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Will You Pay $50 for Rouge Louboutin? How Much Is Too Much for Nail Polish?

By on July 28, 2014
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Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish and Mine Lacquer via @AllLacqueredUp

Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish and Mine Lacquer

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I heard rumblings a while back about a Christian Louboutin nail polish and considering the popularity of the Louboutin Manicure back in 2007, I’m amazed it didn’t happen earlier. Well, last week the news finally broke of the Christian Louboutin Beauté brand and its first signature nail color, Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin, with its hefty $50 price tag.

At $50, Rouge Louboutin, with its claim of superior pigmentation and hand crafted bottles, certainly isn’t the most expensive luxury lacquer we’ve seen. Azature’s one-of-a-kind Black Diamond was valued at $250,000. More recently, Mine Lacquer, made from real raw materials, like 24k gold, silver and graphite, retails for anywhere between $100-$500/bottle. Not to mention other luxury fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton, who have released LE polishes with high end price tags.

Now, I’m the last person to judge how you spend your money. We all have different budgets and outlooks on what is worth our dollar. That’s the reason I cover brands in a range of price points.

But, is there a limit where the price becomes too high? Are there really enough people paying $50, $250 or more for a bottle of nail polish to sustain a brand? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

And, if you want to get in on the Louboutin Rouge craze and add that fine looking bottle to your vanity, it’s available for pre-order at, and Releasing on August 6th it will be at as well, with 30 additional shades launching August 30th.

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  1. Kellie says:

    The $250 and $500 bottles….that’s more that I pay for groceries for a month….they have lost their cotton pickin minds!!! Even the $50 bottle is ludicrous!!!

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Probably not. The most I’ve ever paid for a nail polish is around $15.

    • I’ve spent more than I would like on rare polishes on eBay and $30/40 before on a new color but not $50

      • Katie says:

        I agree with you on the rare polishes and I would probably still pay $50 bucks for some of the rare polishes out there but for a red just because it is a name brand I will not pay that much. I really have not found any colors that a high end polish line has that China Glaze or OPI does not have the same, or better color with a tried and true formula for the affordable price they run.

        • Lynzi says:

          Talk about fashion coming full circle! When Louboutin made his first shoes, he wanted something to make them stand out, a signature so that even is someone was wearing plain black shoes, everyone would know they were Louboutin’s and want to buy in to the glamour of a designer brand. So, he picked up a bottle of red nail varnish that was sitting around and he painted the bottom of the shoes with it!
          There was even a court case a few years ago (which is probably why this wasn’t available until now) because YSL (or some other designer, I can’t remember off hand) had produced a line of shoes with red soles. Louboutin contested that the red sole was the signature of his brand and by using it, the other company was stealing his clients and also bringing his company into disrepute by putting the red sole on “inferior” products. The whole thing boiled down to “can you copyright a colour?” From the looks of it, you can!

  3. Diane says:

    I don’t even buy Sally Hansen unless I have a coupon.

  4. Jessica says:

    Would I pay $50+ for a bottle of polish? Absolutely not. Will women snatch these things up even at these price? Absolutely. Like you said, who am I to judge how people spend their money, but I just could never justify that much on just one thing. I suppose if I had a ton of extra money, maybe I would feel differently, but I like to see how far I can stretch my money. I try to never pay full price for anything, and when it comes to nail polish, unless it’s a last minute top coat emergency I don’t remember the last time I paid full price for a bottle. Long story short, I won’t be purchasing a bottle, but they are fun to look at.

  5. redsquid says:

    At this point, $14-$15 is as expensive as I’ll go, and rarely, although some Chanel colors have me thinking “splurge.” I tend to impulse buy so I peruse drugstores and Target rather than Macy’s, which helps the budget. Of course, your polish provides us with entertainment value, so I think you should spend whatever you please! ~Linda

  6. Cindi says:

    I’m sorry but there isn’t any polish pretty enough to justify that price tag. My most expensive polish is a Butter London that I got on sale because I won’t pay $15 for a bottle of polish. That is outrageous. I bet I can find a dupe for it anyway. It’s red. For those of y’all that don’t mind plopping down $50 go for it, but this girl is hanging on to her money.

