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Introducing CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Color

By on March 3, 2010
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cnd-shellac-hybrid-nail-color Exciting news Fanatics! On my last day in NYC I tweased (tweet teased) about a secret nail service I received. I randomly mentioned it here as well and now I can finally share it with you.

CND is launching a brand new product that will make you DIY manicurists seriously consider going back to the nail salon.  It’s so amazingly different that if I didn’t write this blog I would be a regular customer and that’s saying a LOT.  I’m proud to introduce you to Shellac™!

CND (Creative Nail Design), the leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty, is proud to introduce the first hybrid nail color after nearly five years of development in its state-of-the-art laboratory. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Hybrid Nail Color! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes.

If long lasting wear and polish-like application don’t draw you in, the removal certainly will. Check out my experience with Shellac™ and learn more about this revolutionary product after the jump!

So here’s my story. A few weeks ago I spotted a post on the Nails Magazine Blog about this “Top Secret Nail Color” from CND and because I’m the curious type I asked CND’s Co-Founder Jan Arnold about it the first chance I got.  Much to my surprise and utter delight, Jan offered to arrange a preview of what she was calling the “magic secret.”

Throughout the week I heard little hints about this top secret product.  Things like “no smell” “long-lasting wear” “will get women back in the salon” etc.  Being a long time DIY girl you can imagine how the skeptic in me reacted to that last statement.  I RARELY receive a salon manicure that wows me enough to go back, what could possible be so magical I’d even consider doing it on the regular?

Thoughts ran through my mind such as, “Is this just another soak-off gel polish?”  I mean, big whoop!  Been there, bitched about the removal.  Besides, would Jan really be all secretive and excited over a product that’s already on the market?  If not gel then what kind of traditional polish could guarantee long lasting wear?  We’ve all heard those claims before.  Could she be planning a rival to Minx that actually lasts?  That doesn’t have a chemical smell.  Well, when I finally got to the CND Suite to meet Roxanne Valinoti for my super secret magic service all my questions were put to bed.

Shellac™ truly is a hybrid of traditional nail polish and UV gel polish.  Unlike soak-off gels it comes in a polish bottle and unlike traditional polish it cures/dries under a UV lamp.  Though what I really liked is there is NO BUFFING.  There is absolutely no damage to the natural nail in the process.  So how does it work?

Shellac paints on like polish – base coat, color, top coat – and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. The colors are hypo-allergenic, and “3-Free” – no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Shellac will launch in a range of 12 varieties of shades, from pretty French pinks and whites, to siren red and rich darks. The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping, even during the most rigorous activities.

Just like your average manicure, Roxanne applied a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. The only difference is I placed my hands under a UV lamp in between coats.  The polish dries completely in only two minutes.  Say hello to winter pedicures that won’t leave your feet freezing or your polish wrecked.  And because it’s so pigmented and applies like a traditional polish you’re not left with thick nails from coat after coat of gel.

I left the suite with a perfectly glossy, smudge and dent-free manicure in a fan fave from the old CND collection, Fedora.  The initial set of shades will include top sellers from the old core line.  To be honest, they’re a little bland for my wild color taste but I’ve been assured that more “me” shades are on the horizon.

I flew home the day of my Shellac-ing so I didn’t get a chance to take a pic on Day One but I couldn’t stop staring at my nails.  I even ran into an editor backstage who complimented my color and it was hard to keep my trap shut.  I wanted to gush about how great my nails looked.  It is the BEST professional manicure I’ve ever received and I’ll swear on my polish stash about that!

Since I came home with the Fashion Week Flu (thanks NYC!) the first time I was mobile enough to photograph my nails was on Day 5.  Will you look at that shine and flawless finish?


And because I wanted to swatch some polish, I ended up removing Shellac from three nails and just as Rox promised, the removal was a breeze. When they say it’s a 10 minute removal, that’s no joke! After just 10 minutes using the Shellac Remover Wraps the majority broke right off in pieces and what remained was easily pushed off with an orange wood stick.

As amazing as Shellac is on, removal is just as satisfying! No soaking, drilling or filing is necessary. Nails are wrapped in individual Shellac Remover Wraps -integrated cotton pads that limit finger and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. Ten minutes of time in exchange for two weeks of perfect color is all it takes. Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction.

Here we are on Day 7 which is when I made this discovery.  I had to leave the house so I dug out my bottle of Fedora and was pleasantly surprised to find that Shellac Fedora actually matches Fedora.  What a concept!  Are you listening OPI Axxium?


Today is Day 14 of my Shellac manicure and with the exception of my natural nail growth and extremely minimal tip wear, the finish is as glossy and perfect as Day 1.  Like you wouldn’t know I didn’t just get my nails done unless you held my free edge up to your face.  There are no scratches, no nicks, no wrinkling from my nails bending.  The flexibility and shine really do hold up.  Color me impressed!


So I know you die hards are saying the only way you’ll go to a salon is kicking and screaming.  That you love the concept but would rather do it at home.  That you’ll never give up your hundreds (or thousands) of color choices.  Hey, I hear ya!  But for all those women who left the salon because their manicures chipped in a few days, Shellac will wow you.  Current salon clients will rejoice to reduce their appointments to once every two weeks.

Is Shellac for everyone? No, but it’s truly unique and the best option for anyone who wants a long lasting manicure. Period!  I fully intend to get Shellac pedicures once they’re available in my area and I would love to gift my mom a Shellac-ing since she sports chipped polish way too often.

Shellac™ by CND is a professional salon service launching globally in May 2010.  Pricing will be determined by salons but I anticipate it falling somewhere between a traditional manicure and enhancements.

So what do we think?  Anyone ready and willing to give Shellac a try?  What colors would you like to see included in the Shellac lineup?  Would you opt for a Shellac pedicure over a manicure?

***EDITED TO ADD – To find a Shellac salon near you, use the salon locator on the CND website.***

Disclosure: I was furnished with a service by CND for potential review.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Karina says:

    Nope, I won’t be using this procedure. It’s still some weirdo product going on my nails. I will remain natural.

  2. Grace says:

    These do seem pretty cool but, yeah, I’d rather do it at home. Mostly because, the reason I stopped going to salons is not so much that the polish chips, but because I’ve never been satisfied with a salon manicure. They file my nails crooked, the polish is streaky or uneven, etc. I’d wind up removing my polish at soon as I got home sometimes. Doing my manis myself guarantees me quality control. I guess if there was a place where I knew I was guaranteed a flawless application, like in your pics, I’d give it a shot.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I am so on the same page. I’ve left salons with jagged nails, paint on my cuticles, smudges etc. Finding a quality nail tech is essential.

  3. paiiige says:

    hah, Karina i hope you mean natural as in, no polish at all. but then also, why are you on a polish site if “weirdo products on nails” freak you out?

    UM, i love this, and would definitely get it! but i’m guessing that it’s going to be a US-only thing because CND polish is utterly rare in Canada. sigh.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      From what I understand Shellac will be available anywhere in the world CND products are used. If your salon doesn’t carry them, you could request that they start using the line. I believe most salon distributors have CND and with enough requests, most salons will start carrying new products unless they’re tied to one specific brand.

    • Karina says:

      Ha! No, natural as in my OWN nails – I am a polish-aholic, just like the rest of y’all! This Shellac is some artifical thing. It’s not just a polish. :-)

  4. Stephanie says:

    PLEASE make sure you tell us when/where it’s available in the Cleveburg because I’m all over that! That would be so nice for vacation or something when you don’t want to have to worry about touch-ups or re-doing a manicure.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Believe me, I will. I’m going to try and talk my nail tech pal Julie Kandalec from Jennifer & Co into using it. I’d drive to Mentor to get it done.

  5. Diane says:

    Thank you for this review! I’d seen news about the concept but was wondering if it was better/worse/etc than the OPI Axxium alternative. I’ve been debating looking into the Axxium manicures for a while – mainly for when I travel but now I think I’ll be seeing if I can find a salon that does Shellac instead.

    As much as I love doing my own nails and toes, I hate traveling with remover, basecoat, varnish, topcoat, etc, and wasting time doing touch-ups when I’m on vacation for a week or longer. I definitely think this is a great solution to that problem.

  6. Jackie S. says:

    This would be perfect for weddings/honeymoons and for vacations! AWESOME, I will be looking for this soon!

  7. Irene says:

    I agree with previous comments about the nail techs – if they can’t apply polish/file well, having a great product like this is such a waste. Having said that, I would want to find a place that carries this in Philly cause I just can’t help myself.

  8. Meghan says:

    I wouldn’t use it regularly but for special occasions that come up DEFINITELY! Would make an amazing Wedding mani and pedi and you could even due it a few days ahead. I hope they broaden their color bases like they say they will.

  9. Misti says:

    Wow, this sounds amazing. I am bummed that it will only be available in salons though; all the salons in my area that I’ve tried carry OPI and sometimes China Glaze if I’m lucky. :(

  10. Lindsay says:

    Wow that stuff looks awesome!

  11. I am a nailtech, and I think many of my customers would LOVE this. However, for people like me, who like to change nailpolish (at least once:)) daily, it’s not that interesting.

  12. gildedangel says:

    These seem really neat, but I don’t have the money to go to a solon and have that done everytime I get a big cuticle gap since my nails grow quickly, so I will be skipping on this.

  13. Michelle says:

    Well, I am an esthetician and I’m currently using BioScuplture gel, but I think this is absolutely fantastic! I love the idea of “no buffing” required. I am going to have to look into this pronto!!

  14. mix says:

    I would love an at home kit. Also I wonder how would longevity be affected if you used the Shellac base & top coat and a different brand nail polish. They stand to make tons of cash from people like me if Shellac can be used at home version that is as good.

    I think I would use this for a vacation manicure. Or when I knew a specially busy couple of weeks were coming up at work.

    • Michelle says:

      @Mix: This chemistry that went into making this system is made to be used together, as a whole. I definitely would not recommend mixing products. You will not get the same effect. Shellac has been 5 years in the making. I can’t even begin to imagine the time and money CND invested trying to perfect this product. I sure hope they don’t ever make a “home version”. Maybe another company can, but if CND was smart (which they are!) they will keep their technology a secret =).

  15. Yvonne says:

    That is ridiculously awesome.

    A) When is this coming to Boston
    B) How can we find out which salons in nyc or boston are offering it?

  16. KittytoKaren says:

    Question: Would I (a civilian) be able to buy the polish? Because I have UV lamp at home and this sounds amazing!

    If I can get it without being a pro that would be too good to be true…

    • Michelle says:

      @KittytoKaren: This product is not for retail, it was developed to be a salon service only. Although I have seen it on eBay, there are many steps from start to finish to guarantee this product to be successful (including the right wattage of UV Lamp). I’ve taken a class on it and I know how to do it right. An average person buying this off eBay will not know the key steps in making this product work correctly. It’s not just applying the base, color and top coat. There are before, during and after steps that make this work 100% perfectly.

  17. Ann says:

    Um this is like my dream come true. I’ll try it as soon as I can find it in my area, for sure!

  18. Perry says:

    I would only ever try this for vacations. The idea of wearing the same colour for this long freaks me the heck out. But when you’re in a place like China and living out in farm country with no running water, this would be pretty sweet.

  19. Olivia says:

    I don’t think this will get that many people back in the salons really. The reason I prefer to do my manicures at home is so that I can change my polish whenever I want without having to worry. And with at home manicures, if you polish chips you can just redo it or fix that one nail. If you go to a salon, most of the time you don’t have that color at home to fix the chip. I also don’t like to wear the same color for long. I feel this will only be good for people who consistently want the same colored nails and who don’t really like to do their own nails.

    With that being said, it does seem like a pretty cool product. It seems really thick and jelly-ish which I don’t tend to like, but that could just be the shadows.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Like I said in the review, it’s actually quite thin and the bonus is that the polish is so pigmented you only need two coats. So unlike the CalGel service I had, it’s not thick from multiple coats of product.

  20. Mc Huggs says:

    Hi Michelle:

    Wow! A nail polish that lasts for 14 days? and removes in 10 minutes? What colors are available for now from CND? Pedicures would be wild if they lasted like yours in a nail salon “spa pedicure.” Too bad you can’t buy a UV lamp and do it yourself.

    Oh well what do you think the cost will be in a nail salon compared to a regular pedicure?

    ((((Love Michelle))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  21. sara says:

    I’m just afraid that I’d get bored with any color that lasted that long. It would be cool for a special occasion or vacation, but in a normal week, I get bored with a color after a couple of days. Plus, I have yet to find a decent manicurist near me.

  22. linda says:

    This looks like an amazing product. Given that I change my nail color constantly, I would probably only try this for a special occasion… like if I was going on an extended vacation and didn’t want to bother traveling with my mani-kit. I’ll check around my area to see where I can go to try it out. Thanks so much for the great review and writeup.

  23. amandapm says:

    Based on your description – odorless product, no buffing, UV-fast drying, easy removal (! that alone is key) – I would definitely do have this service done. I did Calgels (after reading about them here on ALU!) for about three months last year and liked a lot about them but dreaded the fill-ins and removals. My nails grow very fast and so after about 10 days I would need a fill-in, which was the same price as a new set of Calgels and also took LONGER to have done than a new set – or else just a whole new set, which required paying for the removal as well as the new set itself. Finally, I just did the last removal at home and it was not a pretty scene. This CND service sounds like a lot of the kinks have been ironed out of the basic UV gel system!

  24. Jacie says:

    What a superb idea, especially for holidays or business trips where I have neither the time nor inclination to redo my nails. I bet, as is normal for Australia, we will get this mid 2013.

  25. Karyn says:

    Oh my gosh. As soon as this hits NYC proper I AM THERE.

  26. Mandie says:

    Here’s my take on the gels and manicure/pedicures. I am a fairly new nail tech, but I have been using the OPI Axxium soak off gels. For the most part, our clients love them. We have run into a few issues we are troubleshooting, but the main one is that the nail can NOT have moisture added to the nail plate before applying or they lift just like an improperly prepped acrylic will do. I am only assuming this product is the same, although there doesn’t seem to be any prep to dehydrate the nail. Our current solution has been to shape nail, clean up cuticles, apply gel, and follow up with the rest of the manicure procedure. We have not pushed it for pedicures yet, but this is a situation that definitely needs to be addressed for all the Shellac-ing junky “wanna bes”. Also, I saw a lot of comments about bad polish work from nail techs. OPI has the ability to clean the gel before curing because you DEFINITELY shouldn’t cure it to the client’s cuticle. Don’t see that listed here either. I am looking for access to the demo currently.

    I am very interested in seeing what the charge for this particular product should be!!?!?!?!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh you can remove Shellac if it hits the skin prior to curing. I didn’t mention in my already too long post because I didn’t think it needed addressing.

      • Mandie says:

        What is the product to use? Acetone? OPI uses the N.A.S. 99 antiseptic. I have found I use the antiseptic quite a bit for other things too.

        As far as that not being addressed, that is pertinent information for a nail tech. I will be looking forward to my conversation directly with CND to get all the other details.

        Thanks for your response!

  27. Kate says:

    wow, that is really impressive! Even if I could afford to get my nails done professionally and was ok with wearing the same color for more than a couple days, I would STILL have a problem with the nail growth. I think it looks weird when you can tell a woman has had the same nails for a while because there’s several mm of space between the polish and her skin. Maybe most people don’t notice this, but I do, and I even guess how long it’s been since a woman got her nails done based on how much nail growth there has been! But for those who don’t mind, or have REALLY slow growing nails, this is still pretty sweet!

  28. ashley says:

    I would do this for vacations because it’s a hassle having to travel with everything i need to do a manicure.

  29. DrSteph says:

    I have a problem with marketing this product as safer or healthier because it is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP and limits acetone exposure. The truth of the matter is that it requires concentrated exposure to UV radiation, which is much more harmful than dilute formulas of any of those compounds. Women should be informed of the immediate, permanent damage that can be caused by these ultraviolet nail dryers. This project sounds too good to be true, because it is!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that UV dryers are more harmful. While there have been a couple cases of cancerous growths on hands on women who happen to frequent a nail salon, there is no absolute proof that it’s from the dryers. I was an indoor tanner for many years and while I’m not advocating it, I did do my fair share of research about UV exposure to educate myself and I would say that until there are certainties, you can’t say that it’s harmful.

  30. Jessica says:

    I’m ridiculous excited about Shellac!! I can’t wait to bring it into my salon!


  31. Nicki says:

    Hey Jacie – I’m over in NZ so if you guys get it 2013, I guess I can expect to wait til 2014! Looking forward to it already though!

  32. Tanya says:

    I think this would be a great idea for a winter or travel pedi. My toe nails don’t grow very fast and a (winter) pedi can look pretty decent, for up to 3 weeks, on me. (I’ve even stretched it to 4, a few times.) I still would prefer to do a regular mani, though. Like many here, I like to change my polish, once a week, on my tips.

  33. Jennifer says:

    How safe is the UV? Is this like a tanning bed light situation?

    Did they mention that?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      OK here’s something you may not know about me… I used to moderate an indoor tanning board. Yes, I used to tan. Oh the horror, ha! Anyway, I’m not an expert and it’s really up to you do the research but in my experience it really depends on the bulbs being used. Every UV dryer is different and it depends on the bulbs being used as far as the amount of UVA or UVB rays being emitted. I’m not familiar with UV nail polish dryers so if you have concerns I would ask your nail tech what type of dryer they are using and about the bulbs.

      My personal opinion is that in moderation and with such limited exposure, I don’t see the danger of a UV nail dryer. But that’s just for me.

      I know some dermatologists, including my now retired uncle, have used UV exposure to cure certain skin issues. In reality only your fingers are exposed and it’s for no more than like 6 minutes at each service. If you’re someone that is sensitive to UV or on medication that makes you sensitive to UV, I’d say ask your doctor or derm.

    • Michelle says:

      What you don’t realize it that the UV exposure you get from a UV Lamp is extremely minimal. It cracks me up when people talk about getting cancer from a UV Nail Lamp. Unless you slather your body from head to toe in SPF 50 AND wear a huge floppy hat, a long sleeve shirt, gloves, sunglasses, pants, socks and shoes, you will get MORE UV exposure on your hands (or any exposed body part) from a walk down the street, or driving in your car. A standard tanning bed is 160+ watts. A UV Nail Lamp is anywhere from 9-36 watts. An exposure of 5-7 minutes every 2-3 weeks is most likely NOT going to give you cancer.

  34. rijaH says:

    Amazing that it has no dent or chips :D Would love to give it a try thats for sure :)

  35. Gold Dusk says:

    It certainly looks amazing, but I don’t think it’s for me, mainly because two weeks of the same polish would bore me!

  36. Nicole says:

    I did buy a UV lamp to do the Axxium nails at home. I guess I don’t do it all that often, but it’s because removal was such a pain, but for $50 it’s so great to have – especially for summer pedis or if I’m going away for a few days and don’t want to have to pack top coat, base coat, drip dry drops, polish choices, remover etc for a week away! So I can’t wait for Shellac since I have the best of both worlds!

  37. Jywoi says:

    Alright, I just realised you made those swatches, I feel like an idiot ^^

    Sorry for wasting your time and thank you for making us discover new brands!

  38. AJ says:

    I’m going to mention this to my assistant who’s getting married in July. This will be perfect for her wedding and honeymoon!

  39. natalie says:

    Hello! I am new to this site, and I must say that it dominates the others by far! I am a fine artist and I have recently become a fanatic for polish. I cant wait to wear the CND shellac to my next opening, thanks for the insight!

  40. Jennifer says:

    I’m a nailtech and I think this will be a fabulous service to add to our lineup. I’m impressed by the shine on day 14. As folks have pointed out this would be great for vacations or folks that don’t change color all the time. I have clients that will happily wear the same color for 2 weeks so that they don’t have to think about it.

    I’m sorry some of you guys have had bad expereinces at salons. I assure you I do NOT let my clients leave with crooked nails, streaky polish or polish on cuticles. I won’t let them out of my chair until a perfect job is done. That’s just how I roll. There are plenty out there like me but they usually are not working in mall places or “Fancy Nail” if you get my drift. Sometimes spas are no better.

    I think going by referrals are best. You see someones nails that look good ask where they go. Also, nailtechs have really been embracing Facebook and Twitter. Look for us there. We regularly post pics of our work.

  41. Diane says:

    I would love this for travel. Wonder how much this would cost? The pictures are amazing! Your day 14 picture looks incredible.

  42. I am absolutely excited about this product!! Your nails looked great!! However, like most previous comments, I would prefer to do this at home. I usually do my own soak off gels and haven’t had a huge hassle of getting them off. In my experiences (when going to try new nail products at salons) it’s always the nail tech who makes the product not last long because they don’t know how to properly apply it to prevent lifting and they file my nails improperly causing more breakage and rough edges. This is really a good thing for long trips as well!! Can’t wait to see this in my area:-)

  43. Sonya says:

    I am intrigued. I agree that it is an excellent idea for vacations and/or traveling for work/conventions. I also would be inclined to use it for pedicures because I am lazier about updating my toes.

  44. Pam says:

    Would love to have this service? Why do we have to wait. I am going on vacation on the 20th of march and would love to have this done. I actually prefer CND nail polishes over OPI. OPI gets very thick very fast. CND is awesome.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Sorry, the product doesn’t launch until May. I was given a preview of the product and they pushed up the information release date.

  45. TJ says:

    Wow. That looks great on day 14! I could see doing it for vacays and class reunions and stuff!

  46. Sarah says:

    Impressive wear! I wouldn’t want this for everyday; I like to change up my color often. But this would be great for a vacation!

  47. SalvagedExpression says:

    It might be good for vacations or when my nails are damaged and I don’t want to pick at them or look at stained chipped nails! Still I’d have to bring myself to pay for it which I kind of doubt will happen. I have an aunt who might like this though since this would stretch the time between manicures.

  48. All Lacquered Up says:

    Regarding all the comments about wanting to use Shellac at home… this is a salon product. I’m sure those of you DIYers with resources and a UV lamp will find a way to use this at home but that’s not CND’s intent. They are a salon brand and are in the business of serving their clients, salons, while providing a great product for consumers.

    Those of you who love to change your polish every day or don’t like/can’t afford salons won’t fall in love with Shellac and I get it. But there are lots of women who want to have their nails done and not worry about chipping, maintenance or switching their color. For them Shellac is perfect.

    Think of Shellac as you would a salon treatment like the Keratin hair treatment or a laser peel. They’re services that are intended to be applied by professionals.

  49. Michele says:

    I will totally be trying this when it is available! It would be nice if there were some type of search for which salons will be carrying it or an email list for where it will be available.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I’m sure there will be some sort of resource when the product launches but I don’t think they even know which salons will be offering the service. The information is just starting to go out to distributors.

  50. Jazzcat says:

    If they make it available here, I will give it a try !!

  51. angelan says:

    I’d consider it for a long vacation (if it’s not around where I am when I’m off on my summer holidays, I’ll probably get a gel or minx (that lasts well on toes, right?) pedicure and take a couple polishes with me for my hands).

  52. Sky says:

    Your swatches at day 7 and 14 are really impressive!

  53. queenfrostine says:

    The minimum tipwear part intrigues me. I’m not sure if there are many colors I want to wear for 2 weeks, but if they come out with something fun this would be a great option for a pre-vacation manicure. I hate taking nail stuff with me on trips but I also hate it when my manicure starts falling to pieces before it’s time to go home. This would be great for those sorts of times.

  54. Sarah says:

    Why the sudden never-ending shilling of CND products on this blog? Michelle, your comment at 1:06 PM today especially sounds like it’s coming directly from CND’s PR department.
    Of course, this comment won’t see the light of day because you so heavily moderate any criticism.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Really, you sure about that?? I only moderate mean, hateful comments (which are few) and spam (which are a TON).

      FYI, I’m not shilling. And regardless of what some people on MUA think I’m not being paid or rewarded or anything for my posts about CND, including CND Monday. That was entirely my idea and had nothing to do with the brand. I just really like their products and didn’t think I could ever try to post about all 50 CND polishes at once so CND Monday was MY solution to that. I openly disclose everything. I have made it a point to do so and as far as I can tell, I’m one of the ONLY nail bloggers doing that and one of the few beauty bloggers in general. Why isn’t anyone asking them about their relationships with brands? I’m open about mine. Always have been. Prior to the FTC regulations anytime someone would ask me if I got a product from a brand I would say so.

      And the reason CND has been mentioned so much lately is, as in all 4 seasons that I’ve gone to Fashion Week, CND is the dominating nail presence. So when I write about a show I covered and they worked it, they’re going to be mentioned.

      And I’m glad you love Scrangie’s blog. I do too. That’s why I featured her here. But to be rude to me and accuse me of something you have no proof of, is unnecessary.

      • Virginia says:

        Thanks for clarifying Michelle. I too wondered why there were so many new CND posts, especially when there are so many new polish collections out lately and coming up soon. I’ve never tried CND, and while I’m not sure that I will, I appreciate your coverage of so many different brands.

        Just to be fair, though, of the 4 other nail polish blogs I regularly check, all of them disclose whether or not they received samples and most provide a statement regarding the new policies about disclosure.

    • Diane says:

      Just curious why it’s a problem if CND products are featured a lot on this blog:) I appreciate the info as they are difficult to find where I’m at. I most often have to order online if I want a CND polish.

      I’m not clear why there is so much criticism, not only here, but on other blogs as well about samples being sent to a blogger or even compensation. So what if they do? Aren’t you, the reader, capable of making up your own mind on a product?

      • Jackie says:

        I think it’s because there’s a feeling that unless samples are sent to more “influential” bloggers, the company/ product won’t see any mention at all. Given the very high volume of beauty products, that isn’t an unrealistic expectation– why should I run out and make sure that I provide equal coverage of all brands/ products when companies A, B, and C are already sending me plenty of samples to review? Plus there’s a certain amount of jealousy when a blogger gets a free “sample” of an expensive or very limited item. I mean, there’s a certain set of eyeshadow in extremely limited release that so many people who wanted one couldn’t get it– while some beauty blogger got one. Is it fair? I don’t know. But it’s understandable that people would be frustrated that those bloggers didn’t have to stand in line or pay the hefty price plus shipping.

        • Sandi says:

          What a crock. I count on bloggers to give me ideas about what’s new and what it looks like because I don’t want to, nor can I afford to have to go through it all myself. Do I really expect Joanne Q Blogger to have the financial resources to foot the bill to try even a fraction of what’s out there? Are you feckin’ nuts? Do you think you’re going to see Paris H or the Olsen clones blogging about nail polish anytime soon? Then have the sense to realize without gratis samples, blogs would be so limited as to be nearly worthless.

          If you don’t trust the neutrality of ANY given blogger then take yourself elsewhere. As it is, you just sound like a whiny, envious, spoiled, little brat. So Michelle likes CND. BFD. So do I and have said so in these comments before. I also HATE the whole Colours and Effects line which I have also mentioned, frequently, and never once has Michelle censored me.

          Get a life people. It’s nail polish, not world peace. If you don’t like what you’re reading here, go somewhere else. There is no shortage of NP blogs.

  55. hanneri says:

    I think this is one of the most brilliant inventions by the nail industry in a really long time! I have tried gel and acrylics but my nails become thin very quickly with all the buffing. I will definitely give Shellac a try – especially with the winter months coming up in the Southern hemisphere!

  56. Fj says:

    I wonder how much it will cost vs. a regular old manicure. Since it lasts twice as long, will salons charge twice as much?

  57. Hannah says:

    This is a great idea, its very similar to a service that Nails Inc offer here in the UK, they do a 3 week manicure that they cure with a UV light it costs

  58. Kara says:

    I love it. I always manage to chip my polish quickly regardless of what base and top coats I use. I’m willing to give anything a try.

  59. Raz says:

    Add me to the list of those who will probably not mess with Shellac. I can clearly see bald spots in your pictures, and if I’m paying, especially a premium price, it needs to be PERFECT. I can do a better job at home with a wider variety of colors and finishes.

    That being said, I would consider this service for vacations or pedicures, and would recommend it to those who aren’t interested in variety … just a no fail, long term mani. I can definitely appreciate the market demand for such a product.

    As if I haven’t been long winded enough … is this product cured by a traditional UV lamp? Because I have 2 at work, I could probably DIY if I wanted it bad enough … LOL!!

    • Jeri says:

      This product can only be bought by licensed professionals. It wont be available to clients .

  60. Anastasia says:

    I was wondering if you know if you can get french manicures done with this. I love doing a french, however they never last on my real nails, therefore when I go on vacation it never lasts long enough. If they can solve my problem, I will love this new CND product! I never leave comments, but I love your blog!! Thanks for the awesome pics!

  61. Azucar says:

    Love love love this concept. I’m not really a fan of CND polishes, but color me surprised and intrigued. I’ll try it. Now, if only I can find a good manicurist….never mind a good one with Shellac.

  62. diann_co says:

    AWESOME!!! I especially like the idea for when I go on vacation!!

  63. Mischa says:

    omg that is awesome! i am cleary impressed by the pics showing the “non” wear and tear! love it, thanks for giving a sneak peek! :o)

  64. C.K. says:

    Have you ever tried CalGels?

  65. smALty says:

    I think that here in Italy it won’t be available (in a short time, we are really backwards on polishes/nails) anyway I would use it only for a long vacation, I love too much the idea of changing my polish whenever I want, according to my mood/dress…;-)

    • glblgal says:

      Hi SmALty,

      You’ll be happy to know you’ll have a chance to take your first look at Shellac UV Color Coat at Cosmoprof in Blogna, or in May through the CND distributor – Ladybird.

      Look them up and find out what the local roll-out plan is!

  66. Jennifer says:

    Do you know how much this service would cost? Because while I’d really love to try it, the price is going to be a big deciding factor for me….

    • Jeri says:

      I’m a manicurist in Illinois and my prices are mandated by the company I work for but I’m guessing that they will be charging around the same price as Axxium Gel Polishes. I am a Master Technician with Cnd and at my salon and I charge $37.00 for Axxium and it takes one hour for the service.

  67. Abidi says:

    I too got a sneak peek at this new service and I happen to have chosen the same shade as you: Fedora. I absolutely love Shellac. I think it is really innovative and high quality.
    By the way, I love your blog and thank you for your non-objective reviews. Don’t worry about a few Negative Nancys. You’re the best!

  68. hontapocasgreen says:

    Impressive wear & wonderful concept! Fedora is one of my favorite CND colors. I agree wtih others in that I’d try this for a vacation or even a special occassion. I’m a DIY with a large stash that I’ve invested in heavily, so I wouldn’t be a good candidate for a regular customer. However, I do see Shellac as good product for busy women who have to keep a well manicured look and who are comfortable with their own natural nail length. I’d be curious to see how many salons would be advertising this even locally. I only know of two salons in my area that advertise they only do natural nails (not a small backwoods town but not metro big like DC or Atlanta).

  69. Annalisa says:

    Hi!I’m Annalisa from Italy and this is the first time that I write in yous blog…I hope that you can understand me!I have read about CND Shellac and I think that this is an incredible idea for me and everyone that cry everytime the polish go away from my nails always too fast.I have one question:this products will launch in Italy on may 2010 too??Thank you to everyone help me.Congratulations for your site,it’s very beautiful.Ciao

    • glblgal says:

      Hi Annalisa,

      You’ll be happy to know you’ll get your first peek at Shellac during Cosmoprof in Bologna this April, and the roll-out plan to salons is in May!

      • Annalisa says:

        Thank you for your help!I will go at Cosmoprof in April and I’m so excited about Shellac.I think it’s a very important service for every salon,I will try it and I will do it to my future customers.Thank you again!

  70. this sounds amazing!! and right up my alley, i need it!

  71. Kathryn says:

    it still sounds like a glorified gel that is a little easier to remove. I guess you just can’t reinvent the wheel and I was expecting more- exactly what I’m not sure…

  72. Megan says:

    When will salons start offering this?? How much do you think it will be priced?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I mentioned this at the bottom of the post but it was quite long so maybe you missed it. The official launch is May and the price is to be determined by each salon. It will be more than a traditional manicure but not as much as enhancements (like acrylics).

  73. Carol says:

    Love the idea! If I can find it locally, I’ll do it even if it’s not a fave color. Being able to go 2 weeks w/o manicure time would be wonderful. My toes don’t chip so I wouldn’t bother w/pedi.

  74. OPI says:

    How is this different from the OPI gel manicure that everyone has been doing for months?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      It’s different in how it is applied and removed. The OPI product is a gel in a pot and they’re more sheer which equals more layers/thickness. Also the OPI takes longer to remove whereas Shellac comes off in 10 minutes with no real fuss.

