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Summer 2008

Zoya Summer 2008 – Chit Chat

The Chit Chat collection from Zoya is just one of their summer offerings launching May 1st. Filled with golden metallic goodness, each shade has ribbons of shimmer and micro-glitter flowing throughout yet dries smooth to the touch.

Each lacquer was tested using two coats, except where noted, without a top coat. For the most part they all applied smooth and even with good pigmentation. I just wish the spectacular glitz factor would have translated on camera. I think the sunlight shot of Lianne captures it well but it’s really something best admired in person.

Regarding the name change: A lot of you have asked about why there isn’t a Mismas in this collection. I wanted to address you all at once. While I am extremely honored and flattered that Zoya would want to immortalize me in polish, I suggested that they name the shade after someone who would truly love and appreciate it. So naming the shade Bekka, after the color’s designer, seems fitting.

Gaia – Oh how I wanted to love Gaia (the label says Gala but it’s Gaia) because the color is outstanding. It has an icy white base but the ribbons of gold shimmer make it a perfect warm weather shade. Not at all dingy or white out-esque. Unfortunately, the formula is its downfall. After three coats it still wasn’t opaque or even on the nail.

Erika’s cool baby pink base has a slight lilac undertone but the gold shimmer gives it warmth. I think it’s the combination of the two that make this pink very neutral and wearable. As you can see, with three medium coats my whites are still slightly visible so, this may work better as a sheer.

Bekka is described as a “cool chartreuse metallic”. Three coats on me looks like a semi-sheer neon yellow leaning towards green. This shade just doesn’t work for me and if I’m being honest, it doesn’t really fit in the collection. I think coral would have been a nice transition between Erika and Lianne.

Lianne is my absolute favorite shade in the bunch. This gorgeous tangerine is right on trend and so so sparkly. The base color has a creamy melon feel but the glorious shimmer really makes it a knockout! I know I’ll be sporting Lianne on my tips and toes a few times this summer.

Annie is a red orange and looks like a duo-chrome in the bottle. On the nail the red is more prominent in indirect lighting while it looks more orange in the sunlight. The golden red base makes me think this will look best on warm and dark skin tones.

Elke has a berry red base but the shimmer warms it up. I think if you’re going to do a red in the summer, this is the way to go. With a glossy top coat the finish looks jelly-esque which gives it a lighter feel than your typical heavy winter red.
The Chit Chat collection is available for pre-order on the Zoya website and will be available in salons across the country after May 1st.

OPI Summer 2008 Preview – Mod About Brights

The Brights are back everyone! OPI is adding to their ever so popular Brights series with a set of 6 vivid creme polishes dubbed the Mod About Brights collection.

“The mod look is back in a fresh, new way, both in fashion and beauty,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “The six shades in Mod About Brights capture the fun and edginess of the mod ‘invasion’ of the Sixties, but with a bright twist that makes them exciting and current for 2008. And with fashion right now being all about color and vivid, graphic prints, these are the shades that are perfect for fingertips and toes.”

Yet again I’m getting giddy with delight over a fab looking green hitting the mass market. You know the frankeners on MUA will be adding black to Green-wich Village to try and duplicate RBL Recycle. And a royal blue creme… catch me as I swoon. If these cremes are as fantabulous as the ones from India, I’ll be in heaven. I’ve been on such a creme kick lately. Between that and my recent pink love you would think I had a polish lobotomy.

So here’s the line up and descriptions courtesy of OPI.
Mod-ern Girl – A pop of coral with more than 15 minutes of fame.
Brights Power – A brilliant orange that fashionistas find fab!
The “It” Color – This must-have yellow is the color to be seen in.
That’s Hot! Pink – Bright pink that sizzles with style.
Green-wich Village – A vivid green that’s downtown mod.
Dating a Royal – A royal blue that sets crowns spinning!

The Mod About Brights collection retail for $8.50 ($9.50 CAN) and will be avaiable in May at salons including the major chains; Beauty First, Beauty Brands, JCPenney, Dillard’s, Regis, Pure Beauty, Ulta, and Trade Secret.

Chanel Summer 2008

By on April 16, 2008
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This summer, go on safari with Chanel. Khaki gets an upscale makeover in this collection inspired by the hues of the Serengeti. As one of the few high end beauty brands to acknowledge the importance of incorporating nails into an overall look, the line includes nail polish shades for both the warm and cool toned.

I tested both lacquers with three very thin coats and found that they applied smoothly with adequate pigmentation.

Straight up, I flipped for Flamingo. I think my pal Nikki’s undying love for all things pink is starting to rub off on me because I felt a bit giddy just applying the shade. I haven’t been feeling pink polishes much for the past year or so but this one really got to me.

