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Formula X for Sephora

Last-Minute Beauty Gifts You Can Grab at JCPenney

By on December 22, 2015
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Last-Minute Beauty Gifts

Last-Minute Beauty Gifts

I’m a notorious last-minute shopper. I’ve been known to be out shopping while the boyfriend is at my parent’s house cooking Christmas Eve dinner. Procrastination holiday shopping is in my DNA. Considering the number of people I see scrambling through stores this week, I know I’m not alone.

Department stores are my one-stop salvation, especially JCPenneys with in-store Sephoras. We have a few in the Cleveland area and I stopped by the North Olmsted store after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens (so amazing!) to grab a few gifts for my beauty-loving friends, and a treat for myself, of course! With styles so bright and gifts so right, JCPenney is where giving begins this holiday season.
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Calling Shenanigans on the Sephora Formula X Press Pods

By on January 8, 2015
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Formula X Press Pods swatches & review via @alllacqueredup

Formula X Press Pods Gift Tags

When Sephora announced the Formula X Press Pods last year, all I could do was roll my eyes. 24 individual use .03 oz pods of polish for $39??? Are you serious? That’s $54 an ounce! To compare, Louboutin is $125/oz and you get that gorgeous bottle. OPI is $19/oz.

Then I saw all these raves on major beauty and fashion outlets for the product and it piqued my curiosity but not enough to buy them. Since that time, the price has dropped to $24 and they are currently on sale for $19.50. However, on Black Friday I was able to pick up a set of the Gift Tag Press Pods for $7.50 and, I was already placing and order so, I couldn’t resist.

If my post title didn’t clue you in to how my Press Pod test went, keep reading!
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Top 10 Holiday 2014 Makeup and Beauty Products

Best Holiday Beauty and Makeup for 2014 via @alllacqueredup

Best Holiday Beauty and Makeup for 2014

I know we’re supposed to be shopping for others during the holiday but, I can’t help it, I usually end up doing more buying for myself. I mean, I know when the sales are, my family doesn’t. It’s just good sense to make sure I get the deal, right? And there are always so many great LE beauty products, sets and collections that come out at this time that I can’t resist.

In the latest edition of Top 10 Tuesday, we’re talking the best Holiday 2014 makeup items so I’m sharing what’s on my list to pick up at Sephora, my fave place for holiday beauty, this season.
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Nail The Trend – Mint Green Nail Polish for Spring

Mint Spring Green Nail Polish

Affiliate Link|Press Sample

As the spring, and now summer, collections continue to roll out, my green-loving heart has been palpitating over all the mint-y goodness I keep seeing. From Dermelect Au Courant to Sally Hansen Pique Side, I can’t get enough. So, here are eight more mint green nail polishes to satisfy your spring green needs.
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#ManiMonday – Sephora Formula X Photoelectric Swatch & Review

Formula X for Sephora Photoelectric #ManiMonday

I Bought This|Press Sample

Remember when I raved, sorry RAVED, about the new Formula X for Sephora Liquid Crystals polishes? Well, I recently found myself in front of the gorgeous glass-fleck meets foil gems at my local Sephora and brought another beauty home with me. You might think Photoelectric looks like any other turquoise sparkler but you’d be wrong!
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