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Day 1 of CosmoProf is over and I’m exhilarated, tired, giddy and dying to share the deets on everything I saw. I’ll be going in depth on some of the amazing things I came across when I get home but I wanted to update you all with a quick recap of the goodies I spotted on the show floor.

If you’re not familiar with CosmoProf it’s an annual salon trade show with exhibitors showing off their products in hopes of getting distribution. Because they are unveiling some of their latest and greatest products, press (including bloggers) are invited to cover the event. Now some of the brands are revealing collections that will release next Spring/Summer so to avoid being copied I’m only able to photograph fall/winter/holiday launches. But I can tell you, there are some EXCITING colors on the horizon. Check out my Day 1 redux, after the jump!

My first stop was the Discover Beauty section of CosmoProf. It’s an area with new, emerging brands looking for US distributorship. When I saw Nails Inc. listed on the show map, I made an immediate beeline to their booth. Fanatics, let’s hope, hope, hope that they get picked up by someone like Sephora or ULTA or some other online/chain store. We NEED Nails Inc. in our lifestyle like ASAP. The color line is amazing, the packaging is so so chic AND they have a 45 Second Top Coat that has me in utter disbelief. They were giving a sneak peek at their holiday blinged out polishes and I MUST have one in my collection come December. The perfect stocking stuffer, no?
Within the Discover Beauty section, Total Beauty manned the Beauty Blogger Central booth. As a guest of Total Beauty I was invited to vote for the best of the Discover Beauty section. I voted for Nails Inc., natch. Granted there are a lot of unique new brands represented but Nails Inc. stole my polish loving heart.

On display in the Blogger Central booth is Total Beauty’s Top 10 rated products of the brands exhibiting at the show. I’m DYING to try the magical Morroccan Oil I’ve heard so much about.

One booth that made me stop in my tracks was KleanColor. Their display of colorful Nail Lacquers drew me right in. And I was beyond flattered that the rep for the brand actually reads ALU. Now I just need to track down where I can order the polishes from. If anyone has a KleanColor hookup, give me a shout!
One look at these bottles and you’ll understand why I was drawn in to Np2′s booth. Talk about a unique shape! And the color range is uber-chic. There are some vampy greens, blues and purples that I can’t wait to get my hands on. According to the rep for the brand, the formula is will knock Essie & OPI out of the water. They’re hoping to launch in Sephora soon so keep your eyes peeled.
As I wandered aimlessly trying to figure out the long winding ailes of booths, I came upon Essie, THE ESSIE! It’s like spotting a rock star. I also ran across Suzi of OPI, Jessica Vartoughian of Jessica and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, creator of HairDo. He’s so adorable and pocket sized!
I had to stop by the Color Club/Art Club booth to check out Wild At Heart. That purple and teal green will be MINE!

Next up, the SpaRitual/Orly booth. There are some incredible colors coming down the pike from both brands including two luscious greens for Spring (can’t wait!). First let’s talk SpaRitual. They too are releasing a matte collection called Mind Body Spirit only they formulated a base coat to apply underneath and extend wear. The rep I spoke with was wearing the purple, Spirit and it’s totally gorg. There is also a Fall colllection that I’m bringing home with me to show you.

Out now for fall, the Orly Once Upon A Time collection comes with adorable fairy tale themed charms on the bottles. Enchanted Forest, Pixie Dust and Mirror Mirror are immediate faves.
For holiday they will introduce Femme Fatale and collection of festive reds.

For Spring/Summer 2010 there is a candy colored collection with matching mini lipglosses, a colorful vivid floral inspired collection called Bloom that includes the green I mentioned.

Finally, the true highlight of my day was attending the CND Colour & Effects launch party. CND’s own Jan Arnold greeted us warmly, wearing yet another killer ensemble. That woman has such amazing style I can’t even stand it. She remembered meeting me backstage at the Barbie show during fashion week and it totally made my day.

I have so much more to show you and say about this amazing revamp of the CND line but I’ll just give you a quick rundown. Basically, CND has completely changed their game. Being that they are all about customization at fashion week, creating custom blends for designers all over the world, they have now brought that concept to all of us.
The Colour consists of 50 perfect cremes in a range of shades that will satisfy any addict. There are true primary and secondary shades, sheers, neutrals, pinks, reds, vampies, etc.