  7. Debbie M says:

    I would most definitely pass on both the Mine Lacquer and the Christian Louboutin, but if someone has the money to pay $500 for a bottle of nail polish more power to them. I’m pretty sure if I had the budget and the polish looked really nice, I would probably buy a bottle.

  8. Cajka says:

    I wouldn’t pay $50 for a bottle of polish, but if I had money to spare I would pay $50 for that bottle. Not the polish, just the bottle. It looks amazing. And I’m not even a fan of Louboutin.

  9. I definitely think people will SNAP these up in a heartbeat – and I wish I could splurge on one really cool bottle… but, regularly? No. $50 is just too much… especially when I have 100 other polishes to wear. Only once have I spent more than $15 on a polish, and it was a nail polish auction for a good cause, so I didn’t mind the exorbitant amount I paid for the bottle. Paying this much just to have it in my collection seems less likely.

  10. Adri says:

    I saw that announcement a few days ago and I thought it was too much, I wouldn’t pay $50 for another bottle of nail polish unless it’s a 20oz bottle or it comes with a pair of shoes lol.
    I like to splurge sometimes but I also try to get the most for my money.

  11. Rath says:

    While I personally wouldn’t spend that amount, I think that there are definitely customers out there for these sorts of high end products in the $50 range & probably higher for the really truly exclusive stuff. This is just an accessible version of owning a pair of his red soled shoes, its as aspirational as owning a Chanel polish to some while dreaming of a Chanel bag.

    Throw in making limited edition colors & you have the makings of generating a hard to find polish in a few years, along the lines such as the Clairins 230, Essie Ruby Slippers or some of the really rare OPIs. $50 is probably a drop in the bucket of what some collectors are willing to spend for a really high quality product with the right degree of rarity & exclusivity.

  12. Lee says:

    No, I will not. My questions is are they worth it? I can meet all of my polish needs (free, opacity, availability, color) for under $10.00 a bottle so what makes them “worth” so much. Are they really better?

  13. Chynna says:

    I paid more for that when the eBay price of Clarins 230 first dropped from $230 to $65, but I consider that a special case. I wouldn’t pay $50 for a red creme polish. Normally I consider an RBL or a Lippmann polish an uncommon splurge and this is just way over the top.

  14. Jenna says:

    The most that I’ve spent on nail polish was $15 just for an indie holographic top coat. I think it’s sort of frivolous to buy $100+ nail polish because at that point, that spendy nail polish cannot be better than a nice mainstream like OPI. If you have the money, I can’t tell you that you should NOT buy extremely expensive items if you like them quality. (Example: If I had a ton of money, I’d buy shoes. ;) Leather boots can last for a loooooong time if you treat them right for instance!) Buy $100+ nail polish isn’t going to last forever nor be 100% non-staining. I just don’t know how that expensive of nail polish can be any better than a regular bottle of China Glaze or even Sally Hansen haha.. xD

  15. Erin Ortiz says:

    Whew, too rich for my blood! I barely could handle 20 dollars for the Damone Roberts OPI polish, but 50? Yikes!

  16. Phyrra says:

    There have been a couple of polishes that I wanted for $48, but refused to pay that price. I won’t pay over $25, and I rarely pay that much. I think the most expensive polishes I’ve purchased have been Rescue Beauty Lounge.

  17. Heidi says:

    Wow, now with “luxury brands” like this I feel like the designers of these products are trying to serve a very small group of people. I would not feel attracted by a product like this at all. Whereas maybe a millionaires wife would. I even found disappointing quality with high brands in some of their polishes, where sometimes the drugstore products are better. You are paying for a collectors item here, it just happens to be nail polish. Crazy world…

  18. Coco says:

    No, I would not and could not spend $50 on a single bottle of nail polish.

    These sort of extreme luxury/status goods seem to me to be a product of the dramatic rise in income and wealth stratification in the U.S. over the last several decades. It has been suggested that the increased popularity of nail polish in the last several years is related to the recession and its effect on cash-strapped middle class consumers, for whom nail polish is a comparatively affordable luxury. I see the proliferation of ultra high-end nail polish (making Chanel look like a bargain) as an attempt to cater to consumers who want to distinguish themselves from the average person and advertise their (either aspirational or actual) wealth.