  75. Ange-Marie says:

    I just wanna say this is brilliant. As a cosmetologist, I know ALOT of hair stylists get enhancements because with our hands in water and chemicals all day, polish doesn’t stay.And hair product dulls the polish in a day. I can’t wait to try this out on my friends and see if the hype is for real

  76. Arrianne says:

    Pretty cool, but I think I’ll stick to the old nasty smelling paint that I’ve known for my entire life. I’m a DIY nail girl til I die, never had a professional mani or pedi, never will.

  77. Sky says:

    What bald spots?! I didn’t see polish near the base of the nails, but that’s clearly natural nail growth.

  78. Victoria says:

    i would try it if it isnt expensive but most likely it will. but if i were to get one, iwould absolutely LOVE it in metallics/chrome!!! or even matte which is weird but still!! <3

  79. Rachel says:

    I CANNOT wait to try this!! I don’t think one color for two weeks is too long at all; I would love to get my nails done and not have to give them another thought for two weeks!!! I hope this comes to a salon in Cleveland… I will even venture over to the east side if I need to! :)

  80. I think it would definitely be a great option for pedi’s, but I like to chenge my polish on my fingers quite often, so I think I’d pass on mani’s.

  81. deborah says:

    The manicure in the picture….is messy, and I can see plenty of pulling at the cuticle where there are spots that are sheer.

    The application looks thin at the base and thick at the tips.

  82. deborah says:


    Do you see at the base of the nail…where there are spots that are sheer? That is the “bald” she is referring to. We call it “drag” or “pull” in nail land. Its an indicator of the quality of the polish or brush….OR could simply be the “polisher”. But it shouldnt happen with a good polish. Especially a very expensive salon product.

    I think this concept is wonderful, but after seeing these pics….Id have to see some more…before Id spend the $$. I do love the idea of getting a mani and having last a long time! Especially on a business trip (which I do frequently) when I dont have time to change manis as often as I would like (Im a polish junkie and change frequently).

    But- it should look flawless. And this doesn’t :(

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I honestly don’t see what you are talking about regarding bald spots. Are you sure it’s not a reflection you are seeing? In person I see no bald spots on my nails.

    • Michelle says:

      @Deborah: Did you read the part that Michelle removed Shellac on 3 fingers so she could swatch polish? But then she painted the 3 fingers back with CND’s regular Fedora nail polish color? I can assure you, the Shellac’s colors are so highly pigmented, you get NO bald spots if applied correctly. You get complete opaque coverage.

  83. Meg says:

    Hi Michelle! I don’t know if you remember me from IamTan (and later MUA-both as parrottheadmd) but I wanted to say hello and tell you how much I still love your website.

    Like you, I don’t know that I would do this on my nails because I enjoy polishing mine often, but I would definitely go for a pedicure AND it would be amazing to treat my Mom to this. I’m pretty amazed at how glossy your nails are and how well it stayed on after 14 days.

    I will try to keep in touch more because I absolutely adore you and your blog!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi Meg! Of course I remember you. It’s been a long time but it’s great to hear from you. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Designer Satin looks great on you

  84. Christina K says:

    Ooh, let us know when this is available in Cleveland.

  85. neasa says:

    this sounds the exact same as bio sculpture which comes in a much larger range of colours, except it comes in pots and you get brushes separately ( a good thing in my opinion as thickness of brush is a preference). with bio sculpture you do a clear coat and two thin coats of colour followed by another clear coat. it’s also calcium enriched so it’s great as an aid for someone who wants to grow their nails. nails inc nail bars have been using this for about ten years. they call it the three week manicure or permanent nail polish. only down side is the irritating gap as nails grow, but they are easily painted over to hide the gap, and normal polish lasts longer over them.

  86. Sky says:

    I know what bald spots are. I just don’t see it on my new computer. There could be like one worn area in the Day 14 picture and that’s it. But that’s Day frickin 14. Some people are going to find something wrong with anything.

  87. Mo says:

    Hi Michelle:
    Great review (as always)! I really enjoy your blog and I’m very interested in this product…please keep us up-to-date when it comes out in May if you can. I hope this product will be used for pedicures as well. I have acrylics on my hands and wondered if it would work on my nails…do you know? Is it even worth it since acrylic nails wear differently from natural nails you think? I just love the high shine and density of the color. Thanks for the heads up!

  88. Alllison says:

    I seriously can NOT believe this. When I looked at day 14, I thought she is playing tricks.

    You seem to have very strong nails and mine often peel and break. I use a base and top coat, too. I wonder if I would get this kind of life out of the CND polish.

  89. Elizabeth says:

    I think it’s a great product, BUT I honestly can’t see a salon using it…I mean, they MAKE Money when you come in..and the goal is to get you to come in more often, not less.
    That said, I’ll definitely try this when it comes to town. I was uber impressed with day 14

  90. ReaderRita says:

    I seriously don’t see the “bald spots” that Deborah is referring to. Does she mean the intentional space between cuticle and polish? Other than that, even with a 24 inch hi-def computer monitor, I do not see any such thing as “bald spots”.
    Well, I take that back- I just got out a magnifying glass, and I DO see a slight color lightening near the cuticle on the pinkies. BUT THAT WAS WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS, and geeze, who is really going to do that to your hands? I mean, c’mon…
    Chips are a much bigger problem for me (and most people) than very, very slightly uneven polish, so for me this looks brilliant.
    Thanks Michelle.

  91. carmen says:

    I LOVE the sound of the shellac experience, i wish i could get it here in spain, its mani-pedi city here and to be able to offer it to my spa clients would be amazing, if anyone knows of any possible way i could get hold if it that would be great to know. Pls email me on thank you carmen xx

  92. ernie says:

    i am a nailtech in beachwood oh i 1st would like to say great review! i will definatley try this hot new product, my clients would love polish that lasts and still looks good, anyone who only does the at home mani’s are crazy, noone can do their nails better than a pro!

  93. Kareberry says:

    Ooohhh.. this idea is totally awesome!! Too bad it’s launching the same month I’m going on vacation…

    Love your choice of content in relation to what I don’t see available much here! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  94. vx says:

    do you know if this will be available overseas at all? I know its a dumb question but I LOVE your blog and I dont live in the states anymore. I am a salon girl (I suck at doing my own nails) but always have to buy bottles of polish that I like to take with me. I would LOVE to use something like this, as I mostly stick to berry-black, grey and neutral shades. keep us posted and keep up the awesome work! <3

  95. Grace says:

    I can see the bald spots referred to but, really, they’re quite minor. I’d say it’s more to do with the polisher than the polish.

    CND are a superior brand and time and time again they product brilliant products. I have no doubt that Shellac will be a hit and I for one cannot wait to get stuck into it!

  96. Carly says:

    Does any one have any ideas what the difference is in ingredients in this Shellac compared to a normal nail polish?

  97. Lucy says:

    Looking forward to this!

  98. Tanaira says:

    Wonderful!! Its on my “to try” list. The ultimate Express Polish Change with Long Lasting! :D Our D.C. Express Manicure can be even more glorious for jet setters.

  99. scrappyj says:

    I was wondering if you can tell me if when Roxanne did your nails did she have to roughen your surface and did she use a regular base and topcoat such as Sticky and Speedy or are they special products to be used with the Shellac product. Thanks for the info. and I think you do a great job.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      As I mentioned in the post that there was no buffing involved. The base and top coat are specially formulated to work with the Shellac product and they are cured by UV as well.

  100. Wow, that looks amazing! The results are excellent after 14 days! I will definitely try this when it’s available!

  101. Veronica N. says:

    Hey I need something like this!! Any brand that I have bought during the yrs. have not worked and mind you I have bought lots and lots of base coat and top coats. I get so disappointed that I go without nail polish for days because they just don’t last. Glad I ran into this site thanks for it.!!!

    Veronica N.

  102. Jeneec says:

    I’d want to see a soft, pale pink. I like dark, bold colors too but I am fickle about those. I wouldn’t want it on my nails for that long.

    Can’t wait to try this!

  103. Jessica C. says:

    Wow, this really does sound too good to be true! I can’t wait to try it out. Will it really only be available exclusively in salons? It seems like, as long as you had a UV lamp, that you could still do it at home by yourself.

    I wonder how expensive those Shellac Remover Wraps are, though. Would you get essentially the same results by wrapping your fingers in cotton pads doused in regular nail polish remover?

    • Michelle says:

      @Jessica: This product is made to be a salon only service. CND is not marketing this to the public. It’s a professional product made to be applied by a licensed nail tech in a salon. And no, regular nail polish remover will not dissolve Shellac.

  104. judy says:

    The salon I found in Naples uses this product. It is FANTASTIC. I don’t have a dishwasher and I do a fair amount of yard work. This product looks almost like day one at day 14. The only reason I need to return to the salon is due to nail growth. What a luxury this is. And, the amount of time spent at the salon is greatly reduced. Before I rarely made it home without a smudge or a dig in the nail. Not now!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Judy, Shellac hasn’t launched yet so your salon must be using something different. CND just held the training for their global ambassadors last weekend so training should start spreading out to salons in April.

      • Kim Tran says:

        My salon has Shellac Hybrid Nail Polish by CND
        Eudora Nails
        North Landerwood Plaza
        39539 Pinetree Road,#225
        Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

        Kim 216 831 1088

        • Kim Tran says:

          Correction for my address:

          Eudora Nails
          North Landerwood Plaza
          30539 Pinetree Rd, # 225
          Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

          216 831 1088

  105. gloria says:

    Just in time for sandals and bare feet in the sand. I am excited

  106. Verena says:

    The product looks amazing. I live on a small lifestyle block of 8 acres and do a lot of outside work. I can never keep nailpolish on my nails for longer than 3 days before it looks awful!! Will this product be available in New Zealand??? Please say it is so……..

  107. Devonne' says:

    I am soo excited about this product. I am a nail tech who uses the “soak-off” color gel on clients. The soak-off color is very hard to remove and does look thick after application. I am looking forward to offering this to my clients!!

  108. gretchen smith says:

    WOW! When will this be avaiable in Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach & jax Beach, Florida? We
    anxiously await! Gretchen.

  109. Hi Michelle! I recently saw a demo of this product at a hair show and I absolutely fell in love:-) I was kind of confused on whether it was a type of gel or not (when I initially read this post) however, after seeing it in person, I will defintely get this service done. It seems much easier than getting gels plus it doesn’t damage the nail. Thanks so much for the wonderful post!!

  110. Tiffany says:

    Hi you may or may not have answered this question already, but do you know all 12 shades this will be coming out in? My FAVE CND color of all time it putty (BEST all time nude for me) and I was praying to the nail gods it may be released in that color. If not I saw on another blog that it is coming in negligee….I was wonder if you could tell me maybe the color difference between the two?


  111. Stephanie says:

    I get Brisa gel nails now and love the shine and long wear, but not the damage and thickness. Will this new product give the same (or some) strength to the nails? My natural nails are very weak.


  112. Stef says:

    I’d love to know if this product damages and softens your natural nails like all the other long wear products do. Anyone know?

    Thanks for a reply.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi Stef! As I mentioned in my review, there is no damage to the natural nail. Unlike traditional enhancements there is no buffing involved that would damage the nail plate.

      • elizabeth says:

        Not even litlle buffing before applying base coat?

        • Haley says:

          Non at all :) Unless you are applying it over a nail enhancement (acrylics or gels) then you want to buff a little bit of the shine from the nail enhancement for best results. But NON if applying directly to the natural nails :)

  113. Jeri says:

    I’ve been a nail tech or manicurist for 23 years. I see no bald spot on any of these nails. I do see reflections one the right side of the pinkie nail. I am very eager for this product to come out and I will be trying it and I will be wearin it. Most likely colors can be blended on the nails to create designs as with all gels. So if you have a manicurist who is skilled in nail art and gels you would have endless nail art options. I have been using OPI Axxium for a year now and I never have damage to the nail when I remove the product. It takes me just 15 minutes to remove Axxium. My application is always spot on the same color as the polish BECAUSE I MIX THE COLOR AND SCRAPE THE PIGMENT OFF THE BOTTOM OF THE JAR. ALL NAIL POLISHES SEPARATE IN THE BOTTLE. AND THEY ALL HAVE TO BE MIXED. If you are having issues with it your manicurist just needs more practice.

  114. Anne says:

    Shellac does give the nails some strength, not as much as gels but it does give some, I have not had my nails this long in a long time. It’s great for clients that are growing damage off their nails and still need a bit of strength. The pale colors are great too, no streaking like the traditional polish. I think it will be a a big hit in May.

  115. Edwina says:

    This sounds wonderful…I just heard this on the afternoon ABC news…I want this…where can I get a salon in Chicago…does anyone knows where I can get an appointment…thanks

    • shine nails brows lashes says:

      hi edwina! i just ordered the shellac system today. hopefully it will be here in a couple of days. we are located in the southshore at 2148 e. 75th st. 773. 324.0730 – we also have a facebook page: shine nails brows lashes – so please add us to your friend list. we have an awesome team and we also specialize in eyebrows and eyelashes. thanks! ericka/proprietor

  116. Betty Siferd says:

    Will the shellac system be available in Dayton OH? Sounds like a great system, can’t wait to try it!

  117. Brenna L says:

    Last Friday, I got to be Beth Kelly’s guinea pig for the upcoming CND products (woo hoo!!!).

    The first thing I noticed was the new UV lamp. This is the most BOSS lamp I’ve ever seen! The 4 bulbs and ergonomic lower plate ensure a solid 5 finger cure. The interior fan kept my fingers nice and cool! The middle of the lower plate pops out to accommodate pedis. The digital timer has several presets and can also be programmed in 10 second increments. Features that manicurists will love are the bulb replacement indicator, removable power cord and the handle for easy transport.

    We opted to use Fedora since it’s easier to see any flaws with darker colors. Even though I was forewarned, I was somehow still surprised that the whole process felt like a regular polish application. Just 1 base layer, compared to Axxium’s 2 layers. Note: all layers should be applied VERY thin. I was absolutely stunned to see how 2 thin layers of Fedora were completely true to the classic color! With Axxium, I have to apply Black Onyx super thick or else it will appear light charcoal. Between 1 less coat and 5 finger curing, a pro can shave a solid 10 minutes off of appointment times. Since removal will take about that long, it will be unnecessary to have clients arrive early for a Shellac color change!

    There are a few more things that are worth sharing …
    While the Axxium Soak-Off makes nails feel stronger during wear, Shellac does not. This is one of the major similarities between Shellac and regular nail polish. My nails are naturally thin & soft and they still feel that way right now.
    If a layer of color appears “wrinkled” or smudgy after curing, go ahead and proceed with the service. In most cases, the top coat will smooth things out.

    This one is very important: when removing that sticky residue after curing the top coat, do NOT use anything with acetone!!! As this formula is so similar to polish, it will start to rub off if products like Scrub Fresh or Cleanser Plus are used. Alcohol is the ingredient to use with Shellac. Within the CND brand, Cool Blue would be the product of choice.

    I hope it’s okay for me to mention that we will be carrying this where I work at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply (

  118. Maxine says:

    Well I am quite intrigued by this new product and will be eager to share it with my clients…
    I think we are blessed to be in a profession that is always re-inventing itself!

  119. Genevieve Cormier says:

    I wonder if this product is good for french manicure

    • Amanda says:

      I just got french…fantastic! Also nail tech said it could possibly go 3 weeks before needing to re-do!

  120. Amanda says:

    I got to try this new product out just a few days ago! I got a french shellac and it is flawless! I even cleaned the entire house and still not a change in how it looked 5 days ago when I got it! I am looking forward to seeing how good it looks at day 14 but I am certain it will be great! I love how thin it is, my nails still feel like my natural nails not some clunky heavy enhancement. LOVE this stuff!

  121. Kimberley says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of investing in bio sculpture and I’m wondering how this would compare. Is it best for clients wearing shorter nails? It’s definetly gotten my attention!

  122. Janie says:

    As long as it’s an acetone removal, I’m out. That stuff is toxic. When they have a safe removal system I’ll be interested.

    • Michelle says:

      @Janie: You’re not drinking the acetone. Exposure to it on your fingers is minimal (5-8 minutes) and isolated (the wraps make it possible to concentrate it on your nail plate, not skin). The air we breathe is probably more toxic than a few minutes exposed to acetone!

  123. dalette rushlow says:

    will it be in the san luis obispo california area…

  124. dalette rushlow says:

    What is the date of release?

  125. Dana says:

    I had it done today! It is INCREDIBLEEE!!! I will never again go back to basic polish!

  126. Valerie says:

    It was released May first! I already saw it listed on eBay today. The beauty supply store for licensed professionals also has it for sale.

  127. laura says:

    Can we use Shellack with any UV nail lamp?

    • Jinelle says:

      Hey Laura,
      We tried it at our salon with our UV lamp, it has a 45 watt bulb and didnt work well but is very small and has only one bulb. We have to buy the Brisa lamp, even though they have a new one for Shellac but it was out of stock. I think I will actually return it and get the new one though, since its the same price and I like that it has a fan. Anyway, the new one has 4 bulbs that are 9 watts each. I suppose if you have a similar one, it might work! I think ours didnt because of the single bulb.

  128. Mary Jayn says:

    I think this is a great option if you’re going on vacation and don’t feel like bringing along your nail polish. But for me… I can’t stand wearing the same color for more than 3 days… after that, it just gets on my nerves as I like it to match what I’m wearing and usually run out of clothes to match the polish! lol!

  129. christina says:

    hi everyone product looks good sounds ,but the real trial is on my clients!!! all different size and shapes f nails.will it hold up? or peel off?i hope that this product is as good as the reviews.i really don’t want to spend the money in this economy if it’s not going to work!also I’m a prof. nail tech where do we get price points for the service?I’ve looked on but hter is nothing on what to charge for the service:}

  130. suzanne says:

    Is this just not the same as bio-gel only re-marketed. It will be interesting to see if the product peels off like the bio-gel does occassionally. Sounds like a form of gel nails to me !!!

  131. Marelyn says:

    Louis Christian Wayne Robert is a high end salon that will charge $35, as see on 6ABC.

  132. Loving Shellac. Only $35, includes french.
    Hair Apropos Salon & Spa in chalfont, pa

  133. mindy says:

    I had it done today in Louisvilel, Kentucky. I am amazed. Only time will tell if it really stays on. I hope it does, because I am hooked!!!

  134. Jennifer says:

    We have all 12 colors and they are gorgeous!!!!
    Elite Concepts Salon
    112 Buck Road
    Holland, PA 18966

  135. Susanne, Shellac is not like BioSculpture. Soak off gels when you soak them off they pop off the nail.

    This one dissolves layer by layer. I removed the cotton at 8min and the top coat and 1 coat of color was dissolved.
    I left it on little longer and it soaked off completely.

    Also Shellac smells like a polish and it applies differently. Just like a polish. Amazing coverage! It also is very thin.

    I Shellacked my nails 9 days ago and they are PERFECT. I see little wear on 3 of them (the right hand) but I use these fingers to remove polish/sticky layer of the gel with acetone (I’m a nail technician)

  136. Diane says:

    It is now May 7th, where can I buy CND Shellac nailpolish? I live in CT.
    It sounds great, I can’t wait to buy it.

    Thank you.

    • Jinelle says:

      Hi Diane,
      Im from CT and we got it at Cosmoprof, call first though! We had to go to 3 of them before we found one that wasnt all bought out!

  137. CreativeNailChick says:

    I’ve been a nail tech for 16 years and have been a diehard CND product user for many many years. I was lucky enough to get to watch a demo on this at the IBS Vegas in April and was immediately sold! This has been a long time coming and I am absolutely positive it will be the next big thing like Rockstars were. I’ve been using Shellac for a week now and it’s fabulous. There is nothing else like it. I haven’t found a thing negative about it, only positive. CND has been promoting Shellac like mad and it will only be a matter of time before the salon phones are ringing off the hook! And the BEST thing about this product? It’s for Licensed/Professional nail techs ONLY, which means clients HAVE to come into the salon to have this service done. That keeps the money in OUR pockets which is always a plus! *The UV Lamp (36 watt) that goes with this system won’t be available until June. So right now, I’m using my original Pro-Finish lamp that’s a 36 watt UV Lamp and it works fine.

  138. Marelyn says:

    I had the shellac applied last Friday and unfortunately because I previously had axxium my nails were so brittle my thumb broke on Sat and index and middle finger chipped @ the tips. I will not have the axxium done again but will continue to have the shellac. The nail tech was fabulous and fixed them @ no charge. Very happy with results.

    • Beverly says:

      Marelyn, when I first tried Axxium, I was hooked and did it continually for about 5 months, even though the removal process was brutal. Now my nails are all soft and keep breaking. Once they are healthy again, I’m thinking of trying this. Have you had it removed yet? Is the removal much easier? Thanks for your help!

      • Marelyn says:

        Very disappointed :( My polish all lifted in less than 13 days :( The removal is amazing they place these lil bandage looking things and the polish completely comes off. Any advise from other Techs on why mine did not last?

  139. Misty says:

    Hello everyone. I am an experienced nail tech and have been doing gel manicures for three years. This product is a bit different. Goes on much faster and you don’t get any thickness.
    I am locted in Chicago western suburbs.
    Be one of the frst to get Shellacked! $35
    Misty 630-400-2638

  140. Missy says:

    I just got my shellac done. I’m a huge fan of Axxium soak-offs – my nail tech has a unique way of removing soak-offs quickly and easily (in 10m). When I went in today she told me of the new shellac they just got so I decided to try it. While the concept is cool (applies like polish), I am rather disappointed and prefer the axxium. I find the shellac soft and does not cure as hard. I’ll stick it out and will probably try again just to make sure this wasn’t a bad experience but for now, I’m liking axxium better.

    • ssNail says:

      Missy – what is your tech’s unique way of removing soak-offs? I am thinking of switching to shellac because the soak off process dries out my fingers from the acetone and my nails definitely look a bit roughed up underneath, but wanted to know if I could give my nail tech a tip on how to do it. Thx!

    • Beverly says:

      What is the removal process your tech uses? I loved the Axxium, but stopped (after about 5 months of doing it continuously) because I felt the salon I was going to was damaging my nails when they removed it. Now they are all soft and paper thin.

  141. Shear Class says:

    Anyone from Southern NH interested in this service? Shear Class
    290 Derry Road
    Hudson, NH

    We will be offering Shellac in June ’10! (: Come in and try it out!!

  142. Laura says:

    Does anyone know of a salon in new york (either city or westchester area) or connecticut(danbury area)that is offering Shellac.

  143. Kathy Statler says:

    I have it in the Indianapolis area 317-889-6980

  144. Sandy says:

    anyone know of salons offering it in toms river, nj area?? would love to try it

  145. Jessica says:

    Anywhere in the central Ohio area offering these? Can’t wait to try!

  146. Haley says:

    We just took a class on Shellac an absolutely LOVED IT!!! We are one of the first salons in Eugene OR to carry Shellac and have already converted some of our clients from gel polish and regular polish to shellac! Our whole salon is wearing it on their fingers and toes as well! If you are in the Eugene OR area and would like to experience Shellac please contact Haley at 541-344-4425

  147. Aysha Pinky says:

    i’m interested in buying your polish and the brisa UV lamp for my salon.

  148. Looking for a nail salon in the NOVA/DC metro area that will be doing this, would love to give it a shot!

    Thanks for the info ALU!

  149. Elle says:

    I just got shellac 5 days ago and love it!!! It hasn’t chipped yet and it is beyond shiny. Looks like I just stepped out of a salon. One thing to note is that if your nails are short they don’t recommend getting it because the coats have to catch your nail to seal them. There was also zero drying time and took about an hour to get done.

  150. Kimberley says:

    I’ve ordered Shellac from Maritime Beauty in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s still not in :( Any idea when it should be availabe here….maybe another supplier….Cosmoprof?

  151. Kelly Soto says:

    I have the SHELLAC system in my salon.IT IS Fabulous!!!!! ABSOLUTE BEST HAIR AND
    NAIL SALON 226 E. IRVING PARK RD. WOODDALE, IL. 60172 630-766-1971

  152. Cheri says:

    I am looking for a salon in the Washington, DC area that provides this service. Please help

    • We can Shellac you Cheri. Ring us at 301-585-4770 to book your reservation. Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge is located in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

  153. linh says:

    opi has the same thing its call axium soak off gel lacquer.its great and last for 3-4 weeks

    • Beverly says:

      I had the Axxium for about 5 months, but the removal process where I went totally damaged my nails. How was yours removed?

  154. Elaine says:

    I am in Oak Brook, Illinois is there a salon in this area?

  155. Linda says:

    Where can we find a salon in Chester County, PA that has the shellac?

  156. Jenny says:

    Get Shellacked in San Francisco!
    Studio CoCo
    1825 Post St #230
    San Francisco, CA, 94115

    We are located in Japan Town in the Kinokuniya Building.

    Feel free to call or e-mail for any questions
    See you soon!

  157. Kristin says:

    I’ve used Axium and now have been using Shellac since it launched…..sorry but axium doesn’t hold a candle to Shellac! You really can’t even compair the two. Shellac is truely a “gel” polish and Axium is a gel with color plain and simple!

    • Cindy says:

      The directions for the Shellac don’t say anything about an inhibitor layor to be removed but I found that it is tacky after curing. Do you have the tacky layer too or am I doing something wrong?

      • Angie says:

        There is a tacky layer that needs to be removed with the highest percent rubbing alcohol you can find. After you do that, it is shiny and perfect. I was wondering what was wrong with mine too.

  158. Laura says:

    I am on day 12 and my natural nails with Shellac still look amazing! You have got 2 try it!! Pietrina’s Hair & Nail Salon in Rockaway, NJ is the closest place to me. My Nail Tech Jenn was a pleasure to deal with and was able to leave the salon with completely dried nails! I cannot wait to tried it on my toes!

  159. CNDNailTech says:

    I went to the April 2010 IBS in Las Vegas and was fortunate enough to get to watch the Shellac demos CND was doing at their booth. I have never been disappointed by anything CND has marketed and Shellac is no different. When I explain to my clients what it is, how it works, and the removal process – they listen to me in awe. It flows out of my mouth so easily because I truly believe in this product. If anyone is interested in trying it and you are in the Bakersfield, California area, please contact me! 661-587-5320 @ The Hair Jungle. Ask for Michelle!

  160. mary says:

    i live in monmouth county nj.. where can i find shellac in a nail salon

  161. M Salon says:

    Get the Shellac at M Salon in Tucson, AZ!
    M Salon
    5575 E. River Rd Ste. 171
    Tucson, AZ 85750
    (520) 577-8953

  162. Kelli says:

    I am in Boise Idaho and do both the opi and the shellac polish.
    Atomic Salon
    702 S Vista Ave
    Boise ID

  163. shari says:

    I have used the Shallac System and love it. But, I find with the polish that it shrinks away from the sides and cuticles. Is anyone else having this problem? Especially the red. Looks like it is 5 days of growth… Let me know. Thanks!

    • Michelle says:

      Shari, it could be that the product is being applied too thick – the key is very thin coats. Don’t worry if the first coat doesn’t cover opaque, the second coat will. The Shellac is made to use with a 36 watt UV Lamp. The Brisa lamp will work until the Shellac is available in June.

  164. mamadks says:

    I thought that mine chipped away after one day was because my nail bed was damaged from the Axxium but it def wasn’t. It did not last 14 days or 10 days my tips of polish all lifted. UGH what a disappointment!!!

  165. Cheryl Kouts says:

    I also live in Monmouth County NJ and would like to know where in NJ are there participating salons that use Shellac please??

  166. sue says:

    Looking for a san jose, CA area salon that does Shellac. Thnkyou.

  167. cherri says:

    Where can I order shellac for my nail salon?

  168. Patricia says:

    I am interested in what salon in the Bloomington, Minnesota area, that has this product.

  169. Deborah Rosser says:

    I am so happy to have tried out the new cnd shellac at the salon where I am employed. I want to start it on my clients soon. I know I can get my clients hooked. I never stop washing my hands at work and home. I shampoo alot at work and I am on fourth week going on my fifth. Haven’t really had time to take it off. Now it is nice to have pretty polish on at all times. I used to be embarrassed for people to see my ugly nails. I cannot stress how happy I am. No more messing up my nails trying to get out the door to go out. I would like to get started but cannot get it. It is out where we buy it and they don’t know when they will get it in. I want to get started asap.

  170. Deborah Rosser says:

    Back again… You can also file your nails down and it doesn’t crack or peel. Wonderful product!!

  171. Shannon says:

    Looking for a Shellac salon in the Boston area, any recommendations?

  172. kaz says:

    Does anyone know who does this in the Kansas City, Mo area? I would love to get this done and give it a try!
    Thank you!

  173. Jessie says:

    hi i am looking for a salon in either wilmington delaware or delaware county pennsylvania! i always used gel coats but this looks really interesting!

  174. Lori says:

    I just purchased the whole shellac line, I was so excited about it! I still am, but I need help!! I’ve only done a couple clients and the shellac has fallen off a couple fingers after just a day or 2!! HELP!! What am I doing wrong!!

    • Michelle says:

      Lori, it’s very important you are doing proper cuticle removal AND dehydration of the nail plate (with Scrub Fresh and a lint free wipe). Do NOT buff or file the nail plate. This product is made to go right over the natural nail. Try a manicure before the Shellac but don’t use oils or lotions until after the Shellac is done. Make sure you are applying thin coats and it’s essential to cap the ends of the free edge.

      • lildiva says:

        I had the same issue and went back to get 3 fixed and a couple days later the left hand nails started to lift. I was told it’s not a gel and ur gonna get them chipped. i thought the product states no chips and last over 14 days?? Mine didn’t last a week, only 4 nails if that. Need a salon that has experience in South Jersey.

        • All Lacquered Up says:

          That’s so odd. I’m sorry they didn’t last on you. Did the tech apply any oils or lotions prior to doing the Shellac. I’ve read that CND recommends waiting until after the service to do that.

  175. Jennifer says:

    Shellac is awesome!! Luv it !! I have had gel nails for years, and I Luv Shellac. Will use it always from now on!
    Ohio area; Boardman
    Shannons Unique Touch
    (330) 726-7477

  176. Lauren says:

    I am looking for a shellac salon in the dayton, ohio area. tried to go to the cnd website, but it’s not working. thanks!

  177. Robin says:

    Would like to know of salon in San Jose, Ca. that offers this product. I’m going on vacation and would love not to worry about my nails.

  178. Anahita says:

    I am living in Louisville ,KY.
    Is there any salon here?

  179. Lisa G says:

    How about the Memphis TN area?

  180. Anne-Marie says:

    I love what I’m reading. I want to get in on the action, my Clients will be deligted to have such a product, with those results. I need a hook-up to get products for my salon.

    88 Second Ave.
    Mt. Lambert
    San Juan

  181. All Lacquered Up says:

    Hey everyone! I see that so many of your are excited to try Shellac or purchase it for your salons. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that info. The best place to find it is on the website.

    Due to Shellac being featured on the Yahoo homepage today, the CND website is down. They tweeted that they are working to have it back up soon so just be patient.

    In the meantime, if you are a salon professional currently offering Shellac services, please post your salon info here so readers can find you.

    • i was just wondering how much it costs a bottle?
      and also, would China Glazes UV Light Activated Top Coat be the same as buying the CND Shellac Hybrid, and give the same effect on top of regular polish?

      and i really love your site. you inspired me to make my own little blog lol. its a great way to keep up with polishes!!

      • Michelle says:

        @polishontherocks: It’s $15.95 a bottle. And no, this system is made to be used together, not to substitute other products with it. The chemistry that went into making Shellac is like nothing else on the market. The Shellac topcoat works with the Shellac base coat and the Shellac colors only. I definitely don’t recommend mixing products. You will not get the same effect if you used China Glaze top coat.

  182. Taylor Grant says:

    Serendipity Hands Face feet is now using Shellac we are located at
    2134 Third St
    La Verne, CA 91750
    Call for an appointment today!!

  183. in the Indianapolis area; Robert’s Salon and Spa(Greenwood)

  184. Kathie says:

    Bargersville,Center Grove,Fishers,INDIANA

  185. Tuesday says:

    Omg!!! That stuff looks so awesome! But will you only be able to get your nails done with that at the nail salon???

