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Nails Inc by Victoria, Victoria Beckham Swatches & Review

By on January 6, 2015
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Nails Inc by Victoria, Victoria Beckham via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc by Victoria, Victoria Beckham

We’ve barely said goodbye to the holidays and the spring collections are already rolling in. Hell, I still have my tree up and I really don’t want to take it down. But, with the arrival of spring colors comes the promise of longer days and warmer weather.

This spring, Nails Inc has collaborated with Victoria Beckham to create a set of shades that exemplify the feeling of her Ready-To-Wear collection. The Japanese-inspired shades, Bamboo White and Judo Red, come in a frosted, limited edition version of the new Nails Inc bottle design.

Formula & Application

Nails Inc VVB is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). The weighty glass bottles have a concave design that feel very expensive in the hand. In this LE collection, the bottles are opaque and frosted with a peek-a-boo side panel to show the color. The removable cap reveals a ribbed inner cap to use for polishing.

The brush has a wide, flat paddle design that is curved at the tip. The bristles are dense and somewhat flexible, allowing you to get very close to the cuticle, creating a clean line. I’ve noticed that I get better results when I float the brush over the nail.

Nails Inc Brush from the NailKale line via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Brush

Both polishes in this collection are cremes and while their jelly-like appearance and feel left me thinking they would apply sheer, I was pleasantly surprised to find them well pigmented. If you use thin coats like me, you will probably need three coats of Bamboo White but otherwise you can get away with two coats of both shades.

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Swatches

Nails Inc Bamboo White is a pink-tinged bisque creme. It’s milky but not streaky. Feminine and chic. It’s so not my usual thing. However, I think that being friends with Sarah from Chalkboard Nails has warmed me up to this type of shade as it’s her favorite.

Nails Inc Bamboo White swatch via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Bamboo White

Nails Inc Judo Red is a tomato red creme that can look very orange, depending on the light. It’s vibrant and rich and super glossy (both are shown without top coat).

Nails Inc Judo Red swatch via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Judo Red

Victoria Beckham SS 15 Inspired Nail Art

Perusing the Victoria Beckham S/S 15 RTW collection, it seemed only fitting to create a nail art look inspired by one of her designs. This striped trench caught my eye for its simplistic yet eye-catching pattern.

I used straight Nail Vinyls in varying sizes to mimic the stripes. I thought about doing this on all my nails but wanted to keep the overall feel as understated as her clothes.

 Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Nail Art via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham striped Nail Art/image via

Stripe Nail Art using Nails Inc Victoria Beckham via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham striped Nail Art

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham swatches via @alllacqueredup

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham swatches

Bottom Line: The colors themselves are not ground-breaking but the formula is fantastic and I adore the brush. If you have similar shades or a tight budget, you’ll probably take a pass but fashionistas and LE packaging collectors will be all over them. I can’t tell you how many polishes and beauty products I bought mostly for the packaging (I even save the outer boxes).

The Nails Inc by Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection is available now at, and The polishes retail for $25/ea.

Which of these colors is calling your name? Are you unable to resist LE packaging? What type of nail art would you use them for?

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    Very nice colors these two are. I like the accent nail with the stripes.

  2. Jessica says:

    Bamboo White seriously looks amazing on you!

  3. RANDOMiss says:

    Beautiful colours! I would love to get one of these colours as apart of my collection!

  4. Cat says:

    Hi Michelle, I really love fashion-inspired nail art, and your mani today reflects the coat very well. I like pastels like “Bamboo White”, although what this feminine pink has to do with either bamboo or white I don’t know. Bamboo is green in its natural state (not dried-out for use in pontoon boats or whatever), and when dried is yellowish! Also, it’s fun to find out that you and Sarah Chalkboard Nails are besties. <3

    • That is an excellent point Cat. What does bamboo have to do with white? I get that they wanted to convey the Japanese influence but I’m sure there are other references they could have used in the name.

  5. kel says:

    i love the colors and love the look you created! i can’t justify that price tho when there are so many doppelgangers out there:)

  6. kp says:

    I hope she releases more colors. The polish sounds amazing, but I already have a ton of reds and nudes aren’t my thing. Thanks for the review!

    • I would definitely like to see what else they could come up with in a future collaboration. Though I wish the price tag wasn’t so much higher than the regular bottles.

  7. Amanda says:

    We still have our tree up as well and I too do NOT want to take it down. It’s up for such a short period of time, and they are so pretty when they are lit up!! I was able to convince the man not to take it down this last weekend but I don’t know if I’ll be that lucky again this weekend. lol

    • I’ll probably take mine down this weekend. The boyfriend said the neighbors will judge us if we still have our tree up much longer, not that I care. It’s mesmerizing when it’s lit.

  8. maria says:

    Oh, I can’t wait…I’m calling sephora this morning, I hope they have it. I love the bamboo white. Thanks for posting…

  9. maria says:

    nope, never mind, they only have it online and it’s sold out…it’s also sold out on, but they still have it at so I got mine! so happy now… ;)

  10. maria says:

    ok, I got the nail polish and I absolutely love it. The color is perfect, even thought it’s way to cold in the east, best of all tt doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell. yaaay

  11. Jade says:

    I’m disappointed no one has commented on how this polish wears. I am in love w this polish. I have two small children. Opi and Essie last (maybe) 24 hours before chipping. This polish lasts 6 or 7 days. Every time. I wear it everyday and have since the day of its release and each time it has lasted 6 days perfectly. I highly recommend it, even if you’re on a budget. It’s a money and time saver.