  19. I would never pay $50 for a bottle of polish. I can’t even bring myself to pay over $15 for a bottle, especially since I collect so much. However, I think the expensive polish is like the designer brand itself, there are women (and men) out there who have the income to indulge in the shoes/handbags/fashion line, so now they will indulge in the polish/makeup line.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I think I actually will buy a bottle, notably the signature rogue. I have a bit of an addiction to designer polishes and since I’ve been more than a bit let down by the most recent Chanel and Dior collections I have the budget available for this $50 polish. I do think the beauty of the bottle has a lot to do with my lust for this polish; if it were in a bottle similar to Essie or OPI I wouldn’t even look twice at it. I also like the bit of luxury I feel when I wear designer polishes, its just a small little feeling that makes me feel special. As I do my own nails, I’m interested to see how using that long brush will feel.

  21. kp says:

    I’ve paid surprising $$$ for polish, but I won’t pay $50 for Loubou red. If one of the other colors is truly unique, I might have a brain/credit card disconnect, but it takes a lot for me to justify that kind of money on a polish. Chanel prices are bad enough. Pretty bottle though…

  22. Jess says:

    I have to say…I think I probably will break down and buy the Rouge Louboutin. The collector in me can’t resist the thought of the “Louboutin sole red” polish in the crystal, stiletto-inspired bottle. Will I buy other colours? No. I agree that $50 is a ridiculous price, and while I am foolhardy enough to splurge on one collector’s item, I can’t imagine they will come up with any colours unique enough to justify repeat purchases at that price.

  23. Casey says:

    I won’t go over $13 unless it’s something really, really unique like a duochrome or holo, and even then I try to save wherever I can. Even when I buy my Nail Envy, which runs around $18, I use coupons or buy from discount sites.


  24. Ky says:

    With my luck, I’d probably trip while holding the bottle and get impaled with that spike!

  25. krystal says:

    I work at a high end spa and I know I will have women bringing these $50 bottles in to get their pedicure. But I really doubt I’ll be seeing the $250 bottles in person. Personally it’s a no for me there are too many wonderful polishes that are affordable.

  26. Lam says:

    I have spent as much as $16, and I felt a little guilty about it. But I would never spent more than $20 on a bottle of polish.

  27. Ulmiel says:

    With my current budget the most expensive nail polish I own and can (painfully still) afford is Illamasqua with about 15€, that’s what, about 20 USD? And I think that is more than enough to spend on one bottle, just my personal opinion. Maybe if my budget expended, I would consider expensiver nail polish, but there is one big deal-breaker: the colour needs to be unique enough that I honestly doubt I will get a cheaper dupe of it. To buy a bottle just for its brand is not really my thing.

  28. Randy says:

    For me, most of the fun in being a nail polish addict, is that it’s an “affordable” hobby. I love trying new colors and brands, so I usually don’t go a week without buying some new polish or nail art supplies. I could never do that if I bought $50 polish! I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20… But I’m still curious about the Louboutin polish ;) Someone else review it for me please? :p

  29. Alexis (m0rg3nst3rn) says:

    While I have purchased an occasional Chanel polish (I believe I have 3-4), I could never justify paying $50 for a nail polish. I’ve never even paid more than the $26 for Chanel and feel guilty when I have. I would love to some day own a pair of Louboutain heels (I doubt that will ever happen), I just can’t with that polish price. Heck, I don’t pay full price for even my OPI, China Glaze, Orly, etc…I found nail supply stores not too far from me and go there.

    As you stated, people can spend their money however they see fit. I honestly think that things are getting a little bit ridiculous with the prices, it just makes me think of corporate greed and companies seeing what they can get away with.