    • Michelle says:

      @Tuesday: Yes, this is a salon service only. You can find it on eBay, but it’s not suppose to be available for the general public to buy. Be prepared to buy the $200+ UV Lamp that is required to make this product work correctly.

  186. Lesa says:

    Is there a place in the detroit, MI metro area that offers the shellac manicure??

  187. Shirley says:

    Sounds fabulous! Do I have to use a Brisa lamp or will OPI lamp work?

  188. Debbie says:

    Where is a salon in Austin, Texas? Thank you!

  189. katie says:

    where can i find a nail salon with Shellac in Houston Texas?

  190. Damaris says:

    Anyone knows of a salon that offers this product in Tampa, Florida? I would love to try it.

  191. hannah says:

    where can i find a nail salon with Shellac in Boston, MA?

  192. Jennifer says:

    Where can I find a salon in the Dallas metroplex? Thanks!

  193. Abby says:

    Does anyone have a salon in the Dallas area who does this?

  194. Denise says:

    Any salons in Eastern North Dakota using Shellac?

  195. val says:

    any shellac in las vegas?

  196. Hello World! If you are looking to be Shellac we are located at 8001 Kennett Street in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Ring us at 301-585-4770 to book your reservation. See you soon World!

    • Diane Creedon says:

      I just TUTTI FRUTTI Shellaced yesterday, and then pulled weeds out of garden two hours later.
      Can’t tell you how amazing this stuff is.
      All my coworkers are amazed that it is so tough and soft at the same time. I have been playing with it all day.

      For Frederick maryland area,

  197. Maryanne says:

    Any salons in or around Tampa, FL area?

  198. Lynda says:

    Any shellac in the denver area, please? Thanks!

    • MEna says:

      Our shop: Nails by Design has this process to offer!
      Please call 303-425-0044 Plz ask for “ME”na

  199. Vickie says:

    I got shellac’d a few days ago and usually by now my manicure is chipped and I am removing the polish. My nails look great.

  200. Theresa Mullis says:

    Where can I find a Shellac selling or using salon in Charlotte, NC?

  201. Christine says:

    The CND Salon locator does not work. I have tried to access it from your article and the article on Yahoo as well. Doesn’t work. I just need to find a salon in or near Columbus, Ohio that offers this wonderful manicure that last 14 days.

    • Dora Koehler says:

      I was having the same problem – CND Salon locator did not work along with the other avenues that I was directed to. Maybe no such thing really exists and that is the reason why we are having difficulty trying to find it. I don’t know. I am looking for a salon in Northern New Jersey around the Wayne area. Any help?

  202. jennifer says:

    Any Shellac in the Austin, TX area?

  203. Cindy Flores says:

    any Shellac in Dallas, Tx?? please help!!

  204. Keleigh says:

    Due to an article about this on Yahoo, it appears that the CND website got too much traffic and possibly crashed. Eventually I was routed to a temporary site, If, like me, you’re interested in finding a salon in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the only salon that currently does Shellac is Cuticles-Salon Boutique, 4485 Trinity Mills Rd, Ste. 200, Studio 17, Dallas, TX 75387. Their phone numer is 972-965-0323, and this place is located near Plano. A bit of a long drive for me, but I might try it for some special occasion.

  205. Melissa says:

    im having issues going onto the CND website and the salon locator. any salons in the sacramento, ca area?

    • Victoria says:

      We would love to pamper you at Dolce Vita Day Spa in Granite Bay. Our Clients are Loving the 14 day Manicure by CND Shellac
      We are located at:
      9719 Village Center Dr. #110 Granite Bay
      916-772-7733 or text 916-871-8619

    • Chris says:

      Hello, We do Shellace at the
      At Last Salon and Spa
      671 First St
      Lincoln, CA 95648
      across the street from Burger King
      Call for your appointment!

  206. Kate says:

    CND website is no good…could someone tell me if this will be available in or around the miami, florida area??

  207. Tracey says:

    CND Salon locator found at:

  208. Dora Koehler says:

    Where can I find a CND nail salon in Northern New Jersey? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  209. Linda says:

    Cannot access your website. Please fix so I can find a salon in my area.

  210. CRYSTAL says:


  211. MG says:

    Any shellac in the Maryland area? PLZ LET ME KNOW!!

    • MG,

      Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge will get you Shellac. We are located at 8001 Kennett Street in downtown Silver Spring. Ring us at 301-585-4770 to book your reservation. See you soon…

  212. Kaila says:

    Looking for a shellac salon in Southern Illinois…I live in Mt. Vernon but I am willing to make a drive.

  213. Marisa says:

    Hello all! We are proud to offer the Shellac Manicure here at L’ESPRIT Day Spa and Salon, in Valencia, California…it’s one of the best inventions ever!
    25832 1/2 Mc Bean Parkway

  214. Andysstyl says:

    have the polish & eagerly wanting to try it!! it is the only reason i have put manicures back on my list of services i do :) anyone know what kind of UV light required since they r out of the kits & i have one from an old gel kit…

  215. Jessica says:

    Any salons in Boston preferably the Allston/Brighton/Brookline area have this!? Please let me know! :0)

  216. Michelle says:

    I just got “shellaced” and am in love! I was getting the opi axxiom and this is so much better! Where can I find a list of all the colors they have? The salon I go to only has 5 colors.

  217. MEna says:

    ANYONE looking for a salon that has the NEW CND Shellac Manicure……….in the Denver Metro Area….
    NAILS by DESIGN has it!!!!
    Give us a call:
    It is GREAT!

  218. MJ says:

    Any salons near Santa Rosa Beach, Florida ?

  219. Danetta says:

    Any salon in Louisville, Ky

  220. Long says:

    We’re the only salon in the city of Smyrna, GA that currently offers Shellac services.

    4480 South Cobb Drive (Suite Q)
    Smyrna, GA 30080


  221. Nails by ALISON says:

    Nails by ALISON at Solutions Salon
    6920 S. 70th E. Ave Tulsa
    (918) 523-9797
    I have been a nail tech for over 18yrs and I have never seen anything like the CND Shellac. This has really brought the fun of natural nail manicures back! It says 14days and it does just that. Thanks Creative for all of the great products!!!

  222. SHELLAC has arrived! All About Me has been using axxium and Brisa gel love them too! love gel

    All About Me
    32 palmetto Bay rd
    suite A13
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

  223. Lola says:

    I am looking for a salon in Sacramento, CA. Can anyone direct me to one?

  224. Julie says:

    I am looking for a nail salon in the Triad area of NC. High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem anywhere in this vicinity or even a bit outside!!!!

  225. We have all 12 colors of shellac as well as CND Colour & Effects polish system.

    Tranquil Moments Day Spa
    715 Queen Street
    Columbia, SC 29205

  226. bluevera says:

    any salon area the newark, new jersey

  227. Roberta Kage says:

    i have it at Studio East in St. Clairsville OH the shellac is great and i love the concept but does anyone know what i am doing wrong i have an ibd (brand new) gel light i cured as per instructions and it was still tacky –then we cured for 10mins more after the topcoat and it was still tacky so i ended up putting a uv topcoat over it to dry smooth and they are fine —but what is wrong please help

  228. Megan says:

    What is the price range for this??

  229. kristie says:

    I am an aesthetician in NL Canada and would love to get shallac education..How can I get started??

    • megan says:

      professional beauty supplies is releasing shellac and having a day of education on monday june 21!

  230. Christina says:

    I had a terrible experience. Mine chipped peeled and bubbled in less than 12 hours. Had them fixed (there were 5 of them) and the next day 3 others that werent fixed were bubbled or peeling.

    • MEna says:

      The free edge was not sealed properly or the person that applied the product applied it over the skin at the nail fold or applied it over cuticle at the nail bed. That will create the problem you have experienced! It should never touch skin! and it needs to be applied in thin coats and cured properly!
      Hope that helps!

  231. Kim Tran says:

    We have CND Shellac Hybrid 12 shades

    Landerwood Plaza North
    Chargrin Blvd & Lander Rd
    30539 Pinetree Rd, Suite 225
    Pepper Pike, OH 44124
    216 831 1088

  232. julie russell says:

    Family Hair Parlor in Wellington KS will be offering the Shellac Nail Service! 620-326-5522

  233. Young lee says:

    We do offer shellack manicure and pedicure.
    We are located at 165 west 72nd st, new York, new York
    if you visit new York city or live in the city come get shellack service.

  234. melissa says:

    We ahve just gotten SHELLAC here @ Cloud 9 Spa. In Tempe az. Give us a call @ 480-598-3429 to schedule your appt. for a gel manicure, or just to ask us how fantastic it is.

  235. Barbara says:

    Any salons offering shellac manicures in Boston Ma area?? I haven’t seen any advertised on web

    • jana says:

      Moodz Spa-Salon & Boutique Acton MA
      Tomani Skin Therapy Danvers MA
      Elegante Nails Holliston MA
      Face-It A Beauty Spa Leominster MA
      Galleria Day Spa N Chelmsford MA
      Country Cuts Southwick MA
      Pozitively Young Salon a& Spa Tyngsboro MA
      The Matrix Nail lab & Spa Wareham MA
      Moodz Spa-Salon & Boutique Wayland MA
      Love Those Nails, Inc. Westborough MA

  236. Sue Blake says:

    This all sounds excellent! Where in Surrey (UK)or Cenral London please?

  237. Sam says:

    Is there any roughing up of the nail surface before application? I tried Axxium and found it to be very damaging to my nails,almost as damaging as acrylics!! If CND doesn’t include roughing up,I may give it try (if I get brave enough to ditch my forever french!)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Nope, there is no buffing of the nail with Shellac. That’s definitely one major difference between Shellac and other UV gel polishes and one of the reasons I loved it so much. No damage!

  238. Franjess says:

    Francee, offers Shellac services at Beauty Island Spa & Nails Located 1420 N. Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills Mi. 48307 (18 years doing nails)(248)652-8888. Wed.,Thurs.,Fri.,Sat.or call (248) 342-2669. any Questions e-mail

  239. Pam says:

    I had my nails done using the CND Shellac system on May 27th @ Salon 54 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 561-775-6264. They still look great on day 9!! I have washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, wiped my floors, used windex on my mirrors, worn gloves while gardening, watered my plants and even mowed the grass, etc. I have not babied my nails at all. The process makes them strong and the polish and shine holds up very well. I have been amazed!! I usually get a manicure and have to remove the polish within 3 days. This really does last. I highly recommend it!!

  240. Breanna says:

    Anything near the Melbourne, Florida area?

  241. Kathy says:

    In Las Vegas?
    See Kathy at Infiniti Creations
    3100 S. Durango

  242. jana says:

    i am on day six and my nails look great. i have already scheduled my two week appointment. i will then go at least three weeks…

    when finding a salon i had look at the entire state, rather than just my city, the zip code part did not appear to work. there are no fewer than three places in san diego that have shellac. i did not realize it was so very new!

  243. Maria D Rivera says:

    I strongly recomend if you want a french shellac please make sure the manicurists knows how to clean the white tips perfectly because you see all flaws if not done properly. Many manicurists need to go back to class to learn how to apply French manicure correctly and perfectly. Otherwise you spend 2 weeks with horrible nails and raggerty unfinished white French curves!!!! Also Shellac white tip polish should be ultra White not a faded white tone!!!! Thank You for introducing this Shellac product…… Maria D.

    • tawana says:

      thanks for your response because i was thinking of getting the french but now that you have warned me I will wait until they come out with a white versus a faded white….thank you!

      • Donna says:

        I am on day 7 with a shellac french manicure and LOVE IT! It still looks fantastic – no chips or cracks in the white. I didn’t use the bright white, I used the faded with the very light pink top coat. I get many, many compliments.

        • Judi says:

          I got the french manicure with the light pink top coat. I am on day 13 and it still looks great! My first professional manicure ever. I am sold.

  244. Terry says:

    I have had it done three times now. It’s perfect great and reasonable!! I love it!

  245. Kim Skvarla says:

    I do Shellac manicures/pedicures in Corona Del Mar Calif. At “Salon Papillon” My clients are loving the product, it really does work.

  246. We at Chill Day Spa just started offering this amazing nail service! We love it and our clients are loving their Perfect 10!!! Thanks Shellac!!!

  247. Located in Manchester NH

  248. Sonja says:

    I am on Day 3 of my Shellac mani/pedi. It is gorgeous and shiny. I was a little disappointed in my color selection but the ease of this product will have me going back. The salon I went to did not mention removal, so I am a little confused….

    • Kim Skvarla says:

      You just put your nails in pure acitone for 5 minutes and then scrape it off, Very easy and fast. Good luck. :-) I’m in Corona Del Mar, California.

  249. Ballsey says:

    stylists need to start polishing right beneath the cuticle-if not, whats the point? this is nice, however, it is not a builder, its basically a shiny nail polish that cures under the UV lamp. it does not make nails too much harder than what they already are. it does however, not chip, dull, smudge, etc…no drying time- so this is the great benefit of it. There are only about 10 colors at this point. after being completely emersed in water for about 2 days because of the line of work I’m in, my shellac got cracked, and i can peel it up like a really thick coat of polish. i also believe that it was my nails that may have gotten weak, then cracked, which allowed the shellac to crack, and therfore lift. i filed them down a bit to preserve it, and the preservation is good. light colors in general seem to be hard to get even, and it was the same with my romantique- the eveness was not completely there. Overall it does seem to be a great concept, product and the like, however try it for yourself to see how it works for you because everyone’s nails are different. $35-45 is the going rate.

  250. Mickie says:

    I had not heard of CND Shellac until I walked into a nail salon for a manicure, and they told me about Shellac. I absoutely love the color, and the shine. I have cleaned my house, washed my hair and played in water all day at my grandson’s birthday party and my nails look as if I just walked out of the salon. No chipping and the shine is still great.

  251. Judi says:

    My clients LOVE this new product!! Absolutely no dry time and they really do look great in two weeks!! Amazing. Thanks CND!

  252. Michelle says:

    I have tried all forms of acrylic and gel nails with the same results of fungus or lifting . My own nails are brittle and thin. My nail salon recommended this and it is AMAZING!!!! I finally have nails that grow, are protected and the polish still looked great after 2.5 weeks. I have recommended this to all my friends.

  253. Jodi says:

    I am trying to find a salon in Western New York without much success. The only place is in Hamburg and the nail tech is out for 2 weeks. We need more Buffalo salons to use this product!!!

    • Heather says:

      Amy’s Nails in Pittsford (ROchester) does them!!

      • Eleanore Scott says:

        I’ll be going to buffalo next weekend for 4th of July. Where can I go since there isn’t any listing on the CND website? I could easily do them myself but sometimes you just want someone else to do your nails for you.

        • Beth says:

          I am a nail tech in downtown Buffalo!! I have just started using Shellac. The name of the salon is The spa at Park lane and the phone # is 885-2872

  254. Michelle says:

    I tried Shellac 4 days ago and love it! There aren’t many color options so I gave Bubble Bath a try and it looks perfect. Had it done at Annapolis Mall, Annapolis Maryland.

  255. JB says:

    I’m on day 15. My first nail chipped on day 10 and only two others have chipped since then. I got my “shellacing” in Miami, but live in Maryland and am now looking for a salon close that has shellac. It was definitely more expensive than a regular manicure $45 v.$25. I’m definitely a “DYI” girl, but would get another shellacing, especially if I could find it for a little cheaper.

  256. Kim Skvarla says:

    Just had another happy new client today come in for a SHELLAC man/ped. I have t6o say that I’m loving this product and so are they. Anyone that would like to try it I’m in Corona Del Mar, California. At “Salon Papillon” on Pacific Coast Highway.

  257. Judith Martin. says:

    I had done manicures and pedicures with Shellac and my client’s love’d them.I prefer them more than a set of Acrylics.The glossy finish is perfect.It make my clients happy.So why not try Shellac?

  258. Jill Lazzarini says:

    Wow!Thanks Cnd! My clients are loving Shellac in Springfield MO. Its true Zero dry time! Totally dry, a long lasting manicures with beautiful shine! Best new product of the year! Want to give it a try call me @ 417-849-0258!

  259. Sally says:

    Looking for CND Shellac salon in the RDU area of North Carolina–Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill. Anyone out there?

  260. Karen says:

    CND Shellac IS as promised. I am loving this product. Can’t wait for MORE COLORS.

  261. Nursinrox says:

    I tried the “new” Shellac being offered by my nail salon. The first the time it was peeling before I walked out of the salon. The owner assured me this does not and should not happen with this product, and offered for me to come back and have it done by another staff memeber the next day. 2nd trip on a Friday, nails looked great!!! ( I got the french both times) I was so excited that I would have nice nails for 14 days…well much to my disappointment, the polish started to peel by Sunday!! :( so disappointed. Was wondering if any client or manacurist has run into this problem with the product or anyone have suggestions as to why this happened? The owner says she doesnt know its a new product for them and they have not had it happen. She said she guesses the product just isnt for me…sigh

    • LILA says:

      I`m a manicurist and I work with polish remover and
      my Shellac did not chipped or peel and is not true that Shellac is not for you.
      What I think what happen is those manicurist did not
      know how to apply it, it should be apply very thing
      and properly dry under the CND uv lamp.

      • LILA says:

        Sorry I try to say very thin.
        sorry for my English.

        • qtbern says:

          Hi, I too had the shallac last Saturday, 06/19/10, and by 06/23/10 most of the french tip had started chipping. Today is 06/25/10 and they look horrible. I”m going to call the shop today to see what they will do for me. I like the inital look of them and the concept.

    • Julie says:

      I am sorry to hear this experience went this wrong for you. I am a Nail Tech and have used the Shellac on myself and now several clients. I have not had it peel or crack.

      My suggestion is she is not applying it correctly, not giving it enough UV time, her lamp bulbs may need to be replaced.

      My other suggestion is try locating another place and see how they work for you. But saying this is nt just for you – was not right..

    • Tammy says:

      I am a manicurist and a wearer of the cdn nail lacquer and the product is truely a miracle. It sounds like your technician didn’t clean the nail properly before applying. Nails should be thoroughly cleaned with either pure acetone or pure alcohol to remove any oils left on the nails. I work in montreal and have applied this product on several clients with no problems. Maybe you should look elsewhere because it sounds like they don’t do a proper application. Give it another chance i’m sure you will enjoy it.

  262. Debbie says:

    My clients love the Shellac polish. It lasts and doesn’t chip for up to 14 days. It is amazing. Come see me at Orange Blossom Salon on Vulcan Avenue in Leucadia, California

  263. Jennifer Beaver says:

    I have done many clients with the shellac and so far all but 2 of them love it! It took a while to get the hang of it only because of figuring out that thinner is better. A few customers are going 3 weeks. I love it!!

  264. carol says:

    Will be on my 3rd “shellac-ing” tomorrow…I love it!!In the past, my nails have split and polish would chip a nano second after the application. Not so with this product..Make certain the application is thin, as my first experience bubbled and peeled(which I superglued to “rescue” until I could return to the Spa)(it worked). Long for a wider variety of colors,(anyone have any clue as to when that may happen?) until then I will make do as the ease of application, lack of nail damnage,absolute durability and immediate “drying” is fab!!!

  265. Cara says:

    Does anyone know where I can get this done in the Cedar Hill/DeSoto/Duncanville/Arlington/Grand Prairie, TX area? I really want to try this out, and I read a while back on a comment to this article that a place in Grand Prairie was doing this, but I didn’t write it down like I should have.

  266. carolyn says:

    I too am loving Shellac! I just had my nails done for the 3rd yesterday and I LOVE it! I’ve always enjoyed manicures and even do my own french manicures, but this polish is amazing! I already have strong, healthy nails, but I think Shellac even makes them stronger. My only problem seemed to be the last time I spent the day at the pool with my family and that night one of my nails the polish lifted off. Has anyone else had this happen? Is chlorine bad for Shellac? I am going to Hawaii at the end of July and was looking forward to my shellaced nails on vacation, but now am wondering if they will make it in the pool and ocean for a week. Help!

    • Vickie England says:

      in response to your query… Clorine is generally bad for your skin as well as your nails… after all it is a bleach. It dries out your skin removing precious oil from the epidermis. Some ladies have been able to swim with only the shine becoming dulled. Any polish including SHELLAC is not going to last as long on your nails depending on what kind of chemicals you expose your nails to. Let’s face it, gloves will extend the life of a regular manicure as well as SHELLAC. Good Luck!

  267. Dee says:

    This product is phenomenal I have used it on my toughest clients and the french tips really do last 14 days. I am interested in how other techs are pricing this service both mani & pedi. I have to build in the soak off.
    I am using Shellac in Tulsa at Miss Jackson’s Penthouse Salon 918 742-8224

  268. Rose says:

    I loved the wearability of Shellac, too, but found that the polish thinned out at the tips of my nails over time. Also, my nails did snag or get rough edges, so I had to gently file them on occasion, but polish lasted for 3 weeks. What is the difference between this and gel nails? Does gel harm the nails? Shellac in our area is so much more expensive, so just wondering if gel would be as good. Had no problem removing shellac myself from my nails with remover-soaked cotton balls.

  269. lourdes says:

    im really interested about this new shellac kits.i want to know where can i get this,i live in dublin ireland..

  270. khara says:

    For the record, this is my first nail blog post EVER, even though I am an obsessive reader. Obsessive, I say!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their great reviews of this product! I have been thinking about seeking out the shellac treatment ever since this lovely bomb was dropped on us, and lo-and-behold, the husband and I drove past a sign advertising it today. When I called to find out how much they were charging and found out it was a mere $25, I nearly drove into a ditch. I’ll report back with my review, so cross your well-polished fingers!

  271. Chrisitna says:

    I LOVE Shellac!!! My girlfriend & I bought our own UV lamps & apply it ourselves & have not had a single problem with it. I recommend it completely! No chipping, scratches or peeling.

    Thank you CND!!!

  272. Vickie England says:

    My name is Vickie England I am doing SHELLAC at Phase Three Salon in Encinitas Ca. located at 206 N. Elcamino Real STE B-1 Encinitas Ca 92024. 760-634-0253 is the salon telephone number. I am a licensed Manicurist for 32 years in the nail industry community. I call my business eNails, you can reach me at Phase Three Salon. I would be happy to have any and all ladies interested in SHELLAC contact me. My cell number is 760-519-1579 please leave a mesage.

  273. Christina M says:

    @Christina 6-27-10.
    Wow, I did not know you could do that. Where did you purchase your UV Lamp? That’s actually a fantastic idea. I had my Shellac mani done in Marshmallow. I am going on day 8, have a 3 year old, work full time, type away and absolutely no chipping. I love this stuff! Anyway, let us know if you found an affordable UV lamp. I’d rather splurge on the lamp and the Shellac kit then pay $25 – $40 for each application here in NYC.

  274. Kristin says:

    Does anyone know a Salon in WNY that does this?

    • Beth says:

      I am a nail tech in downtown Buffalo using Shellac. You can reach me at The Spa at Park Lane. 885-2872.

  275. Deborah Alice says:

    I was the first to have the “Shellac” put on my nails at my daughter’s lounge…It was a beautiful red color…I just love it…and it will be the only product I will ever put on my nails again…My daughter is a Creative Grand Master and she swears by this new product…as do I!!!

  276. Rose:
    “Gel” is a very generic term. Any nail product that has a gel consistency and is cured under UV light is called a “gel”. Quality of the actual products and quality of application (technicians experience and level of skill) varies immensely.
    You can’t really compare regular gels to Shellac. Shellac is a hybrid color (has both qualities of gel AND polish). Both services are very different.

    Gels can be used for extending the nails, reconstruction of bitten nails and are a permanent enhancement.

    Shellac is a lasting color. It adds a bit of strength and a LOT of shine to the nails. It really does last 2 weeks (if applied correctly AND cured in a proper lamp- from my own experience I’m telling you that the regular UV lamps do not cure Shellac properly. Shellac might look and feel like it’s cured, but it will not be- you might get chipping etc.)

    Color gels (soak off gels) have been on the market for years now so some might think that Shellac is just cleverly re-named color gel. It’s not. It comes off the nails much easier and I haven’t experienced any drying of the natural nails with continuous use of Shellac.

    Another major difference is that before application of the Shellac the nails don’t have to have shine removed. Before the application of regular (classic) gel the nails have to have shine removed (don’t confuse that with thinned out- that is not necessary).
    The preparation of the nails before Shellac application is the same as prior to a manicure.

    Overall, Shellac is an amazing product!
    I have been using it since the end of April and I have Shellac-ed and re-Shellaced several clients (myself including). It does last 2 weeks on the hands (with normal care) and 4-5+ weeks on the feet.
    Removes in about 10 minutes and it (in my experience) does not dry the nails out.

  277. Darlene says:

    I had a french manicure last Friday evening. By Saturday morning the polish had cracked. I don’t think my nail tech used the Acetone long enough for removal on Saturday so my nails are a mess. I don’t whether to try it again or try another location.

  278. Holly says:

    What is the typical price of a shellac service?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I believe CND suggests 1.5 times a regular manicure cost so it will vary by salon.

  279. Vickie says:

    I really love shellac nails. For years I would spend every Sat. night “doing my nails.” Now I will spend 1 hr. every 2 or 2 1/2 weeks. I have a really good nail tech who is very conscientious about her work. I highly recommend this!

  280. Robyn says:

    Have you seen Axxium by Opi. Same exact concept and have been doing it for the last 6 months. They still file the nail for application for both processes though… Does make the nail thinner.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Yeah that’s my issue with Axxium and the other soak-off gel polishes I’ve read about, the buffing of the nail. I tried CalGel last year and while I loved the look, I hated the removal and buffing.

  281. beveley says:

    I live in the south bay area of California where can I get this done in a nail salon near my home?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Check the salon locator on They have increased their web team support and are adding salons to the list on a daily basis.

  282. Georgie Horn says:

    I’m on day 4 and my nails haven’t chipped at all. Love my new nails and will visit my shellac salon regularly now!

  283. Karen (Not a Waitress) says:

    I went to the Caribbean for 8 days and put my hands through sand, ocean, sand, pools, sand, and dealing with 3 kids on vacation. My CND Wildfire (dead ringer for OPI Big Apple Red) looks as good as the day I put it on. My 12 year old daughter’s Tutti Fruitti looks fantastic too. Can NOT think of a more brutal test and Shellac came through on our natural nails.

  284. cindy mcgraw says:

    Put the new shellac on a friend and in three days it peeled off in a sheet. What did I do wrong? help

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Wow, I’m not sure. I would suggest you contact CND or the supplier you bought it from. Were you trained by someone from CND?

  285. Linda says:

    I had mine done one week ago and they did not last. My salon is still testing the application. I was disappointed. It peeled off easily after one week. It also started to lift at the top edge after four days. I will give it another try when the salon tells me they have perfected the application. I really loved the fact that they dried so quickly. The shine was also very good.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I hope they get it figured out. It’s a shame it didn’t last but at least your salon is trying to make it work.

  286. Felicia says:

    Does anyone know of any Salons that offer Shellac manicures in Orange County, California?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Try the Shellac Locator on They increased their tech support and are updating the database daily.

  287. Julia says:

    Got it done a week ago in central Illinois (only $20 here!). I do wish there were more colors, but it looks pretty good.

    I had one peel off today, though. I’m hard on my nails, so one sacrificial nail is pretty good for me!

  288. jenn says:

    like the concept, but not being able to change my polish every couple of days would drive me nuts. are you able to do nail art with this?

  289. CINDY says:


  290. Michelle says:

    I haven’t tried this but I have used the opi Soak off lacquer. Getting it off was torture. And it did weaken my nails. I believe anything that you have to soak off in acetone has to be a bit damaging to the nail. So I don’t think I will be running to try this.

  291. Bee Haramis says:

    Love the manicure with this product. I wrecked the first manicure, however, because I used “OFF”, which is very, very oily. I surmise that oils aren’t a great thing to expose
    CND Shellac manicured hands to. On my second manicure which was done 7 days ago….no exposure to anything terribly oily…and for the first time in years, my hands look, oh, so nice. Thanx Christen (Secret Garden, Warrenton, VA)

  292. JUNE TOMLINSON says:

    My Shellac lasted just over 3 weeks. Even then only one nail started to chip. Fantastic. Feel naked without it

    • Lindsey says:

      Best stuff ever,huh? I trashed my collection of nail polish, cause a shellac attack is the only way to go!!

  293. Anna says:

    With shellac do you go in and get fills every two weeks? Or do they completelybrermove it and reapply all new polish?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      You have to have it removed and reapplied each time but the removal is so much easier than acrylics. You can’t do fills with Shellac.

      • 30dollardate says:

        Plus, that way you get to change up your colour every two weeks! What’s not to love about it?

        I. Can’t. Wait. to try it!

        I think it arrives in Australia in the next week or so…

        • Cindy says:

          It’s in Port Melbourne at Feeling Smooth – my girlfriend had it done yesterday and I’m going next week – she loves it! I can’t wait!

  294. Adrienne says:

    Can you apply this over acrylic nails?
    Just wondering if the removal of the shellac polish will also breakdown/remove the acrylic.

    • atornado' says:

      since you dont soak off into a bowl, you wont damage the acrylic just make sure you dont leave the cotton longer than 10 minutes.

  295. Lisa says:

    My shellac french manicure lasted for 3 weeks and still looked great! Only reason I had removed was I was also getting a shellac pedicure. It looks great also!

  296. Rebecca says:

    I had shellac done and it cost the same amount as a full set! My nails grew very fast so after a week I have to remove it. They also started doing that irritating lifting at the top and my hair gets caught when I wash my hair etc. This service is great for week+ vacations but its cheaper to get a full set because then you only pay for fills and not the full price each time. I am trying to acetone them off now and its time consuming. But I would do it again. I have never had a french last a week. It usually lasts a day before chipping.

  297. Lisa says:

    I love my Shellac! It has lasted well for 14 days. My only complaint is with cracking. I have on the Cream Puff (white). The cracking started around day 3 and is on four of my nails. The nail tech says it is a combo of my soft nails along with the light color. But I am not convinced of that. Has anyone else experienced any unusual cracking?

    • Rebecca Stark says:

      It gets better the more you have it done. I had problems with the first 2, but the 3rd has been great, not perfect, but better than a traditional manicure!

    • Cindy says:

      Mine is cracking as well and I used the hot pink color. It started cracking the day I went back to the gym which was about day 4.

      • All Lacquered Up says:

        I’m hearing tales that some salons aren’t using the right lamp or correctly applying the product, which is a shame. Did the salon have a CND UV lamp? From what I understand the lamps all have different types of bulbs and if the lamp isn’t powerful enough, the Shellac won’t cure properly.

  298. trina says:

    Not sure about the cracking, but ive had infills for years and years,im finding shellac an alternative or should i say a safe alternative to that ,wouldnt say its cheaper,were all looking for that,but im giving it a go………..

  299. Rebecca Stark says:

    I’ve had 3 shellacs so far. Found that plain, light colors work best for me. The French had problems with the white peeling off. But, the last I had done,Negligee, has lasted going on 3 weeks! I’ve had to file off a few rough edges, but the nail growth is fantastic! They are super strong and healthy. Much better than having to put on top coat every day or 2, risking more dents and flaws. Get rid of those nasty acrylics and go for shellac!

    • Gayle S says:

      Rebecca, I just had my 4th shellac. I love them. I wore acrylics for about 20 yrs and ended up with a couple of damaged nail beds due to the buffing.

      When I had my first shellac my nail tech said to buff off or file any rough edges that came up. The next time when I went in she said she was told not to file or buff the rough edges as it would break the seal on the shellac and cause it to peel off.
      It is so nice to have a nail that actually appears to be mine and stays looking nice for so long.

  300. JS says:

    I don’t do gel-nails, but apply polish directly on my nails. Is Shellac for me? Also, do I need the UV lamp or can I get similar results w/o it?

  301. Kristina says:

    what causes the white to crinkle under UV lamp? I put on a very thin layer.

    • atornado' says:

      you probably have oils remaining on your nails, didnt dry it completely o totally not thin enough!

    • Helen says:

      The lamp may not be the right wattage, or you need to change the lamps b/c it is not working at full strength. If you are using the lamp often the lamps inside needs to be changed at least every 3 months. Or maybe the application is not thin enough. When you apply the first later of the white tip it should be a little see-through. The second layer will make it opaque. The same goes for using all other colors.

