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NARS “Andy Warhol Color Collection” Holiday 2012 Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

By on September 18, 2012
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It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger – Andy Warhol

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have – Andy Warhol

The NARS for Andy Warhol Color Collection for Holiday 2012 is most definitely glamorous and, let’s face it, makeup is certainly something we don’t NEED yet Francois Nars is such an artist that his creations continue to sell-out worldwide.


Part of this huge collection of products and gift sets is a set of five new NARS nail polish shades. If, like me, you haven’t had the best history with NARS polishes I URGE you to keep reading. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Would I steer you wrong?

Formula & Application: NARS nail polishes are 4-Free (including formaldehyde resin). The squat square bottles are topped with a somewhat rubberized cap that houses a short, round brush. Unlike a lot of prestige brands that have a removable outer cap, the NARS cap is one solid piece. The bristles are pretty flexible though they are kind of sparse and don’t really fan out easily.

I have no confirmation on this but I believe the NARS formula has been tweaked. As I mentioned, I haven’t had the best luck with NARS polishes in the past. I think of them as being streaky and needing three coats. HOWEVER, ever since the Thakoon polishes I’ve been uber impressed. It’s so smooth, creamy and pigmented it literally made my jaw drop. In fact, I was just discussing this theory with a fellow beauty gal who concurs that NARS polishes have been AMAZE since Thakoon. With the exception of 15 Minutes all the polishes applied flawlessly in two coats. Though don’t blame 15 Minutes for the streaking and need for three coats. It’s just the nature of yellow polish.

NARS 15 Minutes is a bright lemon yellow creme that references Andy Warhol’s famous quote, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”


NARS Back Room is a jet black creme. Straight up and simple. I find it odd that a polish named after the back room at Max’s Kansas City, nicknamed “Bucket of Blood” because of a sculpture that bathed the room in red light, would be black.


NARS New York Dolls is a dusty purple creme. It has a greyed undertone that keeps it from being a rich, true purple. Of course what drew me in was its resemblance to Mismas but, alas, they are not dupes. Mismas looks more red-based than it actually is when swatched next to New York Dolls. I’m so obsessed with this color that I had it put on my toes for NYFW. Though because I can’t leave well enough alone, I added a coat of a fun blue glitter I got from ULTA to my big toes and it’s pretty magical.


NARS Superstar is a teal creme. It’s got a murky sea water feel to it. It’s definitely more blue than green but not so much as say American Apparel Peacock or Illamasqua Muse. I looked at it next to RBL Teal and MAC Deep Sea which both lean further towards green than Superstar. Considering that I have a whole Helmer storage drawer dedicated to blue-green polishes and I don’t have a match, I’d say it’s pretty unique.


NARS TV Party is a kickin’ orange creme. It’s an interesting color choice for a holiday collection in that I normally think of this type of bright tangerine hue with summer. I appreciate a punch of color (I’m so over the term “pop”) at unexpected times so orange for holiday, why not? In person this color is even brighter than it appears here so definitely check it out on counter, if you can.


Bottom Line: If you’re a NARS fan that has been let down by the nail lacquers in the past, it’s time you give them a second look. This collection is fun and the quality is superb. New York Dolls is ALL ME, ALL DAY, so if we share nail polish taste, don’t miss out on it. Superstar and TV Party are worth looking into and if you have a penchant for yellow, 15 Minutes won’t let you down. Back Room gets a pass from me, unless you’re a collector, as pigmented black cremes are a dime a dozen.

The NARS Andy Warhol Color Collection will be available October 1st, 2012 at Sephora and The nail polishes retail for $18/ea for a .5oz bottle. There are other nail colors being released as part of gift sets including a black violet in the Walk On The Wild Side gift set also releasing on Oct 1st. I totally plan to buy it.

Are you excited about the Andy Warhol collection? Which nail colors are your faves? Do you plan to pick up any of them? Have you noticed a difference in the NARS formula since the Thakoon collection launch? If you were let down by the formula in the past, will you consider giving it a second shot?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by NARS. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Sandi says:

    Omg love that yellow. I have one of those Andy Warhol bags that I’ve used to death, and it has a banana on it with that same color and quote written on the strap. I kind of want that polish even though I dislike wearing yellow!

  2. stunning colors! They look so rich and thick! {though it could be your fabulous nails!}

  3. Caitlin says:

    It’s kind of hard to say you hate the word ‘pop’ when the whole post/collection is about Andy Warhol, y’know.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I was wondering who would be the first to say something about that. :) I meant pop as used in the phrase “pop of color” not the abbreviated version of popular, ie pop culture, as used by Andy Warhol. I just feel like every time I see some expert talking beauty/fashion/design, the phrase “pop of color” is inevitably uttered. So in that respect, I’m over pop. I’m still a total pop culture fiend.