  30. deerstop says:

    I’m not above paying a lot, because sometimes you just see the picture and think “NEED RIGHT NOW!!!11″ But $50 for a simple red? Nope. I won’t pay for the brand, I need to be impressed by the polish itself. I do purchase nail polishes of expensive brands, such as glitters of Deborah Lippmann (they cost about $20), but again – the polish has to be unique and gorgeous :)

  31. Denise says:

    I already preordered it. >.< I don't think you want to know the amounts I have actually already paid for rare and hard to find Enchanted Polishes. I think all hardcore EP addicts would be embarrassed to say how much they have spent on one single bottle yet alone their entire collection. I have two pairs of Christian Louboutins so I think $50 is alright. The bottle itself looks amazing and just knowing that it's the red Louboutin color makes me excited. Really hoping the quality is as exceptional too.

  32. Will I pay $50 for it? Nope. It’s not even about the $$, it’s about paying for a brand rather than the product.

  33. kel says:

    it would have to stay on without chipping for a month. thats the only way i could justify that price.

  34. Tina Williams says:

    This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. I have to agree with everyone else. Whatever you spend your hard earned money on is your business but to be honest your only paying for the name. I guarantee there are some better quality nail polishes for way cheaper. I collect nail polishes but the most I have ever paid was about $15 and that’s not a every month thing.

  35. Irene Power says:

    It’s ok I guess if you have more money than brains…..we’ve been brainwashed to think the more “elite” the brand the better the item but I’ve used some cheaper polishes that are better than the expensive brands but whatever floats your boat…..

  36. Bettt says:

    I would look at this like a collection. Hence it is only one bottle, but I would tag it as a collectible. People pay high amounts for OPI, Essie even China Glaze collections. On the fence with this one and the price. Will they make more, will it only be this color of his branding too many questions to answer completely…

  37. Rachel says:

    I’ve bee subscribing to your blog for a while now. GREAT blog too! I wouldn’t spend $50 on a bottle of nail polish, but I’d love to see swatches. By the way, your blog inspired me to get my first yellow polish. :)

  38. I do love the beautiful handcrafted bottle… But yeah, I think $50 is too much for polish for sure! The most I’ve spent is around $20 on RBL polish. When I told my husband about this Louboutin polish, he said I should get a bottle and not use it, then sell it later when everyone’s going crazy for it and it’s sold out. Might be a good idea, but hard to justify at the moment, since I’m looking for a job!

  39. Natalie says:

    I’m definitely not someone to judge how anyone spends their money but personally I couldn’t fork over $50 bucks for a bottle of polish. The most I’ll go is $18 or so for a Deborah Lippmann but that’s about it. However, I don’t think Christian Louboutin will have any issues sustaining his beauty brand, there are plenty of people who will plunk down the money for one of those beauties.

  40. Loren Cappelson says:

    Sigh. I would spend $50 and did on Christian Louboutin Rouge, and I love it. It’s a beautiful bottle and the polish is like vinyl latex on my nails, it’s so rich. I would not spend that much on polish regularly, as I hardly ever purchase Chanel or Dior polishes when I can find a comparable polish via OPI or Zoya. But for that beauty, yes I would spend $50. I don’t think it’s ludicrous or ridiculous or bad or unheard of or a waste of money. I think $50 on a single meal that I will soon forget about is a bigger waste of money – esp. if something cheaper would have satisfied my nutritional and “craving” needs, lol. Although, of course it is nice to treat yourself to a nice meal sometimes; so too with polish…or anything. I don’t buy jewelry or purses or shoes or anything luxe really – this is my one thing. I don’t see that big a difference between $40 and $50 for polish. I see polishes auction for upwards of $100 all the time, so $50 doesn’t seem so extreme.

    As far as whether the “brand” can be sustained, I suppose that is a different matter. I would spend $50 on Louboutin Rouge, but as for his other colors when they are released, I doubt I will be picking any up. I never really thought of CL as a “beauty brand,” I guess, more like an experiment, lol. We’ll see how it goes. I suppose the women who can afford his shoes semi-regularly could afford the polish semi-regularly.

  41. Icequeen81 says:

    The most expensive polish I have bought is china glaze, I had one OPI once cause I won a deal on eBay, dunno in the states but here they are pretty expensive .
    I love nail polish , I can buy a drugstore for less without a problem.Wont spend 15 dollars or more on one .For us who don’t live in the USA it will be for sure pretty expensive. To pay for food and necessary stuff for myself and my family is more important. Cause if you get in trouble because of spending habits. Nobody will be there to help you.