The Effects are 15 opalescent pearls, shimmers and glitters that you can layer over the Colour shades to customize your color. They may look similar in the bottle but once you start to play, you really see the difference.
Jan invited us to play at the colour bar and can you guess where I plopped myself down? In front of the “me” colors of course. I went to town swatching different Colours and testing them under the Effects. I was in heaven!

Being the kind, generous woman she is, Jan invited everyone to take home their favorite Colour & Effects combos but when she saw my bag with just a few bottles (I didn’t want to be greedy) she sent me back for more saying, “You’re All Lacquered Up, that’s not nearly enough!”
Oh and I didn’t even get to the bottles. They redesigned the shape of the bottles to be more ergonomic with a soft rubberized cap. And the BRUSH, wow on the brush. It’s now flat but THIN flat, very pinky nail friendly, and the bristles are triangular and clear, a first in the industry. I actually did a little playing back in my room and they apply phenomenally! I can’t wait to show you.

Well that’s pretty much Day 1. We finished the night with a cocktail party at The Mix in The Hotel and dinner at Strip Steak in the Mandalay Bay. The food was so spectacular I regret not taking pics for the fellow foodies out there. Next time, I promise!

Also, I’m attending the show with Phyllis from Makeup For Life so be sure to visit her blog to see the products that she discovered.

SpaRitual Fall 2007 – Intuitive

By on September 21, 2007
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The intuitive woman doesn’t need a reason—she just knows

Introducing Intuitive, a collection of subdued metals with a sophisticated edge from SpaRitual; new for Fall 2007. Guided by a sensibility far more wise than mere whimsy, she may leave more literal minds looking for answers.

I have to give SpaRitual props for being one of the few nail polish brands to provide realistic and helpful product images for consumers. I’ll admit that when I first saw that one of the shades was named Sage I got a little giddy in hopes that they’d be another fun mossy green on the market. No such luck. In this instance, sage refers to wisdom, not the herb or color. I’m sure all my fellow vampy lovers will be adding Shrewd to their wish lists. All in all, this collection stays true to their earthy, eco-friendly concept.

Sage – Sure proof of intelligent life on earth, this mocha creme grounds the wearer in deep, rich reality

Sharp – In a flash of pure illumination, this silvery champagne with iridescent glitter cuts through illusion to the essence

Savant – No shadows of doubt or shades of gray obscure this gilded, pristinely winter-white lacquer

Street Smart – Jet, onyx, ebony, obsidian – this crystal black is anything but basic

Savoire Faire – Neutrality requires knowledge and grace, keep polished with a gentle rose crème

Shrewd – Deliciously clever yet always thoughtful, warm chocolate with silver shimmer sweetens all negotiation

Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body and spirit. SpaRitual – one letter away from “spiritual” – combines luxury with a spirit-conscious philosophy. Dedicated to the environment, the line uses eco-friendly packaging and printing processes. The bottles are made from reusable glass and natural elements and are fully recyclable. The printing processes include soy-based inks, recycled and FSC certified papers. Each exquisite SpaRitual product has been perfectly crafted to enhance your daily life. Enlighten yourself. Be a Sparitualist. Because we all deserve to live the good life.

From conception, SpaRitual has been committed to creating eco-friendly products crafted to raise environmental awareness and cater to the conscious consumer. The use of vegan ingredients and eco-conscious packaging has always been a central concept for SpaRitual.

“As a brand, we are passionate about safeguarding the environment, reducing waste and limiting the use of non-renewable resources,” says Shel Pink, creator of the SpaRitual brand. “I am concerned about the health of our planet and the health of the people that inhabit it”, says Shel Pink, creator of SpaRitual. “The beauty industry is poised to transform the weakened state of both by making responsible choices at the product development level and by offering holistic treatments that heal the mind, body and spirit at the service level.”

SpaRitual polishes can be found at Fred Segal Beauty both in stores and online.

info and images: courtesy of SpaRitual

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