  302. Rockin Roni says:

    My Shellacs stayed fresh and new for 24 days at the beach with salt water, suntan lotions, and sun! Only one nail chipped on day 18. My nail tech could not believe how well they held up. We thought about taking a picture after we had removed the polish. My suggestion, put cuticle oil on every night before bed. It helps them from drying out. I have only had nails put on once. My natural nail grows very well, but chipping and breaking has always been an issue. Polish has never stayed on, so clear was the only thing for me until Shellac. I will never have another “normal” manicure. Love the Shellacs!!!

  303. Zoe Maynard says:

    Just looked at your article on Shellac. Slightly disturbed actually. I had this put on my nails at a “ladies evening” a week ago. It’s peeled and chipped and scratched. I wasn’t told how to remove it prior to application. Now I’ve been told I have to go to the salon and pay to have it removed. Is there really no other way to get this stuff off?

    • Dora says:

      No, you can do it at home, you just have to soak them in nail polish remover and with a napkin, after about 10 minutes, rub it off and keep doing it until it is all out

  304. ellen says:

    I would like to try this but only do natural nail manicures due to a bad experience with what was left of my nail after taking off ONE acrylic that was supossed to be a temporaty fix…how is the nail when you remove the shellac?

    • Dora says:

      The nail is fine, it will not damage or soften or thin out. My nails have grown more and are stronger since I started using shellac

      • atornado' says:

        since it doesnt contain formaldehyde and no buffing involved, it actually leaves your nails very strong and smooth enough to follow up with a new shellac application.

  305. pat's styling salon says:

    What steps do you recommend to do removal of shellac while wearing on your own nails? tried gloves but seemed to “roll-off” the color on my nails.Also have question to pedicures how to cut and shape nails that are extremely hard without soaking them first and will that ruin application of shellac during pedicures? Please send response quickly /

  306. Shellacky says:

    I am so excited! I got my first Shellac application today. I went to Isabella Nail Bar in Oakland (Montclair). What a fabulous experience. The staff was welcoming and polite. The Shellac process was no different than getting a regular manicure, with the exception of the UV light between each coat. The polish colors are limited, but I love the color I got. The best part, no dry time. After the last time under the light I was dry. I kept worrying about smudging them, but they were totally dry! Love it so far. I paid $32.

  307. I would like to know if i can purchase the lamp,
    snd polish,so i can do my nails at home?I live far away from the city about 100 miles,this would be convient for me. Thanks

    • Kate says:

      The uv lamp dryer (74.00) and polish (19.49) are on sale on Ebay and Amazon.
      I LOVE my shellac nails! They still look wonderful 7 days later! And they only cost me $15 at Shear Dimensions in Ormond Beach, Florida. No cracking or peeling either.

  308. Suzy Duddleson says:

    hey I have experienced the same with french manicures, the peeling and rolling at the free edge, I know we need to go very thin with each coat, but we need coverage too… Any ideas??? Loving Shellac in Colorado!!! Suzy’s Spray Shack

    • atornado' says:

      you probably not using a very strond uv lamp, you must try curing two nails at a time and proceed with other two nails in the other hand… this way you wont waist time. cure for 2 minutes each coat.

  309. I just love Shalliac, lasts for my customer more than 3 weeks. CND is on back order since June, they are telling my rep. not til the end of August. I need help, running out of base & top coat. Please help, need to buy. Send me a e-mail to….Thanks

  310. Debbie says:

    Has anyone tried painting over Shellac with regular polish? Will it cause it to bubble?


    • atornado' says:

      polish will never blend, and/or dry completely.

      • karen says:

        I had the shellac on my nails for 2 weeks. They were growing very quickly away from the cuticle so I buffed them (medium) and put a Sally Hanson polish over and voila they dried nicely and FAST! I love the shellac nails but the person that applied it buffed my one nail so thin that it split up the center about 1/4 of the way :( so I will use regular nail polish until it grows out a bit and when I get them done again, .. I will try them without the buffing.

        • All Lacquered Up says:

          Make sure you tell your nail tech not to buff with Shellac. Buffing is wrong with this product and its the whole reason I love it. She was not properly trained if she is buffing with Shellac

  311. bajacalla says:

    I had my third Shellac done today, and I am never going back to acrylic full sets. my natural nails & cuticles are problematic, which is why I started acrylics, and I’ve loved the look of a “normal” pretty nail with them. but the downside to acrylics for me was the inflexibility (which means I can’t play my musical instruments) and the toxicity of the soak-off – I have lupus, and the acetone burns my skin and induces a flare-up.

    because I was unable to make a two-week appointment, I had to go 3 weeks this last time, but not only did the Shellac look as great at 21 days, I was able to put a regular polish over it while out of town, for a color change, and was able to remove just the regular polish later without damaging the Shellac. and small nicks in my own nails were easily filed down without damaging the integrity of the Shellac.

    as far as I’m concerned, any additional expense incurred with Shellac is worth it!!

  312. karen says:

    Can anyone tell me if they had a problem with having their nails buffed down too far?

  313. Margret says:

    My Shallac peel off after 4 days all gone!!

  314. Judy says:

    I spent $30 in this manicure and it was horrible. It lasted me a week, as soon as my nails started growing out it chipped off from the back. I wasn’t told there was a special process to take it off. I went back and asked how to get it off and they wanted to charge me ANOTHER $30 to take it off. It was guaranteed for 2 weeks but they wouldn’t honor the guarantee by fixing it. I’d never do this again!

  315. Niki says:

    I went to a Salon to get the shellac manicure before my vacation. This lady totally ruined my nails. The first red flag was when she used the drill to ‘rough’ my nails up prior to putting the polish on. I thought maybe it needed to bond (to my nails). She proceeded to the the french mani. and they looked horrible. I told her there was no way-I was walking out the salon with my nails looking like crap. She then took the drill and “removed” them and then tried to “sell” me on acrylics. It was my first time trying them, so I didn’t know what to expect, but that wasn’t what I expected at all. Stay away from Super Nail Care Studio on West Rd in Houston.

  316. Scooter says:

    We JUST started protocol at the salon where I work for Shellac. Two of our stylists had it done to test it out, and despite the fact that they have their hands in water half the day, I think after two weeks one of them only had two minor chips on the corners, and the other was flawless. I can’t wait until we start actually selling this service.

  317. dawn lanphear says:


    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Dawn I would suggest contacting CND. I don’t have any knowledge of the technical side of Shellac to offer. Sorry.

  318. Christine says:

    I just had my first Shellac manicure and I love it. One woman in the salon was on day 23 and her nails looked like she just had them done except for the area that had grown out at the base. I love the wet look and the fact that they are dry instantly. I think the people that have had cracking or peeling experienced a poor salon prep. If you have any oil on the nail at all it won’t stick. As salons get more experienced with this product I think that will change. Well worth it for me!

  319. Debra says:

    For 15 years I have had french manicures every week on natural nails. They would chip after a few days. With Shellac I am now able to go every 2-3 weeks. It has allowed my 1 flaking nail to completely stop flaking. I have 1 nail that spilts, it not longer splits. I am happy to pay $40. and I remove at home before I go to manicurist by using non acetone remover on a cotton paid, place on the nail, wrap in foil. I let it soak about 10 minutes. I do one hand at a time and it comes right off. Use an orange stick or something that will allow you to peel it off.
    Then just take the residue off like you would regular polish with a cotton ball and polish. This product will change the nail business. At this time the only problem other people are having is the nail tech that is applying it or the availability of the product.
    I have even gardened and used windex on the windows with out huring my nails. I would love to buy stock in this product. I am sure it will change the nail business.

  320. nancy VanSciver says:

    I have had the gel three times and each tme my nails developed larger and larger white spots. The last time the nail was lifting from the nail bed. the nail tech also had the lifting problem and has discontinued use on her own nails. Beware.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Do you know what type of gel she used? There are a lot of gel polishes, gel hybrids and traditional gels on the market. Was she using Shellac or something else?

  321. Mariane says:

    Because my nails peel horribly, I am re-painting them every other day or getting manicures once a week So, imagine my surprise when my nail tech friend grabbed a hold of me and slapped on the Shellac (in the smokin’ hot Red Baroness color). I am going on Day 7 and my nails literally look as shiny and perfect as the day I got them done. This is unheard of for me and I am loving the results.

    My only issue is that I am a die-hard OPI girl, and the color selection of the CND Shellac at this point is pretty slim. Hopefully they’ll add more to their collection!

    • KarenW says:

      Right there with ya Mariane: a dedicated OPI girl myself. But Axxium can’t touch this stuff. LOVE SHELLAC!
      I’m crazy for a perfect manicure and gave it up entirely when my kids were little because I couldn’t touch up every day like I needed. This stuff is as good as promised.

  322. Barbara says:

    I just had n=my third shellac and I love the way it looks and lasts!! I have to travel to get this done…with all the excitement about it I find it hard to believe I can’t find a salon in the Boston Brookline Norwood area?? Anyone know if it will soon catch on in this area??

    • Char says:

      You can go to the cnd website, there you will find a salon locater for salons that offer shellac. There seems to be quite a few in MA…like one in Cambridge, for instance. Some salons might offer it, kind of like a trial run, and not advertise it. The place I went to in RI is not even on the site’s list.

  323. Gabby says:

    I was just wondering what people are paying for the shellac manicures and pedicures????

    • Barbara says:

      I pay $40.00 for a shellac mani…

    • Char says:

      My mom was charged $24, but when i went to the same place a few days later they charged me $20….hopefully it’ll stay within that range (keeping beautifully manicured fingers crossed)

  324. Vicky says:

    I told a co-worker about this article and she immediately made us both an appointment. Before I became a mom I had a million colors of polish and would keep them up, touching them up every other day, etc.

    I LOVE this manicure. Me and the co-worker were still holding our hands in the “manicure” pose, but was assured by our manicurist we didn’t need to be so gentle and she was right!

    My manicure is over a week old and it shines as much as day one. I’ve done dishes, packed for a trip, cleaned out the fish tank twice (including swishing out the gravel, spent long work hours typing and all I have is one minor chip to show (and that was from directly banging my nail on metal gym locker).

    My manicurist was wonderful, told us she’d do touch ups if needed and removals both free. My only complaint is the rather limited colors, which I heard will be updated this fall. Oh, and now I have to budget my money to include this expense, but it’s going to be worth it.

  325. KarenW says:

    I do my own Shellac-ing at home with a light I bought off of Amazon (45watts/2hands) for $60; NOT the official light. I’ve bought the product off of eBay and get weeks of perfect wear.
    Don’t want anyone to think I’m an eBay seller of this stuff because I’m not, but I did have problems with 2 of 3 eBay sellers I used. I’ve noticed on Amazon that the sellers are honest about the fact that when you order Shellac base or top coat you are really just getting in line to get it soon because they don’t have it in stock. But Amazon sellers prices are higher.
    This product is great for home use because it’s as easy as painting your own nails and using cotton balls to soak it off works just fine. Keep in mind I am a dedicated, lifetime DIY girl. Pedicures professionally done, but never mani.

    • Jill says:

      I’ve been searching for a light for myself. I’m a licensed nail tech but want to do my own nails at home. Don’t mind only having one handed dryer but was curious of specs on light to make sure it dries the shellac completely. Is 45watts the minimum wattage necessary or can a 36w work?

  326. WendyB says:

    I’m definitely interested in trying this. For the people who have had problems, this is what I’ve learned from my experiences with Minx (a product I love) — ask the salon if they’ve been trained in the use of the product by the manufacturer. If they are doing in-house training with no help from the manufacturer, they might be a disaster.

  327. Shelly says:

    We have been using this product since May in our Salon in Huntingdon, PA. The feed back is wonderful. I thought I would be the perfect one to try this out on with my hands being in water so much. I had Shellac on for almost 3 weeks. I love the product. The clients are loving it and most of my nail clients are converted to Shellac. Can’t wait to see the new colors in March.

    • Shelly Smith (Styled and Shaped Hair and Nail Trends) says:

      Does anyone know where I can purchase a top and a base coat? I have been trying everywhere and can’t find it?

  328. this product is backordered from CND and cannot be found anywhere at this time except is salons that already have it.

  329. Jennifer says:

    Got my first shellac today after reading this article last week…and I paid the same as a regular mani! $25 bucks is not bad…Now to see if it holds up as long as everyone says since I am super tough on my hands between typing all day long everyday and doing dishes everynight!

  330. Susan G says:

    Just got my second round of Shellac. I am so hooked. My nails look wonderful. They stayed great for 2+weeks. Got one snag but used a file to catch before it spread. I have always been a french manicure girl but hated the fact that the manicure never lasted close to a week!!!! My nails look healthy…this is going to change my life and everyone else I can convince to try it…so much better than Axxium. That stuff can ruin your natural nails.

  331. Darlene says:

    I am a licensed nail tech for four years in Maryland. I have tried everything you can think of on many customers. Acrylic nails has been the only thing that holds up. I have been reading in the nail magazines about the gel polishes. IBD now has come out with Gelac. It is similar to the Shellac. I would love it and I hope it works as well as customers are saying. I ordered colors that I thought my customers would like. I am looking forward to trying it. I am a little concerned about the removal process and if my clients will pay to have it removed. It would be great to work with something that has little to no smell.

  332. josie says:

    Help! I got my first Shellac two weeks ago and am ready to remove it. My nail gal told didn’t tell me anything about removal pads. She just said to use acitone. The Acitone/cottonball is not working well(over 10 minutes for one nail). This is a deal breaker for me!! Any other suggestions?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Are you using pure acetone or does it have additives like moisturizers? Make sure you use pure acetone and that it stays in constant contact with the nail for the full 10 minutes. The acetone should break down the Shellac. Did your tech use any products besides the Shellac base, top and polish on you? Was it just one layer of top coat? It shouldn’t be this difficult to remove. I did it at home.

      • josie says:

        Thanks for your response. I was finally able to take it off. I just felt it should be easier. 10 min for one nail to too long…1 hour & 20 min?? Maybe with the nail pads your were referring to would have made it go quicker?

        • Billie says:

          I had the Shellac done and it basically lasted for 11 days and then I took it off because it was starting to lift from the sides…kinda like picking up plastic, which is how I removed it. It was beautiful though for at least 10 days. Loved it, will do it again. I saw a video on you tube that walked you through the complete application and removal, which was very informative. It said to soak a cottonball with pure acetone and wrap the finger or toe with aluminum foil to keep constant contact. I was gonna do this, but mine peeled/lifted right off like plastic. I am gonna ask the tech about this next time.

        • yas says:

          The salon I went to wrapped the cotton wool ball round the nails with foil – apparently that helps the reaction! It was lef on for 10 minutes. Worked well!

          • Jamie says:

            Acetone evaporates really fast – I suspect that’s why they wrap fingertips in foil (and I thought I read up-thread that they suggest gloves too). That way the acetone can be maintained and stay in contact with the nail. I wonder if you can use regular old nail polish remover, not 100% acetone, if you do the foil+gloves thing? Anyone tried it?

  333. Lisa says:

    I love Shellac and so do all of my clients. They will never go back to acrylic. Not to mention most of my manicure client have switched to Shellac also.

  334. Karen says:

    Does anyone know of a salon in the Seattle WA area providing Shellac? The only ones listed on the CND website are asking $60-$75 for a manicure with soak-off gel lacquer. That is a bit rich for me for a every two week color.

    • tns says:


      Go on Google Maps and search for “nails” and your zipcode. That should bring up a whole list of nail salons near you. Start calling them. The product is now very popular so you should have very little problems finding one that offers Shellac. Pricing depends on how many nail salons are near you and whether it’s a “spa” or a “strip mall” salon. ;)

      FYI: Ask that the salon uses ALL Shellac products; because due to CND’s production issues, you’ll find a lot of mixing of lines so you’re not getting the TRUE Shellac service. If it matters to you, then ask the salon specifically if they use ONLY Shellac top/base coat.

  335. Allergic :-( says:

    You are all so lucky!!! I LOVED my Shellac – but unfortunately my body doesn’t! I am so bummed, because I REALLY LOVED THIS STUFF! Karen – look on Creative’s web site for a salon in Seattle. I was able to pay $30. Please ask how the acetone is disposed of after soaking it off. It is an environmental hazard, and this is the ONLY downside to the product that I can see (other than my unfortunate reaction). I am still a fan…LOVE THIS STUFF.

  336. Jade says:

    I love shellac. I am a Manicurist at a Spa and I have more clientele now that this product has come out. Usually most people will not get manicures because the polish does not last. Well now that has all changed. Also what I really love about shellac is that it covers imperfections that you have, like ridging. They look so smooth.

    Right now we are having problems on getting the base coat. We ordered the shellac base coat about 2 months ago and have not received it yet. We have looked everywhere for it and no one has it. Do you know how long it will be before we see more shellac products. We have a long list of clients waiting and we still havent received it. We want to know what is the hold up?! =)

  337. Susan says:

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in my shellac manicure! I was so excited to try it, because it was my first professional manicure ever. I looked forward for not having to do my nails for two weeks. I didn’t file or prep my nails that week because I was excited to have them professionally done. Well guess what? The salon did NOTHING to prep my nails. They removed polish, but no filing, buffing, cuticle pushing, exfoliating, or moisturizing. Okay, so maybe that’s not part of a regular manicure? They insisted the 4 colors of Shellac they had were the ONLY colors it came in (which I know isn’t true) so I was forced to pick a boring pink. (As if the color selection were not poor enough, they couldn’t even have the whole line) Then they weren’t careful to get all the cotton off my nails before they applied polish. So several of my fingers had bumps dried into them! I always apply my polish flawlessly, so I expected a ton more from a salon. It made me crazy to have less than perfect nails for two weeks!

    I could always overlook those things because they are a fault of the salon, but the product did not impress either. I had Shellac done on a Thursday, and the following Monday I already had chips! Not even 4 days! I can get at least 8 with regular polish. Two of my nails had small but noticeable (to me) chips, and another had a HUGE chip! I don’t want to remove my $40 manicure after only 4 days, so I feel forced to have chipped nails for the entire two weeks. The tips did not wear well either, and looked bad in less than a week. Plus the salon charges an extra $10 to have the polish removed?! Shouldn’t that be included in the $40 I already paid? I feel like I will never get a salon manicure again!

    • Billie says:

      It sounds like your Salon “sucked”. Sorry about the language, but that is ridiculous…leaving cotton stuck to the nail and then painting over it. I would definitely complain to the owner. The tech seemingly was not educated as to the proper application of Shellac. This kind of bad publicity will ruin a good product. I watched a video on application of Shellac on youtube before going to my appointment, so I knew what to expect. She followed it to the letter. I loved my shellac nails and removed them myself and will make another appointment. Also, the salon I went to is a very reputable salon in our area and usually very pricey, but the manicure with Shellac was only $30.00.

  338. Karen Shiner says:

    I have had my fourth set of shellac nails on for three weeks now, and just starting to grow, no peeling no cracking, no problems just great nails even after two weeks in the sun. Only complaint is can we have more colours please….pehaps I will try it has a french manicure next time.

  339. nancy says:

    I had a fill and then the Shellac french. OMG, I went 4 1/2 weeks, they still look fresh.. I got soo many compliments. I am lost without it. I can only find a salon about an hour away. I hope more salons get it. I been telling my local salons about it.

  340. Angela says:

    We got it into the Salon were I work on the gold coast (Beauty on Olsen) and am loving wearing it and doing it on my clients, all the clients I have done are loving it.

  341. Adriana Gutierrez says:

    I use Shellac in my salon,and I have great results,my clients love it, my salon is Happy Nails in north Miami, 305 9474488

  342. Adriana Gutierrez says:

    I use shellac on my clients and they all love it! it stays for twoo weeks, my salon is Happy Nails in North Miami Beach, 305 9474488

  343. Donna says:

    Has anybody have trouble with nails breaking since using Shellac? I think my nails have gotten too hard. I have 2 “stubs” that broke below the white part of my nail. I’ve never had a problem with that before.

  344. Jennifer A says:

    I’ve been using the Shellac for a couple months now, and LOVE it. I just did a few blog posts of my last manicure, with pictures that show then entire process from application to removal. Check it out…

  345. Wendy says:

    I am SO DISAPPOINTED in Shellac! I had a manicure on Friday at a salon with Shellac, and just finished peeling off the entire polish from all 10 nails tonight (Sunday)- all of 4 days later! It lifted at the front of my nails- possibly technique related?- and I could not keep it on any longer. I did not even have to soak in acetone, it peeled right off. I would try it again at a different salon, but I’m not sure it’s all it’s marketed as. Anyone else with this problem?

    • Natalina says:

      So far I absolutely love Shellac. I was very skeptical and assumed that the polish would chip, dull, crack, break…you name it. The first weekend of wear I helped out in a kitchen preparing apricots for jam. This meant cutting, slicing, dicing, etc my nails did not discolor and when I would hit my nails with the knife they didnt scratch/break!
      Two days later we were off to the mountains for a 5 day camping trip which meant lots of scraping around in the dirt. While loading and unloading our goods I would keep checking my nails to see if I had chipped them when I would accidentally hit them into something. NEVER a chip nor a crack–not so much as a blemish. I cannot believe this product lived up to its guarantee. I am on day 17 and other than the growth area my nails are perfect. I thought for sure that the 14 days with no chips would only apply to someone who wasnt putting in as much nail trauma time as I had been.
      I need to go in and get the polish removed –that will be the final “test” to see if the final promise is met–that my nails are not damaged underneath the polish. This stuff rocks. I am anti salon but this is worth it!

    • Wendy says:

      The same thing happened to me, did you get any insight as to why it happened? Did they apply a base coat?

      • Darby says:

        I use Halina’s European Day Spa and mine last for 6 weeks, I have been very very happy. I think the wrong technique was used on you….

      • Tracy says:

        I tried it and it was great for the first 4-5 days. Then it started to lift (by my cuticle) and snag on everything. I couldn’t stand it anymore and had it removed. I tried again at a different salon and the same thing happened but 6 days later. Both used Shellac.

    • Helen says:

      Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear that you did not get the best experience with shellac. I do know that shellac relies on a very meticulous cuticle care and preparation before application of the product.
      1. No finger soaking in a bowl of water because the nail plate will soak up water and moisture, and expand. When the product is put on it will take shape and size of the expanded nail plate, and when the nail dries up and goes back to size but the shellac had already set so it will chop off or peel.
      2. Meticulous cuticle care, with cnd cuticle away (a product made for a dry manicure). The dead skin on the nail plate that is not pushed back properly will make shellac peel.
      3. Proper cleansing of nail plate with a pH balancing agent so there its no oils and moistureon your nail plate.
      4. Perfect polish application so that the product is not bleeding into the cuticle and is not all over the surrounding skin.
      5. Curing lamps needs to have correct wattage.
      6. Any oil or moisturizing application is done after shellac has been applied.
      So if the service is done properly your shellac should stay on nicely.
      P.s. Don’t peel shellac off. Alayer of the nail plate will be peeled of with it. The same goes for all other applications of polish, or artificial nails (gels/acrylics)
      I hope this helps you and you find more success with shellac. All off my clients and I LOVE shellac!!!
      It is a matter of technique.

    • Dot says:

      I had the same problem. I had a manicure on Thursday and by Saturday I had 3 nails peel off — it is just a matter of time before the others follow suit. Mine also lifted on the front of my nail and peeled right off — so disappointed. I think too it may have been the technique used. So I will try another salon again just to see!

    • Jules says:

      Sounds like they didn’t do a very good job prepping your nail bed and the shellac didn’t adhere, I would have went back and demanded a re-do free of charge!

    • S says:

      Did they paint the tips of the nails? I tried it for the first time recently – I used to get gels but didn’t like how think they were. They were very careful to paint the tips, as in the top edges, of the nails and mine are going strong, still shiny and pretty much perfect, though I usually wear very dark, almost black red and they only had bright red or brown. My nails have honestly never looked so gorgeous… if very bright red!

  346. Rena says:


    I have been using it since it came out in May and have had great results with the product… I find that it lasts really well on my nails and I’m very hard on them…



  347. Dawn Rusalov says:

    I was so disappointed to find out Shellac CND is a bust! I went to a Southern California salon listed on their website, but after just six days my nail polish began cracking and chipping off. Once 5 out of 10 nails were chipped, I could peel the rest off just like regular polish, without any damage to my nails. I called the manicurist to complain, but she did nothing. I am going back to getting my nails buffed. I should have known it was too good to be true!

    • Shelly says:

      Dawn, I’m not sure what happened to you, but my Shellac French manicure has given me the best results of any product I have ever tried. I’m at the end of my second week and my nails still look perfect! I honestly think that I could wait three weeks before having Shellac reapplied. Try a different salon. Shellac is the best EVER!!!

    • Karen (Not a Waitress) says:

      Honestly I wouldn’t go back to that salon. I DIY my nails with Shellac and get 2-3 perfect weeks. Just did a french on my mom and my daughter (who is 12 and active) a week and a half ago and both of theirs looks great.

    • Fon says:

      I had done mine twice first time it lasted 5 days, still this was impressive to me, as i have weak nail, went swimming, did laundry etc. My usual nail polish normally last 3-4 days with best care. The second time I went to a salon which belong to the distributor of cnd in Thailand, and wow the technician gave me much smoother cleaner finish and now I am on my 10th days, the rim started to wear out may be at most 12 days or 14 days would be my maximum.
      During my first application I tried on some nail polish over the Shellac and remove with acetone based remover, that could also be the caused for it start peeling. I could peel all 10 fingers with little thin layer of my nail coming out with it. I suggest you go to a new salon if they apply really thin layer and non are touching your cuticle or side, and done the rim well, then they are likely better place.

    • Nancy says:

      Any complaints about this product HAS to be because the nail tech did not apply it correctly. Shellac nail products are the best for natural nails and last 2 weeks or longer. The only reason I have my nails done in 2 weeks is because of nail growth. I have had 3 manicures with this product and it is the best my nails have looked in 4 years since I stopped getting acrylic nails. I developed allergies to all acrylic nail products and have had NO reaction at all in 6 weeks to the Shellac.
      My nails are long and grow beautifully now. No breaking!!
      It is worth every penny to try this. All the complaints have to be due to improperly applied product by the technician. The manicure MUST be done DRY!!!

    • Sandi says:

      @ dawn, your nails must not of been prep properly. Shellac Rocks. I have been using Shellac in my Salon for 5 months and the only time I have a problem it is because the nails were not prep properly. Go to a different Salon or go back to where you had it done and insist on a new appt.

  348. Holly W says:

    When applied properly, this product absolutely will last two weeks! Some clients can go even longer. I am in Plano, Tx at Parker/Custer–call for an appt. 214-924-9743 (holly w.)

    • mistey Moore says:

      Hey ! Could I come sit in an watch you apply Shellac ? Im in Mckinney and just now have been able to purchase Shellac !How do you do there manicure ? I offer Parffin manicures and use a scrub, would I just stop doing that to my shellac clients?

  349. Kenzie says:

    I haven’t heard of this product, but I’m so glad I found it! When we stay up in the mountains over Christmas break, I always feel like my nails chip in like three days! I would love to have something I can do myself that will (really) stay for two weeks! Can’t wait to try it, what a great review.

  350. We offer Shallac CND manicures at Molecule Salon located in 1800 m st nw Washington D.C 20036 call to book a appointment with Marcela at (202)822-1588 forget about chiped nails.

  351. I loved this product. It kept my nails looking great for 2 weeks easily. Went mountain climbing with my husband and when I came back I didn’t even need to reapply lol

  352. Debbie W says:

    I was happy with my nails, at first, the Shellac did last over 2 weeks and stayed glossy. My problem was in removal. The salon that sold it to me didnt mention any special removal. When I was ready to have my nails redone I went to a different salon. One that apparently hadn’t heard of Shellac. They asssured me gel was only for acrylics and that the only way to get it off was with their electric file. Thinking I had been let astray by the other salon, I let them file it off. Now my usually nice natural nails are a mess. I went to the original shop who, of course, denied any wrong doing, only saying I should have come back to them. I would have if I’d been made aware. Now I’m going to have messed up nails for months. ):

    • Lindsay says:

      Honestly, that’s not a problem with the product. The second salon didn’t know about the proper removal. I can’t say it’s their *fault* since it’s a pretty new thing, but it could have been removed properly at the first salon, it sounds like.

  353. Nina says:

    Will Shellac not work to its full potential if my nails are soft,cracked,or damaged?

    • Karen (Not a Waitress) says:

      the literature says it works best on healthy solid nails, but it does make mine stronger. It would be worth a try to find a salon.

    • Alison says:

      I have extremely soft nails and any product damages my natural nail. Shellac is no exception because it is stronger than my nails, so it came off with the top layer(s)of my nail :(

  354. Pam Tyner says:

    I have my first Shellac manicure in West Chester, OH while there visiting family. It lasted beautifully for 3 weeks, with no chips, fading, peeling. I am from South Carolina so it took me a little while to find a salon near me, but I found Anna Gails Nails in Taylors and have had 2 manicures with Gail in the last 4 weeks. This is amazing polish. It lasts and lasts, doesn’t get dull, doesn’t hurt my natural nails. In fact, i haven’t broken, torn, or chipped a nail in months! What I love more than anything is leaving the salon with perfectly dry nails that stay as glossy on day 15 as they were on day 1.

  355. Amy says:

    I love Shellac, too…but as a nail tech I am furious that I can’t get the top coat to go with ALL the colors that I purchased. I did some research and IBD is coming out with their own line called “Gellac” or something similar to the Shellac.

    This product will revolutionize the nail industry! It’s THAT good. If your product is peeling, your nail tech didn’t do the proper technique. Many are scarfing up the product without reading the directions and assuming it’s like any other gel application. It’s not. The timing under the lights is different for the basecoat, polish, and topcoats!

    Keep your fingers crossed we can get more top coat soon!!

  356. Myrto says:

    It peeled off right away and is too expensive to get it done all the time. Not many nail salons have it or know how to apply it, so it’s difficult to maintain when you’re on the move. They need more colors. I think it’s not the great find people are assuming. I’d probably only do it if I knew I was going someplace for a week or more and wouldn’t have the option of getting a regular mani/pedi where I’m going. Also, THE DARK COLORS STAIN WORSE THAN Regular polish

  357. Jamie Curtins says:

    GELISH !! Has anyone tried this??
    i have had on my nails for THREE weeks… and they have FORTY EIGHT colours with even more by the end of the year…
    And an LED lamp that dries in seconds ???!!!!

    AMAZING !!!

  358. Nicole says:

    It’s week 3 for me- and I just got my first chip [I went swimming in a pool]. Sure you can see that my nails grew, but they still look shiny and sleek like a brand new car.
    I’ve told all my coworkers “once you shellac… you’ll never go back.” Uh-huh.

    I’ve been meaning to look- but can you mix shellac colors, since there is such a limited number of colors right now….

  359. Holly says:

    Gelish rocks! I offer both Shellac and Gelish at my studio in Plano TX–but to be honest, I end up doing Gelish more often! The 48 colors are beautiful, and the product itself is very durable. Don’t get me wrong, I love shellac too, but “more is more” in my opinion, and there’s room enough for two great products! Call for an appt–214-924-9743 (Holly)

  360. Courtney says:


    I’m about the have a shellac attack!! I can’t believe its been 11 days I’ve moved boxes (serious retail store moving) and just got my first chip yesterday (you can BARELY tell) I dropped a weighted plate (from bodypump class) on my nail and it didn’t even break, just slight wear in the corner but after dropping a weighted plate on my middle finger and a moving and working out 4 to 5 days a week with weights (I’m really rough on my nails) I have found the solution! Shellac is definitely where it’s at! I’m going to get mine removed (only because I’m eager to try french and my manicurist is going on vacation) and I can’t believe that with all the abuse I’ve been doing to my nails they look just as perfect as day 1! (minus the dropped weight plate of course!)

    J’adore Shellac!!!

  361. Alice says:

    I like that, “Once you Shellac, You’ll never go back!” And it’s true as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had Great experience with Shellac. But I am concerned about a couple of things. One: I’ve heard that the LED light for curing is being questioned as far as safety, whichever safety they are questioning and may remove from the market. So how safe is that lamp on your skin and nails. Two: How safe is the Shellac to you nails? Any long lasting damage like acrylic nails and such? Third: My nail salon is out of some of the major products like the top coat and won’t get it until November. What is that all about? How can that happen? Any reason and comments on that? The company who makes this product should be prepared and well stocked and should offer a discount for this happening. That’s it! I’ll be looking forward to a response. Thank you and have a Safe Labor Day!

    • cre8ivnails says:

      I get emails from CND almost weekly apologizing for the shortage in the top coat. They were just overwhelmed in demand and are working at trying to fill all orders.