  42. Liesl says:

    I might pay $50+ (but not triple digits) for something super collectible, like Clarins 230. At my income, the price on all these not really that special polishes is ridiculous but I’m not their target audience, either. The $50 polishes are, comparatively speaking, an affordable luxury, if someone really wants something bearing the Louboutin name, this is a reasonable way to obtain it. As far as sustaining a brand, these items aren’t meant to sustain. They’re just meant to generate some extra income and publicity and if they end up flopping, it won’t be a huge loss to a company known for its shoes and bags. This whole thing kind of reminds me of when Louis Vuitton dropped their perfume line a few years back (I’m so optimistic about this, lol). In all likelyhood, they’ll break even for a while and one year, they’ll be gone and most of us won’t even notice.

  43. Susan M. says:

    I want the shoe.

  44. I am thrifty with most things. I don’t think I’ve spent more than $15 on a nail polish, and that’s rare. If I were to buy this, I wouldn’t think of it as a nail polish purchase. It would be more of a decorative piece, because the bottle is really killer!

  45. Icy says:

    For me, though I usually pay around $9 average per bottle (sometimes less), even that sometimes feels a bit rich, thus why I’m selective with my colors.

    However, some people may have nail polish collecting as their bug hobby. You know how some collect stamps, others baseball cards or antique tea cups? Same thing. So the price tag may be worth it for them.

    • I totally get that. And I can see buying a bottle for how collectible it is. But my real question is, will that give the brand longevity?

      • Loren Cappelson says:

        I think Christain Louboutin is maybe a rarity in that case? It’s an established luxury brand and I am not sure the company’s expectations for its beauty “excursion.” I would be interested to know their business plan, lol.

      • Icy says:

        Hmm… not sure. If, for example, the brand is for only nail polish, I highly doubt it. But if it’s coming form an established lux brand which generally doesn’t make polish, it could be pretty popular as a special “exclusive” item of sorts.

  46. Amanda says:

    I think I’m a cheapskate at heart or something. I tend to feel slightly bad after spending even $7-$10 on a bottle, and think “oh man, I could have spent that on X, Y or Z….” I love the heck out of Zoya but I only buy it when there is a sale, and I still end up spending anywhere from $30-$50 because then I have a harder time talking myself out of it. LOL

    There are LOTS of indie polish that I would LOVE to splurge on but again, I talk myself out of it. Like Redsquid said, I love seeing all the stuff you try and share, even though I end up thinking “oh hey, I NEED that…” Like some of the Essie’s you’ve been showing over the last few months, even though I’ve managed to stay away from them so far. I might not be able to resist much longer if i can find them semi cheap on Amazon… :)

  47. Jackie S. says:

    I set my polish limit based on the going rate for Chanel polishes, LOL! I won’t spend more for ANY polish if it’s over the price of a new bottle of Chanel :)

  48. Stephanie Smith says:

    I think you’re paying for the name, not the polish. I can find a thousand bottles of red polish that are prettier and reasonably priced. It’s a fun gimmick, but that’s all it is.

  49. Juls aka Tribechic says:

    I won’t be spending my money on $50.00 polish. For $50.00 I can buy 5 (or more if there is a special) of my favorite polish brands. I like MORE for my money. But, hey if you have the disposable income, it’s your money so spend it how you want

  50. Abby says:

    I have a few Chanel polishes that I bought for ~$26 each. I can’t say I’m totally comfortable dropping that kind of cash on bottle of nail polish in general, but I personally love the colors and formula, so I don’t regret a single purchase.

  51. Aylene Stoner says:

    In the world there is so much need. People are homeless, starving or fighting for their lives. Animals in need of shelter, food and care. It’s wonderful to have some lovely nail polishes to decorate our nails, but $50? I would rather spend $5 and give the rest to charity. How can someone justify spending the money on polish or designer clothes, shoes etc. with so much need in the world? It baffles the mind.

    • I see your point Aylene, but then you could say that about anyone who spends money on anything outside of the basic needs. Just because someone spends $50 on nail polish doesn’t mean they don’t donate to charity. I don’t think that’s a fair call to make.

