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51st Annual Grammy Awards Nail Watch

By on February 9, 2009
in Celebrity, Grammy Awards
51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, AdeleSo I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad that Rihanna was a no show at last night’s Grammy Awards. I know there’s a whole scandal a-brewing and I certainly hope she’s OK but the red carpet just wasn’t the same without her. Let’s all hope it’s one big misunderstanding.

Being that I look to the Grammy’s as the one awards show where standout nails are acceptable, I must say that overall I was a wee disappointed though not where Adele is concerned.

I was so happy to see her perform and WIN though I was just as delighted to see her go for it with her nails. Am I big fan of the talon look? No! But she didn’t go too long (Fantasia, I’m talking to you) and she kept the design simple; a reverse french with black tips.

See who else stood out (both good and bad) after the jump!

51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, Katy PerryI’ve been hearing mixed reviews on Katy Perry’s look but I just adore her. Her opaque, baby pink tips , ornate dress and heavily lined eyes are working for me. She could take the spray tan down a notch.

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51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper and Karina Pasian (pictured below) both went the stark white route. Honestly, it’s the only part of Cyndi’s ensemble I can sign off on. Mod white tips are very fresh for spring.
51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, Karina PasianGet the look: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White

51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, Audrina PatridgeIs it just me or does Audrina Patridge look NOTHING like she does on The Hills? I almost didn’t recognize her. I actually love her makeup, dress and nails (so so on the hair). She accented her teal gown with a deep taupe nail.

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51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, M.I.A., MIAI thought for sure M.I.A. would go into labor during the ceremony. Her due date was yesterday but she strutted her preggers self down the red carpet awash in all sorts of brightness.

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51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, Leona LewisLeona Lewis was a bronzed goddess and her coral red tips added just the right punch of color.

Get the look: Essie California Coral

51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, LeAnn RimesI’m totally coveting LeAnn Rimes‘ dress. It’s not something I would normally dig but I’m transfixed by it. I love that she coordinated her tips & toes in a complementary blue hue.

Get the look: China Glaze Blue Paradise

51st Annual Grammy Awards, nail polish, nail trends, kelly reneeI’m not gonna lie and say I know who Kelly Renee is. I have no clue. But her turquoise and gold nails certainly made me take notice. I’ll admit that I’ve rocked the one odd nail out look before but this just didn’t work for me. Props for trying but it made no sense with her outfit.

Don’t get the look: Try a black/gold, black/nude combo instead.

Did you watch last night? Whose nails stood out to you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel exactly the same way as you about LeAnn Rimes’s dress. I’m sure I won’t even be able to find it let alone afford it, but I love it! It should be Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti

  2. Ana * says:

    Although I’m not really a fan of Kate Perry, I loved her total sweet pink look.
    It’s different from her usuals bright looks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention Jennifer Hudson’s short, dark nails! I had admired them once before when she sang at the Super Bowl, and they looked just as pretty last night as they did then. They made up for her napkin-front dress. :) -Rachel

  4. Anonymous says:

    I despise Katy Perry. That said, the pink looked worked for her. I thought M.I.A.’s nails were fab; and Adele was beautful from head to toe. The jacket she wore with the dress, shown only in red carpet pics, was the perfect green for her skin tone.

  5. fashion gal in dc says:

    I love Adele and didn’t even notice her cool nail polish. Thanks for the great post! I thought the dresses at the Grammy Awards this year was great. Didn’t love Kate Perry’s dress but it really fit her personality to a tee.

  6. fashion gal in dc says:

    oh! wanted to mention that I have a link to your blog so I hope you don’t mind. I am obsessed with perfect nails and nail polish so I really enjoy your blog.

  7. Team Morris says:

    The Grammy Awards weren’t as FUN this year for some reason. Must be the economy, etc…but I did have so much fun watching for cool nails on the red carpet this year!!! I, too, thought M.I.A.’s nails were fun! That yellow looks great on her! I just received Misa’s Happy Happy in an order…so I’m really Happy Happy!

    Do you really think the opaque white nails are gonna be a big hit this spring?

  8. Pumps And Gloss says:

    I liked Adele’s nails only because you rarely see nails that long on the red carpet. Personally, they were too long, but I am sure she is not typing for a living.