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Nubar Jeans Collection Preview

By on September 23, 2011
in Blue, Fall 2011, Nubar

We all knew it would happen. That shortly after the Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel collection launched, other brands would follow suit with their own inspired send-ups. Nubar is one of the first out of the gate with their upcoming Nubar Jeans collection.


Keep reading to take a closer look at the polishes.

Faded Jeans - a light blue shimmer

Boyfriend Jeans – a medium blue creme

Dark Wash Jeans - a dark blue creme

The Nubar Jeans collection will retail for $19.99/set for all three polishes. The collection will be available either late next week (9/28) or early the following week (10/5) on

Considering that the set will retail for less than one Chanel nail polish I’m definitely curious to see how similar the Nubar shades are to the originals.

So are you excited about this collection? How do you feel about a brand so blatantly imitating another? Granted this isn’t the first time a brand has created makeup based on denim (ie MAC) but this is pretty dead-on dupe-ish.

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  1. Caroline says:

    The whole ad looks really tacky with the too-long nails on a basic background. Nubar could do better then that.

  2. Rachel Kurtz says:

    I am excited about the collection. I have been looking at the Dior denims and wondering if I’m finally going to choke down my objection to the money and finally try one. This does give me pause. I will be really interested in how these compare (not just color, but application.) Definitely something to think about. Do I buy just one Dior denim and finally try that luxury or pick up all 3 colors in the Nubar set? I can’t say yet which I’ll do, but do appreciate the option.

  3. Kelly says:

    They look nice. Looks like they have a dusty tone. I look forward to your review.

  4. Wow… they didn’t even try to call it something slightly different. Not that the “blue pants collection” has a nice sound to it… but still!

  5. collier says:

    I’m really annoyed that they spent their development resources straight-up duping another line instead of coming up with something new and unique (as they’re so clearly capable of doing), particularly after that snorefest fall collection. These colors don’t really impress me with a Chanel label, and I’m not much more likely to buy them from Nubar.

    Maybe this holiday season they’ll release something that lives up to their potential! Fingers crossed.

  6. anna says:

    It’s funny how these companies ride on the coattails of Chanel, the Les Jeans polishes weren’t that unique to begin with. A single dupe may still be acceptable but a whole collection?? Really? Models Own did it with the khakis but at least they weren’t exact dupes, they looked like a different interpretation of the colors. These ones look duplicated.

    Thumbs down, Nubar. So uninspired. Not impressed with this blatant copying and lack of originality… They should just stick to making unique colors. The last collection I liked and bought from was the Prism collection and that was at least a year ago.

  7. Bunny says:

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this year there have been so many jeans inspired blues!
    Mac Pure Jeanius, Dior Denim, Les Jeans de Chanel, and now Nubar’s Chanel wannabes. Blue is my favorite color so I’ll probably get these too. :p

  8. Jamie says:

    This is ridiculous. Revlon lost my respect as a brand for just shamelessly duping every chanel release, but I never thought much of them anyway. I expect better from a brand like Nubar. No integrity at all. I don’t buy knock off handbags and I won’t but knock off polish.

    • Tania says:

      I so agree with you! I’m sick of seeing companies rip off other ones instead of coming up with something original. I know Chanel is expensive and blah, blah, blah but that’s no excuse for ripping off someone. This is why I avoid Revlon. If someone stole my images for example, I’d be pissed off – this is the same principle.

  9. Goose says:

    They didn’t even copy the AWESOME Chanel polishes that have come out recently (Peridot, which is my all-time favorite polish out of hundreds, and Graphite). They copied the extremely plain ones.

    However, if I wanted these blues, I would certainly rather buy them from Nubar for their prices, so I’m ok with the dupe. In my opinion, to pay Chanel prices, it has to be one amazing unique polish (such as Paradoxal before it was duped, and of course Peridot), and the Jeans seem too bland.

    I DO hope that Nubar soon comes out with more original colors as well, though (maybe more duochromes, please???).

