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Color Club Rebel Debutante Swatches & Review

Color-Clube-Rebel-Debutante-Display One of Color Club’s three, yes I said three, new collections is Rebel Debutante.  The collection introduces nine new creme polishes that for the most part are very chic and subdued but it’s the stand out blue and green that caught my eye.What an unexpected twist to add such bright pops of color to the palette.  I suppose they are the rebels in the group.  Though what I like about this collection as a whole is that even though the majority of the shades are neutrals, they are what I’d call “new neutrals.”  They have an updated feel to them.  See what I mean after the jump!

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Get The Look – Miley Cyrus’ Nails at the MTV Movie Awards

While everyone else has been praising and critiquing the beauty and fashion looks from last week’s MTV Movie Awards, I focused on the nails, natch. One of the nail standouts of the night was Miley Cyrus. Personally, I’m not a fan but that’s here nor there. She’s a pretty girl, a paparazzi princess, a tween sensation and obviously a nail fanatic.

I couldn’t help but notice Miley’s gorg teal nails and I loved how they paired with her beige dress. Like I said a few weeks back, I’m loving the whole neutral clothing with bright pops of nail color that’s happening this summer. Bold tips are your best (and cheapest) accessory.

Fortunately I was privy to a little celeb nail gossip regarding this look so if you wondering what she wore read on!

Nonie Creme of butter London dropped me a quick line to share that Miley was rocking the brand’s Artful Dodger hue on the Movie Awards red carpet. Apparently Miley is a fan of the the 3Free formulation and fashion forward color palette.

Of course the keen-eyed Tamar who writes for MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog was dead on when she suggested Artful Dodger to get Miley’s look. Good call Tamar!

Artful Dodger is a creamy teal blue that looks much more blue in person than it does in the pics of Miley. Flash and direct sunlight seem to be a nail photographer’s worst enemies. Anywho, the formula glides on the nail with ease, is highly pigmented and dries in a snap to a glossy finish. Note: Thanks to a reader, my past complaints about the polish cap are resolved. I just didn’t pull hard enough to know that it slides off. Oops!

So after hearing of Miley’s affinity for butter London, I spotted this pic of her at a charity event and wondered if this too was a bL shade. Though taking the lighting into consideration, I can’t tell if she’s wearing Aston or Fash Pack. What’s your guess?
Artful Dodger retails for $14 and is available online at and

Thoughts? Did you love the nude dress/teal polish look? Are you on board for Artful Dodger regardless of Miley wearing it?

CND Spring 2008 – Plexi Pop

By on January 14, 2008
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The sheers are coming! The sheers are coming! Take cover vampy girls for the sheers are a-coming! This spring will be a sheer lover’s paradise according to the spring collection previews. You all know I’m not a fan of sheers but I’m going to try my hardest to remain objective.

CND‘s collection for Spring, Plexi Pop, is sheer-gasm of pinks, peach and aqua with an opaque white cream. If you followed my coverage of the Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week shows, you know that a lot of these colors popped up on the runways of fashion’s biggest designers. At the time they were still unnamed but here they are in all their glory.

Clearly Pink – a milky pink sheer, it reminds me of my beloved OPI Passion (not the Designer Series version). It applies streak free and adds a slight hint of creamy pinkness to my nails. The only downside for me is that with my whites being slightly yellowed from dark polish use, Clearly Pink’s milkiness didn’t help brighten my whites.
Nail Gloss – Is a straight up pink sheer. No milkiness, just a pink tinged clear. It really is like lip gloss for your nails. It reminds me of one of my favorite lip glosses from my early 20s, Bonne Bell Lip d’Votion in Fresh Melon, super glossy with the slightest hint of color.
Plexi Pink – is a pretty hot pink sheer with subtle bluish-purple shimmer that gives the shade some pop. It’s more pigmented than the other pinks but still not buildable to opaque.
Retro White – This slightly creamy white was a nightmare for me. I’m not gonna lie, I tried three times to get an even application to show you all and it wasn’t happening. The picture below is with three spaced out coats, to allow proper drying, and it was still streaky as all get out. Just look at the massive dragging near my cuticles. I assume that this shade was intended for use in an american manicure but I can’t recommend it.
Translucent Tangerine – A glittery peach sheer, this color didn’t work for my skin tone but it’s really pretty in the bottle. I’m sure warm toned gals would love this. And despite the high glitter content, that polish felt smooth on my nail.
Turquoise Tint – To me, I see this color and immediately think layering. A turquoise sheer just isn’t something I’d think of wearing. It looks so unnatural and alien-esque on me. Though the cellophane finish is pretty cool.

Plexi Pop will be available in salons, spas and professional beauty stores as of March 2008. Each enamel retails for $6.00 US/$9.40 Canada.

Essie Spring ’07

By on January 5, 2007
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Even though I’m not an Essie fan, in the interest of fairness to all brands, I present their spring collection. I must admit, I do like the Mod theme they have going on and I’ll probably pick up a bottle of Guchi Muchi Puchi & Pinkadelic for the names alone.

Anyone that was disappointed with last years brights will be a happy camper this year.

And, can I get that bottle-heeled shoe? That would get me to rush to the stores.

Names are (l-r): Cool Lots, Guchi Muchi Puchi, Jackie Oh My, Mini How High, Mod Squad, Pinkadelic

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