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Essie Fall 2007 – Glamour Girl

By on July 18, 2007
in Essie, Fall 2007

Glamour Girl is the fall collection from Essie. Hitting stores on September 1st, it’s a rich collection of shades that stays true to the Essie reputation of playing it safe and delivering pretty, traditional colors.

Looking at the shades, I’m feeling a 40s retro vibe. It makes me think of tailored suits, pencil skirts, peep-toe heels and patent leather handbags. I could see using Material Girl for a half moon mani or having Alligator Purse peeking out of a pair of chocolate brown open-toe pumps. The colors are:

Alligator Purse – a creamy burnt orange
Bags to Riches – light caramel taupe
Decadent Diva – rich shimmering cocoa
Handle With Flair – dark merlot
Material Girl – blackest purple
Turning Heads Red – striking red

Turning Heads Red is a true red creme. It took 2 coats to get the bottle shade but it applied evenly and has a nice glossy finish.

Alligator Purse is one of my favorite shades of this collection. I’d describe it as more of a brick red creme than a burnt orange. It’s highly pigmented and was true to the bottle color with one coat. Warmer tones should run and grab this as soon as it hits shelves.

Bags to Riches is so not my color it’s not even funny. It looks like a really light cup of coffee. In fact it reminds me of those Aroma Cafe shades that China Glaze put out a long time ago. I honestly can’t think of anyone this color would look good on. Not only that but it was extremely streaky. The swatch above is after 3 coats and it still wasn’t even. If you can make it work, more power to you.

Decadent Diva is my hands down winner for best polish of the collection. It has depth, incredible sparkle and shimmer and applies extremely smooth. A rich cocoa shade, Decadent Diva could fill all those Essie Martini Cocoa lemmings out there. It’s deeper and slightly redder and nothing short of stunning. Pictures truly can’t do this one justice. You have to see it on the nail to appreciate it.

Material Girl is a blackened plum creme, along the lines of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s hard for me to properly evaluate this one because the bottle arrived to me with some damage. The lacquer had leaked and caused some thickening of the formula so it applied streaky and too thick. I don’t believe my issue is indicative of the polish in general.

Handle with Flair is a wine red creme. It went on a bit uneven and took 3 coats to get the color you see above. It’s a pretty color but nothing I’d call unique.

Even though sunlight has been somewhat rare the past few days, I did manage to grab a quick shot to show off the shimmer in Decadent Diva.

I also did a quick comparison with Martini Cocoa.
I know the fall collections are going to drain a lot of bank accounts. Which shades of Glamour Girl are going to make you open your wallet?

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, are they all cremes except Decadent Diva?
    To be honest with you, this collection doesn’t wow me at all.
    Bags to riches looks like concealer on nails, a better look would be to wear clear or nothing.
    The red cremes are nice but red cremes are so easy to come by I have many of those already.
    The only shade worth looking at for me is maybe Decadent Diva. Looks like a nice rich chocolate brown shimmer.

  2. LipGloss Bitch says:

    Decadent Diva will be on my shoppinglist this fall, but I´m not that sure about the rest. A bit boring I think.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How does Decadent Diva compare with OPI’s Espresso Your Style?

    LOVE your site!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. GablesGirl says:

    Most likely Alligator and Decadent. I was drawn to Bags — I have some weird thing for brown polishes, don’t ask — but I’m glad you mentioned the streakiness because that is a MAJOR problem for me with Essie polishes so I won’t even tempt myself.

  5. jdbsusanna says:

    Decadent Diva looks great. The others are nice, but sort of blah, IMO

  6. Heather says:

    i love material girl. Where did you get your bottles?? I can’t wait to get mine!

  7. Melanie says:

    Bags to Riches is such a cute name, but the color is so blah. :v(

  8. says:

    I just bought three of the shades and think they are great. I bought alligator purse; handle with flair; and turning heads red. All are great. I love Essie colors better than OPI. OPI is too thick and goes on uneven in my opinion.

  9. Heather says:

    i got a bottle of Material Girl today, but it is coming out red/black. Not purple at all. It is a pretty color, but nothing like I wanted. I wonder if I got a weird batch?? Maybe I’ll try Lincoln Park After Midnight or Siberian Nights.

  10. msnancee says:

    Where did you get the Essies Fall 2007 colors from?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Found a use for Bags to Riches–French or half-moon with Decadent Diva. Saw it on on 08/29.

  12. Hillary says:

    If anyone has an Ulta near them, they have some great exclusive additions to this collection. I liked the Ulta exclusive better than the original collection. There’s a pretty plum-berry (Ladylike), and really cool silver/gold with gold micro glitter (Ritzy Business), and one other that is a metallic taupe (didn’t buy, don’t know the name). Check them out!