  362. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve become an instant Shellac fan! I have great nails & they look great when polished, but with 2 kids, a career and a generally busy NYC life — manicures weren’t happening too often (even though I do a pretty good job AND in NY we have a nail salon on almost every corner). Inevitably, something in my real life ruined the manicure.

    On August 20th, the day before our vacation — I treated myself to a Shellac manicure.

    Amazing. Although I didn’t mean it to be a test — in retrospect, it was and Shellac passed with flying colors. The manicure stayed great looking (and no nails broke) while I:

    1. Shopped at Costco (by myself);
    2. Loaded 4 bicycles onto our car bicycle rack;
    3. Packed & Loaded & Unloaded the car (several times);
    4. Took a family sailing lesson (including rigging the boats & pulling them in and out of the water);
    5. Kayaked (same deal with kayaks in and out of the water);
    6. Cracked lobsters, opened mussels and clams (we were in Maine);
    7. Pried open scrapbooking brads (small metal tacks) — I actually used my nails to pry the 2 small metal fastener prongs apart!;
    8. Glued all kinds of scrapbooking items (and cleaned up messy gluework with my nails);
    9. Played family games in pools & lakes, including water slides; and
    10. Worked out at the gym, including lifting weights.

    Only “problems”:
    – At some point, more than a week into the manicure — something I did scratched the Shellac, so I have a small scratch in one nail (it might have been a lobster shell. . .)
    – A couple days ago, I developed a small chip on the side of my right thumb (I think I did something that chipped the nail under the Shellac).

    For me, that’s pretty amazing. I put my hands through a really tough 2+ weeks. I think Shellac kept some nails from breaking. There were moments I looked at my nails and couldn’t believe my nails hadn’t broken (and still looked great).

    In short, I used my hands without a thought for the manicure. Today, the manicure still looks shiny & great (although a little outgrown) and my nails are longer and ready for a back-to-work polish.

    I highly recommend Michelle at Oasis Spa in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I think the salon/manicurist must matter.

    My current dilemma – it’s Labor Day and I want my old manicure taken off today and I don’t know of a neighborhood place that does this. It’s not a big dilemma, b/c my nails look fine and can wait until I get back to Dobbs Ferry or to a mid-town salon.

    Supply may be an issue. They were out of a French manicure color, so I opted for a solid color.

    I don’t know whether health is a concern. I’ll read up.

    I tried it once and it IS the most incredible manicure I’ve ever had. I’m not a nail fanatic, but I was so impressed I wanted to share my excellent experience with others.

    Try it once and put it through the works.

    • Young Lee says:

      come visit us

      Nail by Young
      165 w 72nd st 2fl
      New York. Ny 10023

      We do offer shellac manicure for $35 and shellac pedicure for $45. If you get mani and pedi together we charge $75 for both.

  363. Maddie says:

    I just got Shellac yesterday, and am so far very impressed with the results. *However* the manicurist I had wasn’t very good, so on some nails the polish is bubbly at the end and unevenly applied (not terribly, but I notice it and it kinda pisses me off given the amount I paid (which i think was overpriced – i’ve heard of Shellac manicures being at least $10-15 cheaper than at this salon). The awesomeness of Shellac does not make up for a crappy manicurist. if you get a manicurist who doesn’t care to apply a perfect polish then the results aren’t as good. I think the Shellac product is *amazing* , but will definitely going to another salon!

    • Maddie says:

      definitely *be* going to another salon, i meant :) Has anyone tried the Axxim brand (that is similar to Shellac i’ve heard)? What was your experience with it? Do you prefer Shellac?

      • Karen (Not a Waitress) says:

        I definitely prefer Shellac even though I LOVE OPI. The Axxium is put on with a separate brush so there is more mess and more waste. BUT the main/best difference is on the soak off time. I think you’ll hear lots of woman say that the soak off with Axxium is 45 min plus and you still end up grinding some off and damaging your natural nails. 15 really will get all of the Shellac off.
        I would go back and get yours fixed. I know, more time. ug.

      • Nancy says:

        Axxium lifted terribly for me. After 4 tries. It is hard to soak off and my nails were damaged after the nexxium was removed like they were after my acrylic nails were soaked off. The SHELLAC is where it is AT! Terrific product…. just get a great nail tech and you will have great nails. Most salons over price the shellac though… I found a shop that is very fair.
        The nail tech charges for a basic manicure and adds 5.00 extra for the Shellac.All three times my nails came out perfact and lasted a long time.

  364. Sabrina says:

    I have tried Shellac twice now and both times disappointed.
    First time I did it on a Saturday and it started coming off by the Wednesday.
    Secondary time, same day I could see cracks in the white polish of the french manicure and I new this would not last again. By Wednesday the majority of the nails started peeling.

    Very disappointed.

  365. I went and had my nails done at VIP Salon and Spa in Riverview Michigan with Shellac and the results were simply amazing, the staff knew exactly what they were doing. Thanks so much VIP Salon And Spa

  366. Dorothy Friesen says:

    I had my nails done with Shellac last Thursday. Cost $56. Cdn$. Plus tip. By Monday they were starting to lift off and I ended up pulling them all off. Complete waste of money. I will go back to gels with extensions. They last up to a month.

    No – I didn’t go swimming or do anything unusual with my hands over the weekend.

    • Karen says:

      bad prep. This stuff is the bomb diggety. I’m sorry you paid so much for a lousy experience, but I’d bet money it was bad prep and not the product.

    • Jill Jones says:

      I think that if you have been used to the strength of acrylic then you may be used to using your hands in a heavier manner. Shellac does not claim to be as strong as acrylic and therefore you need to respect your nails when Shellac has been applied. If you care for your nails i.e. apply oil daily, wear rubber gloves and don’t use them as tools then Shellac lives up to its great reputation. In my opinion if you pull product off your nails then perhaps the gel extensions you had last time were also pulled off leaving your nails in a weak condition. If any of the above apply then that will be your answer.

      • Jamie says:

        I’ve never had acrylics, I’m terribly hard on my hands, and I loved my (not incredibly well-applied, I think – a little streaky in spots, not applied all the way to the cuticle, and after soaking my hands) Shellac manicure just before Christmas. It lasted about 10 rough days, even on me, the non-glove-wearing, cuticle-oil-forgetting, bathroom-cleaning, nails-are-nature’s-tools-philosophizing nail ogre. I’m definitely going to use this method (from a different salon from the one I went to the first time) whenever I need a manicure that’s got to LAST.

        My usual salon manicures might make it to the car. Sometimes not even that far. So I stopped going to salons and started DYI’ing. But that pre-Christmas Shellac manicure was pretty much everything I’d hoped it’d be.

  367. Suzanne says:

    Halina Day Spa in Round Rock knows how to do this! I’ve had it put on twice and love it. The cost is about $40 plus tip.

  368. Laura says:

    Adding my voice to Shellac converts. L-O-V-E it! The first manicure lasted 2 weeks beautifully. One tiny chip on the inside corner of my left thumbnail because the nail caught and broke. But that’s it. Today, had a fresh Shellac done in a dark cocoa brown (perfect for autumn).

    I want to offer 1 suggestion: when you put your hands under the UV light to cure, make sure your fingers are positioned nice and straight for the most surface exposure to the light. If you tilt or angle your fingers at all, the edge of your nails (particularly the pinky nail) may not cure properly. I speak from experience on this – happened to me today. My manicurist had to re-do my right hand pinky nail.

    Oh, one more suggestion, since the thumb is hard to get under the light with the other four – try putting opposite thumb & fingers under the light together. That works well.

  369. Cathy in GA says:

    I have my first appointment to have my nails Shellaced in a couple of weeks… I currently have acrylic on my nails and intend to soak the acrylic off at my appointment. Where the nails need to be DRY…is this a good idea? Should I anticipate the Shellac product to “peel off”?

    • Sandi says:

      Cathy, Don’t soak your nails off. WE file the Acrylics down, thin & shorten the nails. We then apply Shellac to grow out the acrylic nails. It seems to be the best way without trashing the nails. Good Luck

  370. Nails by Meka says:

    Luv Shellac!! As a nail tech I Shellac myself, it lasts at least 2 weeks on me, even with me providing other hands on nail services(acrylics, manis, pedis, filing, drilling, etc)!! Can’t stand Axxiom! Come & get Shellac-ed with me at: Hair Cafe 3964 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, Oh 44121, 216.355.8989!!!

  371. Merrie says:

    I love Shellac. I have been using for about 4 months now. I had Shellac french manicure done the first 2 times and now have used 3 colors. I only go back every 3 weeks because it lasts that long. The right application will keep it on longer. And remember when washing dishes to use gloves. It really helps to keep it on. My nails are stronger and are longer than they have been in years. I really think the extra cost is worth it. Regular manicures start coming off in a few days. But 3 weeks with Shellac. It’s amazing.

    • cathy sciarrone says:

      hi, i have worked with the axxium color gels ,although they stay great….they are a pain to get off ! I feel they destroy the nail ! Is this shellac product easily removed for the next applicatiom ? What is the best way to remove it, for thje next application ?

  372. Carol Palinkas says:

    I’m confused as to exactly what Shellac is, exactly. Is it merely a polish that lasts a long time, or is it more of a gel-type nail? I wore acrylics for years, and now I have extremely weak, brittle nails that break if you breathe on them. Will Shellac be a good product for me?

    • Dee says:

      It’s a polish-gel hybrid, from what I understand. There’s no filing of the nail for removal of the product (they use pads soaked with acetone and in ten minutes the product comes off), so it’s so much better for your nails.

      The only nails that don’t do well with the product (from what I’ve heard) are nails that peel. If your regular nails peel, you may have issues. Mine are weak as can be, and used to break all the time, but with the Shellac they seem a lot stronger.

  373. shawnda says:

    Just got my first shellac manicure super excited! i’m a nurse and wash my hands alot hoping to get 3 weeks out of this…I went to Refresh Salon in Escondido CA cost was $30

    • Karen says:

      LUCKY. I’m from SoCal and when I’m there I love getting mani pedi for me and my daugther. HALF of what I pay out here in middle of nowhere. ENJOY! I bet it will work out for you and you will LOVE having painted nails again.

  374. Karen says:

    So FEDORA! I have waited to use this, and today I put it on and experienced the “wrinkle” effect others have talked about. Is it the heavily pigmented colors like white that you need to look out for? No harm done, soaked it off like a dream and redid those fingers. Just curious because I haven’t had this happen to me yet.

    • Jill Jones says:

      This is because you are applying the shellac too thick. You need to apply it thin “think thin to win”. All the colours will wrinkle if applied incorrectly not just Fedora. Hope this helps

  375. raisa says:

    what different between Jessica gel and Shellac.Has anyone tried Jessica gel?

    • Jill Jones says:

      My client tested both Shellac and Gelish. She preferred Shellac because it stays put better than Gelish. I thought that Gelish had more of a gel look and a bit see through whereas Shellac looks like varnish and is not transparant. Soaking off Gelish is not easy it took me twice as long as Shellac because I think you need to remove/score the top coat prior to soak off whereas with Shellac you don’t.

  376. samantha says:

    Ive been a nail tech for 18 yrs and and stopped doing nails 2 yrs ago (kids) i just got my first shellac manicure 9 days ago took my acrylics off and my nails look perfect!!! I have 2 boys so i do laundry wash dishes give baths etc!!!!! Im hooked the only sign is the grow out i love this stuff!!!!

    • Kristina says:

      I just took my acrylics off and I cant wait to try the Shellac, how long did you have to wait to get shellac done after taking off your acrylics?

  377. Linda says:

    The first time I had my nails done, I was daring and had a French. I never do that because it doesn’t last, however this lasted 14 days and I did everything and anything I needed to . The next time I went red very different for me. I love this product and would never go back to a regular manicure. I also had it done in two different salons. This is the best thing to come along for nails in a long time.!!!!!!

  378. rachel says:

    Love the Shellac! Last 16 days and looked amazing! I definitely want to do it again BUT I hated the removal! It left my nails feeling rough and the tech needed to buff them after all to smooth them out. Seemed like a lot of scraping and damage to the nail plate even after soaking with the pads for about 15 minutes.

    Is there a better way to remove it?

  379. Bobby says:

    For all of you that have had a bad experience it is because of the prep and probably the application was done wrong. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that you have to cap the freeedge of the nail. That is one of the most important steps it seals the shellac in. Those of you that had it chip or crack from the front this may be your problem. It’s not fair to rate a perfectly good product bad when the blame should be directed at your nail tech. It’s a newer product and it will take time for everybody to get used to applying it. Only down fall right now is the small variety of colors CND needs to step it up because it’s compititors like GELISH and GELERATION offer 36 colors plus. It’s suck that my salon is contracted through cnd so we can’t buy other gel/polish hybrids.

    • Killion says:

      just did my nails in Wildfire, and agree about the selection. I looked at the limited colors and got a little depressed. I am in LOOOOVE with this stuff, but for a junky like me to be so limited………sigh

  380. Sandra says:

    Shellac is the best!!!! I work at Hair Industry in Hollywood, FL. (954) 920-8220. We have all the colors, base/top coat and the Shellac Lamp. All issues are because of use of other lamps, not prepping nail properly and how it is applied. We have clients going from 2 to 3 wks or longer! Only down fall is not enough colors to choose from at the moment. Hopefully CND will step it up soon!!!!!

  381. Jodie Bauman says:

    I am a nail tech and have been for eleven years. This product is good if done correctly, but the client needs to allow the tech to do the job. Had a lady come in and refused to allow the tech to do all the steps. She said she read about it online and new how the process was done. The tech was new and did not stand up for herself or the product. The polish did not stay on.

  382. raisa says:

    Our salon just get Shellac!I LOVE IT! 754 234 1334

  383. kim says:

    I tried shillac and after I cured my nails they were sticky any suggestions

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      The nails have to be wiped with alcohol after the top coat is cured. If your nail tech doesn’t know that she hasn’t been properly trained.

  384. Codou says:

    I AM MADLY in LOVE with SHELLAC!! Not only as a nail tech but as a client (Im wearing two layers of negligee)! All our clients love it and not having to etch the nail leads to healthier nails!! I work at Leidan Mitchell Salon and Spa in Chandler AZ Call or Text for appts or any info 4803980537

  385. adison abernathy says:

    my mom is a nail technician and she put the shellac on me because i was her test dummy to she if she could do it and we both ended up loving it. also my mom layered her own color that u did not have on your list and it looks great it is the mixture of fedora and red baroness.

  386. Shawnee says:

    I’m a nail tech n just hearing about Shellac. I’m just wondering if my clients wearing acrylic nails can take them off and put on Shellac all on the same day?

  387. Kukana says:

    I had my first Shellacing 11 days ago and still LOVING it. Except for nail growth (mine grow like weeds) it looks perfect. I think if you are having problems, the tech is not doing it properly. Mine said you cannot have one iota of skin/nail dust, ect. on the nail or it will life and that coats have to be thinner than with regular polish. It takes some technique.

  388. Cheryl says:

    I have had 2 salon Shellac manicures and absolutely loved it. I then decided to DIY and am disappointed as my nails finished off sticky. Does anyone know what could have happened? Was it preparation or maybe the UV lamp not strong enough. Do I need a special Shellac lamp?

  389. stephanie says:

    I work at a salon where we offer shellac and I see that a lot of people are having “peeling” and “chipping” problems. I don’t think that the techs are applying the polish right, and maybe having you soak in manicure bowls like a normal manicure, when your not suppose to. It is a red flag if they have you do that. Also they could be using the wrong lamps. Shellac is an amazing product and should last you 2+ weeks! Good luck everyone with shellac!

  390. Suzanne says:

    I am a piano teacher and have NEVER found a polish that would last on my nails. Even with them being short, the polish would chip after one day of playing. I got my nails done with Shellac over 2 weeks ago, and I have yet to even see a chip. I also have an 18 month old at home, so my hands are constantly changing diapers, being washed, wear and tear from toys. I gardened for an hour today, with no gloves…NOT one scratch, chip, or flake.

  391. Jennifer says:

    Love Shellac – done at tribecca salon on Sanibel, FL. On second manicure and I am hooked. No wear issues, no breakage and no damage. Not thrilled with the colors, but Cheryl is trying to layer the colors for me and is bringing in the black color for halloween. For a former gel nail fan, I love the product and have recommended it to two friends….

    Try it – it is great.

  392. Helen N says:

    I have had my Shellac on for 10 days and love it! My nails grow quick so 2 weeks will be max for me. I don’t see how people are having issues, I think it’s the technique used.

  393. Melissah says:

    I tried the shellac several times and it just did not stay on! Not sure what all the fuss is about as my nails underneath are now in shocking condition and still recovering after the last application over 2 months ago. NOT A FAN AT ALL!!

    • Laura Stanlake says:

      I have the worst possible nails. I work constantly with my hands as a caregiver, keyboarding on the computer and playing the guitar. I’m guessing it is not being applied correctly UV curing or right applications. Try again somewhere else. My paper thin nails with fray and chip are flawless 3 weeks later. (I got sick and didn’t have them done yet.)

  394. Butterfly says:

    Doing my research, just ordered shellac nails and the colors that were available ( not many) This is my concern, after all the reviews I have read does it make a difference what UV light you use as long as its a 35 Watt? I have been told You pay for the CND name on their lamp. Any 35UV lamp will do. So I found one for 49.95 verses 129.95(CND). Can anyone help with this. All the reviews that say CND Lamp work for the company. I will spend the money if I need too. I want to do it right :)

    • LuvMyNails! says:

      Hello Butterfly,

      I also had a concern with not purchasing the CND lamp, but was told it should be fine. I’ve been doing my own CND mani/pedi’s for about 3 months now with my less expensive UV light and all is GREAT! My theory is no matter how expensive or cheap a lamp is it will still light up a light bulb! Hope you are enjoying your Shellac experience, I think this is the best nail product EVER!

    • TXGirl says:

      The salon I go to uses a regular lamp and my nails are perfect!

    • Kristine says:

      Use any 36 watt uv light…make sure you up the time to 2 mintues for darker colrs and coat those tips each layer…keep back-up bulbs ready to go.
      I found an exact replica without the CND name on it for $49!!! Works great!

  395. Linda says:

    I have been using shallac for 3 momths & my last application was on Sept25th for my hols in the sun Ihad a bright coral colour & guess what today is October 20th I am have an appointment to have them re done I think they are fab

  396. Carmen says:

    I have been using shellac now for a month or so and LOVE it.All my clients does also won’t go back to regular polish. Hope they come out with new great colors soon. BIG BIG BIG FAN LOVE IT

  397. kathrine says:

    I have done it once and LOVE it! I will say that I had it done before my baby’s first birthday which was right at the 10 day mark. After washing dishes and cleaning a couple of the nails were in bad shape. I think that was an extreme case, but thought it is nice to know that in normal circumstances the polish held up great but with extreme wear and use my nails struggled.

  398. Nancy B says:

    I’m on my second application of CND shellac. When I had my first no-chip manicure done on October 6, I was impressed that my nails were dry before she started the hand massage! With CND, no more paying before the polish goes on. However, I became sceptical for a few reasons. One, she didn’t apply the polish all the way to my cuticles and I had visible nail growth gaps within 2 days. This detracted a little from the lovely shine and lack of chips. When I showed friends my no-chip nails, there were some oohs and aahs but also a stark warning: If it starts to come loose, DO NOT PICK or you will damage your nails. So, I didn’t pick. 2

  399. Nicole says:

    LOVE SHELLAC! I am a nail tech and I am in love with this product, there is nothing out there like it. If you had a problem with shellac damaging your nails or not staying on, you need to find a new nail tech because I have not got one complaint and I wear them myself and they are amazing!

    • lana davis says:

      Hello, Mmaybe you can help me/ I have been doing shellac for a month now and I am having a little prob with it peeling. especailly on the tips of the nails and sometimes on the back side help please

  400. Tev says:

    Just had the Shellac applied yesterday and no chips. Usually by the end of the first day the tips of my nails are showing white, NOTHING stays on my nails no matter what so I’m very pleased. I have been waiting for this for years and really don’t know why it took so long. I’ll never go back to a regular manicure and hope this will help the damage acrylics did. Removed them almost a year ago and my nails are in such bad condition I thought I would never have pretty nails again. Just hope they will be able to come out with new colors occasionally.

  401. Jane says:

    I like shellac, but it keeps chipping. I don’t like an opaque look, so my tech only applies one coat of color and then one coat of the clear. Should she apply two coats of the sealer? Would that make a difference?

    • Kristine says:

      Chipping? She better check her prep work…If you need more strength have her apply a clear gel coat over the base before your one color coat. Make sure you treat your nails like jewels not tools…..

  402. Sandra says:

    I am in love with this!! I used to waste and I mean WASTE money on manicures that would last one day and now…I couldn’t be happier. I got mine done at Happy Nails in North Miami Beach by the owner of the Salon. My nails look fab, shiny and most importantly, CHIP FREE!!!!

  403. Barb says:

    Had my first shellac manicure back in July 2010, loved it! Went on vacation, swam, went to the beach, came home did house work, still no chips! The closest salon I could find was a 30 minute drive away so I started looking for a place closer. Big mistake! The place I went 2 (twice) filed the tops of my nails and did not do the manicure before applying the polish. The second time I went the girl was setting up the electric filing torture tool, I told her I absolutely did not want that. I told her that I thought there was a very specific way this polish was to be applied and she told me that when one is a professional of her caliber one can figure out how to do it. NOT. By the way, they also charge $10 more! I loved my original Shellac manicure, do not be taken in my imitators and those who take short cuts. I have since found a salon closer to home and will be calling to check it out tomorrow. I found them on the CND website so I am hoping they are properly trained.

  404. raisa says:

    do you have more ideas to play with layering shellac?

  405. becky says:

    I got a mani and pedi on a cruise over a month ago and I am still blown away!!! My nails, under the polish, are the longest they have been in years, and, my pedicure is still PERFECT!!! It is definitely time for a new mani…don’t know where I’ll get it, as I live in Mexico, but, I love Shellac! Melissa, all I can say is that you must have had a manicurist who did not know what she was doing! I have gardened, washed dishes, done it all…still ravishing!

  406. Katie says:

    Love it – lasts almost 3 weeks and even then they look fantastic it is just the spacing from where the nail polish was originially applied to my cuticle that makes me go back – gap. Started off with Fedora (favorite) now I have the Red (which is gorgeous) – hoping for more colors as pale colors do not look good on me and I am not a pink girl!

  407. Kimberly says:

    I am considering going from gel nails to Shellac. Looking for a bit of insight on how nails will hold up (will they be too thin and break?) I am planning on removing the gel at home the night before bu soaking them in acetone – does anyone have a better suggestion? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kimberly,
      If your salon offers both the best way is to thin out the classic gel (hard gel) and apply Shellac on top. Later the shellac will soak off you natural nail but will be buffed off the gel.
      Continue till all the gel grows off. (Keep your nails short-er.)

      Another way is to remove classic gel GENTLY by filing if off first with a courser file then (closer to the natural nail) fine file.
      Then proceede with Shellac.

      Don’t (or let anyone) pick the gel off! Shellac will not adhere that well to a damaged nail.

  408. Patti says:

    I have a 45 Watt UV light made by Ikonna. It is for curing gels. Will this work? I’ve heard you have to have a “special” light as just any UV light won’t work.

    Can anyone help me with an answer to this question? Thanks!

  409. PS. Not all gels soak off. In fact most of them don’t. They usually have to be filed off.
    Do you know what brand of gel you have?

  410. Patti,
    Each gel cures with a specific UV lamp.
    Most of the gels on the market cure with 9 watt bulb.
    The curing of the gels is very important to prevent allergy (overexposure) issues and to get proper lasting results. Gel that is not cured properly will peel and break and overcured gel might yellow and become brittle.

    • sheryl says:

      I have the PNI 9-watt lamp. How do I get the CND Shellac to cure? Do I need to cure each step longer? Help!

  411. Diana says:

    I have been doing nails for 12 years now. I have lucky to work with this line for almost 7 months. My clients are hooked and so am I. If your nail tech knows about the product you will love it. If you have problem nails to start, this is not for you.

  412. Angela says:

    I assume you can only purchase the system if you are a licensed salon?

    • Julie says:

      I bought everything from Amazon. The lamps come in a variety of sizes and costs. I have no nail or hair license.

  413. Suzy Duddleson says:

    Have a question, I have one client with Shellac and her nails have white clouds in the nail bed, is this an injury or is she reacting to the shellac or acetone? I do soak off w/ a orangewood stick,hate those finger diapers, but if I have to use them for her nails can do…

  414. les says:

    tried some other brands of soak off gel, but want to try cnd shellac. findin it hard to get any one to sell it to me. tried usa site apparently they cant sent top coat to my address, not sure what that is about. Seems to be the best product from what i have read on the net, really want to try it. Any help would appreciated . Im based in uk .


  415. Anne Dixon says:

    WARNING – I love the shellac, I have had them done about 5 times now BUT now my nails are brittle, splitting, breaking and very very thin. Have them off at the minute to try get my nails in good order again.

  416. Indra says:

    to whom it may concern ,i am in the process of opening my dayspa and i would like to know where i can purchase your shellac nail system i am a nail tec.
    please contact me with the info
    Thank you

  417. Indra says:

    i like the shellac product and i look forward on your favourable respond
    thank you

  418. Leah Palhegyi says:

    The Rose of Sharon Salon
    101 E. Redlands Blvd. Suite 101
    Redlands, Ca 92373
    909 913 1578

    Ask for Leah

    Now offering CND Shellac! We have all CND Shellac Colors. Servicing the Inland Empire!

  419. missy says:

    how long do you cure?

  420. Becky says:

    I just purchased the CND Shellac. I have been a nail tech. for 11 years and I have never seen anything like it!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The product is very hard to find but well worth the trouble. My client’s are very pleased with the manicures. Can’t wait for the new colors to come out.

  421. Leslie says:

    I was having manicures every two weeks with the shellac polish and UV light drying. I DID have great strong hard nails. In fact one manicurist showed another manicurist my nails one day because she was amazed that my nails were real. Well guess what – the shellac polish has wrecked my nails – it’s been at least a month – my nails are now thin and keep breaking. I don’t know how to resolve this problem, but if someone out there can offer a solution I would love to hear it. Needless to say I have stopped with the manicures.

  422. nancy thorsen says:

    Hi, I am a nail tech with 36yrs. of experience. I have used Shellac on clients and myself. Here are my findings.

    I am very concerned about acetone being used every 2 weeks to remove it….remember the product only holds up as well as the condition of the natural nail.

    I have visited the shops that I would call sweat shops…you know the ones that are usually run by one person in charge and everyone answers to them. They tell the clients that they are all related….when in fact they are not and they are usually illegal. Their containers have no labels, and the ones that do have another substance in them beside what is advertised on the label. They have no problem ignoring you, and are usually speaking in their own language to each other.
    I tell you this because I am very concerned that Shellac, or any other product is not really being applied upon request. This is what happened to me. I requested just Shellac and what I received was 1 coat of gel, 2 coats of Shellac, and 1 coat of something I couldn’t identify. I told them that I carefully reviewed Shellac vs. other products on the internet, and they were not giving me the hybrid polish Shellac. They all gathered around my table and spoke in their language, and told me no no it same. No it was not, it was rougher on my nails to wear and to soak off. After application my fingers throbbed for days even though there was no filing or roughing up of my natural nails.
    My conclusion is consumer be aware of going to shops that are all about cheap prices and no customer service, because you get what you paid for. I want to lead a ban against bottles that have no labels, and the use of name brands containers being filled with other substances. This can subject clients to severe allergic reactions, or as simple as disliking a product that was falsely represented.
    Now I have to wait while most of my nails are broke below the nail line to grow out again. Yes I should of left, but I am going to use this experience to help others.

    • kathy says:

      Nancy I agree with you. My son got her nails shellaced and I loved them. I go to this oriental nail shop and ask my nail tech if they did shellac nails and she said yes. I just read how they applied shellac and all the procedures and the special light and she put 2 coats of this clear product and then about 4 or 5 coats of this clear pink and then a top coat of some clear polish. But my nairs are not hard like my cousin who had the shellac. I can bind my fingernails and you can’t budget hers. I did notice the product in her tray of things she was using said laquer. My fingernails just feel like I have a ton of coats of polish. The owner she came over and ask who did the shellac on my cousin and I told her but just so many things kind of makes me feel I did not get a real shellac job. And mine cost $5.00 more than my cousin. In fact I seena paper and it said Axxium or something like that so I feel like I was took advantage of and I so trusted my nail tech. I could easily tear the ends of my nails off. They don’t even feel like they have anything on them. Go figure. You live and learn.

    • kathy says:

      Nancy I go to those sweat shops. I ask my nail tech about shellac and she said yes they do it. But I honestly think it was something besides shellac beacuse my nails I can bend the ends of my nails to touch the top of my fingers. My cousin had hers done and hers are hard as concrete. My nail end will break very easy and are not even really covered by nail product. I think the product on the tray said lacquer and I seen the name Axxium or Oxxium or something like that. And I my nails were $5.00 more than my cousin whom I know got shellac for real. I am going to her nail shop where non of the sweat shop people work. So disappointed as I was so excited to try the shellac.

  423. Sharon says:

    Wow, I have read so many conflicting stories in all of these comments. Now I don’t know if Shellac will help or harm my nails.

    • Shellac'n n' San Diego says:

      I have been wearing Shellac for over 3 months, and it is great! My nails are usually really thin, but since I have started with Shellac, they are perfectly strong, no ridges, etc. I think alot of the stories are coming from people who (through no fault of their own probably) didn’t have it applied by a professional. The tops of nails shouldn’t be filed AT ALL! maybe buffed if you really need it. So if someone drags out the drill…get up and run! Also, if someone tries to soak them in a bowl of acetone to remove it will dry out the natural nail…making it brittle (sp?) If follow all the right steps your nails will come out beautiful strong and awesome!

  424. sandra mara cruz says:

    bem estou pe da vida para nao diser ao contrario ,shellac nao sei si tenho interese mais nao consigo faser um pedido par o meu salo fui em madrid nada fui em Lisboa nada de comprar por fornecedor estive em espera por 3semana mais 2por espera do fornecedor eu ja nao poso ouvir falar em shellac nao tenho serteza si e tao bom uma pena um produto car mais de dificil asceso,uma pena estava bem ansiosa para usar ja nao mais nem qui deim de borla …………………………

  425. sandra mara cruz says:

    estou mesmo desepisionada com os fornesedores em nunca pensei qui fose tao dificil adquirir ese produto pena e contente por nao ter gasto tanto dinheiro …………………………..

  426. emmaline says:

    I’m at Day 2 with my Shellac manicure and I think it’s great so far – nothing’s ever stayed on my nails before! BUT the gel is thick and it makes my short nails look ugly. I hope that my nails grow soon!

    Does anyone know if you can just apply 1 coat of colour? I’d like more of a natural appearance but the lightest pink they do is quite “white/pink”.

  427. Fran A says:

    What is the application process? How are nails prepped? Is it necessary to use all 3 products, base, color and top coat? Is it necessary to cure in-between the steps? How long is the curing process? I’m very excited to start using shellac!

    • Shellac'n n' San Diego says:

      Remove old polish
      wash hands
      nail bufffed ( BUFFED, not filed!!)
      nails wiped with alcohol until squeaky clean
      Base Coat..Cure
      1st Color Coat…Cure
      2nd Color Coat…Cure(color can look streaky if two coats aren’t applied)
      Top Coat…Cure (gives the everlasting shine!!
      Wipe tacky reside with alcohol,
      Then your nails are done, dry, and ready to go! Seriously…completely ready to go. and YES you have to cure between steps to ensure they get ‘dry’ all the way. Takes a little more time, but if your nail tech has a double UV light it goes alot faster. By the way…did I mention Shellac is AWESOME!! ENJOY!

  428. Chiz says:

    Gelish soak off gel polish is much nicer product with no dry time & 3 weeks wear., does not dry the nails like some others do.

  429. stephanie says:

    I have not tried shellac yet but I am looking forward to it. For everyone complaining saying that it has ruined your nails.. its most likely not the shellac that is doing it as someone (sorry I was not paying attention to names) previously mentioned using 100% acetone to soak it off is most likely the culprit. Acetone is horrible for your nails and your body, have you ever noticed how weak your skin feels on your fingers after you have had them soaking in acetone? Why would you think that wouldn’t cause damage to your natural nail? The way it eats through artificial nails when nothing else can touch them should also be a huge warning signal. Nevertheless I am excited to try the system, just not enthused about the removal process, I think they should be able to come up with something else!

