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Calling All Gleeks – The Sephora by OPI GLEE Collection is Coming!

By on January 12, 2011
in Sephora by OPI

It’s safe to say I’m a hardcore Gleek.  The show had me hooked from the moment I heard a clip of Don’t Stop Believing.  I started hearing rumors about a Glee inspired Sephora by OPI nail color collection at the end of November and ever since I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat to find out more.

Gleek out with the new Sephora by OPI goes Gleek Chic collection, available February 2011, a limited-edition range of ten new nail colour shades and three Chic Prints nail design appliqués inspired by your favorite characters from FOX’s hit show, GLEE. With signature names, colors and styles developed in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, the set list for the Sephora by OPI GLEE Collection has a little something for every Gleek, from the infamous slushie blue to a Gleek Out green- the new GLEE line will make you feel like part of the GLEE club.

The nail polish collection consists of seven new Sephora by OPI GLEE Collection Nail Colours available individually ($9.50) and a mini set of six with three additional exclusive colours ($22).

  • Diva-in-Training – Step aside Rachel Berry. The next solo is yours with this poppy pink hue
  • Gleek Out – A lime, glittery green that will have everyone singing your praises
  • Miss Bossy Pants – A rich raspberry as show-stopping as Rachel herself
  • Mash-Up – Whether your style is sporty or goth, this pearlescent green gray pulls it all together for a pitch-perfect look
  • Slushied – There’s no need to duck from this opaque blue
  • Hell to the No – This purple shade might as well be considered liquid-pizzazz
  • Who Let the Dorks Out? – All the cool kids aren’t doing it! Express your individuality and inner-Gleek with this statement peacock green

  • Celibacy Club (mini set exclusive)- Even if it’s only part of the show, express your inner angel with this glimmering, diamond top coat
  • Sue Vs Shue (mini set exclusive) – Capturing the rivalry by this rebellious navy blue
  • Express Yourself to Yourself (mini set exclusive)- Even more entertaining than Sue Sylvester in a music video, this coral shimmer shade will have people talking

Sephora by OPI GLEE Collection Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliqués ($15) are easy-to-apply, precut strips of varying widths available in three different GLEE-inspired designs, Showstopper (gold stars), Berry Special (navy polka dots) and One Hit Wonder (music notes). Appliqués last 2 days on either fingers or toes and provide a fast and fun way to update your look instantly.

Wear your favorite character’s nail color
Fans will also be able to catch a glimpse of the Sephora by OPI Glee polish during the series’ upcoming Valentine’s Day episode on February 8th, which will feature the characters Mercedes (Amber Riley), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Brittany (Heather Morris), Santana (Naya Rivera) and Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) donning the colors.

If you’re in the LA area check out the launch event.  Eryn Krueger-Mekash, who I interviewed last year about Tina’s blue nails, will be in attendance.

Sephora’s celebratory in-store launch event will host Naya Rivera, who plays Santana on the series, alongside Eryn Krueger-Mekash, the show’s head make-up artist, at the beauty retailer’s Westfield Century City location in Los Angeles on February 12th from 2 pm-4pm. One lucky winner will be treated with an on-site make-over by Eryn as well as fun activities to help kick off the line’s debut.

As part of its online campaign, Sephora will host a “Nailed It! GLEEK Out Photo Contest”, on Facebook urging fans to upload photos of themselves in GLEE inspired looks and a “Hide and Go Gleek” Twitter contest rewarding fans with prizes for correct answers to GLEE trivia questions.

Sephora by OPI Nail Colours and Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliqués will be available February 2011 in all in all Sephora stores and online at

Are you Gleeked for this collection?  Which shades appeal to you most?  I personally want to pick up the mini set.  I’m a sucker for anything mini.  Who is planning to try the Chic Prints?

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There Are 44 Brilliant Comments

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  1. yayponies says:

    I’m not loving the glitters, strangely for me. I LOVE Slushied and Hell to the No, they are exactly what I am into right now. Will definitely try the musical note appliqu

  2. sara says:

    I’m digging the slushie blue and the peacock green (that looks more blue to me, but bottle pics never really look like I think they will). But I do have to say, OPI is really going after the entertainment tie-ins these days, aren’t they? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;)

  3. Candice says:

    Nothing seems overly original here… and that metallic looks awful streaky….

    • Agreed. My expectations were fairly low, since I have yet to be impressed by Sephora by OPI, and well, I guess they met them. Barely. Slushied, for example, probably has a close dupe in China Glaze’s lineup (Bahama Blues collection?), same with Hell to the No (Coconut Kiss?).

      Not impressed by the nail stickers at all – why pay $15 for 2 days when I can pay $6 for a week with Inque?

  4. Christine says:

    How exciting! I just recently got into Glee, so I’m really looking forward to this! I’m more excited about the Chic Prints than the polishes!

  5. Nicole says:

    Im thinking I want both the regular size bottles and the minis. I’ll just give the doubles that I get in the minis to my little sister. Cannot wait to get these, cause Im a sucker for marketing and great nail polish, apparently.

  6. Braulio says:

    Can’t Stop Believing

  7. Heather says:

    OMG!!! The polka dots ROCK!!!

  8. Kelly says:

    I don’t watch Glee, but these colors are to die for, especially Ms. Bossy Pants.

  9. Maureen says:

    I love Glee. However, I feel like I’ve seen these colors before. Gleek Out looks like OPI for Sephora’s Leaf Him at the Altar from last spring. While I hate mini bottles of nail polish (I never get good coverage or the brush is all wrong or something) I am very excited about the mini collection. That might have to be the next addition in my collection.