  4. Amanda says:

    The fact that the collection was inspired by Andy Warhol caught my eye, but it’s the New York Dolls color that won me over into wanting a bottle. Really love it – and should be fun with my fall/winter wardrobe.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I love purple in general but this season I’m so into it! I even bought a bag that matches the polish. Yes, I have a problem, ha!

  5. Lindsey says:

    I really like that teal creme. But when I read the name to it, I like to say “Supahstah!!” :P

  6. Julie says:

    As a Pittsburgher, I’m really intrigued by this collection! I love the Superstar. I have a lot of clothes that color.

  7. Negle Lir says:

    Wow NARS Superstar looks really beautiful :-)

  8. NailPolishFan says:

    I love 15 Minutes,New York Dolls,TV Party. I was wondering if you could do a comparison with Nars 15 Minutes to China Glaze Lemon Fizz/OPI Banana Bandanna, Nars New York Dolls to China Glaze Grape Pop/OPI Funky Dunkey,Nars Superstar to OPI Ski Teal We Drop/Color Club Gossip Column. Thank You

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi! As much as I would love to accommodate your request, I won’t be able to photograph comparisons of these. Grape Pop & Funky Dunkey are closer to my color, RBL Mismas, so they are much more red toned than New York Dolls. Lemon Fizz and Banana Bandanna are both softer, not as bright, as 15 Minutes.

  9. Susanne says:

    Superstar is just fabulous, I totally want it and New York Dolls for a second choice. Obviously I want them both!

  10. caroline says:

    that yellow looks patchy :( I love yellow and especially NARS Amchoor, but 15 Minutes doesn’t do anything for me. What a pity!

  11. Awesome Sophie says:

    Oh, how I love teals. Superstar is gorgeous!

  12. Polished says:

    I just wish that NARS would change their brushes/caps.
    I need the polishes for my salon use and I find that holding the NARS cap is uncomfortable.
    I love love love YSL and Lancome polish brushes!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Interesting. I’ve never had an issue holding the cap but when I had New York Dolls put on my toes, my manicurist did mention that the cap was odd for her. I imagine if you’re polishing all day and used to more traditional round caps, the square would throw you off.

  13. Jessica says:

    Thakoon set the bar high, and though I enjoy the fact that they used Andy Warhol for inspiration, this collection doesn’t interest me as much.

    Wonder how the teal compares to OPI Ski Teal We Drop?

  14. Pinky says:

    That orange is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Joan says:

    I think I’ll buy my next car in one of those colors.

  16. Chris says:

    I definitely want Back Room and TV Party. I never thought I would pay $18 for a black creme polish.

  17. Jackie S. says:

    Superstar and TV Party are must haves for me!

  18. Amanda says:

    I LOVE New York Dolls and Superstar!! The yellow and orange are awesome too, but those two are my favs.

  19. Amanda says:

    I love all of these, especially Superstar!

  20. Stefanie says:

    I need a dupe for NARS TV Party!!!

  21. Jenni Lee says:

    Love the teal cream, superstar!

  22. sara says:

    Fortunately for me, these come out on my birthday. I guess I know what I’m buying myself this year! :) I love that teal. And the purple. Oh man! So gorg!!

  23. Polish princess says:

    The Tv party is by far the nicest colour!! Can we get them here in Australia?

  24. T. says:

    Love Warhol but wish these colours were brighter.

  25. allison says:

    On a second look, that New York dolls would look great.

  26. Annie R says:

    I love the set of colors. I find it very elegant. With this collection, I could change my nail color every week. I got attracted with the NARS Superstar! Love the color.

  27. Hilde says:

    How does superstar compare to Mac – Blue India? It looks like a dupe to me.

  28. Rachel says:

    Superstar looks really beautiful… impressive that you don’t have something that matches exactly.

  29. Lipstick and Luxury says:

    The New York Dolls and The 15 Minutes are delightful! Talk about a statement for the fall. What a collection!

  30. SusieD says:

    Just wanted to say Welcome back. I’m not a regular commenter but have always enjoyed your nail polish! Don’t feel TOO much pressure to satisfy us the readers. When you feel like it is good enough.

    Oh,and love the last four colours here. They look gorgeous, especially Superstar, now I wish I took better care of my hands, so I could do it justice like you guys do!

  31. Mariska says:

    The yellow one is good for spring!

  32. Nail Polish Trade says:

    I vote for Dolls and Superstar.

  33. Medusa says:

    I love New York Dolls & Superstar. I don’t own them (yet) however!

  34. Luchessa says:

    Oh wow TV Party is such a beautiful color. Makes me think back “SPRING” :D

  35. Medusa says:

    I broke down & bought New York Dolls & Superstar for Christmas. Haven’t tried them yet however!

  36. Brittnay says:

    Andy Warhol Color Collection

  37. Icequeen81 says:

    love that blue and and the black

  38. Julia says:

    Do you need two layers for that rich colour or is it so rich imidiately? And are they cool or warm toned?