  10. Caitlyn says:

    uuuuuh I like :))
    I like a lot :))

  11. Bronwyn says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that they didn’t even try to change it up; makes me wonder if they’ve had this one in the works for a while, but it’s hard to say since the ad looks kind of slapdash.

    Anyone have any inside info about whats going on over at Nubar? It seems they’ve been kind of dropping the ball lately, i hope things are OK in the company because I’d hate to see them go away.

    • collier says:

      I was wondering the same thing! Their own company blog hasn’t been updated since March – not even to announce the new lines – and their last few collections have been reaaaallly weak. That washed-out pastel set they did for spring, then nothing all summer, then the rather boring fall collection, and now this? When was the last time they did a really WOW collection? Last fall was Finest Silks (red and neutral cremes, yawn) but at least they also had the Venetian Glass set — gorgeous finish but alas, no colors I liked enough to buy. The last collections that really impressed were the “Going Green” and the holos.

      It’s so frustrating, because they’ve done such AMAZING stuff in the past, and because formula- and application-wise, Nubar is easily my favorite brand. And yes, that ad looks ridiculously awful. I could do better photoshopping in my sleep. While drunk. And using only my feet.

  12. NailPolishFan says:

    I can’t wait to see how Nubar’s compares to Chanel. I like the two darker blues better than the light blue, but I’ll wait to see what it looks like swatched.

  13. Telesilla says:

    I’m all for dupes like this. A lot of us simply can’t afford $25 bottles of nail polish and/or don’t care about the snob appeal of the interlocked CCs.

  14. Emmy says:

    There must be something wrong with me, because I honestly could care less if Chanel came out with a polish first! LOL, I never even think of them when I think of nail polish. I guess I am just too salon branded…I have never bought one of their polishes, and am not likely to, since I buy most of my polish at the beauty supply places I have access to.
    But, I will agree that there are a LOT of dupes out there lately.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I don’t have a problem with it. Not everyone can afford Chanel polishes and they’d like a cheaper alternative. The polish companies know that!

    Also, I do agree about the ad being kind of tacky :/

  16. Jennifer says:

    I have to add – It’s not like the idea of denim colored polishes is very creative, anyway. It could be entirely possible that many companies have their own denim colors in the works. It’s not revolutionary or anything.

  17. Adria says:

    I love Nubar lacquers. I have never tried Chanel (I can’t justify spending the money) and I like that there is an alternative. I understand that in this economy, with supplies becoming more and more expensive, creme lacquers seem to be the tried-and-true profits earner and if Chanel creates a buzz I don’t wonder at other, less luxury brands taking advantage of it. The advertisement does look a bit ‘homespun’; I’m sure that Nubar will replace it when the collection is released. I’d like to see a limited-edition collection that is joyful instead of subdued… these blue collections remind me of Oliver from this season’s ‘Project Runway’–a little quiet, a lot subdued, and drab, drab, drab.

  18. Ana says:

    I think it’s awesome when cheaper companies see something popular and put it on a level where most people can afford to experience it. But I do have to say a collection of jean themed nail polish is kinda lame… Like what? There aren’t thousands of dusty blue cremes already? And I highly doubt Chanel was so unique and inventive to be the first brand to come up with a jean themed collection. For all we know Chanel ripped of Nubar, but Chanel got it out on the market first. Anyway I don’t care who thought of it first, I still find it boring lol!

  19. Silke says:

    Yes!!! I love the Jeans collection:) I’ll pick them up if I can get them in Holland. I like Nubar polishes more than Chanel. Thank you so much for posting!!!

  20. Rie says:

    Wow, I’m somewhat surprised by all the negative opinions this launch is getting. I’m definitely not anti-dupe. Not everyone can afford Chanel/Dior, so I think dupes are a great opportunity to for people buy the colors they want at different price points.

