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NOTD – L’Oreal Neons Punchy Lychee Dotticure

L'Oreal Punchy Lychee Neons dotticure nail art via @AllLacqueredUp

L’Oreal Punchy Lychee and Rimmel BritPop

I Bought This|Press Sample

This bright dotticure was inspired by the little girls who live on my street. A couple of them like to pop by when the boyfriend and I are dining on our deck and they’ve become fascinated with my nail polish room and constantly changing manicures. In fact, one held her arms out wide and declared, “Your obsession is this big,” when looking into my office. She’s totally right, ha!

Anyway, last night they came over and I invited them in to see all the Helmer drawers of color, swatch wheels and random nonsense in my room. And together, they decided that my nails needed polka dots in these two colors so I went with it. The 4-year-old who LOVES pink, as most little girls do, was adamant that this new L’Oreal Colour Riche shade go on my nails.

I used the L’Oreal Neons shade, Punchy Lychee, with Rimmel LONDON Salon Pro shade, BritPop, for the dots. And even though Punchy Lychee is more orange-coral than pink-coral, as the bottle color inferred, I love this combo and may need to consult with them from now on. I mean, I have the same taste in music as the 10-year-old, so, why not?

What’s on your nails today? Have you tried the L’Oreal Neons or new Rimmel Salon Pro formula?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by reps for L’Oreal. I bought the Rimmel shade. For more info view my Disclosure Policy

ALU NYFW NOTD Challenge SS11 – Day 7

By on September 20, 2010
in Nfu Oh, NOTD, NY Fashion Week S/S 11 with 39 Comments
nyfw-notd-challenge-nfu-oh-528-55 Initially there wasn’t going to be a Day 7 in my NYFW NOTD Challenge.  Even though I was in NYC for seven days I purposely didn’t schedule any shows or meetings for the last day so I could wander the city.  Every time I go to NYC for blog business I pack my schedule so full I never have time to just explore and I made sure to leave time for that on this trip.

Then I got a call from my pal, Celebrity Manicurist Elle, on Day 6 inviting me to come visit her on a photo shoot.  You don’t have to ask me twice.  Naturally I was curious to check out her kit and see what she brings to a shoot.  While I was there, Elle offered to give me a manicure and I couldn’t pass that up.  When she started dragging out her Nfu Ohs and playing with different layering combos I knew I was in for something fun.  Check it!

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ALU NYFW NOTD Challenge SS11 – Day 4

lippmann-today-was-a-fairytale-dashing-diva-penthouse-views Oh hello there!  I didn’t forget about the challenge.  I’ve just been running around NYC like a madwoman.  I returned late Wednesday night and literally slept my Thursday away.  A week of only sleeping four hours a night will do that to you.  I could actually crawl into bed right now, I’m that tired.

Not that you want to hear about any of that.  I was having an absolutely fabulous time so a little sleep deprivation is a small price to pay.  So Day 4 for me was Sunday.  It’s always one of my fave days at NYFW because it kicks off with the triple threat beauty team of Deborah Lippmann, Sarah Lucero from Stila and Ted Gibson backstage at Lela Rose.

Since I knew I’d be seeing Deb, I concocted a layering combo using her holiday color Today Was A Fairytale.  I’ve been pretty obsessed with it ever since I wore it to an Emmy watching party.  This time instead of using a pale blue underneath I opted for something a little more industrial and gritty, the new Dashing Diva Penthouse Views from their fall color collection.

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ALU NYFW NOTD Challenge – Day 3

By on September 13, 2010
in Gray, Green, NOTD, NY Fashion Week S/S 11 with 13 Comments
maybelline-fall-fashion-week-runway-collection The days are getting longer people and I’m in serious need of sleep but I’m powering through New York Fashion Week like a champ.  Even though my feet want to go on strike, the humidity is having its way with my hair and I can’t seem to remember what day it is, I’m having an absolute blast.  I figure I can sleep when I get home so I may as well make the most of my time here and I’ve been doing just that.

Saturday was Day 3 of my NYFW experience and I was feeling the need to keep my green streak going.  After rocking RBL Anne and Chanel Khaki Vert it was time for something dark and creamy.   Enter Maybelline Grand In Green.  But what fun is wearing just one color when you’re at Fashion Week?  I pulled in GiG’s collection sibling, Gray-T Glamour for a funky but easy to replicate manicure.  Check it!

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ALU NYFW NOTD Challenge – Day 2

By on September 11, 2010
in Chanel, NOTD, NY Fashion Week S/S 11 with 27 Comments
nyfw-notd-challenge-day-two In addition to it being my first full day covering Fashion Week shows, yesterday was also Fashion’s Night Out.  I can’t even begin to describe the madness.  I’ve never seen so many people in one place who have NO CLUE there is anyone else anywhere around them.  It’s like everyone walks in their own bubble of oblivion.  When you can’t even get out of the subway because people are standing 12 deep on a sidewalk, you know it’s bad.

That being said, I was not deterred from my original NOTD plan for FNO.  I did a manicure using the Chanel Les Khakis De Chanel colors and visited the redesigned Chanel SoHo Boutique.  I’ll be sharing a full FNO recap in a separate post but first up my nail look for Day 2.

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