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New York Magazine’s The Cut

By on June 25, 2008
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It seems that every magazine and their mother has a fashion or beauty blog now. And as much as I’d love to have time to read them all, along with all the other beauty blogs out there (and the number is climbing ridiculously high), I just don’t. Of the select number of sites in my feed reader New York Magazine’s The Cut has made the list. The commentary is witty and playfully snarky, definitely a must read for me.

The daily “Beauty Marks” post usually highlights the best links from blogs and magazines alike. They’ve even shown some love to me in the past. However yesterday, Jada Yuan and Sharon Clott did a great piece on Olivia Thirlby (of Juno fame) and her desire for a manicure in what they’re dubbing “tacky-cool” colors. You know, my everyday wear; greens, yellows, blues, grays.

For a list of their “tacky-cool” polish picks and the NYC salons where you can find them, check out… Olivia Thirlby’s Quest for the Ugly-Cool Manicure.

What are your favorite shades in this genre? Do you love to wear funky colors?

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lina-Elvira says:

    I have the same problem, all my salons stock only nudes, pinks and reds. My fave at the moment in the ugly-cool genre has got to be Orly’s “It’s up to blue”. It’s fantastic sea green-blue! :)

  2. strawberrygal2007 says:

    I love the sally hansen hard as nails xtreme wear#37 BLUE IT. It is affordable and does not streak:)

  3. MMG says:

    i do my own nails and i’m not a big fan of the greens, blues and yellows that are popular, but work restrictions don’t allow me to wear funky colors even if i wanted to!

  4. silverin says:

    I do my own nails, and I have between 75 and 100 bottles. Not counting base and top coats, nearly all would fall in the so-called Tacky-Cool range. I don’t wear neutrals, and even my pinks are holos.

    Most of my bottles are some shade of blue.

    Tacky is in the eye of the beholder, but I’m definately cool!

    Though I do get some funny looks (and sometimes comments) at the grocery store – as if a 40 year old shouldn’t wear funky colors on her nails. The very idea!

  5. Roberta S. says:

    Love the dark blues, dark greens and grays. I almost always BYOP (Bring Your Own Polish). I once brought Zoya Suvi along for a pedi. At some salons, there isn’t a good selection of supplied polish or it isn’t in very good condition.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ah! those colors are not “tacky!”, LOL. Michelle, I MUCH prefer your phrasing…..FUNKY. Of those listed in the article I actually own concrete jungle and Hey, get in Lime. :-) And while I don’t have either yellow listed I do have zoya’s creamy-bright yellow.

    I tend to do more funky colors on my toes….simply because my tips chip soooo fast it’s much easier to do sheers/neutrals/nudes. And I would always choose a funky french over plain white or pink.

    As for polish selection in salons, ITA with other posters….just bring your own if you are craving a funky color. :-)

  7. The Home Spa Goddess says:

    I’ll have to check this site out. Thanks for the tip.