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The All Lacquered Up Collection from Barielle – Part 1

The wait is over Fanatics. I can finally show you the All Lacquered Up collection from Barielle. In case you missed the original announcement, this collection is a collaboration between myself and Celebrity Manicurist Elle, Creative Director for the Shades by Barielle line.

We pooled our color inspirations straight from the runway and came up with a palette of shades that are fashion forward yet accessible. They are all very chic and wearable. Check out the first half of the collection after the jump!

Collaborating with a nail trendsetter like Elle was such a thrill. With her years of experience working in editorial and alongside more celebrities than you can count, she really has her finger on the pulse of the beauty and fashion world. One trend we noticed was lot of muted, neutral tones with random pops of color, like Falling Star (below). Based on many phone convos about shades and perusing runway images, Elle custom mixed samples of our collection for the chemists to reproduce.

Now I know some of you commented that you were expecting all kinds of craziness from me and though this is the All Lacquered Up collection it’s not like I had license to do whatever I wanted. Shades by Barielle is about bringing fashionable shades to the masses so while there is a lot of me in this collection, it’s as much about being on trend and incorporating Elle’s color concepts. It’s a collection I am proud to attach the ALU name to and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Slate of Affairs – when I was backstage at Reem Acra with Jamie from The Beauty of Life, I just about drooled at the site of her luxe designs. I wanted to dive in to the rack of dresses head first. It was her sandwashed steel blue gown that inspired this shade. A stunning slate blue grey, the polish has a subtle hint of pearl that adds a bit of light blue flash depending on the light. The formula on this one is somewhat jellyish and thick so I used three coats to get it perfect.

Get Mauve-ing is based on another Reem Acra dress. While I’m not typically one for mauve hues, I was so drawn to the gown’s shade that I felt it just needed to be in this collection. This one is a richly pigmented creme and applies evenly in two coats.
Grey tones like U-Concrete-Me were popping up on just about every runway. Undoubtedly a sign of our somber economic times, grey is still very much “in” for nails come fall. U-Concrete-Me is a two-coat, dolphin grey creme.
Putt-E On Me fits in with the neutral/grey concept only this warmer, muddier shade will please those of you that feel that grey washes them out. This mid-tone mushroom-y hue is another two-coat creme.

Out-Grey-Geous is the answer to what comes between $OPI Run With It and OPI Brand New Skates. A grey with gold fleck is just what I’ve been looking for but the $OPI was too putty-ish and BNS was too charcoal. Out-Grey-Geous is just perfect; a medium grey shimmer with gold micro-glitter.

They say you save the best for last and Falling Star definitely fits the bill. Remember that bright pop of color I mentioned? It’s like the primary colored dresses at Chris Benz but with a twist. I had thought of adding gold micro-glitter but it was Elle who felt copper particles would make it truly unique and she was dead on. They look like fiery stars falling from the sky. Application with this one is a bit tricky. The thick jelly like consistency makes this one a three coater for me.
The All Lacquered Up collection from Shades by Barielle will launch in August on The polishes retail for $8/ea and, as always, Buy Two get One Free.

So what do you think Fanatics? How’d we do? Make sure you check out Part 2 where you’ll get to see, can you guess, a GREEN!

NOTD – Barielle Berry Blue

By on June 10, 2009
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During a convo with Elle (Barielle Spokesperson) a few weeks back we were talking color and about some of the various Shades by Barielle polishes she loves and she couldn’t BELIEVE that I didn’t have Berry Blue. She went on to rave about its amazingness so of course I had to get my hands on it.

Because I do so much swatching for ALU I only have time to do a full manicure about once a week and it’s usually on the weekends. So this past weekend I decided to give Berry Blue and go and Elle was right, it’s incredibly gorg.

Check it out along with its China Glaze cousin, after the jump!

Berry Blue is a smooth as butter navy creme. On the first coat you can see a bit of OPI Glacier Bay Blues tealishness but after the second coat it’s a deep and pure blue. It does lean towards that blue-black territory when you’re not in day/sunlight but for the most part you can always tells it’s blue.

China Glaze Calypso Blue from the Bahama Blues collection is Berry Blues closest living relative. The main difference is that CB dries a bit darker. It would take a fanatic to tell the difference so if you already own CB you probably don’t need Berry Blue but I’m not giving away my bottle any time soon!

Berry Blue retails for $8 on and their ongoing Buy Two Get One Free promotion means you can get three polishes for a little over $5/ea. If you need some enabling, check out my past Barielle reviews.

Coming Soon – The All Lacquered Up Collection from Barielle

Exciting news fanatics! I’ve been dying to share this beyond thrilling development with all of you. For the past I don’t know how many months, I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with top Celebrity Manicurist, Barielle Spokesperson and Shades by Barielle Creative Director, Elle, to create their fall and winter collections!! Can you even? Seriously, it’s like a dream come true. Believe me, if you had told me that someday I’d be dreaming up polish colors for a major brand like Barielle, I would have slapped you silly.

