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Oscar Nail Watch 2010 – Amanda Seyfried

I read some comments referring to Amanda Seyfried‘s Armani Prive Oscar gown resembling bubble wrap but I loved it.  She always looks beautiful on the red carpet even if her style choices skew a little older sometimes.  I mean, that’s a LOT of dress.  I can only imagine how much it weighs.

Regardless of how you feel about her dress you’ve got to give her props for wearing a mushroom-y taupe like Chanel  Particuliere, one of spring’s hottest nail shades.  Makeup Artist Monika Blunder used Chanel products to create Amanda’s makeup look so I can only assume that she wore Particuliere on her nails.

Get the look for less with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander In Chic and butter London Fash Pack.

What do you think of Amanda’s look for the Oscars?  What nail color would you have chosen for her?

image credit: Celebutopia

Rihanna Is So Money – Getting Minx’d for the Grammys

Happy Friday Fanatics! I know things have been a bit quite here on ALU but it’s been a crazeballs week for me. Thanks for your emails to check in on me! You are all so sweet!  Since I’m getting ready for my trip to NYC for New York Fashion Week I’ve been running errands and doing a lot of behind the scenes type work this week.  Plus, my nails were looking pretty beat so a little nail R&R was in order.


However, I’ve received quite a few emails and tweets about Rihanna’s nails at the Grammys.  Someone wondered if she was wearing some crazy CalGel design, traditional nail art or Minx.  Those of you who guessed Minx were dead on the money (no pun intended) and  thanks to the people at Minx and Celebrity Manicurists like Kimmie Kyees, I’ve got the scoop! Rihanna, Beyonce and Keri Hilson all rocked Minx on the Grammy red carpet, check out the detailed pics after the jump!
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Golden Globes Nail Watch – Ginnifer Goodwin & Jeanne Tripplehorn

jeanne-tripplehorn-ginnifer-goodwin-67th-golden-globes-nails Big Love “sister wives” Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn braved the rain-soaked Golden Globes carpet together looking, quite frankly, like a mother-daughter duo.  Jeanne’s matronly dress does no justice to her beauty though she does score points in the nail department for donning a chic, browned-grey nail.As mentioned on E!’s Live From The Red Carpet, the co-stars spent their pre-show time together as well, with pampering manis & pedis at Recess Organic Nail Spa in LA accompanied by Ginnifer’s mom.  Get the full scoop on their nail polish choices and see my color swatches after the jump!

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Golden Globes Nail Watch – Vera Farmiga

vera-farmiga-67th-golden-globes-jenna-hipp If you haven’t seen Up in the Air yet add it to your to-do list ASAP. Not to take anything away from George Clooney but Golden Globe nominees Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga are so brilliant in it.  Total scene stealers.  Kind of like how Anna Kendrick stole the show when she sang “The Ladies Who Lunch” in Camp.

So when I saw on Twitter that Celebrity Manicurist Jenna Hipp worked with Vera on her nail look, I had to get the scoop.

According to Jenna, “Working with Vera is always a pleasure…it reminds me of when I was a little girl watching my big sister get ready for a big date. Though she’s naturally glamorous and sophisticated, her demeanor is also very soothing.”

“For shape, I narrowed the sides a bit to elongate her fingers and rounded the corners ever so slightly with a glass file to avoid snagging her dress.”

“For color, I used Orly’s Angel Face topped with Deja-Vu. Orly’s Bonder Basecoat and Sec n Dry Topcoat.”

vera-farmiga-golden-globes-tina-turnbow-tarte Regarding Vera’s choice of a neutral nail, “I’m so glad Vera decided on this very clean, neutral nail because it doesn’t compete with her incredible dress and makeup.”

Jenna also spilled some amazing makeup news.  Tina Turnbow created Vera’s look using “the richest mix of brown eyeshadows I’ve ever seen.” Those shadows will be part of the palette Tina helped create for eco-friendly brand Tarte Cosmetics.

How do you feel about Vera’s look?  Do you agree with her natural nail look or would you spice it up with color?

Mannequin Hands at the Golden Globes

“Mannequin Hands” made their way down the Golden Globes red carpet on the tips of Fergie and Mariah Carey last night.  What a fun coincidence that they are both singers in nominated films rocking the flesh toned polish.  Of course you need to look past Mariah’s in-your-face cleavage to even notice her nails but perhaps that why she chose such a subdued shade.

Those of you who have seen Nine, is there any angle I can sell the boyfriend on to get him to see it with me or is this strictly a take-your-girlfriends type of flick?



What do you think of their mannequin hands? Are you feeling Fergie’s extreme oval shape?  What colors would you guess they’re wearing?

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