  430. stephanie says:

    by the way kathy… axxium is an opi product!!!

  431. greensleeves says:

    I started having Shellac done in August, as soon it was available in my area. My first application lasted the full 2 weeks, no chip, mirror-shine, altho’ one finger had begun to lift a bit at the cuticle.

    The next Shellac was the French – that actually lasted 3 weeks, until the grow-out was just too much. It will last 3 weeks if you use cuticle oil 2x a day religiously. (Note: the layered or mixed colors don’t last well at all, don’t know why. Don’t go there!)

    I got 2 more French after that. So it seems like I’m a happy customer right?

    No! After these months of Shellac, it just stopped working. Same salon, same technician, no changes. And my nails began to break. So alas, Shellac isn’t a long-term thing. You can’t get it everytime. The acetone removal eventually catches up with you and you’re done.

    My nails need 6 months’ rest now I think. Pity.

  432. Adriana says:

    At Happy Nails we do Shellac and Gelish, they both work very nice, and we charge $24.00
    Call us at 305 9474488, we are located in North Miami Beach, Florida.

  433. natasha says:

    I am a nautral nail manicurist who has been applying Shellac for the past few months.. the response from my clients is fabulous!! They all love it and each time they schedule another appointment for another session. Shellac is a win win for me!!!I would love to see them expand the color selection….

  434. ann says:

    i’m hooked on this product. i looked for at least six months before finding someone in my area that did the procedure. i also have concerns about the acetone. my manicurist didn’t like the wraps and now has me soaking in the acetone for around 20 minutes. so far my nails are in very good shape. i was very glad to find this site, and the comments from others.

  435. Cheryl says:

    I’ve tried Shellac and an very pleased with the results. My question is how safe is it to use the UV lamp so often?

  436. Linda says:

    I love my Shellac nails. Kelly at Riversong did an excellent job of explaining the process and applying the nails. I am 5 days in and they are as bright and shiny as day one and they also have withheld all opportunites for nicks. Go see your local, reputable salon for a perfect 2 week manicure.

  437. Peggy Brewer says:

    I have had my nails done with Shellac several times but it doesn’t seem to last over 3 or 4 days. At the end of 2 weeks, there is only 2 thumb nails that still have some left on. I like to have nice looking nails but can’t continue this if it won’t stay on.

  438. liz says:

    Can anyone explain why my french mani was perfect before curing and after curing the white part bled into the clear?

  439. Rebekah says:

    I am enjoying my first shellac manicure. After 10 days it still looks perfect- no chipping, still glossy and perfect looking. I do have some regrowth but I will be sure to ask them to go as close to the cuticle as possible next time. I am a bit skeptical about the acetone and others comments about it ruining their nails. I will be cautious not to overuse! I will continue to give feedback as I enjoy my shellac manicures!

  440. for the love of skin says:

    I recently got my first mani trying shellac and I absolutely love it so far except one thing…. The manicurist I don’t think let my right hand dry fully bc after she applied the oil and lotion to finish my service, I now have a dull finish on my nails and they feel sticky. I told her right away so she put me under the lamp for another 2 minutes but the damage was done. Now 4 days later and my nails are still dull not at all shiny like my left hand. Any tips on how to maybe remove what’s on my nails w/o ruining my polish???? I tryed rubbing alcohol already and it did nothing :(

  441. Irene Ramirez says:

    Hello, sorry for my English. I am interesting in buyin the complete set for manicure. I live in Spain and I tried with Gelish, it is too expensive and the discount is only for a profesional people.
    I mean the complete set

    • Laura Gardiner says:

      You may not find that Shellac is any less expensive. From what I understand, it costs the same per bottle, but the Shellac bottle is smaller by about half.

    • Sandh says:

      Also need this info! Thank you.

  442. Chris B says:

    I love this stuff!! I’m a dental hygienist. I wash my hands and use alcohol hand sanitizer all day long. I can get about a week and a half before chipping begins, but that is just fine with me. I’m thrilled to be able to have nice nails that are not artificial. I was uneasy the first time trying it because I didn’t want to ruin my natural nails, but they look great. I’m on my 5th or 6th time. It IS important, however, to have an experienced technician. I did wander to another salon and had a terrible experience. Definitely operater issues though and not product related. Enjoy!!

  443. Joni says:

    I am still in the “I think I love shellac” stage. Sometimes it stays on better than others. I only want a clear coat manicure so my technician is applying 3 coats of base coat and then one top coat. Any ideas of a better system?

    • Erika says:

      Joni, I have never been a nail technician and am not in the beauty industry at all. I purchased shellac on my own through Amazon and I like you prefer a clear coat. I merely paint on one of each layer (the base and top coat curing the base coat for 10 seconds before the top coat) but I cure the top coat for 2 minutes. The CND site says to cure the color (if used) for that long so I thought what the heck. I almost always get a couple of weeks without peeling unless I’m unusually hard on them. I put it on over my own natural nails.

      • Bernadette says:

        I purchased Shellac on my own at Amazon as well. I got a 35 watt uv lamp. The base coat is not curing. Any ideas?

        • ilena barr says:

          you are probably aplying the base coat too wet, I suggest you visit a nail tech that has practice with the product

        • Elizabeth says:

          After you cure the base coat under the lamp try rinsing them in 99% alcohol. It removes the sticky finish that is part of the process.

          I too bought a 36w UV lamp and the base coat for use at home (nobody does Shellac manicures where I live). After curing the base coat two times (2 minutes each time) I too was frustrated with the tacky finish. After reasearch I rinsed my nails with rubbing alcohol from my bathroom (70%) and ended up with a hard, clear coat underneath.

          I think the base coat is kept “sticky” so the color can adhere to it. Checking with a professional technician would be a good idea.

          • Auth says:

            I agree with Elizabeth. It will feel tacky after last cure. Wipe with the alcohol and all will be well. Look at the Site it give very detailed Instructions. Good luck it works wonderfully perfect at home.

    • Terrie says:

      Try Negligee for your color- I work with a girl who likes “clear and that is what the tech does for her.

  444. If your looking for Shellac manicures in Albuquerque call Nails by Eileen at (505)269-6486, I’ve been a Nail tech for 19yrs. and I just love this product.
    Shellac & mini-manicure $25.00
    Shellac & full-manicure $35.00
    I’m located in Hoffmantown Shopping Center, corner of wyoming and Menual
    Hope to see you soon!

  445. Michelle says:

    I get 3 weeks out of my shellac manicure. I always get a french manicure so that the growth isn’t so noticable. Still as shiny as day one. I am hooked. I just hope that down the road nothing comes out that there is harm done from this.

  446. Ella says:

    I am a licensed nail tech in MA for over 21yrs. I have been using Shellac since its inception in May. These are my findings:
    Some people, my mother included, developed “white” spots on their nails. Reading the blogs on CND’s website, this is caused from dehydration. They suggest using Solar Oil to combat this and assure us that it will “penetrate” the Shellac. I’m skeptical at best about that. I also use another company, Gelish from Nail Harmony. I have never seen white spots with this product. They have a thicker base called “Foundation” for people with weaker nails. I love this product! I find that it I use this first, then Shellac, it prevents white spots from forming. Their topcoat is also shinier that Shellac’s. Both products are great.
    Soaking off: DO not soak fingers in a bowl! Very drying! Cut a piece of tin foil 3×3″. Place finger on foil, place an acetone soaked cottonball on finger and wrap. Place hands in plastic bags, mitts and Voila! 15 minutes later you can slide the foil off with most of the Shellac with it.
    Shellac, Gelish, etc. has revolutionized the nail industry. I am disappointed with inferior salons giving these products/services a bad name! They have no business being in the nail industry if they misrepresent the products! Consumer BEWARE! Also-an educated consumer is a wise consumer! Do your homework first! and NEVER, NEVER let anyone use a drill on your nails for this product!!! Run if they try!!

    • Lynda says:

      Hi. I have had my first Shellac manicure and was very please for the forst 6 days. I went swimming and one whole nail covering fell off in the poool. I ahve also found that ordinaey nail varnish melts off Shellac in 2-3 minutes. It just curls off, much easier that soaking and tin foil. I have found it helpful in getting my very soft nails to grow a little and will have another manicure very soon.

    • mary says:

      Hi Ella, I have also been a nail tech for over twenty years. I had great success when Shellac was first released and after about two months started having problems with the product. Many clients polish had peeling right away, and some clients polish would not adhere to the nail plate, almost a shrinking, almost like the nail plate was oily, when no creme or oil or anything was applied. I as well aware of how the nail plate must be prepared for shellac, have you had any of these problems? also i am using the correct wattage lamp, although not a CND lamp, could that be an issue? also how long do you schedule for a removal, manicure and reapplication for Shellac? I am trying to do this in 45min, but struggling as I do not want to do unwanted buffing on the nail to get off shellac residue to hurry up the process…..any thoughts would be appreciated, as I loves this product at first, now I am not so sure, not to mention the problems with the availabilty. PS Just started using some Gellish products, like the Top/Base coats but had many clients peel, and lose their polish in a few days..

      • ida zombie says:

        I have tried as a client two different systems that have been wrongly marketed as no chip nail systems…Both systems one being some type of gel on my natural nail did stay very nicely with no problems of chipping or breakage for well over two weeks, this system applied directly to my natural nail cost in excess of $50, in Chicago.
        I went to another salon in Wisconsin to update my no chip sytem that I was in love with, however, I was not informed that they used a shellac system for well over $49 for the mani on my natural nails, with very poor and oudated color choices to chose from I ended up being unknowingly “shellaced” with a color I hated, at cost that was indeed outrageous but no more so than the fact that less than one day later I had chipping on the ends of my nails by day three I looked hideous, if I wanted chipping I could of paid for a $10 mani and been done with it…I was highly disappointed in the product. Yes it was easy to remove as since it was already terribly chipped by day three I was able to peel off the polish, much as a child does with pretend polish for their child safe glamour kits.
        It has left my nails in horrible shape, I have ridges that were not there and breakage so low that it is horribly painful.
        This product is not for everyone so please make sure you are a good candidate before you waste your time and money on the useless “no chip” rip-off….
        Ida Zombie
        Milwaukee WI

        • lindsay says:

          Dont diss the product. Usually the nail tech was not properly trained on the application when someone experiences chips like this. You should also notify the salon, seeing as their shellac may be old and they need to open a fresh bottle, this could also cause this. I’m a licensed nail technician and have many extremely happy clients using shellac, with no chips for a whole 14 days.

    • ronni says:

      I need to understand how to find a place that acutully uses all the products, I am in houston and the last place used a drill on my nails to remove the shellac manicure I had .. then I had a really bad allergic reaction… they wanted me to soak my hands in acetone.. which is not good for my skin since I have exema… how can I find a place that has the foil for a removal? and will that sting my fingers? I just called one place and they said yes we do shellac and then I called back and they said they were out of the foil.. so all these vietnamese nail places here skimp and its frutstrating to find an honest one where I can trust they are using the system the way it should be used..

  447. Anne Key says:

    So this is my 2nd time using the product and I love it…. But now I’m concerned about what everyone is saying about the removal process. What needs to be done @ the time of removal to better protect the natural nail? My tech soaked me in acetone and now I’m afraid to do that again after reading this – Thanks all for sharing! Very informative!!

  448. Ami says:

    Hi! Glad I found this website. I think the CND shellac is a fabulous product….when applied by an experienced nail tech. The first time I had this applied I paid 35$ and went to a more “upscale” salon. The woman who did my nails was very professional and explained the pros and cons and answered all of my questions. I loved the color…can’t remember the name…and it LASTED 2 whole weeks and looked beautiful. Now, being on a budget, I decided to go to a cheaper salon to save a whopping 7$! BIG mistake…I stupidly have gone twice to this place, again to save a few bucks and both times, I have been disappointed. The nail polish came out streaky, unlike the first time, and started to peel off in less than a week. I decided that I am going back to the better place. So, my point is….if you have a bad experience with this the first time, it might be the way it is applied!

  449. Cheryl says:

    I used Shellac (applied at a nail shop) and loved it… at first. My nails looked great, lasted 10 days and seemed fine. I used the product for about 2 months. My nails started throbbing, so I decided to soak off the shellac and give my nails a break. To my dismay, my nails were brittle and weak underneath. Too bad, I thought I had found something great.

    • bjackyq says:

      Oh no!!! i got my nails done (at the salon) about 5 days ago, LOVE THEM, they are so glossy, they look perfect, however now my nails are throbbing, should i take it off?

      • Sharon says:

        yes, you are having an allergic reaction to the shellac/gel… I had to take mine off before I tore apart my fingers.

        • Lacey says:

          I have to say that is exactly my issue. I developed an allergy to acrylic a while back. After talking to the salon and being assured there was not acrylic in the polish I thought I had finally found something that looked great and didn’t leave me wanting to scratch my fingers off. After one night with this new product all the old symptoms have come back. Take your polish off immediately because it only gets worse from here.

  450. Nicole says:

    I’m having a horrible experience using the Shellac! It looked great at first but within 3 days 2 nails had chipped. Went back to the salon and got those 2 fixed. 1 week later I have had 3 nails break in half and 1 more nail chip! I glued my nails back down to the nail bed and now I’m not sure what to do…Do I go back and have this Shellac removed or have it redone?? I feel like the hardening of the shellac is making my real nails break…

  451. Lisa says:

    I have been a Professional Manicurist for 22 years. I love CND Shellac, it is a wonderful product. Of course, every product has it’s pros and cons. I find that you must work with the product and by doing this you gain knowledge about the product. I am a manicurist in the Homewood Area in Birmingham, Alabama, and CND and revolutionized the Natural Nail Industry. Shellac is the best thing on the market in years. I Love It and so does my Clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. Sue says:

    I have also been a professional manicurist for 19 yrs and shellac has to be the best thing that has ever come out for those who don’t want artificail nails . The one thing I noticed is no one mention the fact you have to use solar oil twice a day and treat your nail like nail polished nails they are not artificail nails. I can notice which of my clients use it . The solar oil keeps natural nail hydrated. And yes don’t give up on it if you had a bad experience could be how it was applied.I just love it also the best thing for me since when you are working on others with regular polish it does’nt come off.My clients are hooked .

  453. Jennifer says:

    I had CND Shellac manicure applied twice this past Christmas. It allowed my fairly weak and peely nails grow out the strongest it has ever been. Shellac rocks. The only reason why I am not getting them done regularly now is that Singapore has only one salon which offers this service. And I think their application can be improved. My 2nd Shellac was not applied as well and started peeling a lot sooner on the 5th day.

    Oh, I wish they had more choices of colours too.

    I’m looking to order my own system online now and learn how to do it myself at home. Not sure if my painting skills would be good enough though.

    • ole says:

      Hello Jennifer!
      I used CND products for my gel nails. Now I’m in Singapore and I cant find a salon that can do refill with same products. If you could know any salon where I can do refill with CND please let me know!


  454. Siobhan says:

    I’m on my 4th set of Shellac nails and love them. But the only problem I have is that the when I’m getting them taken off the salon (3 different salons) dont use the Shellac wrap, I have to soak my nails and it takes about 20minutes to get all the varnish off.

  455. Shelley says:

    I’ve been a nail tech for 23 years and I just don’t by this. CND says this is for natural nails, fine, however you have to cure it with a UV light and then remove it with acetone…very drying to the nails as well as the skin and cuticles. This just doesn’t seem like a “natural” nail service to me!!!

    • Mindy says:

      I completely agree with you Shelley, there is nothing natural about it, and it’s just as damaging to the natural nail as artifical nails. It’s no different than getting a full set of artificial bio-gel nails…shellac is just a polish with bio-gel in it…still artifical nails. People buy into marketing gimmicks too easily.

      • Brittany says:

        except that as long as you use cuticle oil and hang lotion acetone doesn’t harm you. and it’s a less harsh artificial yes. but because you can soak it off you don’t have to file the natural nail which thins and weakens them.

  456. Michelle says:

    I’ve been a Master Esthetician and Master Herbalist for over 10 years, and I don’t see how this product can be good for your nails or cuticles. Anything that has to be removed with acetone and scraped off with an orange stick cannot be leaving the nail in good health. I find it ridiculous that it’s marketed to be good for your nails, “formaldehyde, toluene,and DBP free”, but you need to use acetone to get it off. Really? I’m almost thinking that acrylic and gel are better just because you’re not removing the product so often.
    Are there any reports on the strength of the nail or health of the cuticle after long term use? I would imagine we will begin seeing reports of nail fungus of shellac users soon. Adding oil to hydrate the nail may just exacerbate that.

    • Deb says:

      I started using Shellac since a few days before Christmas 2010 and I loved the product. However, I had an interesting problem in the last month. Two weeks after the first application I went in for her Shellac removal and re-application. I noticed two light brown spots on one finger, I discussed it with my nail tech and she told me she thought that maybe I had jammed the finger and we assumed they were bruises. Then I went back two weeks later again for removal and reapplication, the two spots had gotten bigger and darker and now they have spread to the nail next to it. I then went in a few days ago for removal and reapplication and the spots were bigger, darker and were now on just about every nail on both hands. My nail tech did not re-apply Shellac, stating that she was going to call her rep, that maybe it was an allergic reaction. A few days later I googled Brown spots on nails with Shellac and I found a posting on Beauty First that was extremely identical to me. Here is the posting “I have been using Shellac since it was launched and I love the product. However, I have had an interesting problem in the last two days. Two weeks ago, a client came in for her Shellac removal and re-application. I noticed two light brown spots on two fingers, we discussed it and she told me that she had jammed those two fingers recently. We assumed they were bruises. When she came in yesterday, the two spots had gotten bigger and darker and now they have spread to almost every nail. She is going to the doctor is week and will ask if it might be a fungus. I did not re-apply Shellac yesterday, i just did a regular manicure. Today, I had a another client for Shellac and I noticed that she is starting to get the same brown spots in the same exact spot!!!!!

      I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know if this is an allergic reaction or some type of fungus or is something the Shellac caused????? Please help, I don’t want to tell these ladies that they can’t do Shellac anymore, b/c they love it so much.

      So then my nail tech calls me and tells me that CND says they have had 5 reported cases of this exact problem throughout the United States. So is this Fungus?


      • Fiona says:


        I would like to have the answer about the brown spots spreading after using shellac. Is this fungus? What can be done about it.

        • Shanda says:

          I would assume the brown spots are caused by lack of oxygen to the natural nail plate. I am a cosmetologist and have been working with artificial acrylic and gel nails for a long time both on myself and clients and have seen this happen a few times. The gel does not let your natural nail breathe and also dehydrates them. It is possible that they are bruises as well, since acetone is used for removal, which dries out the nail plate more, and makes the nail bed and matrix inflamed and sensitive. I hope that helps!

          • Iz says:

            I would like to mention that our nails DO NOT BREATHE – this is often mentioned by people trying to discredit any form of nail enhancements. Our nails respire … a huge difference, as gasses pass through the nail plate (just like our skin) – there is NO inhalation!
            Now there are products that are gas permeable … where the gasses can still pass through gel. However … nails would be soft from moisture trapped under non permeable products — never dried out!
            From my experience … brown marks can be due to a fungus, white marks are often from a chemical burning the nail plate.

          • Milkshake says:

            If you were a nail teck you would know that your nail are an dermal appendage of the skin. They do not breathe. I have been doing nails for 20 years and have had acrylic nails the whole time. If they had to have air mine and most of my clients nails would fell off by now from lack of air. Good grief. Google it, miss I want people to think I know something.

    • Mindy says:

      Sooooooooooo TRUE!

    • regina says:

      seriously?! ridiculous!

  457. Jenny says:

    I am a cosmetologist and was thinking about purchasing shellac for myself and my at home clients. Is it necessary that it is cured with a uv light or can I let it air dry?

  458. Adriana says:

    At Happy Nails by Betty we have been using Shellac for months and our clients are loving it!
    We are running a special $24 for Shellac
    call 305 9474488
    North Miami Beach

  459. Rusty says:

    Hello!!! HUGE FAN!! After 10 years of having short nails in order NOT to scratch my kids, I decided to grow my nails again. I took my 2 girls to get “painted” and was introduced to THIS (yes, it’s been a while obviously) All I was looking for was a paint and what I got was a FABULOUS way to keep my paint from chipping, etc within 1 day. I thought the tech was joking and tried it. Well worth the $ considering zero touch ups are required and life resumes as normal! THANK YOU PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY FOR THINKING OF US THAT USE OUR HANDS 24/7!!

  460. lynne nydick says:

    It is not the Shellac, causing the brown spots. It is your ph of you skin that is allowing fungus. Get Nitrazine paper at the drug store. Test your urine. Read the third chPTER OF FOLK mEDICINE BY dR. jARVIS. dRINK ENOUGH WATER WITH ONE TSPN of WOOD processed vinegar or lemon juice to correct the acid mantle of your skin. Then you will not have fungus.

  461. Pam says:

    I had gel nails for a while they started separating and I got a fungus and thin nails from them. My latest manucure I got what was called a gel polish, it to was painted and uv cured. I really like it and my nails feel stronger but she said nothing about any oil. I still have at least a week before I need a polish chg. My mani was $22 and she said polish chg would be $16. I hope I dont have to soak to get polish off, but will try it again. Much better then artificial nails of any kind

  462. Deb says:

    It is not a fungus. It is some type of chemical reaction which is only happening when the french manucure is used from Shellac, it has been reported in several other people as well. Shellac still does not know what the problem is. But I can tell you my nails look all bruised. I wore artifical nails for about 15 years and never had any problems. I think that there is more going on with Shellac than anybody really knows yet.

  463. * * * * * * * Melbourne Australia * * * * * * * *

    SHELLAC available in Melbourne City CBD, Australia

    On like polish…
    Wears like gel…
    Removes in minutes!!!

    CND Shellac is now available at the city day spa – Peace On Earth Spa & Beauty!

    1300 2 RELAX | +613 9629 1821
    379 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia

  464. Barbara says:

    How does shellac act in the sun?

  465. VA says:

    I had my first Shellac-ing a couple of weeks ago. Love it! I am going on 2 1/2 weeks, and except for my nail growth, it still looks good! The shellac was used as an afterthought by the manicurist. After she finished my “regular” manicure, she said that she should have used the shellac. She had used regular base coat, color and top coat. A few days later, I went back for her to add the shellac; base coat, dry, top coat. She did warn me that she wasn’t sure how it would “act” considering that she didn’t put the shellac base on first. She also said that clorine water (pool) may not be good for it.
    I wonder if putting the shellac on after the normal color will prevent the spotting that a lot of other people have experienced… thoughts??

  466. sue schneider says:

    Does anyone have a comparison of Gelish versus Shellac? I’d love to see photos, as well as to hear about people’s experiences with one or the other.

  467. Francee says:

    I’ve never seen brown spots on the nails from using Shellac, as mention earlier. There are a lot of nail techs or do-it yourselfers that aren’t appling the shellac right. I would think this could cause many problems. Are these brown spots like splinters or just brushed like? Are the spots only on someone that had acrylic just before having Shellac put on? It could be many things. The wrong lamp to cure is one. Wearing nails to long on weak nail beds is another, putting to much presser on nails to remove polish another. So on…….

  468. Wendy says:

    Well!! I am a new nail technician, qualified for 6 months and errrrrr i very much doubt i will be doing a course on Shellac… The pro’s and con’s to it all, the brown spots, the white spots, people will be saying they are experiencing purple, green and yellow spots next!! I agree with the person who commented saying she thinks theres more to Shellac than what we all know.. Shellac is a new product, CND are a reputable company yes but like lots of things, noone probably knows everything about it yet, there could be more to go wrong with the product but then again it could just be some people’s skin and nails don’t agree with the product. I for one, wont be using it, I charge

  469. Susan says:

    Has anyone experienced the white on the shellac french tip turning green?? One of my clients had a french on for about 5 days, then went on a business trip and at the hotel the white tip turned green. Could it have been the water in the hotel?? Any thoughts/answers would help.

  470. CND SHELLAC WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! I am a 20 year Nail Tech veteran. I also own my own Spa & Salon. I was excited about this new product and interested in trying it. 3 Years ago, I tested the OPI’s version of the gel polish and found out that it was difficult to remove and damaging to my client’s nail plate, so I stopped promoting it immediately. Now a couple years later, CND (Creative Nail Design) comes out with their version of the gel polish, “Shellac.” I tested it on my own nails first and for the first 6 weeks I found it pretty amazing. It stays on and removal does not damage nail plate. I began promoting it and about 6 weeks later my own nails fell apart. I began seeing clients with the same symptoms of nail deterioration. The nails got very soft like gel, and spit on the sides well into the nail bed. Many clients nails just completely broke off at the stress line. Some clients reported a terrible soreness and sensitivity in their nails and fingertips. I immediately called all the clients that had the Shellac on, got them in and removed the gel. By the time my clients had this shellac on for several weeks, their own nails were in jeopardy and they had no idea what had caused this change. I wrapped them all with the Fiberglass nail wrap adding strength to see them through several weeks of growth. Now 3 months later, all the damage is through and everyone’s nails have grown out and improved. I called the CND company when this happened, and they just laughed at me. They took the complaint as if I was stupid and incompetant. They just kept saying, “It’s selling and so popular!” This just made me so mad… I told them that just because everyone is duped at this moment, does not mean the product is good. Whatever ingredients in this product is extremely harmful and those people who have had this product on for any length of time will experience nail deterioration. Time will tell, and soon, I am expecting to hear about some lawsuits against the company for marketing such a horribly damaging nail polish. American Women need to stand up and say “No” to these companies poisoning our products with these terribly harmful chemicals. There are so many chemicals we can avoid and some we can’t. So when given the choice, shouldn’t we choose the more natural ingredients? Shame on CND, the Creative Nail Design Company! I am so disappointed in you! It is obvious to me that this company does not care about us as people, and it is all about profits! I am turning to Natural polish companies, such as Zoya and Spa Ritual for my nail product needs. We won’t use or promote anymore CND products.

    • Brittany says:

      Did you apply it correctly?

      • Leah Palhegyi - CND Grand Master Nail Technician says:

        Most damage done to a clients nails is normally by the nail tech if application and removal was not done properly!!! With any product/enhancement you must ask yourself:

        *Was there previous damage to the nail before application?

        *Did I the nail technician “rough up” the nail plate or just removed shine before application?

        *How was the product removed? Filed, soak-off or in this case use of the CND Shellac remover wraps?

        I have used CND Shellac since June 2010 and NEVER have I had any of the problems you have mentioned. And ALL of my Shellac clients LOVE the product! Shellac has revolutionized the nail industry!

        Leah Palhegyi
        CND Grand Master Nail Technician

    • Leah Palhegyi - CND Grand Master Nail Technician says:

      Most damage done to a clients nails is normally by the nail tech if application and removal was not done properly!!! With any product/enhancement you must ask yourself:

      *Was there previous damage to the nail before application?

      *Did I the nail technician

  471. Regina says:

    As this is my second application and I am on a ELATED HIGH.I wear my own nails and this to me is a godsend.The nail tech used GELISH products and the only problem i’ve had is perhaps what might be tiny air bubles that caused my thumb nail to chip.But i’d like to thank all for responses.I didn’t have any insight until i started reading abt the shellac process and what others have experienced.Again Thanks ALL!!!!!

  472. Jandy says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information. What I’m wondering is, Can the Shellac top coat be used when I do my normal manicure at home just to make it last longer?

    • Leah Palhegyi - CND Grand Master Nail Technician says:

      No you cannot use Shellac over regular polish. Shellac is used as system and is performed by a licensed nail technician. Hope that answers your question. For more info you can go to

    • TsuKata says:

      What I’ve done is to use the Shellac base, regular polish (OPI), then Shellac top. I do a UV curing for each coat. It’s lasted just as long as using the Shellac color. Some salons are also doing it by doing a regular polish mani except instead of the top coat, they apply a Shellac base, cure it, and a Shellac top and cure it.

      I’m sure CND and anyone else with financial interest isn’t going to agree with or endorse these practices, but as a consumer, I’m happy that the product works with other polishes. I’d hate to be locked into the CND color line, as it’s both expensive and limited!

  473. Joyce says:

    I currently have acrylic nails. Do I have to allow my natural nail grow out before trying “Shellac” or can it be used as soon as acrylic nails are removed?

  474. Lorraine says:

    I have tried this three times now and each time a chunk has come off within 2-3 days! Not sure if this is because my nails flake but not sure how to stop this does anybody have any idea = fed up paying out each time. Seriously thinking of buying my own lamp and varnish so that I can top up and maintain on my own – will cost less in the end!

    • Gretchen says:

      I bought a lamp and polish and it is worth the investment. I don’t get as long of wear from it – probably about a week – but that’s actually fine, because then I can let my nails be for a bit and change the color. The UV lights are pretty cheap on ebay now. I’m waiting for LED to come down in price.

  475. Tammy says:

    I did agree with Virginia. Same problem with my clients and emailed ask them about the way to solve the problem but I haven’t heard back from them. I, now as a salon owner and we are specialize Shellac in the area Los Altos CA, I have to let all my clients take all Shellac polish off and go back with all regular polish. I will let them put Shellac polish back on until I hear from CND company otherwise CND will get trouble with lawsuit.

  476. Shannon says:

    My manicurist is just playing with the CND Shellac now. As I have been a client and friend of hers for years now, she was comfortable trying this on my nails. This is only my first 2 weeks of it, but I think I want to go back to a traditional manicure. First of all, the potential for damage that everyone is talking about here has me worried as I have fairly decent natural nails and refuse to do anything like acrylics and I am really kind of worried about what this is doing to my nails. Also, I have noticed several things I don’t like. After ten days, I look like I need a fill. These are natural nails! I don’t like that at all. Also, as I don’t know how to remove this myself, I am really sick of this color!! I went a little nuts last night and covered it up with two coats of ButterLondon Henley Regatta. They’re not boring any longer! Plus, the glittery sparkle draws attention from the aforementioned fill look. Third and last, I have noticed odd “mouse bites” out of my nail tips. I do have a manicure killer of a job, but mouse bites aren’t really normal for me. Whatever I did to cause that took the shellac and all. It’s very odd. The shellac itself is completely undisturbed from the small nicks. I did file the one on my index finger smooth and the shellac filed with it. Probably unwise, but it was sharp and it had to go.

    I have some serious reservations about this stuff. It has worn like iron, I will give it that. I’m just not sure I want to continue with it. As annoying as chips are, they might be worth tolerating to know I’m not causing some nasty damage.

  477. rachel says:

    got a shellac manicure today and its not chipping, BUT after about 2 hours all the nails on my right hand starting turning from pink to purple- almost looks like dirty nails….and now hours later its starting to happen on my left hand. its happening slowly like its spreading…no pain or discomfort or anything but now my nails looks gross! what is causing this?

  478. Debbie says:

    I used this for 5 months.. then i moved outa state and ive had gel nails again but i loved the polish of shellac before. which the nail tech put over my acrylic tips . I have gels now can they put it on top of it or do i have to get them soaked off ?

    • Barb says:

      Debbie, I am an owner/nail technician, using Shellac for almost one year. I have worn gels since I started in this business 16 yrs. ago. Several days ago I “polished” my nails with Shellac, over top of my gel. So far, so good! I will not be soaking off the Shellac, but will be filing them down, when I am ready to fill them in. By the way, the brand of gel I use does not soak off with acetone. Hope this helps.

  479. Angela says:

    I hadn’t hear of this before, but was always very frustrated with how short my manicures would last. I got my first “shellacking” on a cruise I was on last week. After A LOT of activity, in salt water, sand, etc.. It still looks as good as day 1. AND I have had so many compliments since I returned back to work. I am very active, type all day for a living, and very hard on my nails. I did receive my mani from a master tech on the ship who was VERY familiar with the product which after reading all the comments here, I believe to be one of the key factors. Luckily I have not had an allergic reaction, however, because of the above reviews, I have decided to 1. buy some Solar oil and apply daily (couldn’t hurt, good for my hands and cutes’ anyway) 2. getting the CND wraps and removing myself, then waiting a week before getting another shellacking. 3. continue to go to a experienced tech very familiar with the product here at home, and even interview slightly to see if she has had any issues. I believe you get what you pay for, and for this wonderful product, I am willing to dish out a little more.

