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Swab Plus Cuticle Conditioners

By on October 25, 2007
in Nail Treatments

I’ve been exploring my new neighborhood and I discovered a GIANT Bed Bath & Beyond not too far from me. I’ve never seen a BB&B with a beauty section before, let alone an entire aisle for nails. Yippee!!

On the shelves, I found these little gems. I’ve seen ads for Swab Plus products before and have always been curious about their eye makeup and nail polish remover swabs but I have never seen them in stores. So imagine my delight when I saw these Swabplus Cuticle Conditioner Swabs on display. At 99 cents for a package of 12, I had to snatch up a box.

Packaged in a convenient plastic case, perfect for travel, each swab contains enough product for one application.
You just snap the tip along the green line and as air rushes in the tube, the cuticle oil is sent to the cotton tip at the opposite end.


  • Purse & Travel Friendly - no bottles to break or balms to melt
  • Disposable – not environmentally friendly but convenient
  • Non-Greasy – for an oil, it absorbs quickly
  • Lightly Scented – these is a hint of scent but it’s faint and fresh (must be the aloe vera)
  • Sanitary – You don’t have to worry about getting germs or dirt in your cuticle oil and since there’s no double dipping you can give a swab to a friend.


  • Amount of Product - a lot of oil is absorbed in the cotton and you really have to press to cover all your cuticles
  • Ease of Application - or lack thereof. The first swipe deposited a lot of product on my nail so I suggest using it on your thumb nail to start. As you continue it becomes more and more difficult to get product on your nails but you can get complete coverage with effort.

All in all, I give them a well moisturized thumbs up for being easy to carry, non-breakable and cheap. I plan to snag up a few more packs to keep in my purses in case of cuticle emergencies.

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