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By on April 6, 2007
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In case the title wasn’t clear enough, All Lacquered Up is having a contest. Copying off of the oh so popular “Guess Me” game on Makeup Alley, I am doing a Guess Me game of my own.

So here’s the deal…
1. Guess the brand and color name of the nail polish pictured below.
2. Email your guess to Make sure you include the word “Contest” in the Subject for your entry to be valid.
3. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on April 15, 2007.
4. There is no limit to the amount of guesses you can make.
5. This contest is open to everyone. I will ship the prize worldwide.
6. In the event that there are multiple correct entries, a winner will be chosen, at random, from the winning guesses.
7. In the event that there are NO correct entries, a winner will be chosen, at random, from all submitted guesses.
8. I will contact the winner via email for their mailing information. So there’s no need to release your personal info in order to enter.

And now for the prize…

A bottle of OPI La Boheme. Discontinued and HTF, this color is a Makeup Alley board favorite. It has made the overall board Top 20 both times the poll was taken.

Ok so, here is the mystery polish. I’ve taken pics of it in different lighting situations.

Daylight (no sun)

Indoors w/ no flash but inside lights

Direct Sunlight (with a few days wear)

1. The “Guess Me” polish is not from a USA drugstore line. It is from what is considered a salon/upscale brand.
2. The “Guess Me” polish may or may not be listed on my polish inventory on my Makeup Alley notepad. I have made purchases that I have not posted about since the last time I updated the list.

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see your guesses.

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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could it be Chanel’s (in)famous Vamp?

  2. CincyFan says:

    Please email your guess to

    Only email guesses will be counted.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CONTEST! the color is “Im not really a waitress”

  4. ?MiCHiE? says:

    Is it “SoHo Nice To Meet You”?

  5. ♥MiCHiE♥ says:

    Is it “SoHo Nice To Meet You”?

  6. Rachel says:

    What was the result?