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Top 10 Best Pedicure Products, Tools & Tips

Top Pedicure Products and Tools

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Summer is the roughest season on our feet. Sandals expose them to the elements, barefoot walks on the beach, hot concrete or even hardwood floors can all add up to dry skin, cracked heels and ragged cuticles. This week, the Top 10 Tuesday team is focusing on the best pedicure products and I’ve got my five essentials for you with “Splurge” and “Save” options. I’m also sharing my Top 10 pedicure tips, whether you DIY or go to the salon.

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Busted – The Worst Nail Advice I’ve Ever Heard

By on February 18, 2014
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Bad Nail Advice and Myths Debunked

Last week I went out to dinner with a friend who told me about the ridiculous advice a “nail professional” gave her during a recent manicure. It was so unbelievable that it got me thinking about the other bad nail tips, tricks and facts I’ve heard over the years, from pros, beauty insiders and consumers alike. To be honest, some of them have been debunked so many times, it amazes me they’re still being told.

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Top Ten Tuesday – My Favorite Nail Products for a Foolproof Manicure


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Over the years I’ve tried a ton, they probably weigh a ton, of nail care products and tools. There are lots of great ones on the market but very few outstanding, fabulous, must-haves. I’ve compiled my list of essentials for creating a flawless, professional looking manicure for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.
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7 Nail Resolutions To Make in 2014

By on January 2, 2014
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2014 New Year's Resolutions for Nails

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I’m pretty lax when it comes to a lot of things, like picking up after myself or staying organized, but I take my nail care seriously. No doubt this blog is a major reason why.

But, based on comments and questions I’ve received over the years, there are still lots of you committing major nail sins when it comes to manicure maintenance. So I’ve come up with 7 Nail Resolutions every nail polish fanatic should follow. I hope you’ll add them to your 2014 list of resolutions/goals. And if you already do all these things, you go, Glen Coco.
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Have You Been To A Bed, Bath & Beyond with a HBC? They’re Worth Seeking Out

A few weeks ago, G. from Nouveau Cheap posted that the Revlon Perfumerie nail polishes, which weren’t supposed to launch until November, were spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond. Now, you might not think of BB&B when it comes to nail polish shopping but if you have one nearby with a Health & Beauty Care (or HBC) department, it’s worth checking out.

L'oreal Gold Dust Revlon Nail Art Matte Shiny and Revlon Perfumerie

L'oreal Gold Dust, Revlon Nail Art Matte & Shiny and Sun Candy, Revlon Perfumerie

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I finally made it to my BB&B with a HBC yesterday and discovered some new-to-me collections on display.

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