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Manicure Trick – Wrap Your Tips

manicure tip trick wrap nail tip or edge with polish Much like wrapping the perfect present, a flawless, long lasting manicure requires a little wrapping of its own.  Wrapping the free edge of your nail with polish helps extend the wear of your manicure and should become an essential step in your routine.

I’m sure most professional nail techs consider this part of their everyday manicure service but it’s not as well known in the consumer world.  Since we discussed this technique in the comments of my Quirius review, and there were multiple requests for details, I figured a quick tutorial was in order.

Read on to see my step-by-step guide to wrapping your tips and get a look at one of American Apparel’s latest nail polish releases. It’s GREEN!

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My First (and LAST) Water Marble Manicure

By on April 26, 2010
in Green, Nail Art, Tips and Tricks with 178 Comments
water marble manicure technique, nail marbling I should really call this manicure “An Afternoon of Frustration” because that’s how trying to create a water marble manicure left me feeling; FRUSTRATED!  Those of you who have mastered the technique, I bow down to you.  I honestly have no desire to try this ever again but since I made the effort, I thought I’d share my experience  with you.

A few years back when China Glaze introduced the OMG! holographic collection, they posted a tutorial for their “Color Swirl” manicure and I was intrigued but intimidated by the process.  Since then a whole mess of YouTubers have made countless water marble tutorials including lots of great tips and tricks to make the technique easier.  I found myself watching a few this morning and got inspired.

Find out more about the water marble technique and my adventure trying to recreate the look after the jump!

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Nail Tip – The Slimline Technique

By on April 12, 2010
in CND, OPI, Tips and Tricks with 85 Comments
slimline technique nail tip opi funkey dunkey A few weeks ago, I unofficially polled you all about my nail length.  Whether I should keep the slightly longer shape I showed in my Zoya Sparkle review or go back to my usual short tips.  Ultimately I decided that a filing was in order for two reasons:

1. Being an accident prone klutz, I’m certain to break a nail as soon as it gets more than a few millimeters past my fingertip.

2. I just prefer the look of my nails when they are short. My ring fingernail tends to get a little wonky as it gets longer.

The problem with keeping my nails “active length” is that I’m saddled with short, wide nail beds that look more stubby than chic.  So what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t want the hassle of long nails but desires a slim, elongated look?

That’s the exact I asked CND’s Roxanne Valinoti backstage during Fashion Week.  Roxanne shared a great application tip she dubbed “The Slimline Technique.”  It’s very simple and really does thin the shape of the nail.

Check out my example above using OPI Funkey Dunkey and then find out more about it after the jump!

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OPI Mad As A Hatter Wear Test

I’ve been reading your comments about the glitters from the OPI Alice In Wonderland collection and see that quite a few of you have been experiencing major chipping issues. I thought I would share the results of my unintentional wear test with Mad As A Hatter.

You see I wore MAAH for NYE and because I can be extremely lazy AND I hate removing glitters (the soak off process is arduous) I ended up leaving the polish on my right (non-photographed) hand for NINE DAYS. Yes, I walked around for almost a week with a blinged out right hand and random skittles on the left. No, I really don’t care about the stares I undoubtedly received.  Don’t judge!

Anywhoodle, when I finally went to remove MAAH, I thought I should document how well it lasted on me. Which is why your comments about chipping are so surprising. I used one coat of Nubar Foundation Base Coat, 3 layers of MAAH and 2 coats of Olan Labs Quick & Slick Top Coat.  Now I did get a chip on my left thumb on NYE but that was a Wii related accident.  You have to admit, for nine days, the polish looks pretty good.


That makes me curious… those of you that have experienced chipping and poor wear from your Alice in Wonderland glitters, what products are you using and how many layers of each? Remember, the thicker the coats and the more coats you use, the more prone you are to chipping. So my first suggestion, not knowing your technique, is to apply thin coats of everything and see if that helps.

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