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CND Monday – Muddy Rose Colour & Raspberry Sparkle Effect

Welcome to CND Monday, a new feature here on ALU. Each week I’ll be sharing a new layering combination from CND Colour & Effects to show you the versatility and creativity of the line.

When I first saw the Colour & Effects line I naturally gravitated towards the primary and secondary hues. You know, “me” colors. It wasn’t until I had some time to play with the line at home that I’ve begun discover all this line has to offer. Muddy Rose is one of those discoveries.

I’ve been on a mauve kick for fall ever since I saw the Reem Acra dress that inspired Get Mauve-ing from the Barielle All Lacquered Up collection. Now I’m on a full fledged dusty pink/rose/purple spree and Muddy Rose fits the bill. See it on its own and paired with Raspberry Sparkle after the jump!

If you missed my detailed review of the new CND Formula, Bottle and Brush check out CND Colour, Effects and Henna? for a recap.

I got my first glimpse of Muddy Rose in action when it was being used backstage at the Carolina Herrera show during Fashion Week. I was instantly drawn to its muted rosy hue. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it myself. The polish is so heavily pigmented that it barely needs two coats though it’s not at all thick or tricky to maneuver.
Adding a layer of complimentary Effect, Raspberry Sparkle, lightened the shade adding a smattering of bling. I love that the sparkle family of Effects dries smooth and glossy with no texture. The glitter lies flat but gives a multidimensional look. I remember this particular Effect being an editor fave during the CND launch at Cosmoprof and I can definitely see why.

As I mentioned above, Muddy Rose made its runway debut on the models at Carolina Herrera. It was used in a layering combination over CND’s black, Blackjack, to create a muted-out mauve. Carolina chose the combo to complete the overall look of her collection that was inspired by woven Japanese baskets and included a lot of texture, maroon and luxe gowns.Diane Kendal for MAC gave the girls a “fresh, pretty, timeless” look consisting of a soft smokey brown eye and natural lip using one of my fave lip colors MAC Twig as a stain. Orlando Pita for Moroccan Oil created a romantic, lavish updo incorporating gold and silver metallic beads woven through the hair. It was definitely one of my fave hair looks of the week. Simply stunning and innovative, something I’ve come to expect from Orlando.

CND’s Angi Wingle was leading the team in polishing the fingers and toes on all the models. Application Tip: When layering, apply the base color leaving a small space between the color and cuticle to avoid the polish peeking out behind the top layer.

You can find CND Colour & Effects at salons nationwide and online at our fave e-tailers (see sidebar). If you’re looking to stock up on some of your old CND faves is clearancing out a lot of their stock for only $2/ea!!

So is anyone else having a mauve moment? What do you think of Muddy Rose?

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There Are 13 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lina-Elvira says:

    Wow!!! I am in love with the dusty, darkened colours right now. I can't wait to get a hold of the new CNDs, they continue to amaze me! Looking forward to next CND Monday!! :)

  2. moeysullivan says:

    I am with you on the mauve/dusty rose tip! Love Get Mauve-Ing and was wondering about a rosier alternative. I am, however, starting to turn into a total crackhead for polish!

  3. Robin says:

    I've never been a mauve fan but that is a lovely color and the effect is WOW. Being on my two-color french manicure 'kick' – I'm wondering how it would look with the effect only being applied on the tip? I'm not sure that's the color/effect I'd spend the money on to try but I'm thinking maybe one of the blues for COLD January.

  4. crotchfairy says:

    What is this voodoo magic? I'm actually contemplating pink and reds?!

  5. Susanna says:

    Gorgeous! My favorite of all the C&Es you've shown so far. These two are definitely going in my next H2T order.

  6. auroragyps says:

    I just finished putting Pure Ice in Rumors on my nails and it looks a lot like Muddy Rose. I've never been much into mauves, and certainly not creme polishes, but I like what I'm wearing right now so much, that I might have to keep my eye out for this CND one too. I just wish there was a place that sold the brand closer to where I live, so I could look at the colors IRL.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So what does this color look like over the black they used? Do the last two pics show this? The color looks like your first swatch.

  8. moeysullivan says:

    I can't get hold of the CND immediately, but I did try Orly Terra Mauve from Sally Beauty(creme only, no sparkle on top) and was very pleased!

  9. Arrianne says:

    I am, however, starting to turn into a total crackhead for polish!

    Tell me about it, Now I’m starting to consider brands like MAC and Chanel and RBL. :( Haha, what’s happening to me!

  10. moeysullivan says:

    Didn’t mean to still be on the mauve tip, but I tried Essie Angora Cardi and really like it a lot. It’s rosier than yours, but not as pink as Muddy Rose. I know Vogue called Mink Muffs the color of the season, but it’s not for me (I thought the bestest was OPI’s Holiday Glow) and I am still not that psyched about mannequin hands.

    My number one holiday fun-o-cure: OPI My Private Jet with CG Nova on top. OH yeah!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I’m actually surprised at how much I like mauve this past season. It’s so not me but it just felt comforting, classic and pretty. The Essie fall colors were all pretty, I just ran out of time to review them with all the craziness involved in moving the site.

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  12. Megan says:

    I’m wondering how much it resist on the nails, I got the most expensive ones and after 3 days it’s gone.