  10. Lauren says:

    You had me at Gleek Chic! It immediately made me think of “He went from totally geek, to totally chic!” (from can’t buy me love). I can’t wait to see swatches, since I can never tell from the promo pics.

  11. Kitty says:

    I think I want the mini-set jsut because of the exclusives. The colors are nice!

  12. Emily says:

    I’m a die hard Gleek and I love everything OPI but I’m all set with these…something about Sephora for OPI being MORE expensive than the original and never being on sale *yes-I’m a sales kinda girl* that just turns me off. The colors are okay but nothing I need to have-and that takes very little convincing!

  13. NailPolishFan says:

    I love the chic prints alot. They look like a lot of fun to wear.

  14. Briana says:

    Ohhh these are going to cost me. Ebay here I come. Curse Sephora for not shipping internationally.
    Im loving Gleeked out and Miss Bossy Pants, the exclusive mini set colours are gorgeous as well. Be interesting to see how that coral shade looks in person

  15. KayDiKat says:

    WOO HOO! I LOVE that a GLEE polish collection is coming out! I have yet to own a single $OPI bottle, but ALL of these will be mine… just because I’m a GLEEK like that! Best show EVER! So Excited :D

  16. Cam_a says:

    I feel like we’ve all seen these before. There’s not one color that really stands out to me and I’m sure I have dupes or close dupes to pretty much all of them, and my polish collection isn’t even that big….okay maybe is kinda big, but not huge. I think I’ll pass.

  17. Lauren says:

    I definitely want Mash Up!

  18. Oh my word, I love, like, five of these. There goes all my money!

  19. Andrea says:

    None of these are really jumping out at me right now. Maybe when I see swatches I’ll change my mind. Thanks for posting about these.

  20. Lydia says:

    a-MAY-zing! this is an incredible – can’t wait to get my hands on this collection next month :)

  21. Breanna says:

    OMG I AM SO GEEKING OUT RIGHT NOW. Or, rather… Gleeking out? BUT STILL.

  22. Bronwyn says:

    Not getting super excited about these :(

  23. Ashley says:

    None of the colors are spectacular for me, but my insane love for Glee will have me buying the mini set.

  24. Sam says:

    What shops are going to stock these? I’m from the UK but my mum’s going to New York in February and I’m already writing my list of all the nail stuff I want her to get me and those polka dot prints have just gone to the top of the list!Also, what stores in general are good for buying nail varnish in the States?Just so I know where to send her! I’ve got OPI, Zoya, Orly and China Glaze on the list.

  25. Celina says:

    This is certainly a collection I need to own, even just for the same of it being related to Glee!

  26. Catch Me In Your Net says:

    I’m a super GLEEK and a nail polish whore. I hear angels singing…

  27. Jordan says:

    I don’t think it’s really anything new. We can go into the stores right now and find colors that are very similar to these. Probably even from H&M or other really cheap brands.

  28. Melissa says:

    I like Slushied, though I’ve seen a lot of similar colors so I’m not sure if it’s worth the $9.

  29. Suzanne says:

    Oh, these look fun. And the polka dots?! I want them. Of course to use after I paint the hallway, the bedroom, and the office…so I should be finished with that around 2012.

  30. Joanne says:

    Beautiful colors. Can you review the new OPI collection by Justin Beber for Wal-Mart? Thanks.

  31. None of these colors seem too special, but if a TV show I loved came out with a polish collection I would totally buy the entire thing. So, I’m sure it will be a pretty big hit.
    - Liz

  32. jackalynn says:

    I love glee and i would love glee

  33. Kellie says:

    OMG – can’t wait!

  34. Jennifer says:

    nothing here at all intrests me… odd.

  35. Lana says:

    Love Glee, love the star appliques, and the launch is at my local Sephora so I just may have to check it out. Now if only OPI would do a True Blood collection.

  36. Analisa says:

    I DON’T I’M 100000% GLEEK and GLEEK OUT when i found out about this NAIL POLISH AND GLEE LOVER i’m in HEAVEN….. i’m such a big FAN i plan on getting all the polishes i’m sure I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THEM……

  37. Princessflttrby says:

    Miss Bossy Pants, Hell to the No & Slushied? I have to have them just for the names LOL

  38. omg i looove Express Yourself to Yourself coral frost bring it on! too bad it’s only a mini :( if you don’t like it ladies let me know i will take it off your hands

  39. Jen says:

    Definitely cute colors, and I’ll be getting a few. But where is Tina’s navy blue???

  40. Melaina says:

    I’m not even going to touch these, mainly because I’m completely unimpressed with the price increase. Taking advantage much, Sephora? An extra .50 may not seem like much, but it is more and only for the Glee collection. Big no for this polish and glee junkie.

  41. Kai says:

    I got the minis and am IN LOVE with Celibacy Club. I’m fairly new to nail polishes and was wondering if there is a dupe for it?

  42. Sara says:

    I found a pretty decent dupe for Gleek Out at CVS for $1.99. My Favorite Martian #097 by Confetti.

  43. vampicorn says:

    I picked up Slushied and Mash-Up today. Slushied looked just like I expected it to but I have to say, the glitters and shimmers all look completely different in person than in the press release photos.

    Mash-Up is not metallic OR streaky at all. It’s really almost a holo and has the most beautiful lustre of microglitter. In love.

    In contrast, Celibacy Club is not the pristine, white diamond-ish sparkle it appears to be. It’s almost an exact dupe for Essie Carnivale, not at all what I expected! I didn’t care for any of the purples and pinks in this collection, and didn’t but the (made by Minx) decals because I can never get those things on correctly by myself.