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Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Dark Spell Collection Nail Polish Swatches & Review

I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention, or what, but I never really noticed Laura Mercier nail polish before. It wasn’t until I was touring the beauty department at my local Saks (for the event I’m hosting this weekend) that I noticed a heart-stopping green from the brand.

Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Dark Spell nail polish - Forbidden & Bewitched

Laura Mercier Dark Spell for Fall 2013

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I’m always on the hunt for a new and exciting green and Bewitched, from the Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Dark Spell color collection, had me at “hello.” If you adore green nail polish as much as I do, be prepared to fall in love as well.
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DIY Chalkboard Nail Art Tutorial

So yesterday’s post about the Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard™ duos got me thinking about those of you who don’t want to plunk down cash on an expensive kit or invest in a short-lived trend. Why not shop our own stashes to create some Chalkboard Nail Art?

DIY Chalkboard Nail Art Tutorial

DIY Chalkboard Nail Art

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I dug out tools, treatments and nail polishes that were otherwise collecting dust in a Helmer somewhere and DIY’d my own Chalkboard designs. If you’re even half as fanatical about nails as I am, you already have everything you need to make this happen.
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Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard™ Matte Nail Polish for Fall 2013

By on September 17, 2013
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I didn’t expect to say this so soon but matte is back, people. From subtle matte and glossy contrasting nail designs to more youthful chalkboard nail art, flat is the new black! Revlon is jumping on board with their back-to-school appropriate Nail Art Chalkboard™ matte nail polish duos.

Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art Matte

Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard™

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Eight pastel nail art polishes are paired with a matte black so you can create your own chalkboard-inspired designs. Anything from letters, to symbols and more complicated patterns can be created with these easy-to-tote pairs.
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PinspiratioNAIL – Spun Sugar Nail Art with Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel

During the TV slump that occurs every year between the season finales and the start of my fave summer guilty pleasure, Big Brother, I find myself aimlessly channel surfing on my nights home. A couple weeks ago I hit on The American Baking Competition, featuring a self-proclaimed “redneck” named Francine firing off gems like, “it’s slap your mama good!” I couldn’t resist.

Spun sugar nail art with Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel

PinspiratioNAIL with Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel

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During one of the episodes, the competitors were challenged with making croquembouche, a tower of creme puffs (or choux) held together with threads of caramelized sugar. It made me think of the spun sugar nail art designs I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. Using the new Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel, I decided to give the look a try.

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Choose Your Own Style Adventure with the Revlon + ELLE Personal Style Experience

By on June 7, 2013
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Were you a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child? Last winter, I went on a scavenger hunt in my parents’ basement and dug up my beloved Sweet Valley High books and some of my fave CYOA books. One was an off brand version about an aspiring model who, at one point, had to choose between a job in Europe and staying with her boyfriend. What’s a girl to do?

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If you were the kind of CYOA reader I was, you re-read the book until you discovered every possible option so you could create your perfect story. Well, Revlon and ELLE have teamed up to create a grown-up fashion and beauty version of CYOA with The Personal Style Experience.

The Personal Style Experience on Revlon’s Facebook page is an interactive video that asks you to make beauty, fashion and lifestyle choices to help select your “Style Personality.” I’m not gonna lie, my overly obsessive self has played this A LOT to see all the different results (though I can’t seem to get Daring). Which is great because I don’t feel like my style falls into one specific category. I consider myself a chameleon and this type of game plays right into that.

For us nail girls, it includes options like “a party nail” or “matching lips & tips” and in the end you get fashion and product recommendations based on your style, like the new Revlon® Brilliant Strength™ Nail Enamel in Mesmerize. It’s no secret that I’m all about bold blues at the moment and this vibrant cyan creme feeds that frenzy. Better yet, the Brilliant Strength formula has base & top coat built in so it dries to a high gloss shine.


Revlon Brilliant Strength Mesmerize

Now head on over to The Personal Style Experience for a fun little break in your day and tell me what your current “Style Personality” is. If anyone gets Daring, you NEED to tell me what products were recommended. It’s going to drive me nuts not to know!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ELLE, Revlon and Style Coalition. For more info, view my Disclosure Policy.

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