After spending a week backstage at New York Fashion Week and talking trends with Elle, we came up with 12 amazing straight-from-the-runway shades that will blow your mind. We just finalized the names last week and I’m hoping to have the finished polishes to show you soon. I’ve seen samples and let me tell you, they’re GORG.

Now you know because it’s named after ALU that there’s a green, right? And if I said gray, would that surprise you? Well, you haven’t seen a gray like this. And if I told you I named a color Falling Star could you imagine what that might look like? I wish I could spill more but I’ll let you salivate on that for now. More deets to come soon. I promise!

Barielle Sugar Rush for Summer 2009

Sugar Rush is the alternative to last year’s neons -celebrity manicurist, Elle

Barielle spokesperson, Elle, created six hot candy colored lacquers for the Shades by Barielle summer collection and I’m loving every single one of them. We’ve seen candy inspired collections in the past but never with this kind of pigmentation, consistency in formula and hello, TWO GREENS!! To steal a line from Clueless, they give me a toothache just looking at them.

I had the chance to speak with Elle about her latest polish confections and get her take on the collection. “It’s high voltage color but t
hey’re more wearable. I wanted to keep it creamy, like taffy, with a lot more pigment rather than on the sugary edge.”

You know I’m a girl that loves her brights and Sugar Rush hits that spot dead on. Neons are fun and all but they can be too harsh if you don’t have the right coloring so these shades are definitely more my deal. I applied two coats of each polish and they flowed on perfect and even with pigmentation to spare.

Let’s start with my hands down winner, Sweet Addiction. I’m so loving these variations on dusty, minty greens. Sweet Addiciton, Misa Dirty Sexy Money, MAC Peppermint Patti and Essie Greenport are all on the same vibe yet surprisingly different enough to own them all.

Swizzle Stick‘s light azure hue makes me think of my college days. My sorority’s colors were white and azure blue and now I want to go dig out one of my old t-shirts to wear with this shade.

Can I just say that I’m so not over yellow? Lemondrops totally revived it for me. Yes, the pastels are safer and easier to pull off but give me a fab golden yellow and I’m in. Think of Lemondrops as a more pigmented, creme version of China Glaze Solar Power. Very similar base shade but with a different finish and pigmentation.

Cotton Candy really is the perfect descriptor for this hue. It takes me right to the fair. And the subtle sparkle reminds me of the iridescent quality of spun sugar threads. It adds playfulness and depth to the polish. I know my skin looks a bit ruddier than normal in this pic but that’s just to get the polish color right. It’s actually a bit more vibrant in person.

Grape Escape even more vivid in person that it appears in pics. It’s a pretty dead on purple. Not too dark, not too light. In comparison with the other summer purple, Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible, Grape Escape is definitely more pigmented and a couple shades lighter. All I can say is, LOVE!

Decadence is unlike any teal I own. It has amazing depth and fire, very much like a jewel. Being the only metallic-ish shade in the bunch, it definitely stands out. I like to think that if ChG Turned Up Turquoise and Passion In The Pacific hooked up, you’d get Decadence.

The Sugar Rush collection from Shades by Barielle retails for $8/ea and is available now on And if you buy 2 colors, you get one FREE with free shipping on all orders over $50.

Get Your Green On for St. Paddy’s Day

One day and counting kids, do you have your polish picked out for tomorrow? If you’re still scrambling for ideas, I’ve got more than a few for you.

Last year, I showed you some of my fave accessible greens including RBL Recycle and Sinful Colors San Francisco and since then, even more fab shades have come on the market. Take a peek at my St Patrick’s Day recommendations, after the jump!

Aside from the shades I rec’d last year, there are four more previously reviewed polishes that are a perfect St. Paddy’s Day fit. Of course I had to include my fave emerald shimmer, Barielle Date Night, one of the few mass market perm greens Sally Hansen Emerald City, springy kelly green OPI Green-wich Village and my dream green glitter China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.

Also, there are some great hues that I haven’t posted yet but definitely deserve some Irish love. Sally Hansen released a new line, Insta-Dri, that includes a rich forest called Jumpin’ Jade. China Glaze Cherish is a soft, pastel-ish option for those of you that shy from full-on green. On the opposite end of that spectrum we have Misa Let’s Go Green for a shock of lime. Finally, Rimmel’s 60 Seconds formula has adopted the now defunct Underground Play Fast shade Camouflage a gold tinged verdant.
All shades are available in your local drugstores or online at,, and

Check back tomorrow to see what I picked for my St Paddy’s NOTD. Hint: You haven’t seen it yet!

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