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Get The Look – Ginnifer Goodwin in He’s Just Not That Into You

By on March 1, 2009
in Big 3 Free, Celebrity, Nubar, Purple

ginnifer goodwin, nail polish, he's just not that into you, purple nails, purple polish, nubar pasadena purple, nail color, gigi, ginnifer goodwin nailsI’ve received quite a few emails and comments regarding Ginnifer Goodwin‘s nail look in the flick He’s Just Not That Into You. I haven’t seen a movie character’s polish receive this much attention since Emily Blunt sported Essie Aruba Blue in The Devil Wears Prada.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I went to NYC for fashion week that I finally caught the film. Now I get it. Ginnifer’s character Gigi sports a stunning purple throughout the film. To my eye it looks like she’s wearing two different shades, a lighter lilac similar to Lippmann Purple Rain and a darker red-grape that remained a mystery until recently.

Thanks to reader Marie for linking me to an Style Hunter article that reveals the big answer. HJNTIY‘s makeup artist Tina Roesler Kerwin selected Nubar Pasadena Purple for Ginnifer.

About a year and a half ago, I heard that Lead Man Brent Rice chose Nubar polishes as set decoration for a nail salon scene so I suspected that a Nubar shade was used but I’m happy to have confirmation.

Now you too can have fun purple nails like Gigi by slapping on a couple coats of Pasadena Purple. Just don’t act a fool like she did while wearing it. I mean seriously girls, I know she’s playing an over-dramatized version of a stereotype but do any of us really know any girls that ridiculous? I’m glad she got a happy ending but what a train wreck of a way to get there, no?
ginnifer goodwin, nail polish, he's just not that into you, purple nails, purple polish, nubar, nubar pasadena purple, pasadena purple, nail color, gigi, ginnifer goodwin nails
You can pick up your very own bottle of Nubar Pasadena Purple for $6.99 at

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There Are 14 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Tamron Lohan says:

    yay! i’m wearing a similar shade right now — Pop Beauty’s Glam Nails in “Lilac.” More iridescent though.

  2. CincyFan says:

    Tamar – How did I not know about Pop’s polish? Can you only buy it through their website? I’m seeing some yellows, blues, greens and purples that I MUST MUST have!

  3. itzzzkimmm says:

    I watched the movie and automatically noticed her cute purple nails. haha I guess it’s just a nail polish addict thing to do to notice it. Thanks for the post!

  4. Anonymous says:

    that color is so cute!
    do you know what that color looks like alongside china glaze coconut kiss?
    because thats the shade i have and it looks similar but i dont know if its to the point where it can be dupable to Pasadena purple

  5. Emily says:


    I’m loving that purple–so bright!! Do you know any MAC/Sephora/Chanel look-alikes? If you don’t, could you recommend a colour from MAC, Sephora, and Chanel? Also, when will you review the new RBL collection? Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to post as myself! Love this post, and all the recent glory from Fashion Week. This is one of the few purples I could actually wear. *mwah* to you, Michelle, from Duffimac

  7. lizzz262 says:

    ahhh amazing!!! that color is GORGEOUS!! unfortunately im abroad in france n the movie wont come out here for ages, but i watched a crappy bootleg online. the quality was horrible so i didnt get a chance to notice her nail color.
    however seeing these pics i *NEED* that purple! its amazing!! am about to place an order now :) thanx for the article!

  8. Kastina says:

    Ooooo I love purple!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I just bought almost the same color!! It’s from Olan Labs- called purple passion…I love purple- especially for spring!

  10. Anonymous says:

    After I saw the movie I looked for the nail polish for a while…I just found something extremely similar it’s by OPI and it is valled “Purple With a Purpose” I love it! It looks exactly like Gigi’s.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just watched the movie and I immediately noticed the beautiful nail polish. I knew I could find out about the nail polish online. I am going to purchase it right now. Thanks for revealing the brand and the name of the nail polish!! :)

  12. Blondie says:

    I love this color! I am going to buy a bottle.

  13. Meghan says:

    Any chance you can do a side by side of this color and OPI’s Plugged in Plum?

  14. Stefanie says:

    Thank you. I’ve seen the movie yesterday and I fell in love with the nail polish.