      • Aylene Stoner says:

        I’m not saying that they don’t donate to charity, just that the money could be better spent on more essential things. Is there real value in spending $50. on a nail polish? Is it really that much better than a $10 or $15 polish? Probably not.

      • Andie says:

        Exactly Michelle. I mean, with that justification ANY money spent on nail polish could be donated instead. It’s not exactly necessary to life. (What do doctors know anyhow?)

        I think $50 for one nail polish is out of many women’s budget, but so are the red-soled shoes that make charging $50 for a nail polish possible.

        Will I be purchasing? No. Do I own any of the shoes? No.

        I think diehard fans will purchase the polish (I wonder if it would work for touch ups on the red soles of the shoes). I think this nail polish appeals to the same group of women that buy the shoes. It could even open up the brand to people who maybe couldn’t afford a pair of $800 heels, but for 1/16th of the price can get a piece of the brand.

        I think Christian Louboutin is fully aware how expensive the nail polish is. I think that’s the point. It’s supposed to be out of reach for many.

    • JDV says:

      I’m with Michelle here, that’s not a fair generalization. But luckily I don’t have to show you my charity receipts for validation.

  52. Annie says:

    The way I look at it, the Louboutin nail polish isn’t meant for everybody — the company isn’t going after those of us who won’t spend more than $10 or $20 on a bottle of lacquer, you know? It’s for someone who can drop $50 because she loves the brand mystique/the bottle/the color/whatever, so I can’t really work up any outrage over the price. Each of us spends her disposable income (if any, obviously) on what we value most. And as others have said, it is something of an objet d’art — I’d much rather see it filled and beautiful than empty!

    I’m wearing it right now (from a press preview, pics at my link) and I WILL say that the polish itself is indeed very good. One coat alone was impressive, and then two — well, BAM! Very glossy, wet-look, signature red. It’s day five and I have no chips, only a slight sliver of wear on one finger.

    As far as brand longevity goes, I think Louboutin already had that. The business is growing rapidly, and this worldwide beauty rollout is just gonna bring in BIG dollars (and euro, and yuan). But I do think it will be interesting to see which subcategories roll out next — my guess is lipstick, maybe a mascara. Whatever it is, I have a feeling it will be done relatively slowly and with similar attention paid to the packaging. Because if you are asking a premium price, you need to have the luxurious experience to back it up.

  53. Rachel Kurtz says:

    No way! I have 2 or 3 Dior polishes which were more than $20. But, that’s it. I subscribe to Julep Maven so I don’t have to pay $16 for that polish but mostly stick to OPI, Essie, etc. That does it for me. Fancy bottles and names don’t really do it for me. It’s what’s inside the bottle that counts and even if the Louboutin red is spectacular in formula, I think there are enough gorgeous reds around to find the one that pushes your buttons and stick to that one. For $50 I could try 5 different reds and find just the right one and have the fun of trying them all!

  54. JDV says:

    I have to admit I balked at the $50 bottle but then I remembered that I have a few in my collection (Clarins 230, Chanel Riva, etc) that I didn’t buy when they first came out. So while my initial reaction is “No!” I think a better answer would be “If this color stands up and slaps me around until I beg for more, then maybe!”

  55. Kelly says:

    I think $50 is a bit much for a single polish. The most I’ve ever spent on a single bottle of polish was $10. And that was because the polish was unique. (It was a linear holo) While the bottle is pretty and it is an “iconic” shade of red, I could never justify that. Almost every single nail polish brand has a red creme. I’m sure others will be able to easily find dupes. Maybe some of the other colors will be more unique. :)

  56. Paula shoe fiend says:

    Not a fan AT ALL of the packaging. .. I bought a Lancome nail varnish once (was like $40 retail) it chipped just like a $3 job… so Im not a huge fan of the hugh end polish… plus my essie polish brush has separated from the lid… so you really DO NOT get what you pay for with nail varnish. I like Revlons quick dry range… does what it says and nothing else

  57. Joanna says:

    I would absolutely spend $50 on a nail polish if it really intrigued me, but Louboutin is not my thing (I don’t own any designer shoes or any high heels for that matter). If Guerlain came out with a limited edition polish in a nice colour, I would not hesitate to spend $50.

