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The ALU Archives – China Glaze Drinkin’ My Blues Away

The ALU Archives focuses on older, beloved shades from the All Lacquered Up stash.

Hey kids! I’m baaaack! And I’m continuing my “Rainy Day Blues” theme for April with one of my all time favorites. Even though my April started with some Cleveland snow (double boo to that!), when I think of rainy days, my mind immediately wanders towards royal hues. Something fluid and vibrant. Nothing fits the bill better than China Glaze Drinkin’ My Blues Away. It’s winner not only because it’s blue but because it’s a China Glaze glass flecked blue. Can it get much better than that?? For those of you that wished for a blue in the Summer Days collection, this one will hit the spot.

Drinkin My Blues Away was released as part of the Tequila Toes collection in 2006, back when the Babes in Toeland series of glass flecked polishes were still being produced. What I love so much about this shade is that the finish makes it appear watery. The micro glitter trapped in the base look like flecks of sunlight bouncing off the sea. It’s truly stunning and unique. Like all ChG glass flecked polishes, this one has a thinner, jelly-ish feel and looks best with three coats.

Now this one is a discontinued shade but it can still be found. I know you’re probably dying to get your hands on it so I did a little hunting and tracked down these sellers. I can’t testify to their reputation or reliability so purchase at your own risk. Check out Hello Gorgeous and eBay to snag a bottle of your own.

What do you think kids? Who already owns DMBA? What’s your fave Rainy Day Blue?

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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Micki B. says:

    Such a great blue! I love this one on my toes. My FAVORITE rainy day blue though, is China Glaze Frostbite. It’s so bright and happy!

  2. queenie says:

    This has always been on of my all time favorites!!

  3. Faith says:

    I love love love blue! I think I need this one. :)

  4. melli says:

    Welcome back, Michelle! Hope your trip was a good one.

    This is such a pretty blue…I will have to look into getting it from Head2Toe. Thanks for swatching it!

  5. Orli says:

    love that

  6. Andi G says:

    Gorgeous blue! Your water reference is spot on.

    I’m so glad you’re back. I was experiencing major lacquer withdrawal.

  7. fauxfun says:

    A word of caution…

    I took a chance and ordered from for the first time to try and get this beautiful polish… Cliff’s Notes version: the invoice in the package said, “CG-70638 discontinued, removed from order and website.” I never got an email about it, which would have been nice; I would have canceled my order.

    So, don’t try this vendor for this polish… they don’t have it (even though it was on their site). Lame.

  8. CincyFan says:

    Micki B – Frostbite is another great one.

    Queenie – It’s funny, I forget about great colors like this one until I start digging around in my stash.

    Faith – I hope you can find it. It’s worth the hunt.

    Melli – Thanks doll! It was fantastic. Head2Toe doesn’t have this color so you’ll have to do some searching for it.

    Orli – Thanks!

    Andi G – Ha! I was experiencing withdrawl being so disconnected from the world. No phone or internet is ROUGH!

    FauxFun – THANK YOU for the word of warning. I’m so so sorry that the color wasn’t in stock. I’ll remove that link from the post so no one else tries to order it. I feel terrible that I even suggested it.