  480. VS says:

    I had my first Shellac manicure done yesterday, and so far, I LOVE it! I’m a bartender, and keeping polish on for even one night after washing glasses and grabbing bottles is near impossible. I just finished night of work two and no chips what so ever. I’m excited to see how long it lasts, but hey, I’m not picky. Honestly, I’m quite enthused that it’s lasted this long.

  481. Susan says:

    Since I had Shellac on my nails last week, I have broken out with a rash on my arm and inner thighs. I am not at all prone to skin allergies. The timing seems to be exactly the same as when I applied Shellac. Is that possible that I’m having an allegic reaction? Too bad since my nails have never looked so good before. Should I have the Shellac removed ASAP?

    • Kristy says:

      I also had my nails shellaced today and then now I am breaking out on my arms with little tiny dots. Was the shellac related to your break out?

  482. Lorraine says:

    well i must say, i’ve been using shellac for a few weeks now, and i love it. it’s lasts for at least 3 weeks. yes its kinda a pain to remove but so worth it. i decided to buy the system myself through ebay. i only bought two colors for now and i’m still practicing using it. i must say i like the results…. hope the rest of you ladies have as good as luck as i’ve had with the product….

  483. Shannon says:

    Update: To Rachel, who had a color change issue…I DID TOO! My manicurist had just got a sheer pink, I don’t know the name, and it started to yellow after about a week. I had forgot to mention that. Then a day or so after I wrote my comments above, it started to peel. I don’t peel my polish off, it’s just too hard on them, but this stuff did, one big chunk came off and then another on my other hand. I went home and held a pad filled with acetone over it and took all the shellac (and the sparkly wonderfulness) off. It took a full hour, maybe a little more. I know I didn’t have the stuff to take it off like you should, but I had to get it gone. I’m glad that some are having good luck and I know my vote to stop it at the salon was not a popular one, but I think it was the right thing for me.

  484. I wouls lkie to know where I can find a place in north jersey

  485. Serena says:

    Hey Lorraine,
    What kind of lamp did u use at home to cure it? Does it have to be the cnd lamp or just get an uquivalent uv lamp. I want to try this at home, but from what i’m reading, the lamp is a pretty huge key. wrong lamp and the whole thing falls apart.

    • Jaymee says:

      I would use a CND lamp because CND has a different level of photo initiators than other gels, however at my salon our CND lamp needed a new bulb and while we waited for a new one I used another lamp and cured everything twice, it worked well i didnt have any clients return while product breakdown, downside it took longer to do the service…hope this helped.

  486. Hi I’m an experienced Nail Technician and use Shellac & Minx in my Salon in Norwich, UK. for both of these amazing products you must ensure correct prep is carried out and the correct equipment is used.
    In the case of Shellac a CND lamp is a basic necessity to ensure correct adhesion and setting of the product. Ensure prep is faultless, no filing of natural nail merely lightly buffed prior to application. The only maintenance the client requires is solar oil a fabulous product with a heavenly smell that will keep fingers and toes in perfect condition.
    As with anything prep and a little maintenance is key to the best and lasting results. Removal is a fuss free 10 mins with the removal wraps.
    I love Shellac as do my clients! Some even have it over their extensions as an alternative look, fantastic for covering glittered acrylic! Plus if you hav’nt already try Minx my absolute favourite – always on my toes . Minx also lasts extremely well.:). So Ladies do not be put off by the negatives on here, look up a professional, as you would for anything else in life….then you will get the correct results.!

  487. Nikkia says:

    Hi I’m a nail tech and I have been using shellac since it first came out. I have no problems but I had problems when doing the french and when you dont wear gloves when you clean. Other than than that I love it!

  488. Lori says:

    Here is beauty supplier that carries Shellac and other brands of UV gel type polish at

  489. Jaymee says:

    I love Shellac! I am in the process of switching my OPI axxium.clients over. It takes anout 45 mins to apply and 10 to properly remove! Ive never had any clients experience spots ot sensitivity either. I did take a class about it and learned how to apply it correctly. Its not like typical gels…way better for natural nails!

  490. IJM says:

    I have oily nailbeds therefore my nails will not hold polish. If I polish them with regular polish, it will be chipping off in a few hours. I have been using Shellac for about 2 months now and absolutely love it, it will stay on my nails for 2 weeks. I have also purchased the CND lamp along with several of the polishes and the base and top coats. I am a licensed cosmotologist and I have several family members and friends who use this product as well and they love it too. I have family members in the medical profession who say it works great for them as they are always in water and hand sanitizers and gloves. It’s great!!!!

  491. kristina says:

    I recently got shellac nails and after 2+ weeks went for another shellac manicure but at a different salon. They were having a really hard time removing the shellac from the previous salon and asked where I had them done. I told her and asked if there was a problem. she said that a lot of salons are stating that they are using shellac when in fact they are using the gel that is for acrylic nails. she said it is cheaper but also really bad for your natural nails. can you confirm that this is true? could a salon use another product with the same appearance as shellac? my sister has been getting her shellac manicures from the 1st salon and when she removed the shellac, herself (by peeling it off) her nails were super thin and brittle. thanks for any advice you could give me.

    • khrysrules says:

      I am not a professional. I applied and removed the Shellac myself and had no problem doing so. Use small pieces of cotton soaked it acetone then wrap with foil, leave on for 10 minutes and the Shellac will come off easily. I used an orange stick to remove whatever residue was left…really a simple process to remove. If not you can purchase the Shellac removal system on ebay or Amazon. By the way it was my first time using and my nails did not look damaged. I did not have to file my nails down.

    • NancyG says:

      I am not a professional but it is my experience that many salons mix product lines and even product types. Different elements of the Shellac manicure were in short supply in the beginning and many salons substituted stuff from other lines, even acrylics. This is especially true of salons that advertise “gel manicures,” as opposed to “Shellac” or “Gelish” or specific brands. Often mixing works, at least on the surface, but often they cause problems for the client especially on removal. If you want a Shellac manicure, ask for it by name. And never, ever, ever peel off your manicure, no matter what product is used. Any product that can cling to your nails like that when peeled off will take off the top layer of your nail plate and leave your nails in sorry shape. It can easily take 5-7 months to grow in a new nail from base to tip.

    • Miranda says:

      I have just invested in the line & so excited to start w/it! Have heard nothing negative so far & can’t think of any reason NOT to use it! As far as you sister peeling it off…the nails DO have to be soaked, b/c it will damage the nail bed. Pulling, peeling, lifting off any product WILL damage nails, as it would cause stress to the nailbed. I’m super excited to promote shellac & am so happy to be able to give my clients another option.

    • flagal says:

      I had my nails done for the first time. Only lasted 10 days (wore gloves to do everything). They chipped and peeled, so I finished the peeling job.
      Now, I have noticed, after 3 weeks that two of my nails are lifting from their beds. What in world is going on? So upsetting.
      Was using NailTek on naturals and my nails were healthy, long and strong for the first time in my life. Now I’m not only back to square one – they are worse.
      Anyone else having a similar problem?
      What to do about the beds??? :-(
      Please help !!!!

      • Jdct says:

        Yes! 3 of my nails are lifting from the nail bed. However I have used shellac faithfully for 8 months, no problems till now. I have found others with the same problem. My nails are really dry. You can see the others who have posted on beauty . Best info I found is keep nails clipped daily use no polish till grown out. Use tea tree oil daily and use cuticle oil. Also try and keep nails dry! Use rubber gloves whenever possible!

    • Michele says:

      This just happened to me also. I went to a different salon and the owner told me what I had was NOT shellac. This concerns me since I am paying for shellac but not getting it. Also, the first salon had twice applied & removed what I later found out to be gel, but using a metal scraper that left my cuticles raw and bleeding. How can I report salons that are not using the real shellac, but advertising they are and charging me as if they were?

      • nancy g says:

        This is not uncommon. Shellac is becoming something of a generic term, even though it is a brand name for a specific hybrid gel polish, for a wide range of gel manicures. I’ve seen all kinds of things called Shellac – some of them no more than just a different gel polish. But some of them have been hard gel products and even acrylic products.

        But I can’t understand why you would sit still for *any* nail procedure that caused you pain and/or bleeding! You should have stopped them immediately.

        Every state licenses manicurists and salons differently. Google the authority on your state.

  492. Miesha says:

    Good morning all! I have a question regarding Shellac. I had my nails done this past Thursday. I got the french tip (white) and it was just fine the first day or two, however starting the third day, my tips are slowly turning brown. I’m not understanding why because I have not messed with anything that would cause my shellac to change colors. Has anyone else had this problem? Is that a normal reaction for the white polish?


    • It is not a “normal” reaction at all. I would assume that the CND UV Lamp was NOT used, or that the application wasn’t done correctly.

      • kristin says:

        Sometimes tanning can turn your nails brown. If you are tanning ask your tanning salon for nail protectors so your nails do not turn brown. Or cut off the tops to latex gloves and put them over your nails while you tan.

        • Kim says:

          Tanning lotions and any body lotions with tinted moisturizers (some have tint even if you think they don’t read the ingredients) even new bed sheets or clothing can turn nails!!! What I’ve learned by experience of being a Nail Tech!

      • lesley says:

        Why can u not use a normal 36 watt lamp for shellac,Wats the difference in the cnd lamp

      • Dee says:

        I agree w/Jenny, either the lamp was not used or they were under there for too long!

    • Jess says:

      Do you color your hair brown? This is the most common reason I’ve seen for shellac changing colors, along with the other suggestions mentioned.

    • Rose says:

      Also, if you smoke, the nicotine can cause the white to change colors.

  493. April says:

    Does anyone have experience of regular polish between the shellac/gelish top/base coats? The girls at cosmoprof said it works the same, but a tech friend of mine says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of highly viscous polishes being dry enough to not dent. I am very leery…

    • Nichelle says:

      Yes, I have done regular polish between Gelish base and top coats…I even use my lamp to help cure the regular polish more quickly and it works! Polish stayed on the requisite 2 weeks! That said, I love the “feel” of the gel polish on my nails and prefer to use it instead. I just don’t have that many gels to use and am in the process of building my collection as I see adequate swatches of the gels out there to choose from.

  494. madonna says:

    La mesa, California
    I offer SHELLAC
    I have all 24 colors

  495. O.M.G. – this looks amazing!!!

  496. Not Lovin It says:

    Loved this until I tried to get it removed. The product at my nail place was represented as easy removal with simple nail polish remover (acetone). No such luck! Can’t get the stuff of my nail!! Don’t want it filed off so I have to let it grow out. Ugh! I think artificial nails will come off easier than this polish did! It lasted a while and if it weren’t for nail growth could have kept going with it. Looks good but comes with the price of nail damage!

    • NancyG says:

      Shellac should soak off in 10 minutes with no nail damage at all. It sounds as if you were not given a Shellac manicure but a “gel manicure,” maybe even one which combined products from other product lines and even other products – like hard gels or acrylics. It is very common in salons that advertise “gel manicure” instead of a specific product.

    • Val Tait says:

      CND Shellac will not remove with regular nail polish. You need 100% Acetone.

  497. Jessica says:

    How do you remove shellac off acrylic or gel nails as the acetone will also remove the nail?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t believe it is intended to be worn over enhancements. It was designed to be applied to natural nails.

  498. Eliana says:

    Pls I need to know where I can find a shellac in South America, thanks

  499. julie cracknell says:

    I just started with Shellac, and I love it so far. I do all sorts of nail treatments and enhancements and this will be fantastic for manicures and i have used it for toes too really lovely. Has anyone experimented with layering two different colours? have seen some on internet and looks fab. Be nice to swop colour combos with people.

  500. Rachael says:

    I just bought the CND UV lamp and the CND base and top coat. I was wondering if I could buy the Gelish brand nail polish to go between the CND coats? Does this work or is it bad for your nail?

    • NancyG says:

      I am not a professional. I have been doing my own Shellac for the past several months and love it, except for the limited colors, only 24. I know you can layer, but why should I have to buy two small Shellac colors to get one iffy color when I can get a Gelish bottle that is twice as large with a clear color. So, I’ve now started using Gelish colors with the Shellac base and top coats. It works great. I have the benefits of Shellac – super wear and shine, no filing of nail plate or even “breaking the seal” for removal – with the incredible color range of Gelish’s 72 colors.

    • DeJa says:

      DO NOT use any other products outside of the Shellac, mixing other products can cause serious damage to your nails…yes I am a licensed prof…20 yrs plus. With that being said please do not mix and match products and or maufactors

      • NancyG says:

        I must disagree, DeJa. Mixing product lines works very well without any damage to nails whatsoever. I do think you have to be extremely careful in mixing product *types* however. Mixing hard gel with gel polishes with acrylics, etc. is likely to do some damage even if only at removal. But careful mixing with types is usually okay.

        But more to the point DeJa, I think you need to address this to your fellow nail professionals! I think it is one thing for DIYers to experiment on themselves mixing Shellac, Gelish, and other SOGs. It is quite another thing when nail professionals mix products (and product types) and pass them off as Shellac. If you read this forum, you will find many, many instances of clients being told they were getting Shellac when they were getting something very different. Although my usual nail tech uses only CND Shellac products (including the CND Shellac lamp), when I was out of town I got a “Shellac” manicure but I recognized the products used as Axxium and Gelish!
        This was particularly bad last year when Shellac was in short supply, but as you can see from this forum, it continues unabated even now.

        There are two issues at stake in this. The first is a simple truth-in-advertising issue. If you advertise a Shellac manicure, you need to use all Shellac products. The second issue is the health and safety issue you point out – mixing product types can cause all kinds of problems and this is especially a problem when the client does not know what was used on her. It is most often a problem when it is time for removal and the client goes to remove her “Shellac” only to have it not budge.

        So rather than castigate DIYers who do only damage to themselves, you need to get on your fellow nail professionals. When they mix products it can damage not only many clients, but their own reputation and the reputation of the manufacturer.

  501. lindsay says:

    Combining different gel brands most likely will not work well for you. The product will come off faster. A great, cheaper light is at, type in pni rapidcure. Its the 36 watt lamp.

  502. vball says:

    could someone please let me know what happens when you have new growth?

    • NancyG says:

      You don’t fill like on acrylics.You just remove the Shellac and start over. But that’s kind of the point of Shellac and the gel polishes. They come off easily, so you can remove and have a fresh manicure quickly.

  503. shaz says:

    I am having problem with a couple of my clients i am having them peel off from tip . i have a 2 hand 45w uv lamp but i dont have cnd lamp could this be my problem please help thank u .

    • Kim says:

      As long as your using a UV lamp it should not be your problem, the name brand of the lamp makes no difference Shaz :) ! Are your bulbs good/new? Are you curing the nail long enough? Look at those things okay :) Good Luck!

      • Tracy says:

        I purchased a “kit” with a non-CND UV lamp (36 watt) and brand new CND polish. I’m wondering if the lamp is too strong b/c my polish wrinkles up. All of the polish was brand new so I don’t think it’s the problem. But I’m miffed. It didn’t happen with the first color poish I was using but it starts to happen within seconds of placing my hand inside the lamp. Thanks.

        • jack says:

          shellac needs to be applied thinly, if it is too thick it will wrinkle like you are saying. Ive found after you have put the top coat on and cured it it can fix some of the wrinkle if its only a small amount.

          • Rose says:

            I agree i have had that happen to me also, be careful on your application, the thiner better!

          • Rose says:

            I have a star nail lamp and i have to choices of bulbs which one is better 9watt or 6watt

    • Nicole says:

      Shellac requires a 36 watt lamp. The 45 watt is curing the product too quickly, and leadng to the chipping. Also, be sure to wipe the nails with Srubfresh before the base coat. The brand of the lamp does not matter, as long as the wattage is correct. I am a salon professional.

      • Jess says:

        A true salon professional would know that wattage is how much electricity the bulbs need to work, not how much UV output is being produced by those bulbs. Don’t give advice that is incorrect. Shaz, you really do need the CND lamp. Go to, create a pro account and read the info on there about shellac. All UV products are formulated to be used with that company’s lamp for a reason. If you don’t use the perfect lamp, you can’t expect perfect results.

        • clare says:

          before you start lashing out jess with the anger, maybe you should get your facts right hahaha of course the watt effects the strength of the bulbs, the higher the wattage the more power the bulbs have! Even though i am trained on this, i would say its common sense lol jess! You have just made yourself look rather silly! Never laughed so much!
          Of course the brand of your lamp does not matter, a uv lamp and bulb are the same no matter what brand, you can’t change uv rays! The other girl was correct your wattage is to high, check your lamp sometimes you have an option to change the wattage or strength of the bulbs, good luck x

          • Tanna says:

            Haha go Clare! Im over high and mighty “technicians” it’s not rocket science people….although if you ever want to expand your horizons fellow nail tarts, discover how shellac came about and what it is most commonly used for – will give you a whole new perspective. Shellac is not only a brand name…its a bonafide compound guys!

    • Helpless Tanya says:

      Shaz- i am having this problem also. Have you found any solutions?

    • jack says:

      could it be that you,re not ‘sealing’ the polish properly? making sure you apply right to the tips with each layer and with top coat making sure you run your brush along the length of the tip to seal it.
      just a possibility not sure if this is the actual reason

    • laura says:

      Is the polish peeling on the tips, or is the tip of the nail splitting in thin layers. I have a problem with my nails chipping in layers, but it’s not because of the polish or the application, that’s just what my nails have always done.
      Some of your clients may have that problem.

  504. Susan says:

    I love Shellac! I will never go back to regular polish! I am a nail tech and have applied many, many Shellac services on happy clients. I am suddenly having problems with uneven application of the polish and have noticed my newly purchased base coat has a “yellowish” cast to it. After I apply the base coat, the color will start “shrinking up” leaving unpainted spots on the nail. I am a aavid shaker of the bottles and ALWAYS prep the nails. Help….do not understand why this is happening!

    • Miranda says:

      I was told if you’re getting those spots, that is an uneven application…I would also not shake the bottle as this causes any polish to get air bubbles. That could be part of the spots too. Roll your polish bottles b/w your hands instead. Good luck!:)

      • Karin says:

        The CND website specifies shaking the bottle to keep the chemicals properly mixed…check out their website for details. You may have a bad bottle since you just started having problems…it happens.

  505. Jess says:

    I was wondering if you can use the Shellac without the UV lamp? I love the way that it looks on my nails, and have several bottles of the top, base and laquer, but can’t afford the lamp yet. What will happen if I don’t use the lamp?

  506. vi says:

    hey im going to have my first shellacing session very excited im just wondering if i can get tips or can this only go on my short nails

  507. TLA says:

    I have been using Shellac on my nails for almost a year. I first started using it for my upcoming wedding so my nails wouldn’t break before the big day. I would get them redone every 2 or 3 weeks and I agree with everything written in this blog. They dry immediately and soak off in 10 minutes. My nails looked beautiful on my wedding day and through my 3 week honeymoon (a little grown out though – but still shiny and chip-free). I have continued to get them done because I actually bite my nails (gross, I know) so having them done all the time stops me from doing that.

  508. Pamela says:

    Could someone please tell me where I can buy Shellac, I would love to do this myself at home and not have to worry about going to a salon!

    • Laura says:

      Pamela, you can buy CND Shellac on They also have the UV lights. I would rather do it at home, too! I haven’t tried it yet, though. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for DIY?

    • nancy g says:

      I recommend going to a good nail tech to do this for you *before* you try the DIY route. Shellac is hardly any more difficult than a standard manicure, but it does have its own little quirks and techniques. It is very helpful to watch a pro do it. There are also videos on youtube as well. is a good resource for gel/hybrid polishes. And buy a good lamp, preferably the CND one; it makes a real difference.

      • Laura says:

        Thanks for all of the recommendations, Nancy! If I decide to do it myself, I will definitely check out the videos. I did go to a salon to try it last week, and have been pretty impressed. My nails look great, and are still very shiny. I just got my first chip today, Day 6. I was hoping it would last a couple of weeks before that happened, but it’s still MUCH better than regular polish.

        Pamela, have you tried a salon application first? If it doesn’t last as long as you hoped, at least you didn’t put all that money into buying the shellac and the lamp. I’m having second thoughts after the chipping, so I haven’t bought anything yet. However, I did call a number of beauty supply stores (from the retail section of the CND website), and none of them require a license to buy the shellac. I wouldn’t worry about the legality of buying it on Amazon or anywhere else. If it really was illegal, CND would have taken legal action against Amazon by now.

    • Dani says:

      I also found many affordable ones on ebay.

    • Dani says:

      I saw many affordable ones on ebay and amazon.

  509. Carol says:

    I had shellac done on my nails twice for a total of 6 weeks. The color looked great and only started to chip around the end of the 3rd week. I had the shellac removed and my nails trimmed down because they had gotten very long. I went with a regular manicure after 6 weeks because I found my nails had been damaged by the shellac. My nails are split in layers which has never happened before, in fact my nails are so hard that I have to have them cut down because they grow too long. Now my nails are split and very dry.

    • Jess says:

      The peeling of your nails is not the result of the Shellac. It could be down to a few things. Acetone is used to remove Shellac, so that in itself can be a bit drying. You should be using a good quality cuticle oil every day while wearing Shellac. This helps keep the polish hydrated and flexible, and in fact, goes straight through the product, nourishing your own nail underneath. The removal itself can also be the culprit. If your nail technician is not using beauty grade, buffered acetone or is too rough during removal, this could also lead to peeling.

  510. Jess says:

    Let me start off by saying Shellac is a PROFESSIONAL ONLY service that should only be performed by a licensed cosmetologist/nail technician. The products you buy on unauthorized websites (ebay, amazon) come with no guarantee as to quality. You do not know if you are even actually getting Shellac. Second, combining product brands will not only effect the performance of the product, but can potentially be harmful to you. Products are meant to work together with others in their lines. Also, they are meant to work with the specific UV light to that brand. Using alternate lights can cause under/over curing which, again, effects product performance and can lead to eventual overexposure issues to uncured product that manifests itself as allergic reactions. Once you’ve developed an allergic reaction to a product, there is no turning back. You will most likely be unable to wear gel polishes, enhancements products, possibly even nail polish in the future without sever discomfort (redness, itching, swelling and/or pain). Please, please, please, leave professional product applications to the professionals. There is a reason cosmetologists go to school for this. Not to mention, you are illegally purchasing these products. Websites that do not require license verification are illegally selling these products. CND does not endorse, condone or allow unauthorized distribution.

    • nancy g says:

      I strongly disagree with you Jess. There is absolutely nothing about Shellac or Gelish that requires professional level skills. The products and their formulations are quite similar to regular nail polish and the other products used (alcohol, acetone, etc.) are similarly relatively benign and openly available. Furthermore, there is nothing illegal about buying or using professional products unless you misrepresent yourself. Although a vendor could be violating a contract with the manufacturer or distributor, there is no legal barrier to a consumer buying and using these products. Should a consumer educate herself about how to use these products safely? Of course – especially your points about using the manufacturer’s lamps or in not mixing product lines. Could a consumer do herself harm with them? Of course. But that same consumer could do damage with regular polish, tips or L&P which are sold everywhere. I have a great deal of respect for the skill and artistry of professional nail techs, but most women want something much simpler and accessible. It is silly to assert that DIYers aren’t skilled enough to paint their own nails and hold them under a light!

      Moreover, I don’t think the impetus for this is safety, it is the concern for the impact that consumer sales will have on professional nail techs. I think this is a mistaken belief. Properly marketed at the corporate and salon levels, Shellac/Gelish can pull lots of women back to salons, with only a tiny percentage choosing the DIY route. Rather than castigate DIYers, professionals ought to recognize why some people choose the DIY route. While some of it is due to dissatisfaction with professionals (sanitation/cleanliness, scheduling, skills, cost, etc.), some of it is due to a desire to do it yourself and the satisfaction derived from that. DIYers can be a professional nail techs best friend. While I am a confirmed DIYer, I occasionally still go to my fav nail tech and recommend her highly. People love my DIY Shellac/Gelish and I have recommended both the brands and my salon dozens of times.

      Sorry for the long screed, but this DIYer vs professional nail tech thing really irritates me. It is a false dichotomy and we’re all seeking the same thing. We should be working together.

    • clare says:

      oh no i’m so worried i just sold some shellac to a customer that has her own uv lamp…….does that mean i could be arrested? I might hand myself in to the police!
      Seriously???!!! Ahhahahahaha

  511. Rachel says:

    Jess-do you think the 36w UV on EBay work with Shellac? I’m just about to do my shellac training…very excited!

    • Jess says:

      If you do not use the specific CND UV Lamp, you cannot guarantee your service and neither can CND guarantee their product. You won’t receive any educational support from them with the wrong lamp.

      • clare says:

        again jess your unintelligence makes for fun reading! You have obviously been trained by cnd an have no actual brain power to even comprehend common sense, it is people like you that give us business professionals the reputation of silly girls! Here’s a question for you, can you tell me the difference of output of uv? You are sayin different brands of lamps won’t work so how does the uv differ? (haha even the question is hilarious, i’m intrigued to know your answer lol)

        • Jess says:

          First of all, I was not lashing out with anger. I was merely stating a fact. And if you do a quick google search, you will find that all UV bulbs are NOT created equal and it DOES matter what lamp you use. Here, I did the work for you. Again, don

  512. kkmarie says:

    jess, you crack me up. taking it awful seriously. sounds to me like GOING to the salon is when you WONT KNOW WHAT YOUT GET. ive been a nurse for 28 years…no MY job…no one wants to be doing at home. but im pretty sure (and reading/hearing people’s comments etc proves it) that any person who really wants to can figure out how to shellac their nails. crack me up!!!!! me? ive been doing my nails for EVER @ home just traditional manicures. im blessed with strong nails and have even had people try to pull them off d/t not believing me when i say they are real. i despise the look of acrylic nails and to me the shellacs look a lot like that. thick and fakish. so ill stick with my traditionals. and hey all you “diy” nail people make sure you don’t go to jail for illegally purchasing your UV light at LOL!!!

    • Jess says:

      I do actually take my job seriously, as I’m sure you do. Your post is like me saying “we don’t need nurses with degrees…anyone can give someone a sponge bath and bring them another pillow”. Sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? I am a very successful nail tech and I try every day to dispel the stereotypes that this is not a real job or that people in this industry are not intelligent, strong and driven people. Your comment about the appearance of shellac proves your ignorance of the industry and its products. Shellac appears exactly the same as polish, only with a smooth, mirror finish you cannot get with polish past 3 days. If it looks thick and anything like acrylic, it is not Shellac.

  513. Pam S says:

    I have had a Shellac manicure for the last 2+ weeks and it is as great as you say. The problem is I have a severely split nail that keeps splitting as it grows out. We were hoping that the Shellac would keep it together but no such luck. This means it will require an acrylic or gel nail to protect it until it grows out. But I don’t want fake nails on all my nails because it is so damaging. Is there a way to have Shellac on that one fake nail and on the rest of my natural nails? I know the acetone used to remove the Shellac is a problem but if I keep the same color until I’m ready to remove the one fake nail will I be okay?

    • Jess says:

      Have your nail tech try a fiberglass wrap under the shellac, using the base coat as the resin. It will give you a lot of extra strength, but soak off just as easy as normal.

  514. Linda says:

    I have had the shellac polish put on twice now I love it but I am having problems with it chipping, this time they tried something new and it has chipped again. Do you have any idea. She does everything just as you have said in the past post.

    • Val Tait says:

      Its important to ensure that the acetone is washed away completely before reapplying Shellac; especially ‘underside’ of nail free edge.

      • Tracy says:

        If the nail polish is not sealed on the tip properly then I find that is when they chip sooner. Make sure whoever doing them to seal the tips good..sometimes the short nails are hard to do until the grow out longer you get a better seal.

  515. Kay says:

    I had my shellac nails done Saturday, May 14th. Everything has been perfect with it until yesterday. I noticed the tips of my nails, as well as the edges of the shallac around my nails, has turned purple! Every single nail is stained – and it won’t come off. I tried to recreate the purple effect with different things I touched yesterday (nothing really out of the ordinary) but nothing affected it:

    - hand soap
    - phone cleaning wipes
    - neosporin
    - white strips
    - face makeup
    - hand lotion

    Any idea what it could be? I’m getting my nails redone on Saturday and don’t want it to happen again.

  516. All Lacquered Up says:

    PLEASE let’s not resort to name calling and insulting each other. Everyone has a right to their opinion and to state it. If you can’t debate this issue calmly and fairly I will have no choice but to close the comments.

    I love hearing everyone’s views on Shellac, the helpful tips that have been offered and the salon vs home use debate. Just keep it friendly.

  517. Helpless Tanya says:

    Hey All- Im having a tragic little problem with my Shellac at home kit. Im new to manicures so please be patient with my stupidity. when i apply shellac as per all the instructions within a few days i find the sides are lifting off (of the polish) and before i know it the polish will catch on something (like brushing my hair) and cause a chip. Could this be because a- im not bufferring correctly
    b- im not putting my hands in the uv lamp for the appropriate times 10 sec, 2 min, 2 min, 10 sec
    c- the obvious use a licensed manicurist.

    i feel im trying my best and filing them well etc but they just keep seeming to lift up and loose their ‘stick’ to my nail bed, i do find when the nails are long enough that painting the ends and ‘closing them off’ helps.

    please someone help so that my lovely $400 investment and pretty nail colours arent a waste.

    • Laura says:

      i went to a salon and got mine done and that is exactly what happened to mine. so i am also interested in knowing why that happens.

  518. nancy says:

    I have had my nails shellaced twice. I never get professional manicures because the salons smell so terrible. I have had chemo and avoid most chemicals. a friend invited me to a ladies day spa trip. The manicurist convinced me to try shellac. Obviously, I was extremely skeptical.
    I did everything possible to chip them. I planted 500 annuals, typed four lectures,cleaned my basement and washed an 88 piece set of antique china by hand. Not a single chip in three weeks. I did use Sally Hansen xtreme polish in MATCHING color to fill in. Worked well. Time between first and second shellac 5 weeks. I do plan to buy CND products online at Amazon. I used to be a professional makeup artist and I have never been impressed and totally satisfied with any product. I am now! Do your homework, watch a video, take your time and you will never go back to regular polish again.

  519. Lori says:

    After having solar nails for YEARS, I’ve tried taking them off before to give my nails a break only to find that they were so damaged that they would split, bend, tear & rip up into the cuticle which was very painful. I not only felt handicapped & couldn

  520. Laura says:

    I just had my first shellac manicure on saturday. By sunday it was separating at the back like acrylics do and by monday the white at the tip of my frensh was all cracked. Several nails are now chipped….$35 not well spent for a 2 week manicure that only lasted 3 days…….ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM???

    Whats the best way to soak them off without going back to the salon?

    • nancy g says:

      Sorry to hear your Shellac hasn’t lasted. Chipping and lifting after a few days is not normal for Shellac and it sounds like a poor application. You might go back to the salon that did it – most of them guarantee their Shellac manicures and will re-do (remove and reapply it) it for you for free.

      You can choose to remove it yourself. There are lots of YouTube videos that show you how. CND’s video is here –, but my favorite is Great music!

    • Barbara says:

      The same thing happened to me last Friday, so I went back to the salon where it was done and had it reapplied. The first girl who applied the shellac did a really poor job of application, she allowed the shellac to touch the cuticles and the sides of the skin along the nail bed, this always will result in peeling and separating. The second application looks great and I really like it. Do not hesitate to get the salon, a different person to do the application, I know it’s only $35 but if it lasts less time than painting your nails at home, well that is not right, no one minds paying for a professional job, but PROFESSIONAL is key.

  521. Tanya says:

    Hi Nancy- its actually happened at 2 manicurists now so im wondering what the reasons behind it could be?

  522. Christina says:

    Hi ladies – I am a cosmetologist and I have been applying Shellac at home for a few weeks now. I am trying to come up with a pretty pink color and am considering applying a total of three layers of the colored Shellac, between the base and top coat. Does anyone have experience or advice for this?


  523. Laura says:

    I was skeptical to get it redone. My wedding is next saturday and I didnt want to have to go back in again when I have so much else going on. The cuticle thing makes sense for the peeling, but does anyone know what would cause the white to crack at the tip of the nail.

    • nancy g says:

      I can understand being skeptical. I mean, if they got it wrong once… Unfortunately, there are a lot of people doing Shellac manis who are not properly trained by CND. There are a bunch of possible causes for your problems – base coat or color coats applied too thick or inadequately cured, product touching the cuticle or side walls, UV bulbs not functioning properly (and did they use a CND UV lamp or some generic). Did you clench your hand at all while it was curing, causing a bad cure?

