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I Dare You

By on January 29, 2007
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Recently on the Makeup Alley Nail Board there was a fun thread where everyone posted their screen names and the other members “dared” us to try colors we don’t normally wear. A couple gals commented that I wear everything so it’s hard to pick. That’s pretty much true with the exception of sheer and white polishes. The colors suggested to me were China Glaze Tie The Knot (pictured), a white creme, neon pink, bright blue (e.g. Essie Aruba Blue) and metallic black.

The first two are definitely something I haven’t worn before so I’m going outside my comfort zone and painting my nails in a sheer tonight and then an opaque white or cream colored polish later this week. Even though my nails are all wrecked from cleaning up my newly redecorated living room, I’m dreading the idea of removing my vampy mani to put on a sheer. I have very detached nails so the length of my whites, even when short, make my nails look fake. Even so, I’m going to give sheers a chance.

So everyone, I now dare you to try something different and new and not very “you.” What color will people think is totally unexpected to see on your nails? Or what color are you afraid to try?

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  1. Jayme says:

    I have loved polishing my nails for years ever since I was seven, yet the one color I have refused to every wear is red. Then I read about this blog in glamour and thought I love nail stuff, I’ll check it out. So I did and then got convinced that I should try new, not blue and silver colors. For the last month I have wore dark browns and purples. And this week. I used a bright corvette red my mom gave me ages ago. I never got more comments on my mani before! I was SHOCKED; I still am. So i guess trying that forbidden color in your collection my seem scary, but it might be worth a shot. Good Luck to you and your color test!!

  2. Christine says:

    I’ve always been a boring pale pink/sheer color girl. I’ve been completely afraid of a dark color, particularly since I use my hands a lot at work, I’m sure that it won’t last very long.
    But, inspired by you, and Annie at Blogdorf Goodman, I decided to give dark a try! I’m the proud owner now of Essie Wicked, and gave it a try last week. I got a lot of compliments, and loved it! I’ll give it a shot again soon, when I can find one that lasts longer than the 2 days that mani did. :D

  3. Anonymous says:


    Love your blog…

    Ahem… I would *love* to participate in the ‘dare,’ BUT!..
    (I know what you’re thinking.. I’m a ‘scaredy butt!’) BUT…

    First, I am a ‘woman of a certain age,” (and loved your comments on Helen Mirren, who looks fantastic! And being in the ‘arts,’ she can wear anything, and still look appealling and classy.)

    We ‘women of a certain age’ have a more narrow corridor of expression with our appearance. Sweet young things can wear microminis, blue hair, outrageous make up and look adorable. However, once a woman hits 40, she must be very careful. Most women want to look attractive without seeming to ‘cross a line.’
    Women who work in creative professions have more lee-way (Look at Meryl STreep in “Devil WEars Prada”- she looked great! But in her real life, Meryl is more conservative and more subdued. She still has appeal, but tones it down.)

    I work in a very conservative profession (clergy), and although I love what I do, anything that draws undue attention, makes my appearance ‘grist for the mill.’ And I don’t want undue attention! So I tend to go for more tradition manicures. I do wear pales, shimmers, sheers, and more subdued colors (rose, peach, champagne, shades of caramel, pinkish browns, etc).

    Back in my day, I wasn’t afraid of anything: I was an early girl to green nail color coz that’s what Liza MInelli wore in “Cabaret.”

    These days I’ll glam it up for dinner out, or wear greens and blues on vacation. However, I’m all business during the work week.But I love beauty blogs like yours coz they remind me that I’m still a girl!

    I have a chestful of color, and my 25 year old daughter is always ‘borrowing’ my stuff coz she knows its the good stuff.

  4. CincyFan says:

    Jayme – I’m so glad that trying new colors is working for you and that people are noticing. It’s such a small thing but I love how a nail color can make such a difference in your appearance.

    Christine – Yay for you! Wicked is a bold step for someone that only wears light colors. It’s a shame that the mani didn’t last longer. What kind of base and top coat were you using?

    Anon – Thank you for chiming in. I’m so happy that you like my blog and the post I did about Helen Mirren. I completely understand wearing subdued tones when your profession requires it. That applies to women of any age. I love that you were a green polish girl in your “wild and crazy” days. Your daughter is very lucky to have access to your polishes.

  5. Anonymous says:

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