    I’m excited to see what these look like. ^_^

  21. Aylene says:

    Can’t afford the Chanel’s but don’t really want to anyway. Their prices are just too expensive for nail polish! I have no problem with the dupes. Nubar usually has a good formula, so this is a much lower cost way to stay with the fashion trends.

  22. Katya says:

    I definitely like the colours and the price seems friendly enough to give it a try. And I’d certainly would, but now for the fact that they almost copied Chanel I will not. Oh gosh, how I hate that! If one company comes up with a brilliant idea, tens of others duplicate it – usually badly and the market gets flooded with cheap imitations.

    And gotta agree with a comment above – it’s amazing that Nubar actually went on to copy the plain simple line, not the great ones that Chanel has had.

  23. Eremittglam says:

    Well, I am not sure that this is about copying Chanel… The European brand Alessandro has had their LE Jeans collection (Denim Diva) released and sold out in March. And Sephora Europe had a “Peridot” dupe (diving in Malaysia) out months before the Chanel hype… Why do we always give Chanel the credit? Maybe everyone, including Chanel, is just following the same trend?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I would agree with you if the collection wasn’t three colors (like Chanel) in what look to be the exact same shades as Chanel. As I stated in the post, Chanel wasn’t the first or the last to come up with denim inspired makeup but this seems like such a literal copy.

  24. I hope they are similar–I love Nubar and cannot afford Chanel–but loooove Les Jeans. Can’t wait to see swatches!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I actually really appreciate that Nubar made a (possible) dupe collection for Chanel’s Les Jeans collection:) Yeah, they might be called copycats, but atleast I can afford their price:) And plus, I LOVE Nubar! Unoriginal or not, I am purchasing these. Hopefully I get to see swatches on your blog:) Will you have swatches? Love your blog

  26. Anastasia says:

    I love that other companies copy the high priced nail polish brands! I would rather buy 6 bottles of any “dupe” polish than one expensive one!

  27. Fingers says:

    Considering the price of one Chanel polish- I am ok with other brands mimicking the colors. I was so sad to see the $29 price tag of a normally $23 polish. So I did not buy the 2 blues I wanted. I may just get this Nubar set!

  28. Phyllis says:

    Oh hey it’s not tacky to copy Chanel, knocking off Chanel products has been a time honored tradition for decades. Even when Mademoiselle was alive her designs and products were copied all the time and she actually encouraged it. But these colors don’t look remotely like denim blues to me. The dark one is not even close to a dark wash denim.

  29. Julia says:

    In my opinon, it seems unoriginal, and like they couldn’t come up with any other collection theme so they just copied another big name brand. Not a fan!

  30. Chris says:

    I think I’d rather spend money with Nubar. It’s way more affordable!

  31. Alyson says:

    I agree with Caroline, I think the ad does look tacky with the long nails and the light wash jeans, not exactly the most modern, but I have no problem with the duping. Besides, the Chanel campaign isn’t the most original anyway. If Chanel has no problem charging $25 for a formula with major chippage issues (despite the Fab colors) I have no problem buying a dupe with a superior formula for way less $$$ like Nubar IMO. The Paradoxal dupe Perplex by Revlon was also excellent for less than a quarter of the price of the Chanel.

    • gnoma says:

      Actually I don’t believe a company could produce three new polishes, make the concept for the ad and make the launch in so poor time like Nubar since chanel released their polishes… I don’t think it’s just a coincidence, neither, just… Who is copying who? New trenda are decided a lot of time before, is “the original” just the company who launches as first? I don’t think so ;P

  32. Ter G. says:

    How many people really want to fork out the $ for Chanel…I mean really? Esp.since Les Jeans is so ordinary to begin with? I don’t mind Nubar duping them. But let’s hope they come up with something better ASAP.

  33. kaydi says:

    No hiding the duplicity in this collection! I am kinda surprised, but also kinda excited. I passed on the Chanels but I heart Nubar and blues lately so this might come home with me. I’m not a fan of Revlon dupes, but I might be able to hop about the Nubar copycat train for the right colors.