In person this bubblegum girly confection has a sparkly finish that leaves one word swirling through my head, “encrusted.” It’s like there is a layer of silver and pink micro-gems sprinkled atop my nails. In all honesty, I just couldn’t capture Flamingo’s magic in an image so I dare you to test this at a Chanel counter and leave empty handed. For pink girls, it won’t be easy.

Oh how I wish I could gush over Antilope but it’s just not a winner for me. I know it has its fans, including The Daily Obsession, I’m just not one of them. While it has some of the same sparkle as Flamingo, Antilope has a metallic finish that causes brush strokes I just can’t overlook. To quote Cher from Clueless the finish is, “a full-on Monet. From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.” To be fair, the golden beige shade is chic and wearable and I know my mother will LOVE taking it off my hands.
Chanel’s Summer 2008 Collection is on counters now and available online at and

Nail Trend Alert – Orange

Rihanna is the one celebrity I can rely on to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to nail trends. She isn’t afraid to be bold or take risks. While most of the red carpet clan is playing it safe with french manicures and sheers, there are few that dare to be nail fashion forward.

Rihanna’s red carpet look at the 2008 Grammy Awards in February was one of those stand out nail moments. Her fiery tangerine hued talons were most definitely noticed. If you want to be in vogue this summer you’ll want to rock a similar look. Personally, I’m not a fan of long bright nails so I’ll be sporting an active length version.

My top picks are all cremes and range from muted mango to blazing traffic cone orange so there’s something for everyone. With such a bold shade you don’t need the extra glitz just high shine so cremes fit the bill. It’s more chic and modern.

(clockwise from top) China Glaze Orange Knockout, OPI Osaka-To-Me Orange, China Glaze Japanese Koi, OPI Tangerine Scene, Orly Crush On You, Nocti Bikini
The featured China Glaze, OPI and Orly polishes are all available on and and Nocti can be purchased online at

What are your feelings on the orange look? Fun and sassy? Too bold? Not flattering? Share your thoughts in the comments.

China Glaze Summer 2008 – INK

Tattoos are a controversial topic. You either love or hate them. They’re regarded as both beautiful and tacky, depending on who you ask. But no matter what your opinion is, tattoos are extremely personal; a memorial, an artistic expression, a memento of a wild escapade, a drunken regret, a terrible reminder of past events or loves. Inspired by this colorful body art, China Glaze has put together a collection of neons that you can use to create your own tattoo-like nail designs.

Tattoo art has moved out of back alley parlors onto the couture collections of fashion’s top designers. INKâ„¢ by China Glaze is a collection of neons for brilliant self expression. Customize and personalize
…Ink My Nailâ„¢.

INK includes six bold new shades, a set of nail decals and rhinestones, a black nail art lacquer with fine tipped brush, a limited edition bottle of their yummy smelling Orange Cuticle Oil AND the six existing neons from the WOW collection. Now that’s a lot of neon.A quick word about the finish. As with other neons I’ve used, these all dry to a semi-matte finish. It must have something to do with the type of pigment used to create neon shades. So if you’re looking for high gloss you’ll have to add a shiny top coat. Therefore I’ve shown all the lacquers with two coats of color on the nail and no top coat; exceptions are noted.

Blue Sparrow is a royal blue peppered with light blue glitter. The glitter leaves a gritty feel to the dried polish so between that and the matte finish you really need to use a coat of a thick glossy top coat to bring out the lacquer’s true brilliance. I’m showing you the color without top coat but I included an up close swatch with a coat of Seche Vite.Celtic Sun is a neon yellow with a hint of green undertones. The polish is shown with three coats on the nail yet the smile line still shows through. I personally prefer a more lemony yellow. This color has a very 80s retro feel to me. It’s a shade right out of the Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video.Japanese Koi is the shade of a perfectly ripe tangerine. It’s got a slightly pink base that keeps it from being day-glo orange.With it’s hot pink base Rose Among Thorns is no average rose. I found this image of the beautiful Cerise Rose and thought this could have been the inspiration for the shade. Sacred Heart is a dusty red that is unlike any red I own. There’s something about the satin finish on this one that reminds me of the skin on cherries. Odd reference I know, but it keeps popping in my mind. Flying Dragon is my personal favorite from the collection. It is a deep purple that has a reddish tone to it in person. The red and blue glitter really makes this polish unique. Like I mentioned above, the finish is my only real issue with both glitters. For some reason this seems to be a bigger problem with Flying Dragon. According to a rep for China Glaze it is the unfortunate downside of blending neon with glitter. Their suggestion, two coats of Seche Vite to avoid a rough finish. The INK collection is available now in salons and online at 8ty8Beauty and coming soon to Head2ToeBeauty.

So who’s going to be sporting bold, bright neons this summer? Which colors are standouts?

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