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Spring 2007

I Must Be Mad

By on February 1, 2007
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I have to be at least a little bit crazy. I don’t doubt that the employee at my local Trade Secret thinks so. I decided to stop by tonight because I heard that some stores, not necessarily Trade Secrets, already have the OPI Australian collection for sale.

I walked in and much to my dismay, no Australian collection. They did have the new Essies out and some of the OPI Brights are on clearance but no Aussies. I decided to ask about the collection, in case they had received it but not put it out. Sure enough, it was sitting back in the salon area all ready for the February 7th launch. I asked if I could take pictures of them and even though she looked completely confused by the request, she pulled out the display and let me snap some shots. I told her I was writing an online article but all she wanted to know is if she’d get in trouble.

A few customers came in while I was taking pictures so I apologize for the poor quality. I didn’t want to monopolize the counter and block the register so I did the best I could in fluorescent lighting. I can only imagine what those ladies thought when they walked in the store and saw some loon taking pictures of polish.

Here are some close ups of each row with labels.

NOTD: Creative Hyper Fresh

By on February 1, 2007
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I’m continuing with my “Dare Week.” I was dared to do a white creme but I don’t own any of those so I chose Creative Hyper Fresh from their new Optix collection for spring.

As much as I initially hated the color on me, I’m warming up to it by day 2. I think the opalescence is the saving grace. It’s just so weird to look down and see such a light color on my nails. It’s so not me and everyone I know has told me so. Especially my significant other. He likes my tips with brights, reds and vampy colors.

The only real downside of this polish is in the application. It was very streaky and somewhat goopy. It took me 3 coats to get the color even and then I still wasn’t happy with the end result. I can see problems with my mani that I’m sure aren’t noticeable to the general observer. This not at all what I’ve come to expect from Creative. I hope the rest of this line is different. Maybe I just got a bad bottle or didn’t roll it long enough.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reactions to the Optix line. Some are embracing the pastels and 80′s vibe of it. One person mentioned the Golden Girls and I immediately flashed on those pastel ensembles Don Johnson donned on Miami Vice. I know he’s worn all of the colors in this collection at least once during its’ run.

The others aren’t necessarily having negative reactions to the collection, more of a “Meh.” I think for a lot of serious polish fiends, like myself, we’re at the point of only wanting truly unique colors. When your collection gets above the 100 mark, it’s understandable to not want yet another pink shimmer or red creme.

I can honestly say that I don’t have a polish in my collection that looks anything like Aqua Jet or Cosmic Coral. Blue Nirvana is could be Creative Jiggy’s twin except that Blue Nirvana is much more opaque. For me, that’s a wonderful thing. I’ve always love the color of Jiggy but it’s sheerness turns me off.

So, after having a couple days to see the collection, what are your thoughts? What do you think of Hyper Fresh on me? Be honest!

Creative Optix Collection

By on January 30, 2007
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*inserts foot in mouth* Alright, I was wrong, the new Creative collection isn’t a redux of Spring 2006. I know that no company would be stupid enough to do that. Give me a little slack though, the pics I saw online weren’t that great. And, seeing them on a nail display makes a HUGE difference.

The only color I don’t have to show you is Milky Way, the iridescent lilac and I didn’t have enough open spaces on my nail display to show you Hyper Fresh. Though I doubt it would translate well.

I would like to thank Red PR for providing me with samples.
For comparison, here is a pic I took last year of some of the Creative Spring colors.

Creative Nail Design Spring 2007 – Optix

By on January 23, 2007
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There isn’t a lot of info to be found about Creative’s spring line. These few pictures are the best I could do. Optix is the name of the new collection but to be honest, they might want to call it “Spring 2006: Part II” Some of these new colors look like they’re just a deeper version of what we saw last year. I’m just hoping they’re more opaque. Especially the green. You know I’ll have to have it.

Top Row (l-r): Milky Way: a lilac patina, Cosmic Coral: an edgy peach shimmer, Hyper Fresh: an opalescent white

Bottom Row (l-r): Aqua Jet: an opal mint lustre, Blue Nirvana: a translucent periwinkle, Pink Chrome: an opalescent pink

For comparison purposes, this was last spring’s collection.

I found an interview with Jan Nordstrom-Arnold, co-founder and style director of Creative Nail Design, on the Gulf News website. In it, she comments on the upcoming trends in nails.

Spring: The collections have layered, sheer fabrics in pastels with translucent undertones. To complement these we have nail colours such as cosmic coral, blue Nevada, which is great with jeans, a soft luminescent lilac called Milky Way, aqua green and pink chrome. Hems are shorter and necklines are higher, so the accent is on legs and perfectly polished toenails are important. There is also a trend for a futuristic look which will see longer nails with a metallic silver or gold tip and Swarovski crystals on the nails.

The little white dress is big. We have designed longer almond shaped white eyelet lace nails and marblising effects to go with the dress. Glittering gold nails will be big and we have experimented with crocodile prints with metallic chocolate brown on gold. Lavishly decorated feet will also be the trend in summer 2007. Red, fuchsia and gold are the main colours of the season.

The attitude of the season is imperial anarchy or a London punk rock look with a regal touch. There is a lot of plaid with metallic undertones. Our palette for the season includes burgundy with bronze undertones, anthracite metallic, copper pearl, royal purple, metallic burgundy and fuchsia.

OPI Designer Series Comparison Pics

Here are some comparion pics of the new Designer Series polishes. Just trying to save you all a few dollars in case you already own some of these.

To my eye, Amethyst is a bit more pink than Sand-erella and has way more holo bling.

Glamour is truly unique and I couldn’t think of a color combination that would come close. The burple (bluish-purple) base is very unique.

Passion is more rose toned than Elegance. I thought for sure that they’d be twins. Passion is definitely a more muted pink than Elegance. As much as I was initially unimpressed with it, I’m now happy to have it based on this comparison.

Desire is Design’s darker, more bronze, winterish sibling. Because of the amount of holographic shimmer in Desire, it’s hard to catagorize it as a warm or cool color. The base is definitely warm but when the light isn’t causing the holo to show off it’s rainbow beauty, the shimmer looks silver.

For anyone that hasn’t tried this line, the glitter is as smooth as the diamond dust formula is to apply. I love that it’s easy to remove and doesn’t give you that nails on a chalkboard feeling as you rub it off, like with a lot of glitter polishes.

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