  34. ReaderRita says:

    I agree with @Bronwyn- what’s goin’ on over at Nubar? They used to have great ideas of their OWN- without having to dupe other brands. Not so much lately.
    It’s not like a “jeans” polish collection is proprietary to Chanel; it’s certainly not a new idea (see @Bunny, above)- but when Nubar hasn’t knocked our socks off with their own recent releases, it DOES make you wonder.
    And not-for-nothin’- Chanel polishes wear terribly on me, so I’d definitely go with Nubar’s formula every time- but I want Nubar polish ideas/colors! They have always done such an amazing job in the past! Gimme some more of your duo-chromes, Nubar!!!
    But I DO agree that the Nubar Jean’s Collection ad is SUPER cheesy. Seriously. “Discount store in the 1970′s Cable TV Ad” cheesy. Ack.

  35. Sophia says:

    I think it’s pretty smart on the part of Nubar. They know a lot of people (me included) can’t afford or justify $20+ for one bottle of polish, so they give them an alternate. I like Nubar polishes, and I like the idea of $20 for 3 polishes versus only one.

  36. Lisa says:

    The Nubar ad really does look pretty bad, but I don’t think the quality difference is worth paying Chanel’s prices.

  37. arkanefyre says:

    You know, I’d call Nubar for unoriginality and copying, blah blah, but the fact is, I’ so glad their entire set cost less than one of Chanel.

    I wanted the Chanel and couldn’t afford them; if these are close, I’m buying it.

  38. gnoma says:

    YAY! I like these colors but I absolutely wouldn’t spend so much as chanels cost. By the way… Are we sure that Chanel shades are “the original”? Chanel has just released before, but I don’t know if the irst concept was from chanel or nubar or who other else ;)

  39. Jywoi says:

    I wouldn’t mind them doing similar colors but in another collection (with another theme), the three same colors with the same theme and a similar name? Too much and very tacky, I expect better from Nubar.

    Models Own last year was already too much.

    I understand why people are happy about it (the price difference!) and I know that Chanel isn’t inventing anything, denim-themed polish is not new but they came up with this three-colours collection, with those types of blue associated, with this theme. Imagine the effort of the marketing team for example, and many others.

  40. Bunny says:

    I think that the worst thing about this is the death of creativity in the Nubar line. All of the more interesting colors seem to land up on the Painted Nail, which is almost double the price of the regular Nubar.

  41. Hey! I just wanted you to know that I love your blog and I referenced on my own blog, Anarchist Girl Scout! I am also giving away some nail polish, so I thought you might be interested (though, clearly, obtaining polish is not a problem for you)!

  42. Tiffany says:

    I like the colors (blue is my favorite) and Nubar is inexpensive and has a great formula. I’m definitely getting these. I had zero interest in the Chanel polishes because of the price tag. I have to say I appreciate a company offering an affordable alternative to overpriced polishes. I’m sure Nubar has some more exciting collections waiting for us, but I’m looking forward to this one.

    And the ad is terrible, but that has no effect on my opinion of the polishes or Nubar.

  43. SpoiledBrattily says:

    Well, I for one welcome the dupes and I think that Nubar’s polish is far superior to Chanel’s anyway. The only thing is, is this really a dupe? I have no doubt that these companies catch wind of what the other is doing far ahead of time, and the fact of the matter is that Chanel’s Les Jeans collection has only been out for a couple of weeks, and Nubar is releasing this next week. This had to have been in development for quite some time now. Chanel didn’t invent the concept. ‘

    Nubar needs to fire their advertising executives. Ick.

  44. Anniemaxx says:

    Not very impressed with copier. I got Chanel Les jeans collection and love it. But this can be the alternative for those collection available only in the boutique which in my case”driving 179 kms ” (u_u)

  45. Briana says:

    Like the others above I cant wait to see how close they are to the chanel and if they are decent colours (even just good colours without being an exact dupe for the chanel) and quality I will def be looking at getting some, which I wouldnt consider with the chanel denim set.