  58. stacey says:

    Yeah, I will buy it on my employee discount, when it is double. But then, it has to be amazing colors and a red I have been searching for years. Anybody remember Red Hot by MAC. Aaaamazzzing!!!

  59. Andii says:

    A few years ago, I paid 100.00 for two bottles of Clarins 230 and I can tell you, it only gets used on special occasions, heh. I also have paid 30.00 for a bottle of China Glaze OMG when that colour was starting to become really hard to find. That full bottle of OMG (it is a backup) is still in my closet and i use my opened one gingerly :). I don’t regret either of the aforementioned purchases and I will take those with me when I shed this mortal coil, lol :D
    I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on the Louboutin, though. Unless it stays on for a week plus, walks talks and does housework, they can forget about my paying 50.00 for a creme polish.
    At this writing I probably have 400 – plus polishes in my collection and out of that, I’m sure I have something that matches it in colour or comes pretty darn close, lol.
    I don’t like paying 15.00 for a polish anymore., although I will if I REALLY like it.
    In fact I have gotten so cheap anymore that I have started frankening a bit of my own polish.
    There are polishes out there that are a LOT more stunning than any of those Louboutins…..for 50.00 they need to at least throw in some holo or gold/fairy dust or something lol.

  60. Andii says:

    Btw…somebody please tell me the shoes pictured with the polish aren’t for real, lol

    • Ha, no they’re not. They are a fantasy shoe Louboutin created as part of a collaboration with David Lynch in 2007. Lynch also filmed the video for the polish line.

  61. Mel says:

    I really look at things like this as not being intended for me. My most expensive polishes that I paid full price for are a couple that were $18 and I totally didn’t think those were worth it.

    I was thinking about this being meant for people who buy Louboutin shoes and $2000 handbags, and certainly those people would be part of the market for this. But there are also people who couldn’t or wouldn’t dream of buying $600 shoes, who might fork out for this just to say they own something Louboutin. It’ll be interesting to see how much interest this stirs up.

  62. DBurns313 says:

    I work in retail and was able to paint my nails with a tester. I’ll admit that for one who doesn’t paint her nails, I was impressed. No base or top coat and the shine is unbelievable. I did my nails in less than 5 minutes and they look manicured. Wish I could post a picture. Pay the price though? I struggle with that!

  63. Luka says:

    I buy Chanel and RBL but when I saw this one I couldn’t believe the audacious price. I also think the bottle is tacky so no incentive for me.

  64. Monica says:

    I own a few 1000+ handbags and I still wouldn’t spend $50 on a nail polish. Chanel is my limit because truth be told, I’ve tried Sally Hansen polishes that work better than Dior polishes so money spent for me, is generally about the color and the higher end polishes usually do have a more fashion forward palette. However, not a $50 a bottle palette.

  65. Sarah says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t pay $50 for a bottle of Louboutin Red. I’m just not that into red polishes. If Gap came out with a Blue 655 nail polish, I’d be all over that because I genuinely like that color. I’m trying to think of the most I’ve ever spent on a bottle of polish, and I don’t know that I’ve gone over the $10 mark now that I think about it. But I also have almost 500 polishes, so who am I to really talk/judge about cost?!? To each her own… but if you do buy it… swatch and share, please!!! :D

  66. Gemma says:

    I own this nail polish. I purchased two in London. Owning it (ones a gift) gives you a sense of being Part of history. Christian himself puts nail polish down to his iconic success. It’s like being part of what made him great. Every girl wants to own a pair of his shoes. I do and I have done since I was very young. It’s something to aspire to and as I’m a designer I find it memorising that the smallest details can change your outlook on everything. It’s not just a nail polish, it’s part of history and an iconic part of a shoe that will stand the test of time.

  67. Christian says:

    I probably will buy it in black when it comes out on September 1. It’s my birthday and I wear black all the time. I am a nail tech and one of the clients bought in the red. It is a beautiful bottle and goes on really good. Its definitely a conversation piece on the table. The clients can put their rings on the top if you have a bottle on your table.