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NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection 2010 Swatches, Review & Comparisons

By on September 23, 2010
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nars-vintage-nail-polish-2010-zulu Last year when NARS released its Vintage Nail Polish Collection you could probably hear my heart breaking for nail fanatics around the world.  Where was Zulu?  What about Mash and Midnight Express?  Was I the only one with a fondness for Ziggy and Platoon?

Well I’m happy to see that in the NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection 2010 they brought back three beloved shades and two I was previously unfamiliar with, King Kong and Full Metal Jacket.

The question is, how do the re-releases stack up against their former incarnations?

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China Glaze Vintage Vixen “Cat’s Meow” Swatches & Review

china glaze Vintage Vixen cat's meow six piece set In spite of the fact that women were called “dames” and “broads” there’s something about the 1940′s that intrigues me.  I wouldn’t want to live in that time but I’m completely fascinated by the style and beauty of that era.  The pin curls, the heavily powdered and made up faces, the structured clothes.  Women put so much work into their look.

Though what the ladies of the 40′s seriously missed out on is nail color.  As we all know, there is more to life than blood red talons. Thankfully when China Glaze looked to the 40s for inspiration, they pulled shades from all aspects of that decade to bring us the colorful Cat’s Meow set from the Vintage Vixen collection.

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Orly Foil FX Collection Swatches & Review

By on February 9, 2010
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orly-foil-fx-collection-metallic-spring-2010 Thanks to the popularity of  the Minx chrome finish appliques, nail polish brands are jumping to give us a “Minx-like” effect.  Let’s face it, Minx are super cool but expensive.  They’re best for special occasions not everyday wear.  Enter Orly’s latest collection Foil FX, a line of three high shine metallic polishes.

While we know that no polish can truly achieve a mirror-like finish, the Foil FX make a valiant effort.  With a silver, gold and bronze-y rose tone, there’s a color to compliment all skin tones.  Check them out after the jump!

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Orly Metal Chic Metallic Matte Swatches & Review

By on December 4, 2009
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orly metal chic matte metallic nail polish A perfect addition to your special occassion Orly’s newest set of matte colors, Metal Chic, includes three metallic shades that will add a fun twist to your party look.  Iron Butterfly, Glam Rock and Solid Gold are in the same vein as the OPI Suede and Zoya MatteVelvet polishes in that they contain metallic shimmer to add a bit of bling to what could be a very flat, wall paint-ish polish.

Even though I’ve been a proponent of using a matte top coat versus a matte nail polish, there is one HUGE advantage in the matte polish corner… dry time!!  Even though I love painting my nails, I don’t always have time to execute the perfect manicure.  Case in point, last night.  I was heading downtown for a charity event but was running late, per usual.  It was bad enough that my tips were naked during my charity beauty sale but two nights in a row was unacceptable.  So I threw on a quick coat of Iron Butterfly and not only did it give great coverage, it was dry before I got out the door.  Talk about convenient.  Check out these last minute manicure wonders along with some comparisons, after the jump!

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Butter London Fashionista’s Favourites

Happy Friday Fanatics! I hope you’re gearing up for a fun weekend and 4th of July celebration (for US readers). Today I have the butter London Spring/Summer Fashionista’s Favourites to show you. It’s a lineup of five new colors, four cremes and one metallic, created by high fashion manicurist and Creative Director Nonie Creme. Take a peek after the jump!

As I’ve come to expect from bL’s 3 Free formula, the consistency is on the medium-to-thick side yet the polishes apply very smooth and even, with one noted exception (Muggins). The lacquer dries fast and glossy and even though pulling off the outer square cap can be a struggle, it does make application much easier using just the round inner cap.

You saw Artful Dodger on me when I discussed Miley Cyrus’ nails. It’s my favorite shade in the collection and it’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now so I can stare at it while I work. It’s just such a happy color, a shade I’d LOVE to see in the sky if these darn rainclouds would ever vacate the CLE. So I’ll continue to stare at Artful Dodger and wait for some much needed sun.

The Old Bill is a warm old gold metallic. You know how I feel about the issues metallics bring to the party but guess what?? The Old Bill isn’t plagued by them. There’s no streaking, no monster brush strokes, no weird pooling or anything. It applies like a freakin’ dream in two thin coats. LOVE IT!!

Muggins is my problem child of the bunch. I’m already leery of pale purples but this one applied terribly. After three streaky coats I gave up. I tried with this one but for a color I know won’t work with my skin tone, it wasn’t worth it. I even added top coat to try and even it out and it STILL looked lumpy. PASS!

Cheeky Chops is perfect for the whole yellow trend that’s happening. It’s a vibrant banana pudding type shade. Bright but not neon, buttery but not pastel. Pretty dead on perfect if you ask me.

Blowing Raspberries doesn’t really blow my hair back, no pun intended. It’s a rich berry red creme not overly unusual. Though what did impress me was the application and pigmentation. It’s almost a one coater and so damn smooth. I’d call it a goof-proof red.
The butter London Fashionista’s Favourites are currently on sale through or Individual polishes retail for $14 or you can buy the entire set for $45 (bl) or $50 (

So what do we think fanatics? Who’s got big plans for the 4th? Or just fun plans in general?


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