periwinkle will definitely be joining my collection. I haven’t yet ventured into the light creamy blue shades yet, so this one will be a first.

  10. Joslyn says:

    Wow! These are amazing! I love this idea! I’m a sucker for brighter colors :) I will definitely be purchasing Golden Opportunity and Pink Underground.

  11. Princess Malphaba says:

    I agree they seem like more summery colors to me. The yellow or periwinkle would’ve been great for a pedi! But I don’t think I’ll be rocking these this fall.

  12. Liz says:

    Mm – I love the periwinkle, and although I already have a bazillion peenks, I really covet that last one!

  13. gio says:

    This colletion does nothing for me, I think it’s boring. The only color I like is Pink Underground.

  14. kirsten says:

    Oh I love Secret-Periwinkle and Agent Lavender! I think I am going to have to cave and order those too even thought just yesterday I picked up Chanel’s Gold Fiction and Kaliedescope. I guess I just can’t help myself!

  15. Selkie says:

    For me, this collection is heaven!Just as you look for gorgeous green polishes, I'm always on the prowl for true blue-violets & blue-lavenders.
    So…seeing "Secret Peri-Winkle" & Agent Lavender," it was a little like Xmas morning for me! ("Pink Underground" too – great bluish/
    berry tones.)
    True, Operation Colour's shades are hardly the traditional autumn colors, but having pale, cool-toned skin I can't wear most of those colors anyway. (Besides, here in L.A. our "Fall" is more like some other places' summer, so seasonal palettes can be pretty flexible, lucky for me!)
    I'll be getting those 3 colors, can't wait!(…though I must admit it: I AM "…a lady over 35 years old"!) :-D

  16. Bethch says:

    I love how it isn’t the usual dark/vamps winter collection, because I don’t like wines/dark reds/burgandys/too dark purples! I only got two out of the OPI France collection, parlez-vous OPI? (Because I’m on a lilac polish craze atm) and Louvre me, louvre me not (Hmm.. dar I say it, for the sake of it!?! I paid full £10 for it too :o)
    Out of this collection I want The lilac and periwinkle :)

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