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My LA LA Land Adventure: The L’oreal Paris Store

By on June 4, 2008
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One of the stops on our beauty tour of LA was the L’oreal Paris store in the Beverly Center. It’s L’oreal’s version of Sephora with testing stations throughout the store and experts on hand to help you choose the best products for your coloring, skin type, hair texture, etc. It’s the perfect beauty junkie playground. If only we could test out all drugstore lines this way.

The store is divided into sections by product line (color cosmetics, hair care, hair color, skin care, sun care) including special displays for the HiP line and Europe exclusive products. One of the best features of the store… the L’oreal TrueLight Pod. A what pod? It’s this amazing enclosed space that allows you to see your makeup in different types of lighting. No more worrying about whether that foundation that looks amazing in store lighting will look the same when you step into the sun. How cool is that?

Now other than the HiP line I haven’t owned any L’oreal makeup in almost a decade. So it seemed like a strange twist of fate to be there. Why the product ban? A terrible allergic reaction I had to one of their foundations. Like my entire face was swollen and red. It took me ten days on steroids to overcome. Not a lot of fun. Of course now that I’m on allergy meds I figured it was safe to wade into the L’oreal waters again.

While there we went on a mini shopping spree and it was quite overwhelming. Just the rack of mascaras alone is the size of a normal L’oreal drugstore display. I swear at one point I was spinning around like a fool due to visual overload. Somehow I narrowed down my choices and found some goodies to bring home and play with. So what are some of my favs?

Infallible Lipgloss – I’m so in love with this gloss, I can’t even stand it. It hasn’t left my purse since LA. Normally my makeup bag is filled with MAC Lipglasses but they’ve had to make room for Infallible. It really does last while remaining smooth and glossy, even after drinking. What I really love… the applicator. The arrow shaped tip makes precise application foolproof. I even talked my friend into picking up a tube last weekend during an emergency stop at Big K while on a winery tour and now she’s in love too.

Wear Infinite LE Eye Shadow Quads in Coral Craze and Bronze Bliss. These quads are part of the Summer Limited Edition collection and instead of spending half a day debating between the two, I just got both. I really love the pink and dark brown in Bronze Bliss and the light and dark tans in Coral Craze. I’ve tried a few different combos between both sets and they’ve all been summer-tastic.

Of course I had to stock up on some favorites too; Sublime Glow gradual self tanner and HiP Cream Eyeliner. And while I still have others to try out, the shadow quads and lipgloss are immediate stand outs. The only hard part will be shopping in a boring old drugstore from now on.

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Pipi says:

    Reading your blog always makes me horribly poor. I have a million lip glosses but I just might have to pick this one up as well.

  2. SF Makeup Junkie says:

    what color did you try in the gloss? I have eyed them for a while now but couldn’t decide on a color.

  3. lynbird says:

    L’oreal foundation gave me a horrible reaction, as well – identical to what you described. This has been about 8 years ago, but I’m still afraid of it. Although, their lip colors look very, very lovely!

  4. Anonymous says:

    maybe its because i live in la, but i dont think there anything special about the store. i been there couple times, now i just was past and continue walking to other stores. when it first opened i was excited till i actually went.

  5. Davina says:

    Does the infallible lipgloss really last for 6 hours? The tip is interesting, is it better than the regular sponge tip that lipglasses have?

  6. CincyFan says:

    Pipi – I’m sorry for your wallet, I can empathize.

    SF Makeup Junkie – I got Bloom and Rebel Red. One of the editors from Total Beauty wore Rebel Red the day of the blogger summit and it looked FAB all day.

    Lynbird – Wow, I’m not the only one? Did you Dr. figure out what ingredient caused the reaction. Mine wanted to do a scratch test but I’m a big baby and the meds I’m on keep the itching and swelling away so I never caved.

    Anon – It’s definitely because you live in LA. LOL Seriously though, I’m sure if I lived around the kind of stores you do, I wouldn’t be so impressed.

    Davina – I like the tip because the pointed end makes applying to the middle of my upper lip much easier. And yes, it really does last. Close to the 6 hour mark, if you’ve had a lot of contact with glass, lips, etc., it will get a bit sticky but not unbearably so.

  7. misbhavin says:

    WOW I’m soo jealous! I gotta go to LA! I use alot of L’Oreal, but not their foundations, My mother really likes the mineral powder kinds, Not enough coverage for me. I too LOVE those Summer eye shadow Quads, bought like 3 of each! But for lip gloss/color, I LOVE the Glam Shine in a tube in the color Drama Queen.. I will FREAK if they discontinue it..

    CJ in Alaska