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Makeup Wars – Best Frizz Control Products

By on June 8, 2015
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Best Frizz Fighters via @alllacqueredup

Best Frizz Fighters

I make no apologies for how much I love my hair and that I take pride in maintaining its appearance. I mean, I have bins and bins of products taking over my linen closet. Though frizz is the bane of my hair’s existence. Having coarse, super thick, crazy wavy hair means it sucks up any moisture it can find, so when I wake up and can taste the humidity in the air, it’s game on.

I don’t remember ever having to deal with frizz as a kid, but at some point everything changed, and I spent my 20s experimenting with different cocktails of products. So over the years, I have tried every frizz control product I could get my hands on to combat those awful little hairs from popping up, and I’m sharing my holy grail items below.

My Favorite Frizz Control Products

First things, first. Frizz control starts with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Pack as much moisture into your hair as possible so the particles of water in the air can’t penetrate. I’m always trying something new, but the Joico K-Pak line is a go-to.

That being said, I’ve been an Aveda girl since I was fifteen. When an at-home hair coloring incident left me with straw-like, jet black hair, the only salon that would see me was an Aveda salon. They saved my hair and earned a loyal client. It was my first experience with Aveda products and they’ve been a favorite ever since.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Frizz Fighters via @alllacqueredup

Aveda Smooth Infusion Frizz Fighters

I’ve tried a staggering number of serums, cremes and pomades that claim to tame frizz; from the crazy expensive brands like Living Proof, Oribe and Philip B, to salon brands (Joico, Moroccan Oil, Redken), and a slew of drugstore lines. I still come back to Aveda. For years, I relied on the Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade and either the Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss (high humidity) or Light Elements Smoothing Fluid (everyday), but when Aveda introduced the Smooth Infusion line, it was revolutionary.

Years ago, I deemed Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother ($24) as amazing as nail polish, and it still is. Paired with the Glossing Straightener ($24), it’s a powerful combo. However, last summer Naturally Straight ($26) changed the game. The creme-based solution progressively straightens curls to make hair straighter over time.

Note: If you have a lighter texture or avoid silicone-based products these may be too much for your hair, but they work for me. If you don’t need as much control, check out the Brilliant and Light Elements products mentioned above.

Aveda Naturally Straight in Action

Education is key to getting the most out of a product and Aveda really has that down. My stylist is great about letting me know about new products for my hair type, how to use them and which products work with it. That’s half the battle, you guys. So, if you want to get the best results from Naturally Straight, watch this video. It’s exactly what I do.

To give you an idea of Naturally Straight’s effectiveness, last Labor Day weekend was a hot one and that Saturday was one of the grossest days of last summer. A day that makes you want to hibernate in air conditioning. Though we had plans to go to Oktoberfest and see the running of the Dachshunds, so there was no hiding.

I applied a combo of the Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil ($27), Style-Prep Smoother and Naturally Straight. I blew my hair dry with a boar bristle round brush and finished with a flat iron. Even though I started sweating the minute I walked outside, there was not a single errant hair on my head.

The picture below was taken after sitting in a sauna-like barn to watch the dog races and wandering in the heat for hours. That level of smoothness never happened before Naturally Straight changed my hair’s life. I can even air dry my hair without fear of a Monica-Gellar-in-Barbados situation. Most days I don’t even need to flat iron. That’s major!

Aveda Naturally Straight Review via @alllacqueredup

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight at work

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Aveda Experience Store in Beachwood Place to meet the charming and talented Aveda Global Artistic Director – Hair Color, Ian Michael Black (not be confused with actor Michael Ian Black). We talked about how the crazy Manic Panic color of the 90s has evolved from being a rebellious statement to something much more chic today.

But, what really sent me to the moon was when Ian told me: A. That my color is perfect and I shouldn’t change a thing. B. That the condition of my hair shows I know how to use their products. Shout-out to my colorist Peyton at John Roberts Spa.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight via @alllacqueredup

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight at work

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Aveda products are sold at Aveda salons and experience stores worldwide. To find a location near you, visit

Are you in a constant battle with frizz? What products do you rely on? Do you plan to try my favorites?

Disclosure: Some product samples were provided by reps for Aveda, but I have re-purchased them over and over myself. Affiliate links appear in this post. When you purchase through an affiliate link, you help support this site. For more info view my Disclosure Policy
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  1. The Aveda stuff is amazing. AH-MAZING.

  2. Phyrra says:

    Your hair looks fabulous!

  3. Lisa N. says:

    Nice products you recommend~

  4. Ange says:

    I have always loved Aveda products!

  5. MarciaF says:

    You have totally convinced us to be an Aveda afficionado. Your hair looks great and you are a testament to the power of the products.

  6. I love Aveda! Such good products and they smell AMAZING!

  7. Nancy says:

    What a fantastic guide and I love Aveda too! You’re right–their education is top-notch and I don’t mind paying more (in this area anyway) to get the benefit of that expertise.

  8. Love this post Michelle!!! It’s nice to see something different than nail polish once in a while although of course I adore nail polish! I struggle with frizz too and I live in Miami so of course there is no escaping it. I have tried a million things but never Aveda products. I will def check them out. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! I hope they work well for you. I used to dread humid days, not I don’t need the boyfriend to be on hair patrol. He would be on high alert for when my hair got to the ponytail point.

  9. Theresa says:

    Haha! I had a similar home color gone wrong when I was 18. Those Aveda straightening products are the real deal. Pricey but worth it if you want straight non frizzy hair.

  10. I love the Aveda Smooth Infusion! It smells SO good!

  11. Linda Ginsburg says:

    I haven’t tried Aveda’s smoothing products but because of your report it will be on the top of my list to try in the future. I have been having great luck with L’Oreal’s lines for frizzy and damaged hair. I suspect that L’Oreal is basically Kerastase because the results have been so good. But I’m the type that always thinks there is something better around the corner. ;-)

  12. lena says:

    we have very different types of hair (mine is fine, coarse and hella curly), and aveda products just seem to be so expensive, but i definitely need to check out their range to see if anything’s good for me, solely on the basis of your awesome hair!

  13. Your hair looks so healthy and straight

  14. Tracy says:

    I’m a seriously hair product junkie. No towels in my bathroom closet. Just my endless collection of oils, serums, creams and leave-in conditioners to fight my thin, fine yet crazy frizzy hair. My favorites are: Phyto’s Phytodefrisant Straightening Balm (never sticky or heavy) and Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine. I would l-o-v-e to try Aveda products again….but the smell sends me into an instant migraine headache. Tried to use it on two different occasions. Right after I got to work, migraine headache kicked in both times and my sensitivity to the smell of my own hair was unbelievable. I’d love it if they had an unscented option. I’ve heard so many good things about their effectiveness on frizzy hair, too. …..insert sad face!