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Winter 2010

MAC Wonder Woman Obey Me & Spirit of Truth Swatches, Review & Nail Art?

By on March 1, 2011
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The recently launched MAC Wonder Woman collection brought out the little girl and “nail artist” in me.  That’s right Fanatics, you didn’t misread the title, I said “nail artist.”  You can check my forehead for a fever all you like but I’m perfectly healthy AND loving my Wonder Woman themed foray into the nail art.I’m sure my fellow Gen-Xers will happily stroll down memory lane with me to the days of Wonder Woman Underoos and raven haired beauty, Lynda Carter, flying into living rooms nationwide in her invisible airplane.  At just four years old my Wonder Woman doll was my most prized possession next to my Donny Osmond doll, purple socks and all, of course.  Way before my Barbie obsession took hold, I was imagining myself lassoing evildoers to confess their crimes.

The MAC Wonder Woman collection includes two new Nail Lacquers in WW’s signature colors; red (Obey Me) and blue (Spirit of Truth).  As easy as it would be for me to just wear the colors as a mani/pedi combo or a multi-colored manicure I decided to take it one step further, inspired by one of my fave nail art lovers, Nail Art Junkie’s Keri B.

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OPI Katy Perry Collection Swatches & Review

Katy Perry combines her love of music and nails to introduce a new line of lacquers with OPI, launching January 2011. Inspired by Katy’s cutting edge style and latest album, Teenage Dream, the Katy Perry Collection by OPI will include four fierce, irresistible colors for nails and toes.

Complementing Katy’s already daring nail trends on and off the red carpet, a revolutionary Black Shatter™ formula will accompany the collection to create a ground-breaking cracked pattern when applied over each dried bright lacquer.

Katy Perry has become a celebrity nail icon thanks to her eye catching nail designs so it only seems natural that a brand like OPI would want to partner with her.  Though to be honest, I am surprised that she hasn’t collaborated with a brand know for nail art, like Minx.

The Katy Perry Collection utilizes the new OPI Black Shatter polish to add some artistic flare to the colors which include a duo-chrome, sparkly red and two glitters.

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OPI Glam Slam with Serena Williams – Simply Smashing & Black Shatter Swatches & Review

OPI, the world’s leading professional nail care company, partners with tennis superstar, Serena Williams, to launch the Glam Slam collection. Timed in conjunction with the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, the Glam Slam collection will introduce two new Nail Lacquers at the start of each tournament.

Beginning with the Australian Open, the first shades to be released under the collaboration will include Simply Smashing, a glowing green Nail Lacquer, paired with a revolutionary new product, Black Shatter top coat. Once applied to the dried Nail Lacquer, the top coat begins to disappear, leaving behind a leopard print-style pattern on each nail.

I was in Junior High when Andre Agassi took the tennis world by storm. That hot piece of man candy ignited my love for the game and I soon found myself taking lessons with my friends, who also crushed hard on Andre. I even joined the tennis team in High School though I was a mediocre player, at best.

Regardless of my lack of tennis talent I’ve enjoyed watching the game ever since and I was really excited to see that Serena Williams, who is known for her stand-out nail styles, collaborated with OPI on a nail polish collection.

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Current Obsession – Zoya Crystal Nail Polish

By on December 15, 2010
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I’ve been experiencing a major nail polish depression of late.  I’m having issues finding polishes that truly thrill me to my core.  It’s not that I’m not enjoying polish or anything but I haven’t had too many OH.MY.GOD. moments this fall.

I don’t know what it is but I feel like everything “new” that comes out is something I’ve seen before.  That is until I put Zoya Crystal on my nails.  I didn’t just have an OMG moment.  More like an OMFG IT’S BEAUTIFUL moment.  I’m so smitten with the color I’ve worn it three, THREE, times.  Once for eight days and it still looked fab!  And if that’s not telling of my adoration, I don’t know what is.

Crystal is the star of the Zoya Flame collection for Winter 2010 and if you keep reading, you’ll see why.

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Chanel Riva from the Côte D’Azur Collection – Swatch, Review & Comparison

By on November 19, 2010
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Ever since its debut on the Chanel Cruise 2010-11 collection runway, the beauty interwebs have been buzzing about Chanel Riva.  Even before we knew its name this baby blue nail polish has left us guessing.

Would this be another sellout hit like its pale polish predecessors, Jade and Nouvelle Vague?  Will it include that stunning Chanel subtle shimmer?  More importantly, will it have that “it” factor that makes certain Chanel polishes highly coveted and quickly copied (ie Khakis, Paradoxal, Jade)?

Read on to find out!

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