  46. Z says:

    I’m surprised at the blatant copy. They all copy each other, although Chanel is often the first to show (if not actually offer for sale) new and unique colors. I think Nubar is a great quality polish and many will be happy with a less expensive alternative to Chanel, especially a high quality one. Hopefully Nubar will soon be back to creating some innovative colors like they used to.

  47. Stef Smith says:

    Let’s give the benefit of the doubt, maybe Nubar also wanted to put out some polishes that were based on jeans. There are basically only three colors of denim that I wear, light, medium, and dark, just like these polishes! I wasn’t interested in this collection, but now I may go out and purchase it, just because of all the hate!

  48. Carrie says:

    I’m not anti-dupe (depending on what the swatches look like, this might be my introduction to Nubar, I do like blues) but agree with the others- when you virtually stop producing your own collections, and the few you release are either dupes or bores in of themselves, it makes you wonder…

  49. Amber Sexton says:

    The ad is so cheesy and horrible. And I don’t care about any of these “jeans” polishes. I can’t wait for this particular trend to be over. I love blue polishes but equating them with denim and matching denim colors is just not that interesting of a concept. Fashion in general is too obsessed with jeans.

  50. flipflopgal says:

    A company called Bettina did a Jeans themed set of polish earlier this year for Spring.

    At any rate, I don’t mind the dupe-age (of any brand). There are those of us who can’t (or won’t) pay the $$$ for Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, or any “high end” brand.

  51. Lis says:

    was disappointed with the Chanel release because the jeans collection seems like such a plain and borin idea for a limited release and am even more disappointed with Nubar (and anyone else who will probably jump onto the bandwagon in the next months) for copying such a boring release. IF you gotta dupe popular brands, at least dupe their interesting releases! :/

  52. Emily says:

    Ugh, I thought the concept of denim inspired polish sounded kind of dated (even when Chanel did it, honestly), and then I saw that promo art! I’m in marketing and I’ve observed that there are some industries where there’s no way to copy another brand subtly

  53. Christine Mahoney says:

    I LOVE blue, so I’m really looking forward to seeing swatches of these!

  54. lifecell anti aging says:

    Wow . I like the nail paint collection. May I know the prize of nail pant.

  55. MissDoll says:

    I’m not just excited about them but I WANT THEM ALL!!
    I love blue trend-a lot of new blues on market

  56. I’d like to see the swatches. The ad campaign looks a little cheap.

  57. Ellen CA says:

    Maybe I’ll wait until Sinful Colors copies them and just spend $1.99 each.

  58. Medusa says:

    Very tacky & trashy marketing. Also concur with others on here regarding the blatant rip-off. Can CHANEL sue them over this?

  59. Ali says:

    I will really like to see the real swatches of the colors, they look like some very easy to use blues, just like jeans I guess and I think I saw the concept of blue jeans before with bourjois, or somewhere else, and nubar is much more cheaper, and I don’t know if anyone else has this experience with chanel, but it gives me allergies, and for over 20 a bottle, I say Nubar is my thing…WILL YOU BE SWATCHING THE COLORS ON YOUR NAILS SOON?, few days with no swatches from you! I miss you!

  60. Lina Kim says:

    whooa I love this shade :3

  61. Reena says:

    I just love the colors! So gorgeous!!!

  62. Luka says:

    Is everything ok?

  63. I’m too distracted by the poorly-produced image to focus on the polish colors.

  64. Briana says:

    Has anyone got their hands on these yet? I’d love to know what they are like

  65. Amy says:

    Beautiful colors love all the blues my fav!

  66. Maya says:

    I love Nubar, so I have no problem with them copying Chanel, it’s the first time they got the inspiration from another brand. Moreover, I just bought Boyfriend Jeans, and it’s stunning.