      It’s hard to say without seeing it, but it sounds like a bad application.

  524. Tanya says:

    Hi Laura-

    I have noticed the ‘cracking’ look occur with lighter colours, mainly the cocoa- i think its a little hit n miss. when you say crack are you meaning it shows cracks internally on the polish or that it cracks and comes off though?

  525. Laura says:

    shows cracks internally……but the last two days it has just cracked and come off.

  526. Kim B says:

    Hi all,

    I have all the supplies to do my own Shellac mani but I thought it was sound advice to get it done professionally.

    The salon was very soothing and the staff quite nice and accommodating. I told them I wanted a French shellac and they got to work. The first alarm bell went off when I saw the tech take the bottle of white Shellac from a small warming pot. When she opened it I could see for myself that it was too thick but she went right ahead with painting the tips. Everything I have seen regarding the white is that it needs to be applied in VERY thin coats. I got to see for myself when it is applied too thick. As soon as my hand went into the lamp I could see the white begin to shrink up and wrinkle. The techs solution was to apply another thick coat and cure and no surprise this wrinkled too. Then she thought applying the top coat would “even” things out. Well it didn’t, I told her if I was going to have this manicure for two weeks I was going to have it look like an awful mess.

    At this point the owner came by and I showed her the results and she agreed that it was unacceptable and had me go over to another tech who did the removal process (it comes off as easily as advertised) and started over, this time with the base coat, very, very thin coats (2) of white, a coat of sheer pink and the top coat. 15 minutes later I had a beautiful french manicure. And apparently bulletproof too. I got home and promptly spent 4 hours cleaning house. No gloves, scouring powder, scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping….and not one single dent, chip, or mark on the nails. This is the best thing since sliced bread :D.

    Btw…the lamp they used was not the CND brand, it was the same one you can get on Amazon, the Thermal Spa 34 watt UV. It worked great.

    I will follow up in a few days to let you know how the french wears.

  527. Faith says:

    I had my shellacs professionally done. First application — amazing, they lasted a full two weeks. Second application – 2 weeks later — looked amazing — but only lasted about ten days before the shellac started to pull away from the nail bed. Third application – 2 weeks later — looked awesome — by about day 7 my nails where chipping, my nails looked nasty by day 10. Fourth application -2 weeks later – looked good, but my nails have no length due to excessive chipping and splitting — I removed the shellacs at home before my next appointment because my nails looked so bad. The nails are in terrible condition, I went to the salon for shellacs to help me grow my nails — shine is nice, but by the time you add the tip to the total price my nails cost about $5 a day — and currently are filed down to nothing (no white length) and the nails are weak — so I can tell when they grow — they will not be strong enough to hold. Overall I am terribly disappointed with shellacs — I was hoping that I could have long nails for the price of $5 a day — but all I got was a week of shine, followed by a week of mess and no length. Perhaps my manicurist is terrible — may go elsewhere, or may try to do them on my own. Tonight is my 5th and final appointment — I prepaid for a series — but will not continue — I refuse to pay $5 a day for crap — if I got long nails for $5/day I would consider continuing — but after the chipped nails, and polish pulling away look I have endured over the past few weeks — forget it.

  528. Faith says:

    To soak off shellacs without going back to the salon you need 100% acetone — beauty clicks sells a brand called Lensco — other sites sell other brands as well. Take a piece of cotton — saturate it with acetone — place it on the nail — wrap the nail in aluminum foil — leave on for 10 minutes — remove the foil and the cotton — use a wooden cuticle pusher and PUSH the shellac off — works like a charm. Clean the nails with soapy water and a nail brush — then oil them really really well — you may have to reapply oil a few times after removing the shellacs. Hope this helps

  529. Faith says:

    Also forgot to mention: the site extended has a “kit” that contains the acetone, alcholo, wraps to use in place of foil and cotton (I don’t like these very much — but maybe other do), cotton squares, wooden sticks to push the cuticle etc. They also sell most of CND line — ultra violet lamp, acetone, base coat, top coat and colors — go source for all your CND needs in my opinion. Though their delivery time is SLOW.

  530. becky stanley says:

    hi, i was wiondering if anyone knew of a place in phuket Thailand that does a good CND shellac manicure? much appreciate it. becky

  531. Hope says:

    I’ve had shellac manicures a few times now with no problems, but I got one last night and this morning 2 of my nails are no longer shiny. Any ideas why? Are there lotions or things that might make this happen? Can I repair myself or do I need to return to the salon?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      You could just add a coat of clear top coat to restore the shine though I’m not sure why it dulled on its own.

      • Dani says:

        try rubbing with isopropyl alcohol… my nail tech recommended that to remove anything that sticks to them.

    • Nancyg says:

      perhaps the last layer was not properly wiped and the adhesion layer is still there. Try wiping with 99% isopropyl alcohol and see if that helps.

    • Debbie says:

      I had actually spilled white polish (I was putting a design on my big toes!) on one of my shellac nails (french manicure) and I was determined to get that white off. I used a little polish remover and then I buffed the nail with a La cross nail file…it’s a file that has 4 numbered sides, shape-smooth-buff-polish.

      Of course I used the one that said polish and it will shine them right up if they become dull for some reason. I’ve had the french done first one lasted 2 weeks, and would have lasted longer, but I like getting them done. I’m now on the second one (which is 4 days old) and it still looks pretty good. I did notice some cracking on the white tips (internal crackling) and I will mention this the next time I go into the salon. It really is not noticeable, nor has it affected how long my manicure lasts. My nails are relatively long, have not chipped, peeled or broken, as a matter of fact the polish has kept me from picking or fooling with them.

  532. Julie says:

    I have just started with the Shellac system, professionally applied. My question is, what are the side effects of using the UV lamp on the nails and hands. I am concerned about possible skin cancer. I have had melanoma on my arm-it was removed 25 yrs ago-but is there a danger?

    • Faith says:

      I had the same concerns, so I asked “my” professional manicurist. Her reply — they are only 9 watt bulbs — but there are 4 nine watt bulbs — which is 36 watts of power — 3 to 4 inches from my skin. Also conceptually, if the UV light is not as harsh as the sun, why can’t I “set” my shellac just by putting my hands in the sunlight? However exposure time is only about 5 minutes per hand, per manicure — then again, I suspect the shellace would never harden in regular sun exposure — clearly I’m not an expert in the field, just a person who likes having a nice finish on her nails — but not at the cost of skin cancer, or even sun spots on my hands — what would be the point of that — short term beauty for long term agony? Overall, I am still undecided about whether this short intense exposure to UV light is enough to do any damage — awaiting replies of LONG time UV lamp users!!!

  533. Faith says:

    RE: Splitting nails : Nutritional deficiencies, particularly iron, calcium, and B vitamins results in soft peeling nails. Also, anything that causes pressure to be applied to the nail bed (think of an iron ironing a shirt) — this kind of motion can cause the bond between the layers of the nails to weaken and thus split.

  534. Jan says:

    I had a no chip manicure for the third time three weeks ago. The veins on my hands are now raised and very noticeable. Is it possible this was caused by the UV lamp? Overexposure maybe? I loved the manicures but am now reluctant to continue with them.

  535. Nancyg says:

    The short story is that a properly fubctioning UV lamp is no problem. You might want to check out which has a bunch of scientific articles on nail stuff. Doug Schoon is affiliated with the industry but is greatly respected.

  536. Jan says:

    Thanks, Nancyg! The article stated that the hand and nails are exposed for two minutes or less each time for a total of six to ten minutes. It seemed that my hands were in the machine longer than two minutes at a time. Since I did not have this problem prior to the manicures, I still have to wonder if this was the cause of the problem. I tried researching the Internet about possible overexposure but could not find anything on it. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything to reverse this. Thanks again for your prompt response.

  537. Suzanne says:

    I slather up my hands with sunscreen before I go, thanks to the information about the UV.

    Anyone able to answer this question? I’m on my second Shellac manicure, which I love. Part of the reason for going the UV Gel route is that my nails are very soft and tear somewhat easily.

    A nail ripped the other day(about 1/8″ total) near where the nail meets the nail bed. I crazy glued it from the back and succeeded in repairing it. You can’t even tell there’s a very fine line in the manicure unless you are holding it very close up)

    When I get the Shellac off in 5 days time, will removal also take off the glue? Is there some way to carefully take off the gel w/o further ripping the nail?

  538. Jessy says:

    has anyone ever tried curing them in the sun? i mean, its uv, obviously.

  539. d says:

    Um…do NOT do this. UV lights to cure nails are the SAME UV lights used in tanning beds and are a huge, documented cause of melanoma. I’ve had it, and it aint fun. Do yourself a favor and watch this… Ok…I’m done preaching.

  540. nancy g says:

    You need to do your homework. The UV lights in tanning beds are the same *type* as in the nail lamps but the intensity is much, much less and the exposure is very limited. The average salon tanning bed is 2400 to 12,000 watts, a nail lamp about 45. while tanning beds are a big risk, the science about the nail lamps indicates that they don’t constitute a risk.

    As for curing the polish in the sun, you could probably do that since it is the same sort of UV light (I don’t know if the wavelength would be right though). In fact, the reason UV gel polishes come in non-translucent bottles is because exposure to sunlight will cure them right in the bottle. But curing your polish in the sun would probably require you to sit out in the sun for quite a while, exposing your whole body to a lot of sun, hence d’s concern. Plus, it would sort of undermine the whole, “cures in 2 mins” claim so important to gel polishes!

    • ilena Barr says:

      I am using led light to cure shellac since people have said they preffer not to be exposed to the uv lamp it seams faster.So far one month I have been testing and it is great, some darker colors,I think I need to leave hands in the lamp for 2 minutes. only problem LED lamps are costly.

      • nancy g says:

        LED lamps still are UV lamps. LED technology is an alternative method to generate the UV light, but it is still UV light just the same.

      • queena says:

        hi thanks for sharing, i was searching info about led lamp to cure shellac. will you tell us how long does led lamp to cure shellac for each layer?


  541. D says:

    I certainly have done my h.w. With a diagnosis of melanoma who wouldnt do their h.w ? Yeah…the choice word is “indicates” and “no evidence so far”. UV light is UV light regardless of the source, exposure and either way you look at it it’s a cancer. Just think people should know the facts. If more people were aware they would not do this….unless of course they hear what they want to hear from people like you and believe it….until they get a diagnosis they dont want to hear and then they believe it.

    • nancy g says:

      My response was not meant in any way to demean your experience with melanoma. Clearly, you know the experience better than most, and certainly any unnecessary UV exposure is not an acceptable risk for you. However, that does not apply to everyone and your advice, while applicable to some, is not appropriate to all.

      Your statement that these UV lamp lights are a “huge documented cause of melanoma” is simply not accurate. As you know, melanoma is the result of a confluence of risk factors, including genetics. The most manageable risk is exposure. UV light is not the same – wavelength matters greatly as does the area and timing of exposure. And all UV exposure does not equal cancer – in fact, sun/UV exposure is necessary for vitamin D production (a big problem now) and it is a prescribed medical cure remedy for certain illnesses. The exposure from these UV lamps is incredibly small, negligible compared to ordinary everyday exposure. There is good research on this available. The facts are out there and people ought to read the research. I think you’ll find that the evidence indicates that the lamps are safe. Of course, if the evidence is not acceptable to you, then don’t use the lamps – painted nails are not a necessity!

      • Debbie says:

        I’ve had the shellac manicure twice so far and I love it. I feel that I should protect myself as I do when I go to the beach or to a pool. I choose to use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.

  542. hi i love ur site! ive spent ages looking at all your posts! im really drawn by you post on CND shellac! im from the UK and shellac and gelish products are starting to cause a buzz over here now but not many people really now too much just yet. im a trained beauty therapist (beautician) and cant wait to get my hands on these products and have a go myself! ive had little play with some of the product already and love what im seeing so far but have the course booked for august :-) i found your post very interesting and just got me even more excited to go and learn it!!

  543. d says:

    It’s great to wear sunscreen and protect your skin, but remember the damaging uv lights go through your nails and melanoma under the nailbed is what you need to be worried about.

    • Debbie says:

      So then how would one protect themselves when going outside to the pool…or six flags…Ocean city…a picnic..etc??? Aren’t we all at the same risk when we walk outside??? It’s really a personal choice. I choose not to lay out in the sun or go tanning, not to drink alcohol or smoke or use drugs.

      For me, the amount of time spent with my hands under the UV lamp is minimal compared to what I get from being outside. From all that I’ve read I haven’t seen anything referring to the nail-beds, only the skin on the hands. I guess I should stop cooking on a grill, using the microwave, deodorant, wearing make-up, eating prepackaged foods and artificial sweeteners, and of course using my cell, computer, watching TV and driving my car.

  544. Emily says:

    I recently got shellac in a French manicure. When I got it, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails and noticing how good they look, but here I am on day 6, and they are already chipped down to the middle of my nails! And I also got them re-painted where they had chipped! I also had no idea about the unique and more difficult way to remove the shellac. I probably won’t be getting shellac again. I think I’ll just stick to my acrylics.

    • Faith says:

      Agreed, Shellac removal is an arduous process

    • ilena Barr says:

      some times people claim they are using shellac and when they come to me for removal they just dont want to come off thats how I know they are no using Shellac, because it is 5 minutes of removal and it is done.
      Shellac is a new product in some salons and they dont have a lot of practice on application , do not give up find another nail tech, because it is my experience great product and easy renoval if you do not leave it more than 15 days.

    • Lindsey says:


      I did a normal Shellac polish many times and it worked out great. However, on the fifth time that I did the Shellac I chose the French manicure and within just a few days I broke two nails and had multiple chips. Since then, I’ve had four more Shellacs with normal polish and I haven’t had a problem. It may be just a coincidence, but I know that I’ll never get the Shellac French again.

  545. Angi V says:

    Loved the look for my niece’s wedding. Hate that it only lasts about 9 to 10 days before peeling. I think I will be saving this service for special occasions. Good for those who are willling to visit the salon every 2 weeks. Not for me….

    • DRI says:

      I agree,it can be costly but if you are a biter and want your nails to grow this is perfect. Get two treatments done and see the difference in the growth of your nails. Some salons have the Shellac card, you buy for $50.00 for 10 added shellac and pay $25.00 for your manicure each time you go. You don’t have to get the shellac everytime. Great idea don’t you think!

  546. Adriana says:

    At Happy Nails by Betty all our clients that use Shellac love it, it looks glossy for 2 weeks. we are in North Miami Beach, 305 9474488

  547. Cat H says:

    I have had mine now for 12 days and am still happy with them. No peeling, just nail growth and 1 nail has cracking but you’d have to look very carefully to see it. I’ll get them again in a heartbeat, just need to find the time, sigh.

  548. izza says:

    I got nervous when I got a frech manicure w/ shellac because the technician insisted I leave my opposit hand under the light while she painted the french manicure on one hand. It wasn’t a fast process and I think I was under the lights for over 15 mintes for each hand. My skin was irritated. Its lasted well over 3 weeks, but I just can’t get it off! The wraps are difficult to use and the pure (salon) acetone burns my skin. It takes me 10 min.s to paint my own french manicure win nail polish, so I’ll never put myself through this again. I have to say my nails didn’t break or chip, it just yellowed a bit and had flex lines in the white, but they still looked nice. Can I just paint over these until they grow out? I soaked for 20 min.s in acetone and it wont come off!!! Its scarey.

    • Nancyg says:

      I suspect that you were not given a true Shellac manicure but a “gel manicure.” Shellac requires only 6.5 minutes under the light and would likely overcure with 15. And Shellac really does remove in just ten minutes – although overcure and long wear would cause a long removal.

    • DRI says:

      you should never take them off yourself and if your Nail tech did it for you it show only take 10 mins to soak off, Don’t soak them, your nail tech will use the soakoff wraps cause they are safe and the pads are applied right on the nail. The shellac will not harm your nail if you get it taken off properly. True it again, you will love it.

  549. Nicesty says:

    My co-workers introduced me to shellac after hearing the cost and doing my homework I went on line and purchase everything i.e 36 watt lamp, base and top coat along with a few colors. Known like clock work me and my neighbor do our nails every two weeks. We love shellac nails, it truely stays on for 14 days or more. She does a lot of cleaning therefore, sometimes she will get 10 days instead of 14. Keep in mind if your hands are in water a lot of course its going to cause the polish to wear quickly causing it to peel. But this can also occur if the base coat is to thick. Never the less everyone should protect your investment by wearing dishwashing gloves when cleaning. In the long run your nails will thank you and look fabulous longer!

  550. deborah says:

    Does anyone know how hard this would be for a beginner to do at home. I am good with my nails and regular manicures. I have also done the at home acrylics, I was wondering how hard it would be to learn the technique. thanks

    • Faith says:

      I am not good with nails, and I don’t think I can manage at home acrylics — and I have NO PROBLEM applying and removing shellacs at home. I do have the correct tools, and I know how to perform the soak off method described on the “soak off gel” page of this site. I do however find that removal is not 10 minutes. Since I am doing my own nails, I apply the cotton/foil to one hand, wait about 8 minutes, remove the shellac with a wooden stick, then apply the cotton/foil to the other hand, wait about 8 minutes, and remove the shellac with a wooden stick — I factor at least 25 minutes for removal — and at least 25 minutes for shellac application (again because when one hand is curing, I can not apply shellac to the other hand) — so overall, this is a 60 minute manicure for me — I find there is no time savings with this method — it takes the same amount of time as a traditional manicure — but wears much much better — traditional polish really only ever lasted me a few days — I can get 7 days out of my shellacs, potentially 10 days — but I can’t get 14 days.

      • deborah says:

        thanks for your info. where do you buy the cnd shellac? how many watts is your uv lamp?

        • Faith says:

          I purchased my equipment on line at extended lengths — there are other places, I think Amazon has some lamps. The soak off method is as follows:Soak a cotton pad in 100 acetone based remover, lay it on top of the nail and wrap the whole nail in foil, keeping the cotton pad in place. Repeat for all the nails on that hand, leave on for a few (5- 10) minutes (it doesn’t take long) and then, starting with the first nail you did, remove the foil and wipe the cotton pad across the nail– use a wooden cuticle pusher to push the shellac off the nail , removing all the polish. Continue untill you’ve removed everything you may need to buff a bit off.

          Also, after curing the top coat (shellac) a sticky film will be on the nails, this needs to be removed with rubbing alcohol — extended lengths has a decent prep pack that includes most of the things you’ll need– though I don’t like the CND wraps (used in place of the cotton and foil). Best of luck

        • Nancyg says:

          Shellac is not hard to apply or remove, although it has its unique little quirks and tricks. I recommend that you go online to the CND site and watch the CND application and removal videos first. Then look on YouTube and watch the videos there. That will give you a very good intro into using Shellac. There are also some good websites for Shellac DIYers. Read up, I think these websites offer a wealth of info for the DIYer.

  551. DRI says:

    These comments about the dangers of UV rays are bull. You would have to get 1000 Shellac treatments before you even get the amount of sun rays of one hour of tanning in a tanning bed. Please read up on The Shellac system before you comment on it. It is the best thing CND came up with. It is not harmful to your nails as long as you get the Shellac taken off by your esthetision, and it lasts up to 21 days. I love my Shellac manicures, and my nails have never been healthier. I love the fact that my nails can look great for up to three weeks. Love it, love it, love it. Please read up on the greatness of this product.

  552. Faith says:

    I have been using shellacs for about 3 months now. I noticed that my nails are starting to “yellow”. Does anyone know how to prevent the yellowing? Does anyone know if I can correct the yellowing?

  553. Joanne says:

    I’ve had 4 Shellac polishes now – the last one was the best out of the 4.

  554. amy says:

    Has anyone used shellac after taking off gel nails.
    My nails are damaged and soft. will this help
    with growing them out?

    • Robyn says:

      I just took off my gel nails today and got the shellac done today as well. I had no problems. I’m anxious to see how well it works.

  555. Carolyn says:

    I to have just had the gel shellac put on. I have worn fake nails of on kind or onother for over 31 years. This is do to my nails split straight up the bed . Which can be very painful. And ofcours my nails will not grow. I have to keep them cut back a short as possibe. So I am very interested to know if this will help strenthen my nail and help with the splititing. Thank uou for your time.

    • Tracy says:

      I too had gel nails because of my nail were always too weak to grow. This will not strenthen the nail it will protect the nail you have from splitting…when you nails are short its hard from them to cap them off so it will take a few for your nails to start growing and when they do you will see that they will hold up better….I bought everything I need to do them myself and I do much better job then where I was going….much cheaper.

  556. Thanks for the post about shellac. We are also doing our best to spread the word. Although it seems that the word has already spread. We are just in love with shellac. If you are a salon that offers shellac let us know. We are always looking for professional salons!

  557. toni says:

    ive been told that smokers find that shellac stains easily. is this true? if so, is ther anything that can be used instead that doesnt stain?

    • nancy g says:

      The problem with Shellac and smokers is that Shellac is permeable – it allows substances to permeate to surface of the gel through to the nail surface. That’s why it is able to be soaked off easily rather than filed off. That same attribute means that the tars and nicotine from cigarettes (as well as other substances) can permeate the shellac. Some gel polishes (Shellac, Gelish, Gelac, Geleration, etc.) are more or less permeable, but as long as it is a soak off, it can stain.

  558. Brittany says:

    I have heard of this here in Baltimore,MD but have never taken the time to learn anything about it. Now that I have I have just one question. Dosen’t this remind anyone of the original UV gel overlay that is offered at small-time nails salons across the country. Don’t get me wrong I love anything new and exciting in the world of beauty and fashion but this just seems like an enhancement of an idea that is already out there. It last two weeks just like any other nail implication(UV gel overlay, tips, fiber overlay, acrylic overlay…blah,blah, blah). Show me something that will last a whole month and then I’ll be impressed! But any way it’s a nice concept but unless someone offers me this service for free I do not think I’ll be getting it anytime soon.

    • Lost Cat says:

      A month ??? Your nails must not grow very quickly — shellacs last me about 10 days — and by then they need to be removed/reapplied anyhow, because my nails have grown so much that the manicure looks “grown out”.

    • nancy g says:

      Not that Shellac needs any defense, but I think that you’re kind of missing the point. While the concept of some sort of overlay has been out there for decades, gel polish does bring something new to the table. It is a permeable, thin overlay that eliminates drying time and extends wear. Because it is permeable, it does not cause the damage that other overlays cause (by trapping moisture under it, for example). Gel polishes are thin and don’t have the thick, fake look that other enhancements often do. And gel polishes like Shellac are primarily for natural nails. It is essentially impossible for polish to last a month because of the new growth showing, but many gel polish users get a month of wear.

      Perhaps the best way to really get what this is about is go over to tPF and see what users say about it or try it yourself. I think that Shellac and the other gel polishes are a major advance – and I think that the industry recognizes this as more and more companies are coming out with their own lines – Orly and OPI will be coming out with theirs this year.

  559. Debbie says:

    I bought all the stuff plus a table and have my basement set up for doing my nails. The time I spend down there doing my nails is really nice quiet time to my self. I just wish I could do the french on my own nails, i tried it and i just can’t get the white quite right.

    All the other colors are great, I find it easy to apply, but a little more difficult to remove from my own nails. Doing someone else’s nails is a lot easier for me.

  560. Ash says:

    Hello, I live in West Hartford CT; I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on the shellac nail gel. I went to get the shellac done on my nails and im very unhappy with how my nail salon did them not such a good job it didn’t last but two days and it started to chip off. I went back to have them fix and now it

  561. Carolyn says:

    Wondering if using sunscreen after having a shellac would cause them to peel?

  562. Carolyn says:

    Will using sunscreen after having my nails shellacked cause them to peel?

  563. Wadey says:

    I bought the equipment and 4 colours (2 for french) and have done my nails 3 times now – the latest is a french polish, which, if I say so myself, looks really professional! The manicures have all lasted a good 2 weeks and I’ve just ordered 2 of the new Shellac colours so will be layering to my heart’s content!!
    My main reason for responding is that no-one has mentioned on any blogs I’ve read, the difficulty with ‘normal’ polish going sticky with insect repellant (deet) whilst on holiday. I’ve discovered that Shellac seems to robustly withstand the chemicals in both the sun-tan lotion and repellant. I wash my hands immediately I’ve used the deet products and manage to return after 2 weeks in the sun with a perfect manicure thanks to Shellac. I love the stuff!!!

  564. Kirraa says:

    People are continually going on about exposiour to the UV lamp. it has been proven by scientists all over the world that you are not under the lapt long enough to cause any type of damage.
    so people saying “do your research” may need to research further. as my nail tech teacher, is actually a CND ambassitor.

  565. Soph says:

    What about if people have poor… short nails etc Do I gather you can’t extend the nail with this method??

    • nancy g says:

      Shellac itself cannot be used to extend the nail. Shellac, and all the gel polishes, are designed for natural nails although it is possible (but not advisable) to use them over enhancements. What I have found is that Shellac provides enough protection to my nails that they are able to grow long on their own and I don’t need enhancements any more. This has happened to many Shellac users.

  566. Aimee says:

    Personally, I’m SO pleased with my Soak off Gel Nails. I’ve been getting them done by the same manicurist in Scottsdale Arizona at 2 Dolls Salon for 3+ years now. She is incredibly experienced and uses both Shellac and Gelish brands. I’ve had very few chips (mostly my fault) and no natural nail damage. Bottom line, do your research and find a qualified, experienced manicurist. And, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Expect to spend a few extra well deserved dollars. You wont be disappointed.

  567. NancyG says:

    I would caution you against applying a rigid standard of steps to this. Although ideally every salon would follow CND’s instructions to the letter, and the product would work flawlessly, the reality is somewhat different. Like most new products, there is a shake-out period and people are experimenting with customizing the product and its application to best serve their clients. My nail tech does most of the CND steps but has adjusted them a bit and my manis last 2+ weeks every time. I think the difference is between cutting corners to save the salon time and money versus making adjustments to enhance product performance for the client.

  568. Kitty says:

    It is really amazing product! Cannot wait to try them out. An alternative way to have beauty nails without going to salon is to use nail tips. I usually buy from a store which is selling handmade Japanese nails. They are awesome!! check it out:

  569. Elizabeth says:

    A bit out of the loop here, but isn’t this the same as the other brand Gellish (or something)?

  570. Cyndy says:

    Okay, after 4 shellac manicures by 4 people, here’s my take: Love it (BUT!!). It lasted a full 2 weks–and would definitely go longer except cuticle grow out too obvious. BUT: 3 of the 4 salons buffed the heck out of my *healthy* nails beforehand though I said I thought the point was that they don’t have to be buffed. The 2nd one didn’t buff & they lasted 14+ days. 4th place didn’t seal the edge & they were liftng & breaking by the very next day. I took them CND’s application instructions that said don’t buff & seal every coat, but the salon owner said ; said she was CND Shellac trained that if they didn’t buff they would have to use bonder(they used the black COARSE one too). I removed it myself–piece of cake.(1st one removed it with BOILING acetone!)Now my nails are very thin & splitting due to all the buffing. Just ordered polish, top/base coats & manicure UV light from Amazon & will do it myself because it’s FABULOUS when done right. I think CND’s Shellac reputation is in trouble if they don’t do some follow up on complaints like this. CND, are you listening?

  571. nancy g says:

    I agree that many techs, even CND trained ones, don’t do Shellac properly. CND is getting lots of complaints. I hear that CND is implementing a Shellac certification program that requires that techs do the service properly. I hope it will make a difference. It will focus on nine major points including:

    *Salon uses CND Shellac Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat for all CND Shellac services.

    *Salon uses the Brisa

    • Tonya M says:

      I am going to print this out and take it with me and see how many salons around here do this!! The problem is, a lot of salons have non-english speaking employees and when you ask them, they don’t “understand” what you are saying. All they want is a quick buck! THANKS!!!!!

  572. kerry says:

    Does shellac contain paraben?

  573. Dora Edm says:

    I tried shellac before going to Mexico, it lasted over a week because of all the use and abuse while traveling. I loved it! I bought 3 colors and base & top coat. Now I need to get the lamp, could someone tell me if the CND lamp is absolutely necessary, or is there a different lamp that can be used?

    • I have been doing Shellac manicures at my spa for 2 months now, bought 2 lamps from my supplier called Lina, they are big enough for hands or feet, the voltage says 100-120 on it. Has been working really well! I always cure them for another 1/2 minute or so before when they are all finished, just incase I have polished it a little bit thicker on a couple nails. Loving the Shellac, hoping the product cost goes down a bit though, just so expensive, 3 times more than my regular opi polish purchases.

  574. NancyG says:

    Although CND says only the CND lamp will work, lots of people use other lamps to cure Shellac. I think it is useful to use the CND lamp. Although it is more expensive, it is a superior lamp that does a thorough and consistent five-finger cure.

  575. Tracy says:

    I bought the cheaper uv lamp 5 months ago and it works great.

  576. Tonya M says:

    I had never heard of Shellac until my brother’s wedding in July. I had them applied in La and after 3 weeks I had them reapplied in TX and the tech soaked my nails just like you would for regular acryllic nails. I soaked for about 15 minutes, then she proceeded to take a tool and scrape the residue off and I did NOT like that!! I thought that after a brief soaking the polish would slide off or peel off! NOT HAVE TO BE SCRAPED OFF!! I haven’t had them in about 3 months because my nails are “healing”. They grow long on their own, but I just wanted them to stop breaking and chipping. I’ll never get them done like that again!

  577. BSue says:

    I purchased a 36 W UV light from Sally’s and specifically to cure the Shellac Polish. It works great. I chose this because the CND UV light is the same wattage. Before I begin I put rub suncreen on my hands and then remove it from my nails with a brush and soap.

  578. Linda A says:

    I had Shellac applied in San Jose just over a week ago, it is really wearing well. I have done all the normal household duties during the week and it is still as good as when it was first applied. I also bathed four dogs today and it’s still looking good. I am a total convert and will look into buying a Shellac DIY kit

  579. CMM says:

    Does anyone have clients whose CND Shellac just won’t stay on for more than a few days? I have several clients who can go up to 3 weeks without a chip, crack or peeling and just a few who can’t keep it on more than 5-6 days without it looking horrible. A longtime client has recently gone to another salon on several occasions when she is unable to make her standing appt with me. On one visit back in April, just before my salon got Shellac, she had gone in to have her nails done and they applied what she thought was Shellac,she didn’t ask specifically for that just that she wanted gel, she had heard about it from her sister and was curious about it. When she came to me 2 weeks later and said she had Shellac put on the “gel” still looked perfect but was almost impossible to get off. I asked her what they used because the real Shellac comes off in minutes. She assumed it was Shellac but really had no idea since she really didn’t pay any attention. I told her they most likely used traditional gel and that was why it wouldn’t soak off. I then applied a Shellac French Manicure and it lasted about 10 days. At her next appt we soaked off the shellac without a problem and reapplied. Upon her next couple of visits to the other salon( I asked her to please ask what they were using) they used Axxium on one visit and I believe Perfect Match brand on another visit. They both lasted much longer than the shellac did. I can’t seem to find what the major difference in ingredients or application are and am at a loss as to why these products last longer. Could it be that the first application of any new product wears better? Or is the fact that too many different products have been applied intermittently and there is no consistent Shellac applicaton and removal process being done? The soak off procedure for those brands took much longer(30min) and I had to do about the same amount of “scraping”,for lack of a better word,when it finally did soften and start to flake, with an orange wood stick as you would with the Shellac. Any coments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • JRF says:

      I think Axxium is supposed to last slightly longer but is also more difficult to remove. We use Shellac in our salon. I had one client whose Shellac mani lasted for 5 weeks! Another regular client came in every 2 weeks and had had no problem until recently and started having individual nails peel entirely off. I asked her about her routine – if anything had changed – for example, using a different household chemical/cleaner, etc. – and no nothing. She did say she takes a water aerobics class. I read elsewhere that chlorine can be a problem for Shellac, so maybe the chlorine levels have been higher recently. Ask your clients about their routines, if they have any exposure to different chemicals and then check on the CND website – professional side – to reference/advice. Always as good idea to remind clients to wear gloves when working with any chemicals/cleaners. Unfortunately, can’t do that for swimming :(

  580. LOVE, LOVE Shellac! I wore acrylic or gel on my nails for 23 years and could never get away from it because my nails were hammered. I finally got a Shellac mani and two months later my natural nails are strong, my free edge is white and my nail beds are pink and healthy again. FANTASTIC! If you haven’t tried it yet, do it!