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RGB Cosmetics Fall 09 Swatches & Review

By on November 4, 2009
in Beige, Brown, Creme, Red, RGB Cosmetics
RGB Cosmetics, RGB nail polishI discovered RGB Cosmetics when I saw their Pre-Fall Collection polish, Steel, featured in Allure. Of course, “Pre-Fall” meant there would be more polishes coming our way for the season. The Fall collection recently launched and includes Cognac, Crimson and Doll.Quite a few Fanatics have inquired about the Fall shades and they have a more traditional feel than what we saw in Pre-Fall. With the popularity of dark green and metallics this season, I was hoping to see a bit more edge though I did find myself drawn to Cognac (far left). Check it out along with the rest of the collection after the jump!

You can view my complete review of the RGB formula and packaging including my 5-Day Wear Test HERE. With the exception of Crimson, these polishes all apply well in two coats. Crimson was a bit thin so it required three coats. I was actually surprised at how smooth and pigmented Doll is. Usually with light colors the two are mutually exclusive.

Cognac is rich and creamy. It dries significantly darker than the bottle color and reminds me of roasted chestnuts. It would actually make a fab autumnal mani/pedi with OPI Ginger Bells since that polish channels Crayola Burnt Sienna and Cognac has a Burnt Umber feel.
Crimson is a deep blue blood red but without that super berry base we’re used to seeing in the first coat. It stays pretty true to the bottle shade, darkening with each layer. For that reason I wouldn’t necessarily describe this shade as cool/warm. I think it could work on a lot of skin tones.
Doll is described as “calamine pink” but I see it as a neutral light beige. It appears a bit more pink in my image than it actually is. On me it gives that “mannequin hands” effect. Very work friendly.
RGB’s Fall collection is on sale now at The polishes are 3-Free (including Formaldehyde Resin) and retail for $14/ea.

What do we think Fanatics? Has anyone tried RGB since I wrote about them? I’d love to hear your experience.

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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Jennifer A. says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I've been waiting for you to do the fall colors before I placed an order for RGB. Love your swatches, as usual!

  2. Femaleclaws says:

    I really like doll, though I'm always wary of "milky" shades as they take too many too (in my opin ion anyway) to gain full opacity. Do you know why this may be so? I would love a pale blue or seafoam that isn't a nightmare to apply.

  3. All Lacquered Up says:

    Jennifer – Oh good, I'm so glad I could help. Did they live up to your expectations?

    Femaleclaws – As I mentioned in my review, Doll is opaque in two coats. The reason so many light polishes tend to be semi-sheer is because if you add too much pigment the consistency tends to become thick. It's a rare light polish that applies well and is opaque in two coats. This happens to be one of them.

  4. rach says:

    i'm wearing doll right now and i LOVE it!!!! I have steel on my toes and I have Cognac waiting for me! I can't wait to try it now after seeing the pic! I was so surprised at the opacity of doll after one coat! two definitely makes it smoother but after one i was almost ready to stop!

  5. Jennifer A. says:

    They weren't quite up to par with the Pre-Fall collection for me – I can't get enough of those greyed out shades!

    But Cognac seems like a good alternative for some of those rusty orange/browns that were in the StrangeBeautiful collection, since I'm still waffling on that one.

    Thanks again for your beautiful pictures!

  6. rae says:

    Thanks for swatching these! There's something about the RGB color selection that I really like.

    Will you be swatching any of RGB's ten line in the future? I know you're not a fan of neutrals and lighter colors, but I'm dying to know how RGBwhite, RGBbuff, and RGB10 look in real life!

  7. Joyce Bird says:

    what stores can I purchase RGB nail polish in? Thanks!

  8. Lo says:

    To me, Plie looks a lot like Doll. I love a ballet shoe pinky-hinted cream though.