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Nail Tip Of The Week: Pedi Socks

By on November 13, 2007
in Tips and Tricks

There is nothing worse than getting a gorgeous pedicure during these cold winter months and then leaving the salon to have your feet turn into icicles. And it’s not like you can put your regular shoes back on without biffing the paint job. Not to mention what that dry, brisk air does to your freshly scrubbed and moisturized skin.

My solution, Pedi Socks. These adorable toeless socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm and your toes perfectly polished. Plus, they keep your feet from sliding around on your flip flops. I know I’m not the only one that has nearly taken a tumble due to greased up soles hitting smooth sandals.

OK I know what you’re thinking, toeless socks and flip flops are a fashion “don’t!” This is one time I’m telling you to throw the rules out and forget about looking a fool. You think you look fab now, leaving a salon in the dead of winter, traipsing through snow in bare feet and thongs? It’s time for practicality and warmth.You can buy a pair of pedi socks from Original Pedi-Sox, Tweezerman or BeBeautiful, where the darling pink stripe socks (below) come from. However, being the frugal fanatic that I am, I just make my own. I picked up a pair of cute Valentine’s Day socks from the Target $1 bins last winter and sliced myself a set.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I take my husband’s old unwanted socks and do the same. Costs nothing extra, and you can throw them away when you’re done.

  2. silverin says:

    And a big Mwaahh-haa-ha from Orlando, where we haven’t had a freeze in several years. Of course, I haven’t been able to wear my coolest sweaters in I don’t know how long….

  3. Tammy says:

    Wow! I have never thought about this dilemma! Like Silverin said, I don’t have that problem in So Cal. (I wear my wool coat about once a season!) The socks are really cute though!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord. Just paint them at home if it’s such a hassle!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! I give myself home pedicures in between salon visits, but nail polish takes forever to dry and my bare feet get awfully cold in the winter, even with the heating on (I live in a northern climate).

  6. karen, says:

    I’m feeling these! I think that they are kinda cute.

  7. jeni says:

    Ohhh I just had that idea! I am obsessed with flip flops, and I get sad when winter comes. I was at Urban Outfitters and was thinking they should make toeless socks (sort of like Spanx) so that you can wear them with flip flops. I don’t know if I would dare to do that, but I probably would!

  8. Susan says:

    I bought a pair of toe-less socks from Wal-Mart last year and I wish I had bought more since they haven’t brought them back this year :-( I only bought 1 pair at the time, as I wasn’t sure about them at that point. I wear them A LOT though!!! Living in NY, they are perfect if I want to wear my flip flops in the spring or fall and I have gotten TONS of compliments on them! EVERYONE asks me where I got them, and I have yet to see them on another persons feet. I have been trying to find more, which is how I ended up here!